9 Points to be Considered Before Buying High Power Led Flashlight

LED Flashlights are applied on many occasions. For example, when the power fails, LED Flashlights are used as the light source to lighten up your home; LED Flashlights are employed to detect objects in the dark corner; some people even use flashlights to make faces on the geek’s party.

There are many occasions to use flashlights. Among those LED Flashlights, we are recommended the UltraFire LED Flashlights, one great branded flashlight around the world selling on HooToo.com. They are just the right high power LED Flashlights perfectly for home use and outdoor activities like camping. Well, sometimes we buy poor LED Flashlights. The poor flashlights here mean poor in a power supply, poor in quality, and poor in appearance.

Here in this post, we are talking about how to choose high-power LED Flashlights for reference.

Led Flashlight

[1] Moderate LED Number. When buying something, the first thing we need to consider is that what kind of environment this device will work in. It is the same when choosing LED Flashlights. For home use, the number of the LEDs should not exceed 12 and those with 2 or 3 batteries are ok for energy saving. Otherwise, it would be a waste. For outdoor activities, Ultrafire LED Flashlights with 6 LEDs and two batteries are good enough.

[2] Firm Jointing. Each LED is connected to the circuitry board by jointing. If it is not so reliable, it may result in lighting failure of the LED or overall use of the flashlight.

[3] Battery Type. There are two types of batteries for flashlights, non-rechargeable one, and rechargeable one. When choosing LED flashlight, do you want to choose with a disposable battery or a rechargeable battery? You’d better consider the frequency of use as well as how long you will use the LED flashlight. A rechargeable battery can save money on battery replacement. However, it tends to discharge at a faster rate than a disposable battery flashlight. The lifespan for the former is two years and ten years for the latter.

[4] High Brightness. A good LED flashlight projects much stronger beam and lasts for a long time.

[5] Optimum Water Resistance. Good LED Flashlights are water-proof and shock resisting. It’s an electronic device for it has a circuit board at the head of the flashlight. If water comes in may result in short circuit and damage. Choosing good water resistant items would be better.

[6] Concentrated Focus Surface. As LED flashlight cannot adjust focus as the ordinary one, a good LED flashlight aperture is an even round while bad flashlight’ spot is divided into two uneven distribution of yellow and blue color. Therefore, you should avoid choosing LED flashlight with astigmatism.

[7] Good Switch Contact. As most of the LED flashlights are operated by screwing the flashlight, bad contact will result in frequent on and off phenomena.

[8] Size and Weight. Size and weight are relatively easy to evaluate. Smaller and lighter is better.

[9] Material. Does it appear rugged enough or conversely light sufficient for your needs? You can choose LED flashlight with the aluminum shell that seems to be more durable.

We have every type of Led Flashlights you need. If you visit our website you will get what you are looking for.You can find those you like and have them sent directly to your home.(Related article:How to Find A Suitable FBA Logistics Company in china For Amazon Selling?)

12 LED UV Flashlight Black Light

LED UV Flashlight Black Light


Show Dried Urine& Stains of animals on carpet\rugs\clothes, food stains on floor\table EASILY SPOT Scorpions, Authenticate currency, driver license, official identification cards.

Using the NSW black light urine detector, stains are now visable so they can be easily cleaned.

Excellent for cleaning use.

SKU: 18050901

Purchasing Price Rang($):0.9-1.1

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 8-12

9 LED UV Flashlight 

9led uv flashlight


Aluminium Body, Water Resistance, Light on By on/off Switch;

Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included); 

Grate Ephemera and Textile Authentication;

Criminal Scene Investigation; Forensic Examinations. 

This meter shows you the level of UV and helps you protect your eyes and skin from negative sunlight effect. 

SKU: 18050902

Purchasing Price Rang($):0.8-1

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 8-11

21 LED UV Flashlight 

21led uv flashlight


Using the NSW black light urine detector, stains are now visable so they can be easily cleaned.

Brand new& high quality.

Longservice life.

Lightweight, shockproof.

Great forchecking notes, credit cards, fluorescent inks, crackedglassware, or even crime scene.

Suitablefor outdoor activities as well.

SKU: 18050903

Purchasing Price Rang($):1.4-1.5

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 11-15

New Telescopic Flexible 3 LED Flashlight

New Telescopic Flexible Flashlight


100% Brand new and high quality!

Short to fit your pocket, power efficient and flexible.

Using LED technology ensuring low power consumption.

Save your money on batteries using LED lights.

The head of the lamp has a bending neck with 360 flexibility.

The Flexible Torch has got a hard wearing aluminum casing thats virtually indestructible.

SKU: 18050904

Purchasing Price Rang($):1.3-1.6

Amazon Selling Price Range($):10-15

9 LED Pocket Red Light Flashlight 

9 LED Pocket Red Light Flashlight


Nice for looking at star maps or for maintaining night vision with general use around the campsite;

For use with red-light readable topographic maps, night-time astronomy, Sea Turtle Night Patrol, Walking After Dark.

Red Light Flashlight plus UV Meter; 

LED quantity: 9;

Light Color: Red.

SKU: 18050905

Purchasing Price Rang($):1.1-1.3

Amazon Selling Price Range($):9-15

365nM LED UV Flashlight 



Aluminium Body, Water Resistance, Light on By on/off Switch; 

Grate Ephemera and Textile Authentication; Criminal Scene Investigation; 

Helping you protect your eyes and skin from negative sunlight effect.

The color of the meter changes from very light purple to dark purple depending on the intensity of the UV lighting.

The darker the purple color is, the more intense is the UV lighing.

SKU: 18050906

Purchasing Price Rang($):1.1-1.6

Amazon Selling Price Range($):9-15

41UV led Flashlight

41UV led Flashlight


Crafted of high quality metal.

Convenient carry strap included.

Long-life LED bulbs.

Suitable for any job, whether you are at home or on the go.

SKU: 18050908

Purchasing Price Rang($):3.2-3.3

Amazon Selling Price Range($):14-25

3AAA 21 Leds UV Flashlight

Leds UV Flashlight


Using the NSW black light urine detector, stains are now visable so they can be easily cleaned.

High quality compact. 

21 LED UV Flashlight Ultraviolet Blacklight in Durable Protective Carrying Case.

Includes Adjustable Protective UV Glasses and 3 AAA Duracell Batteries.

Pet Urine Stain Detection, Scorpions, Rock Minerals, Currency Authentication, Other Forensic Use.

SKU: 18050909

Purchasing Price Rang($):1.5-1.7

Amazon Selling Price Range($):12-20

Stretched Adjustable Focus LED Flashlight

Stretched Adjustable Focus LED Flashlight


Portable, easy to carry and store. 

Adjustable focus range for different usage, stretching to adjust its focus. 

Sturdy, durable, scratch resistant and shockproof. 

Suitable for camping, travel and other outdoor activities. 

Can be used in rainy weather.

Sawtooth designed head can be used as a safety hammer for self-defense in an emergency situation. 

SKU: 18050910

Purchasing Price Rang($):1.7-3

Amazon Selling Price Range($):12-26

LED Camping Outdoor Fishing Light

fishing flashlight


This flashlight can meet any brightness needs.

It is also waterproof to 1 meter.

Camping lantern with flashlights.

Can be used in rainy weather.

SKU: 18050912

Purchasing Price Rang($):9-12

Amazon Selling Price Range($):22-43

If you have any more questions about High Power Led Flashlight, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.


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