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Always offer our clients much better price than most Alibaba suppliers. With our high quality and efficient service, we have many regular customers who cooperate with us for years.In their version,time is life,time is money,LeelineSourcing help a lot when they import from China,no need to worry or be in trouble,only pay pocket change but save much money and time.

We Create Solution For Your Import Problems.

Avoid Problem

Worry about scams, or finding quality problem when products received. Like different Color shade, Bending problem, Second choice mix into your First choice goods.

Flexible Arrangements

Order is big but many  suppliers.Difficult to arrange order producing,quality inspection and delivery.And difficult to choose the best price from suppliers.

Saving Time

It is very low working efficiency to contact with all suppliers via emails.Frequently it takes weeks or months to settle done your orders.Time wasted.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off !!!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

We Thrive Ourselves On Market Trend &Price Negotiation & Quality Inspection

Market Trend

Just provide us product information .We will offer you several suppliers’ prices, and newest price list and popular design information report every month .Easy for you to make a decision.

Price Negotiation

We help you negotiate best price with right suppliers. They offer lower price because we are local for 10 years and know all price very well.

Quality Inspection

We will check each product and send you photos with quality report before shipping. If there’s product problems, we will handle with suppliers.

“Mutual trust is the firmest building block in human relationships”

Meet Your New Best Friend, Our Founder

Sharline is our company founder

In the past 10 years,her main job is exporting CCTV Camera,Rugged smartphones and Electronic products world wide.Frequently she traveled to different countries to visit customers such as Brazil, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand,Egypt and so on.For friendly cooperation and good services,many customers asked whether she is willing to be their sourcing agent because they meet many problems when purchasing from China.

  • She is native in Wuhan,Hubei,China
  • Graduated from Hubei University in July,2006
  • International Trade major and got Bachelor’s degree

  • Expensive charge when fly to China for buying
  • Cost much time to contact with different suppliers at the same time
  • Quality can’t be guaranteed
  • Goods can’t be delivered as promised
  • Sometimes being defrauded and suffer great losses

For above bad buying experience,they need someone who can trust to help control everything in China.At the beginning,Sharline help customers to source as part-time job.As time goes on,more and more clients and clients’ friends ask him for help.Considering that there was not enough time to take care of all orders,he decided to build a sourcing company,which mainly help oversea clients source products in China.

Now our company is growing like a tree.More and more excellent talents join in us and we unit like families.Our service is known by foreign businessmen increasingly.Our Chinese buying experience blogs get a large number of subscribes and are shared in SNS such as facebook,linkedin,twitter and so on.

Sourcing Tile96%
Negotiation skill95%
Inspection 92%
Sevices 98%

10 years of experience in Sales & Marketing CCTV Camera,Rugged smartphones and Electronic products,clear understanding of Electronic products Market dynamics, Competitor & Industry trends Skills in managing Sourcing tile design /Inspection / Loading container and servicing clients for generating profitable business.

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