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Are you planning to import products from Guangzhou? Many global importers prefer this place to get their products.

Here you can get a massive collection of commercial goods at reasonable prices. Be it furniture, decor items, or products related to construction projects!

But, it can be challenging to find a reliable supplier in this place. You can either visit Guangzhou or find someone who knows this market inside out.

A Guangzhou sourcing agent can control the whole sourcing process. From finding the right factory for your products, managing communications, to final dispatch!

So, here is everything you should know about sourcing agents in Guangzhou. 

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Best‌ 20‌ Guangzhou Sourcing‌ Agents‌:

We have researched and shortlisted the best 20 Guangzhou sourcing companies:

1. Leeline Sourcing 

Leeline Sourcing is the first Chinese sourcing company I worked with. And till the day, I am working with them without any single mistake. They are the experts and get you the quality at affordable prices.

It has around ten years of rich expertise in the China Sourcing consulting business.

LeelineSourcing knows everything about sourcing top-quality goods. It provides the most reasonable possible rates.

Their team works using a thorough, transparent procedure. You can mention to them what product quality you need.

After that, the company will help deliver items to your distribution center at the speed of the light.

Having a reliable business partner is important for shippers. Here Leeline sourcing is not going to fail you.

With Leeline Guangzhou sourcing service experience. You may take a rest and be at peace, understanding that you are in very capable hands.

LeelineSourcing is going to assist your business to develop and improve more. They assist organizations with saving money as well.

They can wipe out the danger of these exorbitant mistakes for this, and guarantee there are no misconceptions or quality problems.

Besides, they can beat the language and social hindrances.

Thus, their clients are sure of getting a quality product. That’s because products made under their supervision conform to universal quality guidelines.

So, these and many other variables prove their ability. As a result, the product generation will expand the profitability of your organization.

Leeline Sourcing1

Their diverse group incorporates:

  • Experienced item designers
  • Provincial business and lawful experts
  • Task supervisors
  • Assembling specialists
  • Quality control experts

If you have a Guangzhou market agent by your side, you can be sure you will get the correct deals.

Leeline Sourcing will provide you with the correct item on schedule and at the best cost.

Services review 

They provide you with a wide range of services among all other online platforms. It includes Amazon seller facilities.

That ranges from product acquisition, brand label to quality inspections.

Moreover, you also get packaging help and product pictures.It also includes the delivery of goods to FBA distribution centers.


  • Providing improved profit margins
  • Pass savings on costs to customers
  • Let you save management time
  • Manage the whole supply chain
  • Help in reducing your costs
  • No language barrier

Recommended reason 

  • They support small and medium businesses
  • They also help e-commerce businesses, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay store owners.

Do you want to hire a trusted and reliable Guangzhou product sourcing company? Then, Leeline Sourcing is your go-to place.

They help individuals choose the right supplier.

Besides, they can reduce costs and risks while you buy from China.

2. Goal Running 

The owner of Goal Running is Andy, who has worked in Guangzhou, China, for ten years.

They specialize in the markets within Guangzhou. It can help you buy clothing, fashion items, purses, and various products at a good price.

Ten years of working has not only gained a lot of acquisition experience for Andy and his business.

But have made him known to various top-quality vendors in Guangzhou.

Do you intend to purchase from China at the best price? Or else, are you searching for a proper vendor in Guangzhou?

Then you will find the skills at the Goal Running you need.

Goal Running

Service review

This agent in Guangzhou helps in importing from China and provides these services:

  • Products assembly in Guangzhou.
  • Warehouse/factory sourcing in clothing, shoes, purses, luggage, and fashion accessories.
  • Lead you to vendors, bargain costs, and manage the risks of purchasing for you.
  • Requesting an order as the purchaser needed and following the product timetable.
  • You get quality controlling and inspection facilities.
  • International supply-chain services.
  • Translation/Analysis services.
  • Standard container shipping services from YW/GZ throughout the globe.
  • They offer the most competing sea freight service.
  • You get a complete schedule comprising invitation letter services.
  • Besides, they also offer hotel reservations, pick-ups, and driving to the air terminal.
  • Other services include hotel check-in, local car services, entertainment activities, etc.


