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Are You Selling Restricted Items on Amazon Marketplace?

Are You Selling Restricted Items on Amazon Marketplace?

Are You Selling Restricted Items on Amazon Marketplace?
Amazon is an online market place that has made life easy for many. Millions of various products are sold here. However, there are Amazon restricted products that could slow down your sales if you are looking to make that dollar. Quite often you may have a definite money making product that you want to sell on Amazon. Then, unfortunately, you cannot sell because of restrictions.

Your dream of making some cash becomes nothing more. However, there are many sellers conducting their sales from Amazon restricted categories. And they are making lots of money. It does not matter what the item is. Some sellers focus on health products, while others may be selling jewellery.

This piece will clearly indicate to you the kinds of products that are restricted on Amazon, the type of certificate they should have, as well as, what the seller should look out for? 

The purpose of Amazon restrictions
Firstly, it is important to note that Amazon aims to provide quality customer service. This company is built on credibility and accountability.

Thus, the addition of any new seller to Amazon may be restricted. This is done so that customers can trust that they are getting quality for their money. 

Through the restrictions Amazon ensures that their brand is immaculate and remains this way. There are some categories that are not open to new sellers while others are open from the start. 

There are more than ten main restriction categories. Each of these categories requires their own special certification. Approval from Amazon must be obtained before you can sell in any restricted area. 

As stated earlier Amazon has a responsibility to the customer. This is to provide a great product. The restricted categories often contain items that can easily be faked and Amazon does not want this to their market place. For example there counterfeit jewellery, brand clothes and beauty products are very popular. 

Thus Amazon ensures you are genuine seller prior to allowing you to enter those dicey categories. As a result it is important to know what certificate you must have when selling on Amazon. Amazon wants to maintain their credibility and not be known as the perfect spot for counterfeiters.

The Amazon restricted categoriesAre You Selling Restricted Items on Amazon Marketplace?

Research has shown that presently in 2018 there are more than 10 Amazon restricted products in United States. Some of which are:
• Automotive and PowerSports
• Clothing and Accessories
• Books
• Special Coins
• Cards
• Grocery and Gourmet Foods
• Jewellery 
• Large Appliances
• Sports Collectibles
• Toys
• Watches

It is important to note that each of these groups is further broken into three types: good controlled by the state, expert items and collectables. 

Important to note

Each Amazon restricted product has its own way of getting cleared. Additionally, some categories require more than others. This article will explain the criteria for selling in each of the areas outlined above. The information is gathered directly from Amazon plus other online research as well as personal experience. 
For a each category a brief description will be given then a list of the requirements.

Automotive and Power sports

This category refers to those items linked to vehicles. This is any product such parts or any type of accessory for a motor vehicle. Thus it encompasses tires or even tools replacement parts along with the needed fluids.

Amazon certification
According to Amazon you must meet the following criteria if you want to become an ugated seller.
1. A professional selling plan is required.

2. Universal product codes of all the top brands are to be listed.

3. Images must accompany the product. They can be viewed on an alternate site.

4. A warrantee is required for those certified refurbished Automotive and Powersports items. This can be from the manufacturer or remanufacture. 

5. All sellers need to completely review the Automotive and Powersports part finder and special Fitment Data page. This must be done once the seller intends to sell products for particular vehicles.

These regulations aid in maintaining Amazon’s high standards of service. They help to ensure the customers are getting a quality to product for their money. 

Clothing and Accessories

The clothing and accessories category includes items such as shoes, luggage and obviously clothes. These along with things like coats or hats whether for women, men or children fall into this group. 
Amazon certification
1. A professional plan is needed.

2. A fully completed approval form is required.

3. Research has shown that quite often you may need a regular clothing retail business in order to sell in this category.

Once again these restrictions are required to help ensure customers are getting high quality items for their money. 

Books (collectibles)

Books are a major facet of Amazon’s products. Now the books focused on her are collectables. These are different from the used books. This is mainly because there are usually autographed or a limited or special edition book. These features help to up the worth of the book. 

Amazon certification

1. The publisher’s ISBN-10 ISBN-13 must present when listing the books.

2. All sellers must ensure that their seller performance ratings are high while their order defect rates are low.

3. A 30 refund for all returned items must be present.

4. The books must be original and meet all of the product safety standards.

5. A short application process is required.
Collectibles usually carry a monetary high value. Thus the restrictions presented are to ensure that items are of the highest standard and that they are original.

Fine Jewellery

Any piece of jewellery in this category must be authenticated. Additionally, they must meet Amazon’s special standards. This type of jewellery is often sold for a high price.

Amazon restrictions

1. All products are to be fashioned as stipulated by Amazon’s Jewellery Categorization guidelines. 

2. Only authentic items are to be sold.

3. You must be a professional seller. 

4. All sellers must have at least 1 year of Amazon selling experience. Additionally, their yearly revenue must be above $50,000.

