Airpods Wholesale Suppliers

As your agent in China, LEELINESOURCING manages the whole supply chain for you. From sourcing products to fulfilling orders. 

Our skilled bargaining could result in a 40% improvement in your company’s bottom line. Invest as little money as possible to maximize profits from acquiring AirPods Wholesale.

Airpods Wholesale Suppliers

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Leeline is your trusted sourcing agent partner in china

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Wholesale Airpods 1

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Wholesale Airpods 2

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Wholesale Airpods Pro

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Wholesale Green Airpods Max

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Wholesale Silver Airpods Max

Our Airpods Manufacturing Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Airpods Suppliers

You find suppliers for any specialized niche market quickly and easily with us. We guarantee a response to your inquiry within 2 business days.

You keep your attention on retail promotion because we handle everything else.

Airpods Quality Control

Our quality inspection team examines the quality of the components, the details design, the packing, and more. You also look closely at YOUR apple AirPods through factory-direct pictures and videos.

Then, you should not worry about purchasing fake goods.

Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Airpods

Include your company’s LOGO, brand name, etc., on your product’s packaging. Our recognizable packaging helps you to accelerate your brand goodwill.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

Avoid the time and effort of stocking inventory using Leelinesourcing. We keep a careful eye on supplies, handle stock, and ship out orders to your customers.

You take advantage of our 18 different shipping options.

dropship fulfillment

Hear it from fellow Airpods Wholesaler

Leelinesourcing has become one of the source agencies that I recommend the most to others. They sourced high-quality goods for my firm almost quickly after we contacted them. The response time of their support personnel is quite decent.

– Lisa, USA

Source Your Airpods and Make Big Money

We offer the best wholesale price and high quality Airpods to help you boost your business.

Top 7 Airpods Wholesale Suppliers

Welcome to our mega-guide that assists you find the best 7 Airpods Wholesale Suppliers.

There are hundreds of Airpods Wholesalers out there, but which ones are worthy of your trust?

With the increasing demand for AirPods, the supply is decreasing, and prices are on a steady rise. Our sourcing experts have identified 7 reputable wholesale electronics suppliers that sell genuine AirPods for your profits. 

Keep reading to Get the latest information on the Airpods Wholesale industry.

Top 7 Airpods Wholesale Suppliers

1. Global Sources

Global Sources

Global sources have been serving traders for over 50 years. They promote trade via apps, B2B online platforms, trade shows, live source talks, and magazines. 


The company works with the world’s top 97 retailers while serving millions worldwide traders and buyers. Their tailored business solutions are all you need to speed up your business. I expanded my whole mobile phone accessories business with their suppliers. It’s been a fantastic experience for me, especially when it comes to quality. 

Above all, they are customer-centric and the most trusted trade platform in the world. Some of the suppliers also sell Bluetooth AirPods made with waterproof material. 

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Pros of Buying:

  • Tailored sourcing solutions for individual businesses help you understand your business.
  • The company also guides you to respond while the market is changing. 
  • You are connected with authentic and verified buyers only. 

Cons of Buying: 

  • Needs to fulfill all the requirements to ensure timely delivery.

2. Made-in-China


Made-in-China is a reliable trading company for traders around the world. You can buy one piece or 1000 pieces. At Made-in-China, you will access premium suppliers to get the best quality products. 

What else!

The ordering process is simpler and more convenient for facilitated registered members. Browse other hot selling new style products like wireless iPhone AirPods chargers. You buy apple air pods or Samsung earbuds wholesale for even less money If you take a moment to look for coupons.  

Suggested reading: Made In Reviews

Pros of Buying:

  • A simple and convenient ordering process will save you time. 
  • No need to buy in bulk; order as needed.
  • You buy best material products from all premium suppliers to maximize your profit. 
  • A reliable company that you trade with risk-free. 

Cons of Buying:

  • Might find it difficult to communicate due to language barriers.

3. DHGate


DHGate is your one-stop shop for all your Airpod needs. Since 2004, DHGate has been focusing on not only B2B businesses but also other small and mid-sized enterprises as well. 

There is more to it! 

Although the headquarters are in China, they have opened many branches worldwide for easy trading. My friend got good quality Airpods supplies through his agent from DHgate. 

You get all the services for your wholesale Airpod business, from logistic solutions to risk control. They have new user coupon packs. Browse every item and filter by category to find the best match for your need.

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Pros of Buying:

  • No matter your business size, you order any amount from DHGate. 
  • You get logistic solutions, traffic marketing, and good customer service. 
  • The refund policy is simple means it saves you time.

Cons of Buying:

  • The turnaround time of some suppliers is slightly longer than usual.

4. Alibaba 


Alibaba is one of the world’s most promising sites for wholesale AirPod trading. 

Since 1999, they have been in this business and know how trading works. 

What’s more?

As a global service provider, you can reach out to them at any time from anywhere

They believe in an easy trade policy so that you focus more on your business. Most of the suppliers have ready-to-ship in-stock bulk AirPods. You can also get apple AirPods charger and unique covers. Look through all the categories to find the lowest prices AirPods made with good material.

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Pros of Buying:

  • A globally-renowned company is a risk-free solution for your business. 
  • 24/7 service provider helps you all the way. 
  • No matter how small your business is, you trade from them. 
  • You receive a quotation within a short time.

