Best 20 Guangzhou Sourcing Agents: Unlock Import Success

I know you’ve heard all the exciting things about Guangzhou. You want to get STARTED and wondering how you get a sourcing agent Guangzhou China? DON’T let the hassle DISCOURAGE you. We’re here to show you the way.

As a seasoned professional operating in Guangzhou for over a DECADE, trust me to bring you all the information you need. This, plus the EXTENSIVE research that I’ve conducted on the matter. You get the best. Make the RIGHT choice regarding your China Sourcing agent

We’ll INTRODUCE you to sourcing agents in Guangzhou. You know How To Buy From China and then ARM you with The deets to get you ahead. You also avoid being CONNED.

The top China sourcing agent in Guangzhou is Leeline Sourcing. These folks deliver unmatched quality control and ensure you get your goods pronto! Their COMPREHENSIVE services translate to you wowing your customers in generating more business.

But in case you’re dying with ANTICIPATION, here is a sneak peek. You get a list of 20 Guangzhou sourcing agents and then top it off with five of the BEST ONES for good measure.

Sounds good? Let’s get to it!

Best 20 Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

Introduction Of Sourcing Agent Guangzhou China

Introduction Of Sourcing Agent Guangzhou China

Simply put, Guangzhou is the capital city of wholesale shopping in China. Do you want garments, electronics, shoes, or any other thing at UNBEATABLE PRICES? Then, Guangzhou is where you need to be.

Hundreds of factories and thousands of suppliers operate in this city. It has most of the products you find in the Chinese market in one place.

EASILY source your business inventory. Does that sound attractive?

A lot of global foreign buyers agree. This city is popular among individuals running wholesale businesses. Import-export companies in China love it, too. 

We’ll show you how to Buy Direct From China. You get the MOST out of Guangzhou using a professional China sourcing agent.

How much do Guangzhou sourcing agents charge?

How much do Guangzhou sourcing agents charge

There’s no set standard payment for Guangzhou sourcing agents. Typically, companies charge a COMMISSION RATE of anywhere between 5% to 10% of the order cost.

Price is determined by the amount you order, sourcing services, and the type of products you go for. Larger orders get preferential treatment. Price negotiation is possible to get you better WHOLESALE PRICING.

Here are some competitive prices to guide you.

Pro Plan Service Rate
Product ValueService Fee
$1000 to $30009%
$3000 to $50008%
$5000 to $70007%
$7000 to $10,0006%

Additional considerations: Give your purchasing agent a buying plan, and they will recommend what is BEST for you. Consider discussing logistics management, hotel bookings, and other services offered on the ground. That is useful If you plan on VISITING China in person.

Why Do You Need Guangzhou Sourcing Agents?

Why Do You Need Guangzhou Sourcing Agents

1. Language Barriers

A lot of Chinese manufacturers and trading companies use Chinese EXCLUSIVELY for communication. Having boots on the ground means that you can easily get around this. Guangzhou sourcing agencies get you exactly what you need. They speak the SAME LANGUAGE. Avoid being blindsided by MISUNDERSTANDINGS.

2. Fraud

There are scams all over the world. And Guangzhou market is no exception. If you go through online reviews, it’s easy to notice this fraudulent behavior. Typically, people buy the goods from these scam sellers only to be disappointed. The goods never arrive on the agreed-upon date, or you get there for quality products. Going with a proper Guangzhou agent helps you avoid this.

Leeline Sourcing is one such agent. Their reputation guarantees that you get your products without fraud or scams. They are offered transparent pricing and quotes. Plus, they guarantee product quality through multiple inspections.

4. Find The Best China Products To Import

The Guangzhou Market is the largest in the world. It features thousands of sellers and MILLIONS of products. So, it is EASY to get lost in the frenzy. A reliable sourcing agent helps you cut through the noise. They get exactly the China products list you want. Even if it’s a ONE-OFF PRODUCT, they’ll get it for you.