  • Provides purchasing support
  • Product collecting facility
  • Provides free consultation.  I have consulted about my business and budget range. They gave me honest deals for the products. Their agents helped me find the best suppliers at the wholesale prices.
  • Easy payment system


  • May be costly
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3. Blinkkoo 

It is a Guangzhou translator and one of Guangzhou’s product sourcing companies.

Blinkkoo is to assist foreign clients. They have a local team of experts to guide you.These customers can buy and import every kind of item from Guangzhou.

Besides, other locations include Shenzhen, China, Dongguan, and Foshan. BLINKKOO is an influencing sourcing agency in Guangzhou, China.

Service review

  • Provide interpretation facilities
  • Sourcing services
  • Buying service
  • Product acquisition
  • Product inspection


  • They have served over 500 customers throughout the world.
  • They give one-stop buying or sourcing facilities to customers all over the world.
  • Contains ten years of expertise and experience


  • The official product sourcing services company has launched in the previous year.



CSC INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION LTD. is an expert Guangzhou sourcing company. It represents a specialization in item inspection, advising, brand labeling, and testing.

They are accessible to client necessities as their professional, detailed, and proper administrations.

It permits clients to know the quality of the products.It minimizes deformities of merchandise in the first run-through.

Morever, it can guarantee item quality and timely delivery.CSC now gives foreign clients the facility of item inspection and compartment supervision.

Besides, it also offers manufacturing evaluation, quality control, and so forth.CSC intends to turn into the finest quality controller as a 3rd party sourcing agency.

Along with being an associate for purchasers both inside China and outside.Thus, you get top-notch item inspection (samples or complete inspection) in the end.

The quality control framework guarantees clients get the best quality. Buying merchandise of high quality assures winning a bigger share in the market.

Service review


  • Provide flexibility
  • Timely communication
  • Confidentiality guaranteed


  • The language barrier might be a problem.

5. Vitasino 


Vitasino is a group of 4 individuals with over ten years of expertise.

They can serve outsider foreign clients having business in Guangzhou, China. They will be at your help in Guangzhou.

They are the people you can trust to complete your work. Vitasino work with clothing and garments, yet they can assist you with different items also.

Morever, they can serve as a secure method for your business operations in China.No one likes to manage innumerable providers and makers.

That’s because they don’t have the option to communicate in English.

You can deal straight with them, and they will keep you up-to-date with the progress of your business.

Service review

  • Factory inspection
  • Sourcing inspection
  • Quality control
  • Shipping and logistics


  • Trustworthy and reliable support.  Once I got a quality problem with their supplier. They assisted me in testing the quality in their labs. And shipped products from my supplier to my warehouse. They offer great customer service.
  • Provides translations and guidance
  • Complete services in buying
  • Ten years of expertise
  • Customized services to meet your requirements
  • They are experts in Guangzhou markets
  • They also take foreign currencies
  • A complete transparent process


  • Provides outsourcing of limited products.

6. Gzamanda

Gzamanda has direct connections with more than 20,000 industrial facilities throughout China. It also includes Guangdong province.

They have over ten years of expertise in the industry. It helps you understand the concept of the quality and work they provide.

They can support and guide you to tour the factories and see their product generation.

The assembling identifies with a few guidelines. Also, distinctive quality comes at various costs.

Furthermore, they can reach Europe and the United States standard markets.Also, the assemblies likewise have the authentications to their clients.

They are happy being China sourcing company for ten years.

Their sourcing group is very acquainted with various products’ manufacturing. It will assist you in finding the most qualified providers for you in Guangzhou.

Service review

  • Quality controls
  • Artwork (designing, branding, barcode reading, and printing)
  • Supply chain
  • Add-on services


  • Number 1 Guangzhou purchasing agent
  • One-stop solution
  • Commission up to 1%
  • More than 12 language interpreters
  • More than 200 marketing countries in the world


  • The shipping process might be lengthy

7. Fami sourcing 

Fami sourcing

If you need to locate a Guangzhou sourcing company, please get in touch with Fami sourcing.