Cons of Buying:

  • Delivery to Europe and the United States can take a longer time.

5. AliExpress


AliExpress is a China-based trading company that trades worldwide. You will get a great wholesale deal from Chinese Airpod manufacturers. 

This site comes in 12 different languages, so you won’t find communicating difficult. As it is a Chinese B2C platform, it made it easy for me to do Dropshipping at good rates. 

Their easy payment method is also impressive and gives you a risk-free transaction policy. You download their app and shop directly from it. You get some of the suppliers with free shipping.

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Pros of Buying:

  • The company offers a competitive price for wholesale AirPods. 
  • You order globally because they ship to 200 countries.
  • AliExpress’ protection against fake payments lets you deal freely.
  • It also offers an easy and fast refund policy to ensure quick returns.  

Cons of Buying:

  • Shipping takes longer than normal.

6. Egoleap Wholesale

Egoleap Wholesale

Egoleap specializes in refurbished AirPods that you buy at a reasonable price. Every product has to go through checking and testing before they sell it to you. 

Wait. What else? 

They have less than a 1% return rate, which determines how expert they are in refurbishing electronic products. 

The hassle-free ordering system only takes a little while from your working schedule. Besides, they also promise to deliver within 4–7 working days after you place the order.

Pros of Buying:

  • They do multiple checks and tests for each product to ensure quality.
  • You get the best quality at a competitive price.
  • No need to fret over waiting for a very long period as they provide fast shipping.
  • Less than a 1% return rate ensures how good the products are. 

Cons of Buying:

  • Only refurbished products are available. 

7. Exporters. SG

Exporters. SG

Exporters.SG is a B2B marketplace that works globally. Along with over 600 product categories, AirPods is one of the best-selling items. My customers liked their sound quality, and connectivity had no issues. 

Their business strategy is building a trading community with similar products. So, all members may converse and share market info.

Isn’t it awesome!

While purchasing, ask for a quotation and get the best deal. Their motto is to sell products at a low price to increase scalability. You’ll get apple AirPods, AKG, Audio-Technica, JBL, JVC Bluetooth AirPods, etc.

Pros of buying:

  • A Business-to-business marketing strategy helps you increase productivity and efficiency. 
  • A low wholesale rate offers a better business opportunity. 
  • This collaborative marketplace will enrich your networks.
  • They help you find better partners for your business. 

Cons of Buying: 

  • Have to purchase in bulk. 

How do you start selling AirPods?

You might face problems while starting an Airpods business as a new entrepreneur. Let me tell you how you can start selling AirPods.

#Step1: Make your website unique

You need to make a website that attracts the customer. A simple website will not work, so you should use the right tools to make a unique website. You create your website on an eCommerce platform like Shopify.

#Step2: Choose a reliable Airpod supplier

The most important factor is to choose a reliable Airpod supplier. You also need to be sure that the supplier has good quality assurance. 

The supplier should also have a good price. It is better to request a sample before ordering in bulk. I prefer to use inspection and testing services to ensure the good quality of my bulk outsourcing. You need to check if the Airpod supplier you are considering offers good customer service.

#Step3: Start a social media campaign

You should start a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account to promote your product. Create a catchy name and description to attract the customer. Get in touch with customers through social media accounts. 

#Step4: Create a good social media presence

You should ensure the profile is up to date. Post appealing photos, videos, and descriptions to attract viewers. My editor uses good quality sounds as it is the only thing that entices customers.  Provide engaging content to make your audience interested.

Step5: Do SEO of your AirPod Store

Search engines like Google and Bing rank websites based on the keywords or tags that they have. When you do SEO, your website is found by search engines and appears higher in search results. So, use keywords on content, optimize page speed and start blogging.

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Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

FAQs about Airpods Wholesale

How much can I sell AirPods for?

Your AirPods price depends on its brand and model. Suppose Right now Apple is selling AirpodsPro (2nd Gen) for $249, but you can expect as much as apple. Depending on its model, you may sell Airpod at $100-$120.

Are AirPods cheaper in China?

Yes, definitely they are!!
But while buying from China, you must be AWARE of its quality. Getting the best deal on QUALITY Airpods requires looking for a reliable source. You should appoint a sourcing agent If you’re considering buying for your business. Leelinesourcing expert in the field and give you good advice on where to find the best prices.

Where can I sell brand-new AirPods?

You sell them on Amazon, eBay, or any other site that sells electronic products. Or use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., to list your brand-new AirPods for sale.

Which AirPods copy is best?

Some best copy AirPods are-
• EarFun Air
• Anker Soundcore Life P3
• Donner DoBuds One
• Skullcandy Dime
• RHA TrueConnect
• Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

What’s Next

Wireless AirPods make it more convenient to listen to music, podcasts, and other audio. As a result, everyone wants one. Airpods are the future of wireless headphones. Get your hands on TOP quality Airpods wholesale and start your online business now.

Don’t Wait!

These 7 wholesalers for AirPods are the best in the business industry. They provide a variety of affordable options for customers to choose from.

Still confuse?

Contact us!! We have been a part of the sourcing industry for several years now. We only focus on providing our clients with the best products to ensure your success.

Do you want a successful import business?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

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