Best China Products To Import

China thrives as the world’s leading production powerhouse. A wide variety of profitable products are labeled with “Made in China.”

China is famous for its affordable and quality goods, besides its massive production capabilities.

Whether clothing, furniture, or electronic devices, you can always find innovative solutions from China. If you are importing from China, you should research the trending China import list and their value.

This article will share ways to access needs and find the best products to import from China.  

Let’s get started!

Best China Products To Import

Why Are Popular Products Mostly Made In China?

Once China was a poor communist country.

In 1978, the People’s Republic of China government changed its strategy. By implementing principles of capitalism and letting people own businesses.

They started world trade and opened their country for investments. Now they have a significant amount of the world’s most profitable and powerful industries.

1. High-quality products at competitive prices

1. High-quality products at attractive prices

The heavy machinery brought/built in the country. Taxes and customs were reduced for the coastline cities to increase the growth.

Production in China is very cheap compared to first-world countries. I purchase products in BULK at a meager cost. 

Thus, in the pursuit of decreasing the costs. Many of the world’s leading high-end brands set up their production in China.

They include countries from Europe, and Asia like India, Singapore, others like Australia and Latin America. 

Companies like Apple, Sony, Samsung, Canon, and Microsoft have factories. In a city called Shenzhen situated in the south of China near Hong Kong.

90% of the electronic products are manufactured and sold in Shenzhen. It only takes a few days to assemble any prototype.

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2. Specializes in very different product categories


China has potential ranging from raw materials.

To electronics, machinery, textile, clothing, petrochemicals, automotive parts, toys, phone accessories, handbags, makeup tools, and kitchenware.

This potential makes it the manufacturing hub of the world.

When everything is available in one place. It makes it even more suitable for new production and manufacturing factories.

These favorable conditions are the reason behind this. The manufacturing units of the world-leading brands are in China.

I have sorted out the Top China Manufacturing Cities for importing items. Check them out. 


City located two hours’ drive from south Shenzhen. This city is popular for fashion accessories, bags, jewelry, and high-quality garments production

Xin tang (Zengcheng):

An hour away to the east of Guangzhou. The world-famous Levi’s manufactured here. This city is also known as the denim capital of the world.


Situated between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is the largest source of one the things made in China which are Chinese made sweaters.


South-west from shanghai. This city is the largest children’s clothing manufacturer in the world.


Hour and a half drive west of Shanghai is the world’s right supplier of evening wear.

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3. China frequently leads the way in developing innovative solutions


There are three main reasons why china is the world’s main leading manufacturer:

  • The availability of natural resources provides materials necessary for production.
  • As the government controls the Yuan (currency’s) price against dollars. It makes it more favorable for foreign importers to convert to dollars.
  • The proud, hardworking, and very competitive laborers can be found anywhere. Many Chinese study or work in foreign countries. Once the study is finished or learned how to do that business they were working on, they go back to their country.

My choice!

China is the BEST OPTION. You can make relatively higher profits. 

4. Matured business ecosystem 

China has been developing and evolving its business ecosystem for the last 30 years. The ecosystem is built from networks of best suppliers, distributors, manufacturers of components, government agencies, and consumers.  

The supply chain often includes competition and cooperation between different parties.

You can get other services like transportation, shipping, finance, and other information services here. They can keep material costs and labor wages low.

Besides, the production can be made in big capacities to cater to the needs.

Many have also purchased and customized profitable popular profitable product to import from experienced manufacturers. 

5. Policy advantages from the government

5. Policy advantages from the government

The China government has developed advantageous policies for exports. These simplified inspections and lowered tax rates are beneficial to either a local manufacturer or an exporter.

The export tax rebate policy was initiated in 1985 by eliminating the double taxation on exports. There is 0% value-added tax (VAT) on the exports.

You can also enjoy import tax exemption for consumer products import from China.

China has attracted more foreign importers, whether agricultural products or electrical products. There are even international trade of organic chemicals, electrical machinery, crude oil, and mineral fuels.

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Top 20 Popular Made In China Products List

Top 20 Popular Made In China Products List

Daily Products from Made in China

1. Sunglasses

China offers a variety of sunglasses at an unbelievable low cost. Sunglasses manufactured at a very massive scale and huge demand.

