How to buy from Taobao


Taobao is one of the powerful China-based online shopping platforms.

It is one of the well-known shopping platforms that have a large consumer base all around the world.

Taobao offers a wide range of products, including clothes, accessories, gadgets and even computer hardware, at a very affordable price.

However, this website is 100% in Chinese. It may also be an obstacle in buying from Taobao for those who want to shop but cannot understand the written language.

Alright! We are aware of most of your possible doubts.

Here our sourcing exprt will discuss everything you need to know before you begin buying from Taobao.

This article will meticulously deal with every detail that you should be pre-aware for a better experience.

We are going to mention some necessary information that provides you more convenient experience on our site.


What You Need to Know Before You Buy from Taobao

Is it possible to buy directly from Taobao or Tmall as a foreigner?

Yes, You can buy from Taobao as a Foreigner. The Taobao platform is one of the largest e-commerce company in China. It extends its services to some other countries outside of China.

Our team researched for a week to compile the list of all the countries Taobao ships to. Anyone from these countries can buy from Taobao. Here’s the entire list: 

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Taiwan

Taobao supports the Banks services from the countries mentioned above. So, if you want to buy from Taobao, you have to register yourself on our platform. Then you can purchase any items through your Bank cards.

If you don’t belong to these countries, you can also buy from Taobao. In this case, you can take the help of a Taobao shipping agent or any agent that can order and ship your products.

What Taobao website should I use to buy?

Taobao operates several websites according to the needs of different peoples. Thus, it could be confusing for you for the first time while choosing the right website. For clarity, here is the list of several websites with their details.

Taobao Website or Taobao App

As you have already known, it is the primary website of Taobao. It provides all features and all its products specifically for its domestic users.  You can buy from Taobao using Taobao official website and Taobao App.

World.Taobao.Com Or Taobao Lite App

If you are a foreigner, this website is specifically for you. It offers exclusive deals on buying from Taobao to its overseas customers. However, it would be possible that you will not see some products here because Taobao restricts some products from showing up on this website because of legal restrictions.

Tmall Website Or Tmall App

Tmall was created because consumers found it more comfortable buying goods directly from a company than a person. The only people who can operate Tmall stores are brand owners or authorized dealers. Thus, Tmall’s success relies heavily on its brand integrity. It gathers some of the biggest companies and brands on this website, and you can think of Tmall as a curated Taobao edition.

Https://2.Taobao.Com Or Xianyu

It is the marketplace of Taobao, where you can find a lot of cheap products. You only have to register for these sites a Taobao account. Still, all these sites or applications are only available in Chinese, and it can be a significant challenge if you are unaware of Chinese.

What Can’t I Buy Directly From Taobao As A Foreigner?

All international e-commerce websites impose certain restrictions on selling particular products to foreign countries. However, Taobao provides a wide range of products to their foreign customers except for some sensitive items. Some products are forbidden from being exported internationally due to China export legislation and carrier restrictions. Even if you put an order on Taobao’s website, specific products will not be shipped to you. Foreigners often make the mistake of ordering items from the banned list.

Many beginners find Taobao’s English version frustrating because it doesn’t have enough detail. We will show you which things you can’t buy on Taobao Direct. Please double-check that the things you’re buying from Taobao aren’t on this “Do Not Ship” list before purchasing.

If you manage to buy any such sensitive items and the forwarder will find out, and you will not get that product. The full list of prohibited products includes 30+ categories; however, we are unlikely to order any of them from Taobao. Thus, we have selected 8 of the most popular categories that we often purchase from Taobao. You should not buy any of the items from Taobao Direct. Here is the list of some sensitive items you should avoid buying.

Oversized or too heavy products on Taobao.

Taobao imposes specific restriction regarding the size and weight limits in respect of their warehouse. Therefore, you must be aware of such limitations before purchasing any products.


There are certain foods on this list that are restricted at Taobao. Tea, instant noodles, bamboo products, etc., are included in this category.


Liquid, paste, powdered items

There are several products under this category, including cosmetics, alcohol, ink, pen and similar items.

Pigment powder

Batteries and items within the battery

Among this category are mobile phones, computer, power banks, watches, and lithium batteries.


Knife and Gun

The company does not offer any Survival Knife, toy gun, water pistol, etc., products to customers abroad.