Our team helps you FIND exactly the product you need. It worked directly with an extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers. This sourcing agent in China just needs your specifications to make this happen.

5. Enjoy Multiple Quotes 

If you’re just starting out, juggling over 30 quotes might seem daunting. The right sourcing agent will help you navigate through this CONFUSION. Just provide them with your requirements and budget. Then, a reliable sourcing agent will sort through the mess and get you the most SUITABLE deals.

6. Handle Business Remotely

Handle Business Remotely

Worried that you may not be able to visit China? Don’t fret. The agents know how to source from China and allow you to conduct business REMOTELY. They keep a reliable network of different suppliers with whom they LIAISE whenever. They handle everything from supply management to shipping arrangements to factory inspections.

We make it easy for you to run your business without stepping foot in China. They act as your ENTRUSTED representative on the ground, fulfilling your wishes. They do supplier verification, oversee product development, and arrange shipment.

Expert tip: Consider going with a sourcing agent in Guangzhou who prioritizes communication and TRANSPARENCY. That cultivates trust in international business and partnerships.

Wakit Tsum, China Sourcing Agent-Freelancer

SAFE + EASY Importing from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

What Services Do Guangzhou Sourcing Agents Offer?

Generally, the types of services a sourcing agent in China offers can be divided into TWO:

1. Giving you supply information

A sourcing agent in China scours the market to bring you the supplier INFORMATION you need. They use the best China wholesale websites, such as 1688 Alibaba and AliExpress, among others. You get BASIC INFORMATION such as the name, contact details, website, etc. 

2. Comprehensive in-house sourcing service

Comprehensive in-house sourcing service

The BIGGER agents take on all the tasks needed to bring you the goods that YOU NEED. Some of these services include:

a. Supplier sourcing

This is a key service that any sourcing agent in China should offer. Typically, they have an EXTENSIVE Supplier network, and they choose the right one for you. Trust that they know how to find a reliable China supplier. These agents also communicate with suitable SUPPLIERS on your behalf.

b. Production checkups

When you buy something, your sourcing agent Will OVERSEE the production process. They supervise EVERYTHING to make sure your order comes out right.

c. Quality control inspections 

Quality control inspections 

The quality issues can occur in any manufacturing process. A good sourcing agent will regularly INSPECT your products to ensure they’re in tip-top shape.

Leeline Sourcing Is an agent known for quality control & factory audit services. They have a dedicated quality ASSURANCE TEAM who guarantees high-quality products. They liaise with the manufacturer to inspect the product across MULTIPLE production stages.

d. Organizing logistics

A lot of China shipping agents work closely with logistic companies such as freight forwarders. They coordinate logistics and supply chain management. All that to ensure you get your goods as conveniently as possible. They typically inform you about the documents you need.

e. Product customization

If you want customization, a China sourcing agent can handle things on YOUR BEHALF. Private label companies go with comprehensive searching agents such as Leeline Sourcing.

These folks Offer you Unfettered customization at AFFORDABLE COSTS. They have access to a large number of reliable suppliers to get you Easy Customization of what you need. They check and confirm samples on your behalf to guarantee EXCEPTIONAL quality.

Expert tip: The ideal China sourcing agent should be an extension of your team located in the country. They should have an INTIMATE knowledge of your business, brand messaging, and needs.

Catherine Xiao, Sourcing Agent
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20 Legal Guangzhou Sourcing Agents Are Listed Below

