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Since 2009, Leeline Sourcing has assisted thousands of customers in product sourcing. Our services cover all you need when sourcing branded drop shipping products from China. Develop your branded dropshipping business with Leeline Sourcing now.

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Is Branded Dropshipping profitable in 2024

Definitely! Similar to regular dropshipping, branded drop shipping has gained lucrative revenue over the past few years.

The advantage of branded drop shipping is attracting and retaining more customers for more repeat sales.

With good branding, you’ll be able to stand out and gain a competitive advantage.

Wholesale Branded Dropshipping Products

Wholesale Apparel

Wholesale Apparel

Home and Kitchen

Wholesale Kitchen and Dining

Wholesale Pet Supplies

Wholesale Pet Supplies

Wholesale Office supplies From China

Wholesale Office Products

Phone Accessories

Wholesale Phone Accessories

Wholesale Car Accessories

Wholesale Car Accessories

Our Branded Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Branded Product Suppliers

Our sourcing professionals have dealt with thousands of product sourcing services over a decade. Whether you’re looking for clothing, jewelry, pet supplies, or office supplies, Leeline Sourcing can help you with your branded drop shipping requirements. Request your free quote today. 

Product Quality Control

Leeline Sourcing has a strict standard for product quality control. We always ensure to research, analyze, and filter our suppliers so you can save more time from that. With our quality inspection services, you can expect minimal defects in your branded dropshipping business.

Product Quality Control
10 Best Tips to Build a Brand 5

Branded Dropshipping

Branded drop shipping has never been easier with Leeline Sourcing. We have assisted many branded drop shipping businesses to find the best customizable products at competitive prices. You’ll be able to sell all kinds of products under your brand. 

Private Label & White Label Products

Private label and white label services are other services that we are experts in. Leeline Sourcing can help you in product labeling and packing to your requirements. You can get customized private and white label products for your branded dropshipping business.

Private Label & White Label
dropship fulfillment

Dropshipping Fulfillment

If you need a comprehensive order management company, Leeline Sourcing is your answer. Our team will help source, store, pick, pack, and deliver your goods efficiently and promptly. You’ll gain more customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

Hear it from fellow Branded Dropshipper

I’ve dealt with several China sourcing companies, and Leeline Sourcing is the most knowledgeable and professional team I’ve ever met. Not only they’ve handled my orders well, but they also saved me a lot of costs. Definitely recommended!

– James, USA

Source Brand Products and Start Dropshipping

We offer the best price and dropshipping services to help you improve your dropshipping business. View More Products to Dropship

Best 11 Steps to Start The Branded Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business offers multiple opportunities when it comes to choosing the right product niche. Branded dropshipping is one of the top categories for your dropshipping business.

Based on our ten years of experience, we know how to deal with the product suppliers and get the quality items. In branded dropshipping business, you must buy quality inventory if you need success. You must ensure whether branded products procure quality or not.

In this article, we will explore branded dropshipping and learn how to start branded dropshipping store.

What is branded dropshipping?

Branded drop shipping refers to dropshipping inventory from the more prominent brands or branded products from the eCommerce platforms on your online store. Before starting the branded dropshipping, you must procure permission from the brand owners.

A branded dropshipping store sells the branded products and follows the dropshipping business model. However, it is one of the most popular ways to start your dropshipping business.

Is branded dropshipping deserve in 2022?

Yes. When dropship branded products, customers believe in you. They will get attracted to you, and you can:

  • Get higher profit margins.
  • Get more sales
  • Better marketing services

Still, in 2022, dropshipping branded products is a hot niche. To know more about the advantages of branded dropshipping, you can check below.

Advantages of branded dropshipping

uild Your Private Label Brand

Dropshipping branded products comes up with numerous advantages. You get brand identity and more serious customers in this respect.

Here are some pros of selling branded products.

  • Low Startup Costs

For launching a dropshipping store aimed at selling branded products, you need to invest less money. You don’t have to worry about higher investments and sell products with fair profits.

  • New Customers Rush

Unlike regular dropshipping, branded dropshipping brings more sales and new customers to your dropshipping store.

  • Higher Profit Margins

Compared to regular dropshipping businesses, a branded store provides more advantages. You get a higher profit margin and lower-cost investments.

  • Trusted dropshipping store

Always sell products from Trustworthy brands. It will bring loyal customers to your eCommerce store and improve brand recognition.

We can Made Branded DropShipping Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

How to start your branded dropshipping business?

Starting an online store and selling branded inventory is the first step in the business. However, you can build a dropshipping brand and start a business in the following steps.

Step 1: Choose a Product Niche

For a successful brand establishment, market research is the main factor. You must decide which product you want to buy and sell on your online business. For product research, you can choose the eCommerce platforms like AliExpress or Alibaba. Always read the product descriptions and product images.

Step 2: Open your branded store

Dropshipping stores

To start your online business, you must open a branded store. It is only possible when you know the channel to create the store. For example, if you prefer the Shopify store, go for the store design.

Step 3: Setup your business name

To build a brand, you need a name. That name must be unique and help identify your brand effectively. It is like a brand image that attracts potential customers, earns customer loyalty, and increases brand value ultimately.