Electronic Devices

There are many devices within this category, such as humidifiers, rice cookers, electric toys, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Electronic Devices

Magnetic items or parts

Taobao does not offer magnetic characteristics products like magnets or audio equipment like speakers, motors, compasses, coils, etc.

Magnetic items

Items that are branded or fake, replicas or counterfeits.

Orders with sensitive brand logos on packaging will be rejected. It’s not allowed to buy a replica, fake copy of popular brand names like Nike, Adidas, LV, Gucci, or Prada. The inspection is generally based on the details of your online order or the external packaging of the parcel. If you wish to order branded items or duplicates via Taobao, you can request neutral packaging. It’s best to avoid brand logos and request plain packaging from sellers.

These are products that are not sold to foreigners. If you are still uncertain, you should contact the forwarder customer support, who will respond to your inquiry. However, if you wish to buy prohibited goods from Taobao, an agent will be able to provide you with different shipping options.

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Buy From Taobao Using An Agent

Currently, Taobao only offers its services in ten other countries, but there is a solution. Although you may not be from these countries, Taobao still allows you to purchase products. In this case, the agent played a role. If you are unsure how to buy the products, you can hire a Taobao agent. Several companies will buy and ship your products to you.

It is easy to find Taobao agents since Taobao is a powerful platform. If you wish to purchase something from the market, search for any Taobao agents in the local area. In addition to saving on delivery costs, finding a local agent will ensure the seller will ship the product personally. Here is the name of some Taobao agents:


The service fee charged by Basetao is only 5%. It’s based on the cost of the item plus the cost of domestic shipping. You will be paid when you send your orders for shipment rather than when you buy them. You can purchase items on Taobao and ship them to Basetao’s address. When your products arrive, they will weigh them and take quality control photos of them. You have the option of submitting “to ship” to the address of your choice.

You may also employ them to locate a specific item on your behalf. If they find the item you’re looking for, they’ll send you a connection to it, and you can place your order using the search bar. If you’re ordering from an offline seller, they’ll walk you through the process. You have the choice of using one of the following payment methods:

  • Paypal for V1 members only
  • Credit card
  • iDeal
  • POLi
  • Giropay
  • Western Union


CssBuy charges a service fee ranging from 3% to 6% for both the purchase and shipping. You simply choose products from Taobao and copy the URL of the items you wish to purchase. After receiving payment, CSSBuy will contact the seller and place your order. The package will be kept in the warehouse for quality control, and images will be sent to you for your reference. It’s then time to deliver your products. You will need to enter delivery information and select the recommended delivery method. After receiving payment, the company will consolidate your goods and package them for distribution. To pay for the objects, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Paypal
  • Credit cards
  • WeChat
  • Alipay
  • Chinese Debit Cards
  • Bank Tele Transfer


Superbuy doesn’t charge a service fee and has low Taobao shipping costs. Paypal, credit card, and Giropay are all accepted modes of payment. To buy products, You need to head over to Taobao and search for the product you want. In the search field, copy and paste the URL of the product you are interested in, and then add it to your cart and check out. Upon receiving your item, they will provide you with inspection images. After choosing a shipping system, you need to complete an invoice for international shipments.


When you order from Ytaopal, no service fee is deducted. For other agents, the measures from ordering to shipping are nearly identical. To purchase products, you must select them and pay their cost. Once your order has been received, QC photos will be emailed to you. Upon satisfactory receiving of the standard, you can pay the international shipping fee. You can pay with your credit/debit card, bitcoin, iDEAL, or Paypal.


Taobao trends

Taobaotrends charges a 6% usage fee with no additional fees. They will assist you in purchasing goods from Taobao and will check the items sold by the sellers. The QC photos will be sent to you for approval. After that, you can complete the international payment and accept the receipt confirmation. They also accept PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, and Western Union as payment methods.

Translate Chinese Taobao To English Taobao

The language of the Taobao website is one of the biggest concerns foreigners have. The Taobao website is only available in Chinese. It is possible to translate the Taobao website easily using specific tools. You can follow any of these tips according to your convenience.