5. Sellers must meet below performance criteria to be eligible to apply to sell in the Jewelry category:

Order-Defect Rate of 1% or less
Cancellation Rate of 2.5% or less
Late Shipment Rate of 4% or less

6. A test may be given every year months.

7. This category contains the most restrictions.
This category is only for professionals. It is more suited for persons who own their own jewellery store.


These are a substitute for cash given by retailer so that you can purchase items. These items are available on Amazon. 

Amazon restrictions 

1. There is very little restriction as it relates to gift cards. One major requirement is that the correct monetary value is indicated on the card. 

2. Only authorize companies are allowed to sell gift cards. 
This section applies mostly to resellers. Mostly very large companies with high demands require entry into this category. 

Grocery and Gourmet Food

Any item that is consumable falls into the grocery and gourmet food section. Each of these products are easily available for purchase and may even include breakfast items, cooking produce as well as baby food. 

Amazon certification

1. You are required to be a professional seller.

2. You are required to meet a special performance target.

3. The necessary documentation about the potential product for sale must be presented.

4. All sellers must obtain special certification from the USDA.

5. Each item here must meet USDA specifications and match the organic labelling standards. Additionally, the certifier’s name must be present. 

6. A website is not needed but one may prove to speed up the approval of your application.
Food is a product you must be very careful with. Consumers need to be assured that they are getting proper items. As a result Amazon ensures that the Foods provided are of the best quality. 

Kindle Accessories

This section refers to those products that are linked to Amazon products directly. These include items such as the Kindle Fire or accessories or any type of Kindle. 

Amazon restrictions 
1. All products carrying the Kindle copyright names must adhere to Amazon special guidelines.

2. Products usually carry high device fees. 
Many people are often turned off by the high device fees, which are over 40%. However, such a rate means there are fewer competitors. 

Large Appliances

These products are usually big machines. They include items such as washing machines, as well as, refrigerators. 

Amazon restrictions

1. There is very little information given regarding the requirements for acceptance into this group.

2. Appliances in this group are accompanied by many governing issues. 

3. The product’s validity must be proven with the necessary documents. 

4. There are very high costs incurred for shipping. 

Research has shown that is best for you to have insurance when you are in a seller of such Amazon restricted products. 

Special Coins

These coins refer to those types that the collectors love. These are those very rare coins. These can also carry a very high value.

Amazon certification

1. All items on sale must be from an official government organization. 

2. All coins must have a special grading from a profession grading organization. If they are priced at $1,500 or more. If this grading is not present it is prohibited. 

3. Coins must not be altered from their original state outside of numismatic preservation or cleaning methods

Sports Collectibles

These refer to items related to sports that carry a great value. These are products that are signed like a basketball also limited editions team jerseys or even sport cards. 

Amazon Restrictions

1. All items must have an order defect rate that is below 0.75%

2. Only professional sellers are allowed.

3. Items must meet authentication standards lawed out by one of the Amazon’s given organizations.
This is a section that is suited for professionals. Those individuals who are seeking to make some money should know that it is not preferable for them. 


Only experts sell toys during the holiday season. These refer to board games, certain collectibles and even drones. In order to maintain customers’ trust, this year Amazon is setting up special holiday selling guidelines for this category. From November 17 of the present year to the first week of January in the following year, sellers matching the below guidelines will qualify to sell in the Toys category.

Amazon Restrictions

1. Your initial sale on Amazon should be before September 19 of the present year and is not restricted to the toys category.

2. Sellers need to ship and process a minimum of 25 orders commencing from September 1 to October 31 in the present year. These orders can be in any category. 

3. Each seller must have a pre-fulfilment cancel rate of a maximum 1.75% from October 1 to October 31 of the present year.

4. Sellers must have a late shipment rate of less than 4% between the period October 1 through October 31 of the present year.

5. Finally all sellers must possess an order defect rate that is less than 1% short term commencing November 1 of the present year. 

Once your selling account is in proper standing your order that require fulfilment by Amazon will not be placed under the holiday restrictions. 


In this category you will find those expensive brands such as Rolex. Those other watches that are not very pricey fall into the clothing and accessory category.

Amazon restrictions

1. All sellers must be able to test the timekeeping accuracy and the water resistance.

2. Additionally,  seller must have a professional selling account in good standing.

3. Seller must meet seller performance metrics as following:
Pre-fulfill cancel rate of 2.5% or less
ODR 1% or less
Late ship 4% or less

4. All watches must have UPC code when they are being listed. 

5. Must meet all Amazon determined requirements which established by a third-party watch certification organization
The procedure is simple. It is quite easy for you to get ungated.

Different types of restrictions

Restrictions fall mainly into three main groups: categories condition as well as, brands. Restricted areas refer to those categories that are carefully monitored by Amazon. This is a category like Grocery.

Additionally, certain brands go through a special process with Amazon to have their products guarded. Thus any seller needs special authority from the makers to pedal that brand. Then once this is done the evidence must be given to Amazon.