It is my FAVORITE product. The reason is that you can start it with $100 in your HAND. 

2. T-shirt

T-shirts are categorized as cheap Chinese products, amazing fabric. Trendy designs are available throughout the year. You can always buy wholesale t shirts as much as you want, and to make the sale.

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3. Pet Clothes

Sometimes Things made in China are unrecognizable unless you see the tag. Pet clothes are one of the hottest items that stay in trends throughout the whole year.

4. Phone protector glass

Phone protector glass is a GOOD TARGET product. I have sold more than ten pieces in a single day. 

These protector glass brands are accepted by the whole world. No one can doubt the cost and quality of this product.

5. Socks

Socks are one of those items sold when people are searching for Chinese products online. Everybody needs them and the Chinese manufacturers offer them at a value that you can’t imagine.

Conventional Products from Made in China

These products are invented and produced by chinese factory only. Few other countries are following in the footsteps, but these kinds of innovative and thoughtful products sell like a charm.


1. USB portable mini fan

A small USB operated fan that you can connect with your laptop and work anywhere outside with worrying about the weather

2. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Apple invented them, but they are so costly that not everyone can own a pair. China offers the product as efficiently as the original ones but at a cheaper wholesale price and in a variety of new trendy design.

3. Mini air humidifier

This mini product came as the dream come true for some people who needed something like that but no one ever came up with the solution before. When I found the humidifier, it was like magic. That means you can make sales in this category.

It’s a humidifier that impresses you with its capabilities and it’s portable.

4. Portable mini air cooler

Things from Chinese manufacturers have a long product list that consists of products being made portable that no one ever thought about. Mini cooler works for one or two persons providing the fresh cold breeze whenever, wherever.

5. Mini Bluetooth speaker

Just like the wired hand frees are outdated now, the same is the case with mini speakers. 90s days have passed by now. Even my friends use Bluetooth speakers. Now they are available in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. You can enjoy music on the go.

Creativity Products from Made In China

Creativity Products from Made In China

1. Automatic instant tent

Tents and camps are the things that didn’t get any evolution. But Chinese wholesale suppliers and manufacturers took the responsibility of giving the innovation to every product they think can be evolved.

2. Creative illusion lamp

Makes your room fun and full of life. Chinese products lists are full of such kind of innovative, cute and creative products.

My recommendation! 

It can be a FUN and fast-forward option. You’ll get a HIGH number of sales. 

3. Stainless Steel Drinking Straw

No one ever thought about making the straw stainless steel to be used repeatedly. But as we are moving towards making our earth clean, stainless steel straw could be a contribution.

4. Mini Monocular Telescope

For those who can’t afford the actual one they can practice on this one and gaze upon the stars.

5. Reverse inverted umbrella

Like I said before, China is giving attention and changing every conventional simple product with upgraded features to enhance the results.

They have got the reverse inverted umbrella. I am 1000% sure a new storm of HIGH DEMANDS is coming. 

Useful Products from Made In China


1. Mobile Phone Holder

The mobile phone accessories made a lot of space after the under come into existence. This product while used in the car can save you from accidents, and it allows you to track your way on the google maps while driving.

The dual benefits of it take my attention. Hundreds of customers think the same. 

2. Mini Outdoor Survival Tool

My car has many different tools. Mini Outdoor Survival is one of them.

I think every car should have this product, even when you are going out for a vacation or may have a picnic at some lakeside. Safety is the main concern in every scenario, keeping in mind everybody needs this product.

3. Sport water bottle

Staying hydrated is one thing, every human on earth needs it and has no doubts about it. So during your physical activities you need to stay hydrated even more, that’s where the sports water bottle plays its part.

4. Vegetable cutter

Like everything else is changing, kitchen utensils and tools should also have their upgrade to minimize the cooking time and also to minimize food wastage.

The best example is the vegetable cutter. Every kitchen should have it. I also do.

5. Smart watches

After the huge success of smart mobile phones people, there is no need to check your phone every few seconds, smart watches get you covered. Smart watches track your movements, activity and tells time.

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Looking for Best Product to Import from China?

Leeline Sourcing helps buyers source the right product with the best cost.

How Do I Find New & Trending Products To Import From China?

Finding the best products online is one of the important steps when it comes to import from China. You must know about the hot products to import from China, before finalizing the deal.