Google Chrome Browser shopping becomes more convenient with this browser’s instant translation of web pages into English. You get the bigger picture when you use this method instead of translating individual words. There may be some weird grammar mistakes or bad translations, but it’s enough to allow you to shop.

Google Translate App

You should instal the Google Translate Software on your phone and use your camera to translate the text immediately if you cannot copy and paste to translate. To get a better translation, you can also use its camera mode to take text images. There are multiple other sources available. It is entirely upon you which tool seems more convenient to you.

Create Your Taobao Account

I’ve tried dozens of eCommerce platforms. Luckily, Taobao’s account creation process isn’t that different from other websites. This is the step-by-step process for creating a Taobao account. To register in English, you need to translate the registration page. Your phone number and verification code are both required when you create a new account.

The mobile phone number you enter must be accurate. In this way, the forwarder or local courier can send you messages when your package is moving.

Taobao Account Registration on PC

Since the subscription now includes an English edition, it is simple to sign up on your computer. To create a Taobao account, you need to follow the steps outlined.

  • In the left-hand column, you’ll locate the REGISTER button
  • Click the radio button ENGLISH on the screen’s right side to go to the English website.
  • Choose the country and enter your mobile phone number.
  • Hold the left-click mouse button and drag the “Verification” bar from left to right.
  • You can move on by clicking the orange NEXT bar
  • Your mobile phone will receive a code for verification. Type the code and press Confirm
  • For your Taobao account, you can now set your login password and username.
  • Taobao account successfully created congratulations.

In some cases, Taobao keeps or blocks your account if they detect you are using another computer or IP address. You should not change your IP address or PC when you have a new account.

Register Taobao Account On Your Smartphone

It is possible to install Taobao lite on your cell phone and register an account through the app. It’s safer and simpler for your account. The following method is highly recommended for creating a Taobao account.

  • Visit your app store or online to download Taobao. After downloading Taobao, open it.
  • On the right side, select My Taobao.
  • At the bottom, choose Free registration.
  • Type in your phone number.
  • Verify your phone number.
  • A new account is created after entering your user name & password.


You can use Aliwangwang to chat with sellers on and Taobao, just like Skype. You will also receive important messages from the seller using this tool. However, you cannot create an account separate from aliwangwang. If you wish to sign up, you will need a Taobao user name and password. After creating a Taobao account, you can download and log in to the Aliwangwang app.

Add Your Shipping Address

After you register for an account, the first step is to enter your shipping address. Taobao lets you save up to 20 shipping addresses. Follow the steps below to add your shipping address to your Taobao account.

  • Go to your account settings to make changes.
  • On the sidebar, choose “Shipping Address.”
  • Please fill in the address of your choice.
  • You may simply save it.

Once you’ve finished the task, you can start shopping. It is challenging to change your shipping address after the order is placed, making sure you enter the correct email address before sending the order. It is not possible to change your shipping address after the seller has placed an order. If you wish to do so, you will have to place a new order.

Choose Product And Seller

I always see the same item being sold by multiple sellers on Taobao. It is confusing to choose the product and seller best for my needs. 

Taobao provides various search methods, including image search and product keyword search. The question arises, though! What factors do you consider when choosing a seller?

Taobao makes it easy to find out about a seller’s profile. The seller ratings on Tmall and Taobao are different, and there are selection buttons to facilitate the process. It makes it easier to select the right seller. You can find more information in the following guides.

Choose the right product. offers a translated version of the site where you can browse and shop. You can view similar pages by clicking on a category or item.

Filter products by popularity

Using the popularity filter, you can find trustworthy sellers. As a result, those with the most sales will appear at the top of the page. By avoiding dodgy sellers, you can make purchases from those that have been reviewed positively by other customers.

Image uploading feature to compare prices

You can upload product images to compare prices. The same product will appear with different prices on Taobao after uploading an image. To proceed, you should check the specification of the product and the seller.

After selecting the right product, you need to click on “Buy Now” takes you to the check out option. To get the orange field “Submit,” you must include a checkmark with your item.

Choosing the right seller

It is always a good idea for buyers to keep track of their sellers. It is possible to upload images on Taobao to compare the same product between different sellers. Before making a purchase, check the seller’s rating and feedback on the product page.

There are 90% fake or paid reviews on the first page of the site. Don’t trust the reviews on the first page of the site. Even if their price is reasonable, you should not buy from a seller with zero or a few customer ratings.