Sourcing CompanyMainServiceDropshippingFulfillmentLocationRating
Leeline SourcingBest Product Sourcing CompanyThe best for a wide range of productsGuangzhou/ Shenzhen5
Ruizhi SourcingChina Sourcing Agent & Factory Audit Best for Dropshipping and wholesale businessYiwu / Shenzhen / Guangzhou4.6
Imex Sourcing ServicesDiverse Product Sourcing CompanyN/AGuangdong/ Guangzhou4.6
Sourcing NovaVersatile Product SourcingAmazon Dropshipping ServicesShenzhen/ Guangzhou4.5
Amanda Intl Group CompanyProduct Sourcing to EU and USAGreat dropshipping servicesGuangdong4.5
AsiactionBest Furniture SourcingN/AGuangzhou/ Guangdong/Hongkong4.5
MatchSourcingFit Product SourcingGreat for Dropshipping ProductsGuangzhou4.4
Tanndy LimitedGuangzhou SourcingN/AGuangzhou, Guangdong /Hongkong4.3
The Sourcing CoProduct SourcingN/AGuangzhou4.3
Fami SourcingGuangzhou sourcing agentN/AGuangzhou4.3
Guangzhou SourcingDiverse Product Sourcing CompanyN/AGuangzhou4.2
MorphoMFGProduct SourcingGreat dropshipping servicesGuangzhou/Hongkong4.3
YansourcingGeneral Product SourcingN/AGuangzhou4.3
Globus-ChinaBest Furniture Sourcing Company N/AGuangzhou4.2
ChinalatinagentDiverse Product SourcingN/AGuangzhou4.1
China SourcelinkUS Product Sourcing CompanyN/AGuangzhou/ Guangdong4.1
GoalrunningSourcing  for Small businessesN/AGuangzhou4.0
Morefar GlobalDifferent Category SourcingN/AGuangzhou4.0
Shang-jin SourcingGeneral Product SourcingN/AGuangzhou3.9
GzamandaProduct Sourcing to EU and USAN/AGuangzhou3.9
CSC International Inspection Ltd. (CSCMCO)Product Sourcing, Inspection & Shipping N/AGuangzhou3.9

Best 5 Guangzhou Sourcing Agents

1. Leeline Sourcing — Best overall sourcing agent

Leeline Sourcing

Leeline Sourcing Agent is a company established in 2009. The company has grown over the years. It has cemented itself as the best product-sourcing agent in China. 

This company is known As an END-TO-END COMPREHENSIVE agent. They have a vast network of suppliers that deliver to your satisfaction.

Some KEY SERVICES they offer include drop shipping, amazon FBA logistics, and Quality control. They also offer Amazon freight forwarding, customs clearance, product sourcing, and fulfillment.

Key features

The company takes on the burden of FREIGHT FORWARDING logistics. They deal with sea freight, air freight, and rail freight, among others.

Leeline sourcing eliminates the hassle of dealing with logistics. They handle the goods from the manufacturer all the way to you SAFELY and on time.

We facilitate EASY brand development, allowing you to launch your DROP-SHIPPING BRAND. This dropshipping agent gets you customized inventory packaging and labeling.

You get an end-to-end quality guarantee with our INSPECTIONS. These include factory audits, Supplier management, Pre-production inspections, and in-process checks. 


  • You get a SEASONED team of professionals at your disposal to get you the right products. 
  • The company gives you RISK-FREE sourcing without any hidden fees.
  • You get a month of FREE WAREHOUSING when you work with them.


If you want the secret weapon, Then Leeline Sourcing Is WHO you should go with. Your money is SAFE and you get the HIGHEST quality products in the world.

2. EJET — Best for affordable prices


EJET is a prominent Yiwu sourcing agent that is RENOWNED in Guangzhou and other cities. They have been in business since 2005, and they have reached throughout Asia. 

They offer you ONSITE supplier sourcing & management warehousing CONSOLIDATION and Product development. And they also offer Amazon FBA prepping and managing logistics among other SERVICES.

Key features

  • Great pricing

EJET is known for some of the BEST PRICING in the industry. They service clients across a range of budgets.

  • The top-notch quality products 

These folks are also GREAT at finding high-quality products For clients.

  • Impeccable time management

Time management is KEY in this industry. That’s why EJET has a quick turnaround and fast product delivery.

3. Sermondo — Best for Amazon sellers


Sermondo Is a PROMINENT SOURCING agent in Guangzhou. They help global buyers with supplier sourcing With their expertise and tools. 