It designs personalized logistic solutions for new businesses.It manages product generation.

Moreover, it ships products in high demand from customers throughout the globe.

Service review

  • Product source
  • Manufacturing verification
  • Order consolidation
  • Product follow-ups
  • Packaging
  • Guide to local companies


  • Result-oriented
  • Local company friendly
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Transparent procedure.  My work with them has been 100% transparent. They supported me and showed me all the deals with suppliers and their transaction details. I trust them a lot regarding the product sourcing.


  • Might shift timeframes

8. Tanndy 

Tanndy Limited

Tanndy Limited works in the region of Guangzhou, China. They work as sourcing and Guangzhou buying agent.

Their primary business is purchasing building substances and movables from China.They also do different stuff. It includes machinery, prefabricated homes, T-shirts for election, and much more.

Their idea is to help you buy from the producers to cut costs while defending your behalf.

Service review

Tanndy Guangzhou agent service starts from sourcing products, market inspecting, and order follow-ups. 

Besides, it also includes inspection, order consolidation, and storekeeping.You can also get services like delivery, trade securing, quality checking, etc.


  • They export to over 50 countries.
  • They own a 5000 square meters long and wide warehouse for storing products for a long time.
  • They have strict management policies. It helps them supervise the processes in a standard and strict manner.


  • There may be some higher or hidden costs.

9. Guangzhou Agent  

Guangzhou Agent

Guangzhou Agent has become one of the pioneering Guangzhou shipping companies. That is fulfilling each of your sourcing and dispatching requirements.

Since 2009, they have spoken to genuine brand proprietors beyond Asia.

They promote quality and lessen costs by instituting a mindful, custom system. This system aims to assist brands of every size.

It influences the gigantic capability of the Chinese production industry – free of risk.

They take on the greatest weight of item sourcing. It includes inspection, producer bargains, lawful contemplations, and cost-effective calculated procedures.

Besides, they can also arrange shipment on your behalf.

This trading company is answerable for making industrial links with other Chinese makers. Thus, they work with customers unfamiliar with item sourcing. 

It is suitable for individuals who had an awful encounter with Chinese sellers.

They ensure top-quality through their expert procedure of choosing and controlling products.

Their aim is the proficient administration of shipping time with dependable social procedures.

Service review

  • Product sourcing
  • Product manufacturing
  • Product fulfillment
  • Quality control
  • Shipping
  • Coordinating with vendors


  • Provide tailor-made options to suit your needs
  • Private labeling more than generic descriptions and codes
  • Comprehensive solutions for your business
  • Sources high-quality products
  • Complies with Chinese legal agreements


  • Might not transport all products (some essential products only)

10. Ejet   


The pioneering Guangzhou shipping agent is tenth on this list.

Ejet Solutions Limited is working since the year 2007.Its base is in the biggest China generic goods trade and warehouse.

Besides, they also have two imperative offices. One is in Guangzhou and the other is in Hangzhou.

This China manufacturing agent covers throughout China. Besides, their team has complete knowledge of customs clearance

Now, let’s point to better dealing. They have been representing over 1000 satisfied clients.

What’s more, they cover over 50 nations worldwide.

They have ten plus years of experience. Besides, they have more than 100 experienced and professional staff members.

Even more, this agent has over 3000 qualified sellers who import from Guangzhou. Furthermore, they cover around 3000 container shipping every year.

Services review

  • Experienced and skilled quality control
  • Factory auditing
  • Production review
  • Designing
  • Repacking
  • Branding
  • Shipping
  • Warehousing


  • They provide free product sourcing as per your requirements
  • They also advise the best places and bargain prices. Once they gave me the list of suppliers in Guangzhou. It helped me get lower quotes from suppliers. And find the lowest possible prices to increase my profits.