Place the Order

You can select a delivery address, shipping method and confirm the final product details hereafter submitted your order to the secure order page.

Confirm the Delivery Address

The address you added in the above phase can be modified or selected, or you can add a new address. You have to choose the correct delivery address to confirm.

Check Out Products While Buying from Taobao

To pay for your purchase immediately, click Buy now when you’re ready to checkout. The Taobao home page also includes a link to the Shopping cart. You need to follow these steps to checkout from Taobao.

  • Click on Buy Now
  • You can check out your items by clicking on payment.
  • You will be asked to submit your shipping address, postal code, name, and mobile number.
  • Whenever you’re done, you can click on Making Default to make it the default shipping address.
  • Complete the form by clicking on Save.
  • Select your shipping method and click Confirm order.
  • As soon as you confirm your order, you’ll be taken to your Alipay account.
  • You must create an Alipay payment password (6 numeric digits) if you use Alipay for the first time.
  • Once you’re done, click Confirm.
  • You will need to enter your credit card details and click Continue.
  • Now, all you have to do is verify your payment information and wait to deliver your order.

Manage Your Order

In the warehouse, once packages are received properly, you can view the status of items, their weight, and the rent-free period. You need to follow below steps:

  • Sign in to your Taobao account
  • On the home page and click on cross-border logistics management.
  • Some parcels are awaiting consolidation.
  • Simply select the packages and click “One-Click Package Settlement.”
  • The system will calculate the total shipping fee automatically based on the shipping restrictions.
  • Once you’ve checked everything, click on “Submit and Pay” to pay the international shipping fee.

There is a free storage period of 20 days in the warehouse, so you can consolidate orders from different sellers during that time. You will be charged storage fees of 1 RMB per day for packages left in the warehouse beyond 20 days. The maximum number of parcels/orders per package is 20. You will need to consolidate more than 20 orders into two packages.

taobao orders
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How to Ship Items When You Buy from Taobao

You can see the various Taobao shipping options at your address once your shipping address got verified. Taobao provides a total of four shipping solutions, each region supporting different shipping solutions.

I ordered from Taobao using our global warehouses’ addresses. In a month, I discovered shipping options were available in selected locations.

Here is the list of areas supported by each shipment option is as follows:

Taobao Consolidated Shipping-Air freight

The seller has to consolidate and supply the goods by air. It is perfect for a variety of shopping, and you would need the products sooner. It takes up to seven days to deliver. China’s Taobao Consolidated Shipping-Air freight service supports the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Consolidated Shipping-Sea Freight in Taobao

The seller should consolidate and deliver your purchases through shipping cargo. It is perfect for heavy plots. It takes up to eight days to deliver. Taobao Consolidated Shipping offers sea freight services in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Taobao Direct Shipping

Taobao Direct Shipping supports Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

Using the seller to ship your Products

You can decide to do so according to your agreement with the supplier for the shipping preference. It is recommended for personalized or sensitive products and to contact the seller. You can request shipping via the seller if you desire your item to be shipped internationally.

Direct Shipping

You can shop through Taobao direct just as you would through Amazon and AliExpress. All orders will be delivered to you as individual packages. You will be required to pay the domestic shipping fee and estimated foreign shipping fee as part of a single transaction. However, the Taobao system can give inaccurate estimates of foreign shipping costs, and the warehouse contacts you for payment of the additional charges. If you need to order something urgently or if the order is small, you might consider Taobao’s direct shipping method. For bulk orders, you may choose consolidated shipping if you want to get the best shipping rates.

Whether you choose the air or the sea, both are door-to-door. Once your shipment arrives in your country and passes through Customs, your local delivery company will deliver the package to your address.

Consolidated Shipping Process Step By Step

1st Stage

The first payment for the order value is made with the chosen choice plus the domestic shipping fee.

2nd Stage

Taobao automatically generates an address for the Chinese warehouse when your order leaves Taobao, and the seller sends it to the Chinese address with your customer ID. Chinese warehouse addresses are available only to the seller, so they cannot see the actual addresses as they are unaware that foreigners are placing orders. To reduce Taobao shipping costs, Aliwangwang Seller must be aware of any special requests.

