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Sharline Shaw
Not only is Amazon a tech company, but it is also the largest online marketplace in the world. The company is based in Seattle, USA. They also have their focus on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, consumer products, package delivery and logistics, digital streaming services, and mobile application. Amazon’s motivation has helped solve many problems faced...
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Retail companies are seeking new ways for entering in the market, and selling their products for brand loyalty. However, with the increase in the manufacturing costs, many retailers are now opting for private label product marketing. This guide will provide an in depth insight on the private label market, and will cover several important aspects...
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Amazon is one of the largest online platforms that offer numerous products for online selling and purchasing products. Usually, people like that how to sell on Amazon UK? Selling products on Amazon UK will allow you to get access to various marketplaces of different countries that fall in Europe. The entrance to the EU marketplace...
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With rapid technology development, mobile payment has emerged as the most popular payment method in the world, especially in China. Alipay is the most widely used payment in China. You will find people scan their QR code with the App on their smartphones to buy some food in the grocery store everywhere. Created by the...
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In online shopping, there are a few platforms that provide suitable services. Alibaba is one of these and it has the reputation of being reliable. The advantages of using such platforms are far more than the disadvantages. But these disadvantages prove to be difficult for some users. Alibaba shipping cost is one of the things...
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Import Tax from China to the USA is a hot topic in importing business due to the trade problems between the USA and China. You need to understand the importance of taxes and customs duties. Most of the importers face lots of issues while importing products from China. So, as a new importer, it is vital...
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Shenzhen Huaqiang North electronic market is located in South of China. The size of the market and the complete categories rank first in the world. Huaqiang North Business Street has more than 50 electronic markets. These markets range from smart phones, computers, security and protection equipment and loudspeaker box. The market has almost all electronic equipment you might require. It has...
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China is one of the largest manufacturers in the world selling products in wholesale. China manufacturers a wide range of products from small commodities to heavy machinery. It is not easy to describe the scope of imports from China. There is hard to find a country in the world that is not importing some products...
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Alibaba is the globe’s largest index of factories as well as supplier platforms. It provides a great assortment of services along with tools. These tools and services are accessible for taking your foreign trade to another level. In this guide, we are focusing on the ways to locate the best vendors on Alibaba RFQ. RFQ...
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