  • Some say the packaging is poor.
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The remaining top 20 guangzhou sourcing agent list :

Company nameservices
Morefar Globalone-stop services sourcing agent
CnsourcelinkThe easiest sourcing agent in guangzhou
Dragon SourcingGlobal sourcing company
ShangJinAccelerate your product launch
Langdi Enterprise Limitedfit for small and medium-sized businesses 
Jhon TradeBuy From in guangzhou
Bling sourcing Bring your product to market
SermondoSourcing management company
Sourcing Nova Product sourcing, quality inspection
ThesourcingSpecialized in amazon fba sourcing

Looking for the Best Guangzhou Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

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Why Do You Need a Guangzhou Agent?

Why Do You Need a Guangzhou Agent (1)

The sourcing agent in Guangzhou may also serve one boss. Besides, he could maintain a company that serves various firms from other countries.

If you have no plans to visit China, you must contact different sourcing agents. A professional sourcing agent can do supply chain management for you.

Remember, finding a genuine sourcing agent in China may take time.

But you cannot exclude this step from your checklist.The sourcing agent helps an organization find sources for items at lower costs.

So the organization can get a good deal on the generation of products.

In short, you must get an agent to make your product sourcing from China easier and more manageable. 

I have hired Guangzhou agents for many purposes. For example:

  • To source quality products.
  • To remove the language barrier.
  • They know the market better and help how to deal with the suppliers.

What Services Do Guangzhou Agents Offer?

The services given by the Guangzhou product sourcing agents can incorporate many points.

Below are some of the key services you can expect from an agent in China.

  • Market survey
  • Supply chain management
  • Examining the production process
  • Finding Chinese suppliers
  • Executing factory audit
  • Managing the sourcing process
  • Seller/provider selection
  • Finding decent deals with the best prices
  • Choosing the best shipping method for your import business

That’s it! A sourcing agent in China can offer many more services based on your needs.Other services offered by a Chinese sourcing agent include logistics and transportation.

It also includes pre-shipment inspections, custom clearance, etc.

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How Much is the Guangzhou Sourcing Agent Commission? 

How Much is the Guangzhou Sourcing Agent Commission (1)

We must recognize the competition among a large number of Chinese sourcing agents.Well, the reasonable rate is 3% of the total value of the order. In comparison, some orders need 5 to 10% per cent.

Note that these figures depend on exactly what services you buy.

Those who handle an eCommerce business know the importance of bulk buying.Even a startup company gives the best deals when your order quantity is huge.

In short, you can expect a discounted price from a China sourcing agent.

When your order is huge, at that point, you can bargain to take a lower price. For example, 2%, or 1%.Most Chinese sourcing agents can give you a reasonable price upon request.

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Does a Guangzhou Agent Offer Quality Control and Inspection Services? 

Quality control and inspection play a vital role in any form of international trade. Be it a furniture business or any other type of online business.

Besides finding an appropriate provider, the agent will arrange the generation of merchandise.

The sourcing agent will help align with the factory. Thus, it will allow watching the whole generation procedure.

Also, they ensure the factory completes the generation of products on schedule. Besides, they check if the merchandise is of great quality.

They will likewise give a quality checking facility.

Of course, you will have to ask your Guangzhou sourcing agent about this service.You can also ask for an inspection of the manufacturing process.

They will help out with the quality inspection for inspecting the finished items. 

They can also limit the damage rate before shipping the products.

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Can Guangzhou Agents Do Factory and Supplier Verification

Can Guangzhou Agents Do Factory and Supplier Verification (1)

It is the fundamental service of each Guangzhou sourcing agent.

Of course, they should do factory and supplier verification.Even more, they choose the vendor who meets the necessities of their customers.

Furthermore, they will bargain with the provider for the benefit of the buyer.

It will help buyers get the best cost.In addition, they will verify the subtleties of the production process.

Can Guangzhou Agent Repack Products?

Most Chinese suppliers use attractive packaging on their products. Well, it is significant for online dealers.

Thus, some sourcing agents can help with repacking.They can help make various sets, packages, or parcels if necessary.

But, not all sourcing agents provide the facility.

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Are There Risks Dealing With Guangzhou Agent?

There are actually some risks of dealing with Guangzhou sourcing agents. Overseas companies can take necessary measures to avoid it. 

