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May 9, 2021
Logistics is always a troublesome problem for people purchased products in China. Therefore, Leelinesourcing offers you this article. This article is a summary of the hottest questions on the supply chain especially the logistics of products purchased in China. The questions include shipment terms, expenses, customs clearance, and package, etc. After reading it, you will...
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What savings can I expect from sourcing in China? Savings usually depend on the product but generally savings are: – Production costs: 20% to 50% savings – Tooling costs: Over 50% savings – Every intermediary step: 10% to 15% savings per step For your reference, here are some resources relating to your situation: How Does...
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Q: What is the best approach to China sourcing? A: The best approach to sourcing in China depends on your specific needs. There are three approaches one should consider: – The direct approach – The agent approach – The full service provider For your reference, here are some resources relating to your situation: 13 Tips...
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Q: What happens if defective merchandise arrives at my warehouse? A: If this happens, you will find it very difficult to get your money back under the direct approach because it means the goods went through your own quality control and passed. With an agent or a full service provider, you generally have recourse and...
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Q: How do I avoid defective goods and poor quality after I place my order? A: The key to avoid poor quality and defective products is prevention. Implementing the following will guarantee success every time: (a) You understand your own quality needs down to the smallest details (b) The factory fully understands your quality criteria and...
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The largest marketplace and online platform, Amazon, continues to grow and develop its features for the users. Being one of the most trusted and reliable e-commerce sites, it is estimated that Amazon has roughly about 244 million users worldwide, nearly doubling those of eBay. However, it is understood by many users that selling products on...
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Q: Why should I pay for samples when I can get free samples from Alibaba or another B2B website? A: When paying for a sample through Leelinesourcing, you are paying the direct cost of the sample to the factory. Leelinesourcing never profits from a sample cost. Agents on Alibaba/B2B websites often provide free samples at first, but...
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Q: How does Leelinesourcing secure the best available price? A: Leelinesourcing has a network of hundreds of factories which we have had experience working with in the past as well as new competitive and qualified factories. Thus we get the factories to compete for your business by offering up the best price while still maintaining the quality...
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Q: Do factory compensate for damaged goods? A: Generally, this is a rare occurrence as there are many redundant inspections performed by the factory, and finally by our staff. If the goods are damaged during shipment then the goods are insured so you can claim insurance. If the damage is of the nature that the...
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Q: Why should I opt China for the sourcing of materials? A: China is internationally known as the Global Vendor/ Global Supplier. Since China is exporting goods in big volumes all around the world hence the economies of bulk production gives you a huge variety to select from as well as price benefit. The variety...
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