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Guangzhou Electronics Market : Super Guide 2021

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Product Inspection

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Guangzhou Electronics Market : Super Guide 2021

China is one of the largest manufacturers in the world selling products in wholesale. China manufacturers a wide range of products from small commodities to heavy machinery.

It is not easy to describe the scope of imports from China. There is hard to find a country in the world that is not importing some products from China.

Wherever you go, you will find some best quality products at competitive prices.

Electronics is one of the largest exports of China. China manufactures a complete range of electronic products. From small mobile accessories like headphones and chargers to LEDs and computers.

You can find everything related to electronics manufactured by China. Due to their industry friendly policies, most OEMs have their manufacturing units in China as well.

China features many Wholesale electronics markets. You can source electronics products in wholesale at bulk prices from these markets.

There are several markets in China that are focused on selling Electronics and related products only.

Guangzhou is famous across the world for its markets. These markets source a wide range of electronics products. The range is far too versatile.

Every imaginable niche of electronics products from mobile phones. And accessories to home appliances can be found here.

Guangzhou Electronics Market

Best 7 guangzhou wholesale market list

Guangzhou has several dedicated markets that are selling different types of products. These markets are dedicated to selling similar products.

This gives you an awesome opportunity to not only source these products at bulk prices. But you can also compare the quality and prices effectively while visiting these markets.

Some markets are larger in area, and some have more variety of products available. If you are looking to source products from these markets.

You can have a look at following famous markets in Guangzhou, selling electronics products in wholesale.

Jing Hong Electronic Market

Jing Hong Electronics market is a multi-story building. It is selling a diverse range of consumer electronics. The main focus of these market is on mobile accessories. Also, you can find headphones, USB and other spare parts used for mobile repairing.

Address: 175, Huifu W Road, Changti Road Shopping Leisure Streer, Yuexiu District, Guanzhou

Main Products:

This market offer a wide range of small consumer electronics. You can find everything from mobile phone accessories to spare parts here.

The main attractions for this market are USB, headphones, and other peripherals. The market is also famous for accessories like mobile covers and screen protectors.

Jing Hong Electronic Market

Guangzhou Maide’er Electronic Co.,Ltd. Marketing Management Center

There are suppliers that have dedicated market. These suppliers may have higher rates than individual wholesalers.

Yet, they can be trusted for their product quality and commitment. If you are looking for such suppliers, this is the market for you.

Address: 159 Taohua St, Binjiang Road, Haizhu District, Gunagzhou

Main Products:

This market is focused on corporate products like screens, laptops, networking equipment. The market also has huge range of CCTV and records for security.

Guangzhou Pacific Ocean Computer Market Masses Hengdiannao Business Department

The market is one of the most famous markets for electronics in Guangzhou. You can find every type of computer ranging from desktop PCs to laptops and tablets here. The market is spread across hundreds of square meters.

Address: 1 Shipai W Rd, Tianhe Park, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Main Products:

The market features a wide range of computers and peripherals. You can find a list of peripherals like keyboards, mouse and headphones here.

Also, a wide range of computer components like Hard disks, Ram and other parts can be found in this market.

Guangzhou Pacific Ocean Computer Market Masses Hengdiannao Business Department

Lucky Electronics Market

This is one of the most diverse electronics markets. You can find a wide range of products here. From small consumer electronics to large electronics like fridge, AC and much more can be found here.

If you want to target multiple products and buy in bulk. This is the right market for you.

Address: 294, Huifu W Rd, Chanti Road shopping Leisure street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Main Products

The Lucky Electronics market is most diverse electronics market in Guangzhou. There are a number of products that you can find here.

To put it in words, whatever you can think of, you can find in this market related to electronics in wholesale.

Lucky Electronics Market


Guangzhou Xinlong Second-Hand Mobile Phone Computer Market

There are sellers in this market who are selling refurbished and used mobile phones. These can be bought in wholesale. There are also Top brands and their replicas for mobile phones and computers.

These devices can be found easily in this market at best prices around the world.

Address: Airport Road, Ji Chang Lu, Baiyun, Guangzhou

Main Products:

There are sellers in this market who are selling refurbished and used mobile phones in wholesale. Top brands and their replicas for mobile phones and computers can be found easily in this market at best prices around the world.

New Asia International Electronic & Digital City

New Asia International city of Electronic Science & Technology is famous for innovations. There are lots of innovations and inventions in this market.

You can find latest technological products and inventions available in this market that you never knew to exist before.

Address: 55 Xidi 2nd Rd, Changti Road Shipping Leisure street, Liwan District Guangzhou

Main Products:

The market features a wide range of computers, and mobile phones. There are other electronics devices that have recently being released in the market.

You can find latest hardware equipment like peripherals and unique innovative devices here.

Guangzhou Tianhe Yijin Electron Firm The Pacific Ocean IT Market Branch

This is more of an electronics store than a wholesale market. The market covers a wide range of OEM stores that are selling their products in wholesale directly.

Address: 1 Shipai W Rd, Tianhe Park, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Main Products

This market features a whole wide range of products being sold directly by the OEMs. You can find all the products ranging from mobile phones to accessories in bulk at wholesale prices here.

original equipment manufacturer


Differences between Shenzhen electronics market and Guangzhou electronics market

If you search on google. The products from Guangzhou markets are sold across the world.  However, Guangzhou markets have their own perks that make it one of the top choices.

