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May 5, 2021
Q: What is the difference between Multi country inventory and PAN EU? A: Multi country inventory is where you decide to ship stock to the different amazon warehouses, pan EU fba it is amazon who takes care of shipping it across countries. There is not really much of a difference sales wise, but if you...
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Q: In my inventory it says 2 items is unfulfillable. What does that mean and what to do about it? A: It can be multiple reasons. The warehouse damaged it, it came damaged, it has been return in poor condition, etc. In seller central, if you click Manage Inventory – Remove Unfulfillable Inventory, you can create removal...
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Question: Does anyone have advice on how to do a product launch and what’s the most important aspect of product launching? Answer: A:Start with a healthy PPC campaign, because otherwise your listing is invisible in search. B: Youtube has also dozens of videos about that particular topic. Search for “Amazon launch”, the click “Filter” on the upper right...
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No matter whether it’s Google or other search engines, if you are an online retailer, you know the importance of product ranking. If you’re an Amazon seller, you have to improve your ranking within the platform too. Millions of shoppers use Amazon, which means for sellers; it’s a top marketplace. The better that you rank,...
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Change is inevitable so is innovation. There was a time when people thought 3D printing was a farfetched dream. We have come a long way from 3D printing which was controlled by a motor to a 3D drawing which can be completely customized according to the user’s want. In 2012, Peter Dilworth, Mathew Cowen and...
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As we know, keywords plays a key role in your Amazon business success. As a result, you have to invest time in thinking about the product title and keywords  you use in your Amazon product page. These keywords in the product title are crucial as they allow your products to reach the target audience.  It...
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The rapid development of the Internet changes the way we deal with our international trade business. We have to take traffic into account once you create your own business website.  It may be a hard and quite difficult task when you are involved in such a type of business you’ve never heard of.  However, things...
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I realized that two things often happen in China: The costs of raw materials go up and down, so the supplier tries to play the market and buy his raw materials at a lower cost. If the raw materials keep going up, the supplier may decide to break the contract rather than cut his margin...
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Q: How to get my suppliers to respect the agreed terms and conditions of our contract/purchase order? A: Contracts are signed in front of a group. Loss of face for breaking one’s word is often more effective than fear of legal repercussions. Some buyers have a general contract in place with the supplier under which...
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Q: In China in particular, I have found that sometimes having a target price stated can be to the buyer’s advantage as quality level is often tied to price. And if the supplier doesn’t have a target, sometimes the buyer ends up overpaying on poor quality. A: In other words, the supplier tries to get...
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