3rd Stage

A warehouse staff member will check your goods once your shipment arrives at the warehouse. The kit will be rejected if it does not comply. When the foreign shipping meets their guidelines, they calculate, weigh, and update your Taobao account with the details. This calculation process can take up to a week during the busy retail season, but normally it takes no more than that.

4th Stage

If your forwarder warehouse receives all of your orders, they will consolidate them into one package and send it to your home. Once you have registered, you can pay for the second payment of the international shipping fee (from the warehouse to your address of the destination.)

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Tracking and Receiving

Using a tracking code, you can trace the order to its delivery order number. When you place an order on the website, you are given this number. Additionally, Taobao monitors the packages via its website. This procedure will also be used for Taobao’s international shipping monitoring. Among the transfers are ones to the United States.

WangWang chat on the company’s website allows you to provide comprehensive details on the shipping of the items. Using this method, you can more effectively monitor your purchases.

Additionally, you can use the website ship24 to track your Taobao purchases. I prefer this method the most. All I did was click the enter button, and all the information about my Taobao kit was displayed.

Method to get tracking details

  • To get your tracking number details, you must follow the steps listed below.
  • You need to log into your Taobao account first.
  • Go to “My Taobao” and “My Products.”
  • In the sidebar menu, under the “All functions” heading, click “My products,” and then click “Official consolidation.”.
  • Select your consolidated items page and enter the data.
  • Click the “Overseas logistics order” tab.
  • It will display all the items you’ve purchased. Under “View logistics”, you can see tracking information.
  • If you will notice, the shipping is not updated. Look for the waybill number.
  • On the same page, type your waybill number.
  • With this, you can track the location of your parcel at any time and from anywhere.

When you receive your parcel.

Typically, it takes 3 to 7 days for the seller to collect and ship the order. The process is sometimes extended after two weeks. A package is accepted as part of a transfer service, and a tracking number is issued. Your parcel must be cleared through customs and import to your destination country. After your parcel has left Chinese customs, the time has come for export. After export, the order reaches you even faster. The local delivery service like USPS, UPS, Skynet, GDEX, etc., will deliver the packages. A package delayed for more than 30 days poses the greatest risk.


It is not Taobao’s responsibility to oversee the quality of the products offered by sellers on or the quality of the courier you decide to use. Although they do their best to make sure you receive the best support, even after the sale is complete. If you experience any problems after we have shipped your order, you can tell them via the order form. To fill out the strong feedback form, you will need to follow further instructions.

Examine your parcel in front of the postmaster

Once the postman has delivered your package to your house, please check it out for completeness and good condition. In contrast, if the item is badly damaged, or if you find pieces that are missing or damaged labels, please write down those details and take photographs. You must inform them within two days after receiving your package. This move would drastically speed up the entire post-sale process.

If the box is in poor condition, has defective parts, or lacks labels, you must explain this clearly and include clear photos of the box. In addition, you must keep the box, the original invoice, and any other relevant documentation. They will make every effort to resolve reimbursement with your courier.

Item is not as described, or the thing is different.

Using human senses such as sight, touch, and hearing, Taobao inspects every product to ensure it complies with these requirements.

However, they cannot guarantee the quality of the products, which varies from person to person. There may be very slight differences in colour (shades, contrasts) between the seller’s published images and the actual colour, but such differences are not eligible for argument. When there are obvious defects in a product or whether a product does not meet your expectations, for example:

  • It may be a light tone instead of a dark tone or red instead of blue.
  • When you ordered a medium instead of a small, the size was sent to you as a small.
  • There is a problem with the product. You received a “different product form.”.

The problems above can only be solved with actual clear photos. You must contact Taobao within two days after receiving your package if you would like to make a claim.

Inadequate quantity or item

If you want a refund because you paid for a product that doesn’t exist or is insufficient, you must examine the package in front of the postman. To prevent this, we keep paper records of every order’s purchase history. This occurs most often during delivery. Consequently, we’ll need to have a witness inspection to reimburse you for your loss.

Weight is incorrect.

It would be helpful if you could weigh the package before opening it and send us photos. It is very difficult to detect hidden defects in factories, so they cannot be sued. It is your responsibility to cover the shipping costs if you wish to return an item after being shipped to you.