Like the excellent store, a brand logo is the brand identity. A logo indicates:

  • What the brand sells
  • Which type of brand it is
  • What you can procure from this brand.

Simply talking, your customers will get an idea about your online store and know what exactly you are selling and in what ways. So, custom logos of your business are a better option.

Step 5: Find private label suppliers 

To start white label dropshipping, you must have private label suppliers. These suppliers will provide you with the branded inventory at a wholesale rate. It increases your branding and gives more business benefits.

To ensure the supplier is authentic, you can check the supplier profile and transaction history to determine the number of projects completed by the supplier.

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Step 6: Discuss the products

Once you have chosen the suppliers, the next step is to discuss the product details. You can ask some questions about the product quality and determine the minimum order quantity. Once you feel everything is fine, you can close the deal and buy products with branded packaging.

Step 7: Choose a dropshipping software 

dropshipping apps

A dropshipping software is a tool that automates the dropshipping process. Dropshipping beginners must employ these tools to start branded dropshipping with complete ease. With zero experience, you will get many options to link the sales channels and run other stores.

Step 8: Import the products to your store

Do you know the ultimate purpose of dropshipping software? It can import products from suppliers’ stores to your store. You can sell your own branded products through these dropshipping tools and increase your profit margins often.

Step 9: Go for Marketing

Marketing campaigns are an effective way to promote your inventory. To successfully promote your dropshipping brand, you can start email marketing campaigns and target audiences to get more sales. You can build brand awareness and get brand control even better.

Step 10: Receive Orders

Once you have your own products on your eCommerce store, customers will order from you. So, you need to receive those orders, check out customer information, and move ahead with the order fulfillment.

Step 11: Fulfill orders

Once you have received the order, the next step is to transport the inventory to your customer’s address. Fast shipments can increase your brand value. Dropshipper selling quality inventory on their Shopify store and fulfilling orders on time has more brand reputation than others.

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SAFE + EASY Branded Dropshipping

We do the hard work in brand building, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

Branded Dropshipping Supplier Template

In the eCommerce business, you need to explore the suppliers for purchasing inventory on your online stores. To contact the supplier here is the template.

To [supplier],

My name is [your name], and I have the [insert position] of [your business], based in [add country name]. I sell [list of products] online, and I’m looking for a new supplier.

Could you please provide pricing, availability, and Minimum Order Quantities for the following items:

[Item 1, including photos if available]

[Item 2, including pictures if available]

Thank you.

5 Branded Dropshipping Supplier List 

Here are the top 5 branded dropshipping suppliers list.

1. LeeLine Sourcing

Leeline Sourcing

Leeline sourcing has a list of top branded dropshipping suppliers for your dropshipping store. The LeeLine Sourcing experts have more than ten years of experience and know-how to deal with the suppliers and get the best quality products for your online stores.

2. Salehoo


Salehoo is one of the largest directories of suppliers where you can explore and uncover various suppliers. They have a long list of branded suppliers that provide access to branded product packaging and private label dropshipping.

3. Wholesale2B


It is a directory of more than 100 dropshipping suppliers having more than a million products for own-brand private label dropshipping and brand identity. You get vetted suppliers for your own brand and start your private label dropshipping business quite effectively.

4. Inventory Source

​Inventory Source

Inventory Source has a directory of 230 suppliers that enable the best dropshipping model and access to custom packaging and different marketing methods. You can contact suppliers and get the products for your dropshipping stores.

5. Sunrise wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise wholesale is famous for its supplier directory and wholesale dropshipping. You can grab products for your own brand and private label dropshipping business. They have a collection of 20000 to 30000 unique products available for multiple retailers.

Looking for the Best Brand Products?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Products Made in China with high quality at an attractive cost.

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FAQs About Branded Dropshipping

Can I Brand An Existing Dropshipping Store?

Yes. You start dropshipping and sell private labeling products to your customers.

With custom packaging and effective order fulfillment, you can grab more potential customers and become a trustworthy online business. To develop a trustworthy brand, you must get permission from the suppliers.

Is Branded Dropshipping Legal?

Yes. eCommerce branding dropshipping is a legal business, but you must get permission to sell their products under your private label.

You can use custom product packaging and sell merchandise in your branded store. For brand identity, you can do better order fulfillment.

What is the dropshipping business model?

Dropshipping business model determines the working mechanism of the dropshipping.

When you start dropshipping business, you need to launch your online store and sell products to your potential customers. The standard drop shipping model ensures customer loyalty and dropshipping business.

Can you dropship branded products from AliExpress?

Yes. If you have an online store on Shopify, you can do market research, find private label products, and purchase from them. The Aliexpress brands. Even replica products are available that can bring potential customers and earn brand loyalty.

What’s Next

A perfect business model is always the best strategy for your eCommerce business. You can sell branded eCommerce products by ordering the suppliers and getting a permit from the brands. Market research and finding quality products may help bring potential customers.

So, do you want to contact quality suppliers? LeeLine Sourcing experts know how to deal with the suppliers and source quality products. Contact us right away to discuss your project.

Do you want a successful import business?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

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