Condition guidelines restrict the grouping applied to a particular item. This is evident with the toys category where they cannot be referred to as used.

How to get ungated in Amazon restricted catagories?Are You Selling Restricted Items on Amazon Marketplace?

Often you may seek approval to sell in a restricted category and obtain automatic approval. It is never clearly stated which brands or categories this applies to by Amazon. In most cases the following steps are required to begin the process.

1. Select the inventory link in the seller central location then click add a product.

2. Conduct a search for your intend item for sale.

3. After this select the listing limitations apply link in the results. 

4. Then select the Request Approval button to start the process.

It is very easy to. You should monitor the progress of you application. This can be done by returning to the Add a Product tool and clicking the selling application link.

The prime way to look for product restrictions

There is no specific certificate that you should have when selling on Amazon. The fact is that that Amazon constantly changes it restrictions. This causes sellers to be on the guard constantly. For example today a category could be gated. Then tomorrow it is not. This is quite evident in the shoes, clothing and accessories categories.

According to research the best way to tell if you can or cannot sell an item is to conduct a scan of the product. You would need to use the Amazon seller App. It automatically checks to see for your eligibility to sell.

Important facts

It is not very difficult to become an approved new seller. New sellers are approved and some are denied. However, it is recommended that you possess some type of experience. Let Amazon see that you are a legitimate stable business. 

Another important bit of information is that Amazon hardly accepts invoices from China. Thus if you are private labelling and sourcing from China your invoices would not be valid for category approval. A benefit is that all products bought for approval can be sold. Unfortunately, the returning is going to be low but at least you get something back. 

Additionally, you are allowed to sell other products besides those obtained from the wholesaler on your invoice. After you have gained approval Amazon no longer checks your invoices. 

Another important fact is that many sellers are required to produce their business license when applying for a category. Approval is not certain. Many persons have followed the requirements to the fullest and still where not accepted. Often what is needed is continuous submission of your application.

Try to avoid paying for approval. Once Amazon requests invoices, you simply need to buy products. Attempting such may be going do the lines of fraud and could lead to the suspension of your account.

Becoming an Amazon Super Seller

There are several online guards that provide in-depth information on being a great seller on Amazon. There carefully guide stating what is needed to properly sell your products. This information is gathered from other sellers.

These are mostly those individuals who are at the top of their group. Like anything of value understanding how to perform well may take a while. You should research the internet for information how to improve sales on Amazon so that you can maximizes on your money invested. Try always to avoid shortcuts. If you try to get rich or get a large amount of sales too quickly you may end up not gaining.

Research has shown that three types of sellers perform well on Amazon. These are merchants with a unique product, those who sell niche products and those who are selling refurbished items.

An individual who is selling an item that is original to them would do better than one that is selling pre-made products. A business that sells its own jewellery can do exceptionally well on Amazon. 

Thus individuals who are hobby items will find it difficult to get into a category at first but once in there is less competition thus you have more opportunity to make money. 

Used items attract many shoppers. Quite often these customers do not worry about anything else other than price.

Popular questions related to selling on AmazonAre You Selling Restricted Items on Amazon Marketplace?Persons often have so many when seeking to start a new business or embark on a new money making venture. The next bit of this informational manual will answer some common questions related to selling on Amazon. Pay close attention since this could be valuable information that helps to save you lots of time as you explore Amazon seeking a category.

1. Why are some categories restricted on Amazon?
The obvious answer is that Amazon loves the customers. As a result of this they must maintain very high standards. Plus they must ensure their customers are getting authentic items. Thus the approval process acts as a form of control that ensures that the requirements are met.

2. Why sell in a gated category?
A gated category provides much less competition. This is because it is more difficult to acquire entry into this category. Sellers benefit from this because you have less individuals who are offing what you are selling. 
The following are some general questions related to selling on Amazon.

3. How often can a product be listed on an Amazon catalogue? 
Each products can be listed only once in the Amazon catalogue. If more than one seller has a particular item the one who has the optimal search score will register first then the next and so on. 

4. Why am I restricted from using certain shipping methods?
New merchants are only allowed certain shipping methods. After you have earned a particular level or status then more methods are revealed to you. 

5. Why are sellers not compensated for shipping?
Shipping depends on several factors all of which are determined by Amazon. 

6. What can be done to increase the reviews on my sellers account?
Research has shown that once customers obtain a good shipping experience and the product is functioning satisfactorily a positive review is written.

Selling on Amazon is quite simple. This is once you are not looking to get into certain categories. However, many of the restricted categories are the areas that generate the highest amount of sales. 
Once you are willing to go through the extra process of seeking approval than become a seller in an Amazon restricted category is perfect for you. Yes it will require a little more work. But that extra would turn out to be more beneficial in the end. 
What you must note is that you must see what others do not see. Get into that avenue or bracket or get that item that others do not have.

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