FAQ About Buy from Taobao

Some frequently asked Taobao questions, including how to buy from Taobao in English, how to use a Taobao agent, foreign shipping, Taobao shopping service, fees, and payment. We have answered all questions about “how to buy from Taobao” below:

Is Taobao safe to buy from?

Yes, Taobao is safe to buy from. Taobao is a mega marketplace where you can buy everything from tissue paper to dresses cheaply. As the market is so large so there could be devious sellers selling replicas or fake products. By following mentioned tips, you can protect yourself from such devious sellers or faulty products:

  • Always check the reviews and buy from sellers or shops with a high number of good reviews.
  • Read all the good and bad reviews and look at the uploaded pictures of the reviewed item by the reviewer.
  • Reach out to the seller for more details on product availability or pictures before buying.

What makes products so cheap?

China is, without a doubt, the world’s factory. Because of the low cost of labour and the fierce competition, goods are incredibly inexpensive. is aimed at frugal Chinese people. It is the regular shopping destination for more than 80% of Chinese online shoppers. Furthermore, opening a Taobao shop for free has attracted many people from all over China to become Taobao sellers. Since one Taobao search will show you all the prices from high to low, they compete for sales even more than real shops. They must set their item price as low as possible to attract customers.

Can I negotiate in Taobao?

Yes, you can negotiate in Taobao. Many people have switched from conventional shopping to online shopping. But, some online shoppers are challenging to negotiate or bargain with online sellers. But on Taobao, you can negotiate and bargain with sellers many times and get a discount. Some sellers on Taobao have launched online bargaining services and are getting more customers due to their successful negotiating.

Do the products sold on have good quality?

Cheap does not always imply poor quality. If you’ve ever done some shopping on Taobao, we’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. However, as in all global trade, you should still exercise caution. To assist you in selecting the right products at the best price, we will always advise you based on our experience. Please do not hesitate to inquire at any time.

Would you please help me shop on Taobao?

We will save you time and money on the international shipping by assisting you with your order. We make shopping more fun and less costly by allowing you to order in English from Taobao and pay less for shipping. You can use Leeline as a sourcing company to order products from Taobao.

Is Taobao cheaper than Aliexpress?

Taobao also offers many products at low rates only for Chinese customers. Taobao has a sales volume of 8 million while Aliexpress has a sales of 0.3 million. Taobao has 1 billion products, while on the other hand, Aliexpress products are available on Taobao at low prices. Because of this sales count, Taobao is estimated to be ten times as opposed to Aliexpress’s. Many people uesd to ask: Is Aliexpress safely? However, Taobao products are of superb quality, while Aliexpress could have low-quality products.

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Is it possible for me to buy direct from without an agent?

Yes, if you already have a Chinese e-bank account and can communicate in Chinese. Some Taobao sellers can speak English and accept international payments, but their prices are often higher than average, and they do not offer cheap international shipping like most Taobao agents. Therefore, it may be more expensive than with Leeline’s support, since we save you a lot of money.

Why does it cost even less to use a buying service than to buy directly from Taobao?

If you purchase different products from different sellers and do it yourself, you will be responsible for paying foreign shipping for each order. In contrast, you’ll save even more money by buying from us because we will bundle your purchases, and you’ll only have to pay for foreign shipping once. Lastly, before foreign shipment, your goods will be inspected for defects; if a refund is necessary, you will minimize your loss; this is difficult to achieve when purchasing on your own.

How do I get a good deal on Taobao?

Taobao is the largest consumer-to-consumer e-commerce platform in China. It is famous for its list of products, low pricing, and extra fast delivery. For getting the best deals on Taobao, you need to follow a couple of following instructions:

Compare different offers

When it comes to making a purchase, you must compare offers from different shops. It’s not good to regret after paying. While online shopping, you can find various shops selling the same product with many comments from buyers that accumulate buyers and sellers from all over China. So it is helpful to make comparisons.


Some shops also provide coupons for attracting buyers. For coupons, some want a minimum payment, but some don’t. In the Taobao app’s shopping cart section, always consider the upper right corner of each.

Choose the closer sellers.

Try to choose sellers closer to you because they usually give free shipping in the region like Taobao. Some sellers also charge shipping fees but are still cheaper.