This company MAINLY offers quality assurance, trademark registration, AMZ consulting, and logistics. They also give you service comparison features on top of other BOUTIQUE REQUESTS.

Key features

  • Great for Amazon sellers

This agent is UNIQUELY suitable for Amazon Sellers due to their business model.

  • Connection services

They link you with e-commerce service providers. That allows you to LAUNCH and grow your business easily.

  • Service comparison

Sermondo Provides its users with a service COMPARISON FEATURE. You can check what is within your budget easily.

4. Riwick — Best for furniture sellers


Riwick is One of the best agents in the Guangzhou wholesale markets. They EXCLUSIVELY handle furniture-related business in China. 

The business is well known for its risk-free and competent product sourcing. It is built on COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY in sourcing products. Expect COMPREHENSIVE reports that cover everything ranging from quality inspections to price negotiation.

Key features

  • Furniture sourcing

Riwick is great for people dealing exclusively with FURNITURE. They are well-known in the furniture business and can get you unmatched deals.

  • A free trial

You get a free trial plan to check out their services. Easily evaluate their SERVICES to see if they are SUITABLE for you.

  • Storage services 

They have a DEDICATED STORAGE facility where they keep your goods.

5. Foshan Sourcing — Best for construction businesses

Foshan Sourcing

This company has been in business For the past 15 years. If you want any kind of BUILDING MATERIALS, these are your go-to guys. They deal with everything, including floor tiles, furniture, windows, fittings, and more. 

Foshan Handles the ENTIRE Import process. That includes selecting suppliers, product sourcing, quality inspection, managing logistics, and warehouse services.

Key features

  • Sourcing building materials

This company is well suited to get you BUILDING MATERIALS As it is their specialty.

  • Quick quotation 

Upon request, they get a quotation to you within 48 hours. That is guaranteed.

  • Professional staff

They have a well-trained team who know how to LOAD CONTAINERS and OVERSEE shipping.

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

How Can You Find A Trustworthy Guangzhou Sourcing Agent?

How Can You Find A Trustworthy Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

Scratching your head, trying to figure out how to find a sourcing agent in China that you can trust? Here’s how:

1. Look for relevant experience and expertise

Experience plus expertise is the BIGGEST INDICATOR of a potentially good sourcing agent. Your potential partner should be intimately aware of the vertical you’re in. Why is this good, you ask?

They will EXPEDITE things for you, avoiding UNNECESSARY DELAYS. They know all the right touchpoints to save you both time and money. That also means they can offer tailored solutions for you.

The team at Leeline Sourcing is here for exactly. They offer you boutique solutions that fit your needs like a glove. With an in-depth understanding of various niches, you are sure that they will deliver.

2. You get a registered business with a physical presence

Go for businesses that you can locate PHYSICALLY in China. Such enterprises come with an assurance of having a true physical presence. That way, it facilitates secure, convenient, and trustworthy business. 

You want a business that you can find in case anything happens, right?

Also, COUNTERCHECK the company’s registration before going ahead with any business. Do this using the China National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System.

3. Ascertain their quality control

Ascertain their quality control

Don’t assume for a moment that every company cares about QUALITY CONTROL. Take matters into your own hands and REQUEST a detailed approach to how they do their QC.

It allows you to ascertain that the prospective company is up to the standards you want.

So, ask for their ISO certificates, third-party ASSESSMENT, and any other industry-specific certification.

4. Check if they offer pre & after-sale services

It’s a little intuitive to Check for presale services. So please do so before committing to any agent. Don’t forget to inquire about their AFTER-SALE SERVICES.

You don’t want to be stranded when you hit a roadblock after you’ve already gotten the products, do you? No, you want CONTINUOUS SUPPORT For your business. 

As part of their after-sales support, ensure that they COMMUNICATE in English. That avoids language issues.

There you have it. Now you know How To Find a Sourcing Agent in China.