By purchasing the most trending goods, you can ensure higher profits. Well, the need for preferred products varies with time.

For example, these days, most consumers ask for smart devices, posture corrector products, accessories, and shoes.

So, there is a need to know about trending product. Following are the steps to find a trending product before importing products from China:

Find New & Trending Products To Import From China
  • The internet is the best source to find the most trending products to import from China.
  • You can search the official page of each supplier to get the answer.
  • Google Trends will give you a look to sort out what’s trending right now. To search the exact keywords.
  • You can also analyze the data for previous years. If it shows a gradual up and down, it means it is a seasonal product.
  • Well, if you see a constant rise in high demand, then it is worth adding to your store and making high profit margin from them.
  • You must examine the data for the last five years. An annual trade can’t help you to figure out the demand for the product.
  • After the confirmation of the product’s demand, try to reach the supplier and bring that product to your customers.
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How Much Money Can You Make from China import items?

Several factors influence the profit margin when import from China. The latest data shows that many traders get up to 40% profit while few others succeed to earn only 5%.

It is a matter of the fact that the profit margin can be increased by up to 100% by selecting the product wisely.

Introduce a unique and new products category in your local market. It will give you a golden chance to earn a profit of more than 100%.

New products are in high demand, and customers can pay you the required amount.

But as the suppliers’ increases, It will decrease the price of the product due to competition.

Furthermore, you can also earn profit by making some tempting offers.

Such as, add a guarantee to the product.It will increase your profit margin. In addition to it, you can also order in bulk for your product category, and you get the low prices of items.

FAQs about Best China Products to Import

When it comes to top import from China that are the most profitable, many questions pop up in mind.

All those questions with the best possible answers have been showcased below.


Is importing from China profitable?

It is a matter of fact that goods imported from China make the most profitable business.

Chinese markets offer you the cheapest imports; you can sell them in your country to earn money. The Chinese marketplace gives you a variety of products; you can select the product according to your requirement.

Therefore, there are more chances of earning profit. It attracts exporters for China import trade goods.

That’s why the Chinese trade assurance is flourishing day by day.

How can I make money selling products from China?

China is a great marketplace to expect new, unique, and fresh imported goods wholesale prices. The importer can find the required category of products and import them to their country.

Now resell them in your country to provide the goods imported to the local consumer.

Chinese markets offer you a huge profit margin. The Chinese manufacturers introduce new designs and models and attractive selling price which attract the consumers.

Therefore, the commerce value for Chinese products, regardless of their category, is increasing tremendously. It ensures good business growth and money as well.

What are the options for shipping?

There are many shipping methods. Shipping products by express couriers, air, sea freight, or rail freight. If you want fast deliveries within 2 – 11 days, you can choose express courier services like DHL and air freight.

But, their costs are often higher. Otherwise, you can save your shipping cost with sea or rail freight.

They can deliver more products at lower costs, but they take longer.

How to ensure the product quality of trade goods?

Many are concerned about the quality issues of import process. You can spend some time and money traveling to China to inspect on your own.

Besides, you can hire a local full-time inspection staff or a third-party inspection company.

You can rest assured to get quality imports with their expertise. 

What are the available payment options?

The standard payment options are Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Letter of Credit (LC), Paypal, and International bank cards. You need to know the value of imports in dollars to make payment. 

Before making payment, check for the product value, including product costs, taxes like customs and VAT, insurance, shipping, etc. 

What to consider when buying goods from China?

You should research and know what the consumers want to know about the profitable imports and their value.

Then, check for quality, delivery, and payment methods. Note to research for China import by country, so you know the custom taxes and quality requirements.

You should also learn how to handle price increases, poor quality, and late deliveries.

Final thoughts

Most popular products are made in China

Most popular products are made in China for several reasons. Chinese suppliers produce high-quality imports at competitive wholesale prices.

The verified manufacturers also master in production for a wide range of hottest selling categories.

With the advantages of policies, material resources, and affordable currency, the Chinese government helped boost production and total exports growth.

When combined with the matured business ecosystem, China emerges as the major powerhouse for world imports. 

I hope this article is helpful in sharing the most popular products you can source from China. You can also access information about product sourcing from the best china sourcing companyLeeline Sourcing.

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