While barging with the sellers, don’t be afraid.

If you buy more than one piece, try to bargain with the sellers. Many sellers of Taobao may give you a special offer.

Think twice

Think twice before buying, and it can save money because you can add unnecessary things into your cart most of the time.

Is Taobao a reliable place to purchase products? Does there exist a limit?

In most cases, you can purchase any product available in an online store. Taobao is a reliable place to buy products. However, there are certain restrictions on shipping. Batteries can only be sent in small Airmail packets weighing less than 2kg. You should check with your national government to determine if the items you’d like to purchase are allowed to be imported. It is not Taobao’s responsibility to clear customs in your country.

What currencies does Taobao support? only accepts the Chinese Yuan for transactions. At present, all products, agent, and shipping fees are based in US dollars. The currency rate is based on the current interbank exchange rate. There are no hidden costs.

What if the items I bought are defective?

All goods should be in reasonable condition before international shipment since we inspect them for visual defects in our warehouse. However, if your products break soon after use or fall under the terms of the product guarantee, they will assist you in exchanging or returning them. They do this for free, but you must cover the cost of shipping the product back to them.

What are Taobao coins for?

Taobao coin is the point accumulation system on, whereby for each transaction, you will earn Taobao coins. You can collect up to 40 Taobao coins every day. These Taobao coins are often redeemed for cash return at certain Taobao stores. 100 Taobao coins are equal to 1 yuan, and you will redeem for a cash return of up to 30% of the merchandise price. Secondly, you can only use Taobao coins at Taobao shops.

What if the item colour/size is not what I ordered?

Before international shipment, they inspect all products for size and colour, and they also give you a photo for your approval. However, if there is still a size/colour issue when you receive your package, please send them a picture of the item with proof of purchase. They will investigate if the problem is our fault or whether the seller made a mistake. They will refund your commission for the item. If the seller is to blame, they will work out a refund/exchange for you.

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How Leeline Sourcing Help You Buy From Taobao

LeelineSourcing is one of the best 1688 agents. With fast and dependable services, this shipping agent assists you in purchasing the best goods from Through their reliable trading community, Leeline Sourcing is currently shipping to over 200 countries. In China, Leeline Sourcing is the most trustworthy and well-known shipping agent. Leeline Sourcing now works with both existing importers and small and medium-sized businesses. Since customer satisfaction is their highest priority, importers receive all services from the Leeline Sourcing agent.

Its turnouts to be a boon for foreign customers who wants to buy from Taobao. It delivers the products to almost every part of the world. They provide procurement, shipment, direct factory audit, and quality inspection as part of their import services. When you ask them to provide you with the services you need, their agents begin looking for a suitable producer or seller. As a result, you can import goods from Taobao with ease and take advantage of reliable and safe shipping methods to deliver your packages to your door.

Features: Leeline is China’s leading Taobao Sourcing Agent!

  • Leeline gives you free storage on orders placed from Taobao for one month.
  • Leeline will refund the Taobao shipping fee within 120 days if you are not satisfied with our sourcing services.
  • Leeline provides international shipping services for Taobao purchases worldwide via Amazon FBA.
  • Leeline sources Taobao products you need and sends you a quote.
  • Leeline sends a report on all Taobao items to you for confirmation.
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Final Thoughts on buying from Taobao

Taobao is Asia’s largest and most secure online marketplace for clothes, beauty, home, digital, and other daily necessities. Every day, there are hundreds of millions of transactions, and the payment is in the works. Until the transaction is done, the funds have been kept in custody. If you know how to shop on Taobao like a pro, you will get the most bang for your buck. This online market is enormous. If you know how to find the right things for your personal or business needs, you can get everything you want from here.

You need to know how to conduct an online search and compare prices from different sellers. You must filter the products based on the highest quality, best reviews, and other essential factors, as mentioned in this article. If you follow all of the steps and tips we simplified, you can’t go wrong in Taobao. All year long, you can get the best deals and save the most money. It’s impressive in terms of the lowest rates you’ll find on the internet.

You can make use of china sourcing agents like Leeline for the best deals. You will certainly enjoy shopping at this fantastic online store. Leeline enhances your shopping experience in China. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Leeline Sourcing today!

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