Expert tip: Press transparency is always a KEY factor to consider when DEALING with a sourcing agent. This aspect will help you find a Guangzhou agent that you can trust. Plus, you avoid HIDDEN COSTS along the way. – Elizabeth Johnson, Financial Analyst

Jane Yu, Chinese Sourcing Agent

What Qualities Should I Look for In A Guangzhou Sourcing Agent?

What Qualities Should I Look for In a Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

We recommend following the below-mentioned tips to find a reliable Guangzhou sourcing agent.

1. Choose the agent who has a specialization

It is my habit to know about sourcing agents. I check their experience. Get the previous history of successful trades. And then move ahead with the deals to source the products.

When you need to import various regular items, pick a sourcing agent. You can find someone who has sourced specific customer products for previous buyers.

You need to discover the sourcing agent with practical experience in the industry.

If the sourcing agent aggregated a ton of suitable providers. That means they can offer you sound buying along with production counseling.

2. Pick the Guangzhou sourcing agent with good experience in the production process

Experience is a crucial factor you must take into account. An agent who operates for a long time can be more creative. 

Besides, the agent can be trustworthy than a sourcing organization built a while ago.

The years a sourcing agent has been doing business is the verification of his reputation. It implies he has furnished his customers with a decent quality business.

Besides picking suppliers who can help in the production process and quality inspection.

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

People Also Ask About Guangzhou Sourcing Agents

1. What are hot sale products on Amazon from Guangzhou?

Top-selling Guangzhou products include MOBILE ACCESSORIES, underwear, lingerie, Toys, and Clothes. Additional ones include HOME DECOR, jewelry, handbags, LED lights, pet supplies, and Electronics.

2. When can I get a Guangzhou sourcing agent?

Typically, you can get a Guangzhou sourcing AGENT any day of the week. However, it is advisable to avoid Chinese festivities and HOLIDAYS such as the New Year.

3. Can Guangzhou agent repack products?

Most Chinese suppliers use attractive packaging on their products. Well, it is significant for online dealers.
Thus, some sourcing agents can help with repacking. They can help make various sets, packages, or parcels if necessary.
But, not all sourcing agents provide the facility.

4. Are there risks dealing with Guangzhou agent?

There are actually some risks of dealing with Guangzhou sourcing agents. Overseas companies can take necessary measures to avoid it. 
The risks include slowed shipping procedures, increased markup prices, and inadequate information.
Yet, your agent in China might inform you about these changes in advance.
But, the wrong Guangzhou sourcing agent can be a liability. Thus, choose the best sourcing agent for getting the quality you desire.
You can also verify the testimonials of your sourcing agent in China.
I once landed a NEW SOURCING AGENT. The work was done in the end but it was very difficult to work with such an inexperienced agent. You should find only the best and reputed sourcing agents.

5. Can a Guangzhou agent help you negotiate prices in the Shenzhen market? 

Partially yes. After all, we all know wholesale markets for getting the best discounts. These tiny discounts matter a lot in the import business.
Some Guangzhou sourcing agents have access to the broadest assortment of products.
Thus, they know the best rates and the most acceptable shipping alternatives.
Thus, it is helpful to work with a Guangzhou local agent covering many regions in China.

What’s Next

We introduced you to Guangzhou sourcing agents. Then we gave you a BALLPARK of expected Charges and told you why YOU need an agent. 

Moving on, we gave you a rundown of the services these businesses offer. The center stage was 20 legal Guangzhou sourcing agents and the top five to consider. Lastly, we SHOWED you how to find the agents you TRUST.

Now you know all about sourcing agents in Guangzhou, China. Our expert team has been through the TRENCHES to get you the answers you need. So, keep on feeding that fire and head over to our website to learn more about China sourcing and more.

Sources:–About Guangzhou, Shenzhen sourcing agent–Outsourcing to China: Pros, cons & best practices– How do I find trustworthy cheap suppliers in China?

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