These perks are enjoyed by the businessmen across the world and they prefer to visit Guangzhou over other markets of China. Some of the perks are:

1. More expensive rents in Shenzhen

Obviously, the rents in Chinese electronics markets are not cheap.

However, in Huaqiangbei, they are extraordinary. Hence, the prices go upwards in Shenzhen market.

When compared to other markets specially Guangzhou electronics wholesale market.

2. Different targeted customers

These different markets are based on several perks that are targeting different clientele. While you look at it comparatively.

Huaqiang market is preferred by US and EU customers who have strict regulations and quality standards to meet.

While, Guangzhou market is preferred by international buyers who are concerned about price more.

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Huaqiang market

3. Different product positioning

The electronics in Guangzhou market are focused towards medium to low end price tags and quality standards.

Whereas, huaqiang is focused more towards high to medium end quality products.

Although, if you want to start your own brand. Guangzhou is the right market for you.

4. Different busy seasons

These both markets enjoy busy seasons according to the fairs that take place closer to them. They busy season for Guangzhou is around Canton fair, while Shenzhen market is busier around Hong Kon Electronic Fair.

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Trade Show

Features for guangzhou electronics wholesale market

These wholesale markets are featured to sell to customers worldwide. The markets are focused towards bulk sales that are meant to be exported across the world.

Hence, if you are looking to buy some electronic products to have them exported to your country. These markets are the perfect place for you.

There are suppliers who can sell bulk quantity products. The best part is, you can have your own brandings on the products you are buying. There is also a high chance of negotiation.

So, you can get the quantity you want at the best possible price in Guangzhou electronics markets.


How to discuss with the seller in guangzhou electronics wholesale market?

Most of the suppliers in these markets cannot speak English. The first point for you would be to get a translator. they can help you with the communication and negotiations.

Also, there is a high chance that these translators may have some hidden commitment with these suppliers. You must get a trustworthy translator. This can be done through your hotel, or hire an agent sourcing service for that.

Leelinesourcing is one of the top agent sourcing services that can help you with effective discussion. They can help with negotiations with these suppliers in these markets.


Once you have sorted out the communication. It is important that you discus other important stuff like quality standards. Discussing branding and MOQs clearly.

Some suppliers may have low MOQs and they can also accommodate with every request you make.

Then, you need to come to pricing. Try to negotiate the best possible pricing for your purchases in Guangzhou Electronics markets.

There are hundreds of suppliers in these markets. The best practice would be to visit many suppliers to get the idea of pricing.

This way, you will be able to compare the prices and quality better. Comparison also allow you to negotiate the best possible pricing for your purchases.


Where to find electronic repair items in the guangzhou electronics market? 

If you own an electronics repair business, or want to source the best electronics repair products for you. Guangzhou markets have a buffet for you.

These markets can cater to small spare parts for electronics devices. To most major components and the tools required to repair the electronics.

On the opposite to New Asia Market. There are concentration areas filled with electronic repair. From phone screen to ICs and microscopes, and tool kits.

You can find every product in bulk quantities from these markets.

Tips for buying electronics from Guangzhou electronics market

If you are going to buy electronics for the first time in Guangzhou electronics markets.

Or, want to learn some of the top tips and tricks that would make your business better.

These tips will help you with the best possible purchases in Guangzhou.

You should be mindful of the following when purchasing from Guangzhou Electronics markets:

The suppliers don’t speak English. You need to get a translator for your communication. 

Discuss the MOQs before placing an order or negotiating the prices. 

Prices are not fixed/standardized and you need to negotiate the best possible prices. 

There are OEMs in these markets as well that can get you their products at best prices. 

Inspect Quality before ordering, and ask for samples before committing to anything. 

Communicate the quality standards required before making any purchase decision. 

These suppliers can offer re-branding. You can start your own brand by purchasing the products from these suppliers. Get a trusted agent sourcing service such as Leelinesourcing for your needs.

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Best 10 Guangzhou Sourcing Agent


LeelineSourcing can help me to find products in Guangzhou wholesale market

yes, Leelinesourcing is the right choice for you. If you want to find products in Guangzhou wholesale markets. With no agent sourcing fees at all.

Leelinesourcing only costs you 5-10% of the actual prices of the products. With such minimal charges for their services.

They offer negotiation, export clearance, free warehousing, shipping arrangements and much more. They can also find you the right products.

And have quality inspection, and factory audits done on your behalf. This way, you can be assured that there are no chances of getting scammed or paying extra to the suppliers.


Guangzhou has a number of electronics markets from where you can shop efficiently. Products from these markets are being exported and sold across the world.

Most resellers are sourcing these electronics products from Guangzhou China. If you are looking for medium to low range electronics products.

Guangzhou is the right place for you.

There are no second opinions about Guangzhou being the right market for buying wholesale electronics.

However, there are chances of scams as well. It is better to get a trusted china sourcing agent service such as Leelinesourcing.

They can help you buy the products and have them shipped from china to your country.

Leave us your inqury

LeelineSourcing will always help you buy cheap and good quality goods from China.

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