How to pay Alibaba suppliers via Escrow payment?

Sharline Shaw

Do you know the major problem with Alibaba? There are hundreds of suppliers. Among those, you might encounter numerous scammers. 

Alibaba Escrow is the perfect solution to keep scammers miles away. Safe payments with agreements between buyers and sellers guarantee a successful business.

At Alibaba, payments have been a serious concern. You might use credit card companies, bank transfers, and telegraphic transfers to fulfill ordering and Alibaba payments. But, still, scams are possible. However, Alibaba Escrow can prevent them. You might wonder how?

Today, we will understand how to use the Escrow for safe payments on Alibaba.

Escrow Alibaba

What is is a private company established in 1999 to act as a third-party balance payment method for payment protection. Suppliers and buyers use different methods for complete payment. enables them to access those methods with complete safety. Look, it is different from how does a bank transfer process work.

Nowadays, popular eCommerce sites, freelance sites, and other companies accept payment through Escrow.

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What is the Escrow payment process on Alibaba?

Undoubtedly, Alibaba is a popular choice for people, but scammers are still waiting to steal your money. The escrow payment process acts as a secure payment method to keep these scammers. To pay suppliers, you can use it as:

  • Step 1: Buyers and sellers agree on a single negotiated price.
  • Step 2: Buyer submits payment to the Escrow.
  • Step 3: Seller prepares the inventory and transports it to the buyer’s address
  • Step 4: Buyers confirm the goods’ reception.
  • Step 5: Payment approval from the buyer releases the amount to the seller.

Isn’t it a secure payment method? No doubt, it is safe as Alibaba online transfer.

Pros and Cons of  Escrow

The escrow system is relatively safe for both parties. That’s why people prefer this secure payment service over other payment methods.

But, the question is — should I use escrow to pay suppliers? What will be the negatives and positives of it? Here are detailed pros and cons of this most secure payment method. 


  • Minimal or zero chances of getting scammed on Alibaba through PayPal account. Initial payment sent through Escrow is safe.
  • Easy to use the system that works well with multiple other payment methods.
  • Offers flexible payment terms to make the whole fund’s transfer process smooth


  • It takes time to receive the payment on other suppliers’ end.
  • Up to 5% fees might be charged. It is a higher transaction fee.
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Benefits from buyers and sellers

Escrow payment protection offers multiple ways to facilitate the buyers and sellers. 

From the buyer’s aspect, here are the following benefits:

  • No scams are possible. Buyers can release only payments if merchandise is at the doorstep.
  • Payment is safe and secure.
  • Low transaction fees for funds mediation through the escrow
  • Easy to use and integrate with different most common payment methods

From the sellers’ point of view, you can keep an eye on the following pros:

  • Funds are in an escrow account. The buyer can not take the money after receiving the products.
  • Immediate transfer of payment occurs when the buyer approves.
  • Different payment methods to mediate the payment problems.

Want to buy on Alibaba easily and safely?

Leeline Sourcing helps buyers source the right product and solve all their payment problems at the best service.


What are payment methods in Escrow?

How to avoid payment fraud on Alibaba account?

To avoid payment fraud, never transfer funds directly to the supplier’s bank account.

Instead, choose a trade assurance order supplier and discuss the payment terms. It is better to deal with suppliers through the escrow payment details.

What are payment methods in Escrow?

Escrow promotes the best Alibaba payment methods to make safe transactions. Here are different payment methods to pay Alibaba suppliers.

1. Credit Card
2. Telegraphic Transfers
3. Western Union
5. Web Money
6. Yandex

Use any of these payment methods to make the transactions successful.

How is it safe to use the Escrow system?

row system, acts as an intermediate party. By that means, the supplier can’t access the money unless the buyer releases it.

And when do buyers remove it? When they have received the commodities. So, cash flow becomes more manageable, smoother, and more effective.

What to do if a seller tries to scam?

A good question. Remember, never release the payment unless you have reviewed your goods. Some sellers trick the buyer into releasing an amount earlier that will put your money at risk.

Moreover, you can contact customer service regarding your issues and create a payment dispute.

What is the best way to pay suppliers on Alibaba?

Alibaba’s escrow system is relatively safe compared to other payment options like a bank wire transfer. There are most common payment methods to pay Alibaba sellers, such as:

1. Online bank transfer
2. Western Union
3. Paypal account
4. ApplePay
5. Telegraphic transfer

List ended? Not yet. Depending on your ease, use other payment options available.

What’s Next

There are no such payment problems on Alibaba. The problem occurs when you don’t use the Alibaba trade assurance suppliers or don’t take other safety steps.

Escrow payments are a better way to pay your Chinese suppliers. Sometimes, you entangle in serious matters with fraudulent suppliers.

Do you want to avoid these fraudulent suppliers? No problem. Hit us a call. LeeLine sourcing can come up with trustworthy suppliers for your merchandise.

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