The risks include slowed shipping procedures, increased markup prices, and inadequate information.

Yet, your agent in China might inform you about these changes in advance.

But, the wrong Guangzhou sourcing agent can be a liability.Thus, choose the best sourcing agent for getting the quality you desire.

You can also verify the testimonials of your sourcing agent in China.

I once landed a NEW SOURCING AGENT. The work was done in the end but it was very difficult to work with such an inexperienced agent. You should find only the best and reputed sourcing agents.

How Can You Find a Trustworthy or Reliable Sourcing Agent?

sourcing websites

The China sourcing agent business is becoming popular.

Do you want to find a sourcing agent in China Guangzhou? Then, you have to discover the sourcing agent and inquire about your prerequisites.

You can look through sourcing agents on the web.

I often use the GOOGLE to find the best sourcing companies. Alibaba has many sourcing agents. You can contact them too. Family and friends are also a great choice.

Yet, you must decide based on their services range and charges.First of all, check your necessities.

Then, find the best Guangzhou sourcing agent who is reliable.

These points can help you have a safe buying experience in wholesale markets.

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Can a Guangzhou Agent Help You Negotiate Prices in the Shenzhen Market? 

Partially yes. After all, we all know wholesale markets for getting the best discounts. And these tiny discounts matter a lot in the import business.

Some Guangzhou sourcing agents have access to the broadest assortment of products.

Thus, they know the best rates and the most acceptable shipping alternatives.

Thus, it is helpful to work with a Guangzhou local agent covering many regions in China.

Best 10 Hot sale products on amazon 2021 from Guangzhou

Best 10 Hot sale products on amazon 2021 from Guangzhou (1)

Remember, mobile phones are not the only products that bring in excellent sales.

Below are the top 10 hot sale products found and imported on Amazon from Guangzhou.

  1. Shilling leather bags
  2. Heart crystal necklace
  3. Hemp oil
  4. Balaclava face mask
  5. Neckwarmer
  6. Smart projector
  7. Sanitary ware
  8. Eyebrow razor
  9. Derma roller
  10. Bath bombs
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What Qualities Should I Look for In a Guangzhou Sourcing Agent?

We recommend following the below-mentioned tips to find a reliable Guangzhou sourcing agent.

1. Choose the agent who has a specialization.

It is my habit to know about sourcing agents. I check their experience. Get the previous history of successful trades. And then move ahead with the deals to source the products.

When you need to import various regular items, pick a sourcing agent. You can find someone who has sourced specific customer products for previous buyers.

You need to discover the sourcing agent with practical experience in the industry.

If the sourcing agent aggregated a ton of suitable providers. That means they can offer you sound buying along with production counseling.

2. Pick the Guangzhou sourcing agent with good experience in the production process.

Experience is a crucial factor you must take into account. An agent who operates for a long time can be more creative. 

Besides, the agent can be trustworthy than a sourcing organization built a while ago.

The years a sourcing agent has been doing business is the verification of his reputation.It implies he has furnished his customers with a decent quality business.

Besides picking suppliers who can help in the production process and quality inspection.

Who are the top and reliable Guangzhou agents?

We have mentioned some reliable Guangzhou agents in this article.

They are professionals working in the Chinese market for years. But, the best of them is Leeline Sourcing.

That’s because Leeline Sourcing, as a sourcing agent, contains ten years of experience.

They can help source high-quality products at a reasonable rate. They do it with the help of a precise and transparent process.

LeelineSourcing – Guangzhou product sourcing agent offers item sourcing without the issues.

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gunagzhou sourcing agents (1)

That’s all about the best agents who can help you import products from Guangzhou.

Businesses looking for good quality products at low prices from Chinese suppliers should contact agents. A buying agent can streamline the whole process of goods sourcing. 

A sourcing agent in Guangzhou can offer other services to speed up your importation process. 

As a result, you don’t have to spend time finding reliable suppliers, and your agent will choose one from different suppliers.

The experts at Leelinesourcing have years of experience working in the Guangzhou markets. They can help you source products and ship them to the required address.

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