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5 Steps for Helping You Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

The question “What can I sell on Amazon?” appears every time the Amazon theme is displayed. Of course, there are literally hundreds of categories on Amazon , there are large categories, and you can delve deeper into the subcategories, but there is one category that covers all. If you were to move away from this article and think about the three categories that interest you most, could you imagine a common denominator everyone uses?

If you’re looking for ways to make money on Amazon, then your product of choice is it’s crucial. There are basically two approaches: you can sell a lot of products with a small profit, or you can sell fewer products, but with a higher profit margin. With increasing online sales, combined with a renewed interest in Amazon to find the best products to  sell on Amazon you do not have to be such a daunting task. (Related Article: 10 Amazon Hot Sale Products And Where You Can Find In China)


Make sure that there is a demand for what you want to sell

Whatever approach you choose to follow, you have to make sure that there is a demand for what you want to sell. Trade has to do with supply and demand. With high demand and low supply, prices are high because the perceived value of an item is high. As supplies increase, prices fall because the perceived value will be lower. When it comes to finding the best products for sale on Amazon, assessing the supply chain and demand is important to determine the perceived value of a product. When it comes to high demand items like Pink Floyd concert tickets, demand may be so high that prices skyrocket. This is where Amazon becomes incredibly powerful and popular.

Find the best products for sale on Amazon

The first step is to find the best products for sale on Amazon, the demand for what people are looking for online and what they are willing to spend. Visit Amazon.com and select each category. On the right you can see the ten most popular items, and, if desired, you can view all products in this category by popularity. This will give you a good idea of ​​what people are buying online.

Go to Amazon Pulse to see what’s on eBay’s most popular

Then you need to go to Amazon Pulse to see what’s on eBay’s most popular. Choose the same category as Amazon and search for matches. What you are looking for is to see if people are buying the same popular products on eBay. Most of the time you will see at least three or five games. You can do more research on demand by looking at other shopping site, but now we can be sure that there is demand for our three to five products.

Check the delivery

Then we have to check the delivery. We claim to be a buyer on Amazon. Start by doing a thorough search on Amazon and taking note of what is being offered. If you have found Pink PSP Console as its flagship product, start the search with PSP. Of particular interest would be the current rate, the number of products offered and if Amazon stores or private providers. Private sellers generally pose a low risk to you because they sell only one product at a time, and tends to sell, damaged or unique products.

Find the suppliers

Write down all these products sold by Amazon store owners and check the price of the products, delivery and overall presentation and warranties. We have to overcome at least one and not offer the same. The real question is, can we use the same products at a good price? Look for SaleHoo and for the product on the list of wholesale suppliers. Compare these prices with prices Shopkeepers: can they beat the price? Can you offer at least the same price and try to beat it in the presentation or the delivery?

As you can see, this process is fast enough, but it will save a lot of money in the end. In an hour you can probably find ten articles and a good five are for sale. There are so many products out there, and if something does not meet the above criteria, just go to the next one.

Find the best products for sale on Amazon is not rocket science. Following the simple principle of supply and demand, you can discover these hidden treasures, but you must pick them up. Do not assume that a product is popular and will do well on Amazon. This can be a costly mistake. Make the sound and the success on Amazon are with you.

sell on Amazon

Making money with Amazon is a very popular way to create a good extra income online, but if you do not know the best products to promote or how to find them, then it will be difficult to earn decent money. There are some advice for you:

Always choose products only in the bestseller category

If you only select products in the best-selling category, you can be sure that these particular products have already been sold. Amazon tells you that these are the most popular products in this category and that people are already buying these products. This is a golden tip and with this advice, you are ahead of 99% of the other affiliates

Always check the qualifications and the prices of the products

After finding a product in the Amazon Bestseller category, you must ensure that there are good grades for the product. Well, a rating of 4 stars or more than the average. If you choose only first-class products, you can be sure that customers value the product and profitability is minimal. You should also make sure that the product has high-priced items, the higher the items, the more you will be paid in affiliate commissions.

Always check the product ratings

The third thing you should also check for this technique to be effective is that you should observe the revisions and see how many revisions you have left to the particular product you are looking at. A product can have a rating of 4 or even 5 stars, but if it only has 5 ratings, it is not very convincing when people look at it and consider buying the product. The best thing you can do is make sure there are many critics. Many are at least 50 comments. You will also need to scan the entire page in the category and get a grade point average, reviews and prices. If the site looks good and meets these 4 criteria, you have found a great product that you can promote.

The world in which we live is a place in constant evolution. Take a look at the latest cell phones and technology devices to see that market revenue is constantly changing and adapting to our growing needs. This can make it difficult to find the best-selling products on Amazon, especially if you’re just starting to buy and sell money online. Fortunately, there are some simple methods that you can use to stay fully current with products that can generate big profits and those that you want to avoid.

Sell what you like

If you decide to sell in one of the existing areas, your life will be easier and you will become more profitable if sold on Amazon. His current knowledge of the market will help answer buyers’ questions, create excellent product descriptions and even find an offer that can be sold for big profits. It’s also much easier to motivate yourself to continue your sales activity when working with products that interest you.

Amazon search

Amazon is not a dumb organization; The developers of this huge website know very well that you can make more profits if you can make more sales! As such, they are ready to disseminate much useful information about products that are currently sold successfully.

The most useful tool provided by the site is perhaps the list of bestsellers. You can see the best products in a category on the website at a glance by clicking on the “All Bestsellers in …” link. These links to specific categories can be found in the category you are interested in. Scroll down the page and look for the bestseller column on the right. Not only can you see the top 100 sellers in a particular category, including the most wanted articles on the site, but also new releases, articles and more talented ones.

Examine eBay

Amazon is not the only site where people can buy their products. Another popular point of sale and purchase is eBay. eBay also offers its suppliers a variety of tools to help them spot market trends, and the good news is that you can use them to their own advantage to determine which are the best sellers in their market.

Just a little research can help you to be aware of what is happening in your chosen market. By taking the time to do your research, you’ll quickly see the top-selling products for sale on Amazon.

Sell on Amazon

So, he has recognized that the Amazon site can be a great place to sell products in a profitable way, but that does not answer the important question. How to obtain products for sale on Amazon? Where can not you get all the important assets you can sell? Here are some things you should consider to help you get started.

Your garage / attic

You do not live long in a house to collect a collection of probabilities that you do not really need. If you are looking to sell something, why not start in your garage or attic? The displacement of some of these parts has a double advantage; clean the damage in your own home and can generate big profits; Then you can use it to create new shares for sale.

Your local charity store / start sale

Other people are exactly in the same situation as you; They have a lot of garbage in their houses, they want to sell to earn some money. Always remember that a man’s garbage is another man’s gold, and it can be an excellent place for charity shops or boat sales to buy products sold on Amazon. Make sure you have an idea of ​​how much you can make each purchase. Do not want to spend a lot of money, realize that you can not make a profit when you sell the items online.

Your friends and family

Why not offer your online sales services to your friends and family? You can sell some of your unwanted products, keep some of the profits and pass on the rest. Make sure you know how much you keep before you leave. You do not want your loved ones to look for some books!

A wholesaler

All types of companies around the world can offer products at a discounted price or wholesale. Some of these places can exist in your own city or city, while others can be found in different places with a quick search online. Look for the big suppliers in your niche to see if they can offer you products at a price that offers you a lot of profits if you go to the product for sale.

Whatever you sell you can make a difference and very few people focus on the right products and end up not making much money. The key: find the best products to sell on Amazon, and this is the the first step in making a money on Amazon.

If you have any more questions about selling on Amazon, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.


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