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LeelineSourcing Find The Best Cap Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline works quickly to fulfill wholesale caps orders.
  • Leeline negotiates on your behalf with wholesale cap manufacturers in China.
  • Leeline helps ensure quality work by reviewing the weekly status reports from cap suppliers.
  • Leeline offers pre-shipping inspection to assure delivery of high-quality caps.
  • Leeline enables to source at the lowest possible prices from china cap manufacturers.

Leeline conducts the factory audit of the china cap factory.


Top 10 Trending Cap To Sell

1. Trucker Cap

Importing Trucker Cap From China

A trucker cap is a kind of baseball cap but, they are not considered baseball caps. They are made with plastic mesh material and a stiff form. The trucker hats are taller, and they are worn by people like truck drivers, ranchers, and farmers. 

According to reports, the value of trucker caps is expected to rise by 6.45% CAGR between 2016 and 2026. Foshan City has many most excellent wholesale trucker hats manufacturers. They provide customers with varied options of designs and colors for trucker caps. 

2. Baseball Cap

Wholesale Baseball Cap From China

The players of the baseball game wear baseball caps. These caps are made of soft material with a stiff peak on the front. The stiff peak of the caps serves the purpose of protecting the eyes of players from the scorching heat of the sun. This cap is manufactured with a blend of cotton and synthetic fabric.

The baseball caps are expected to face significant growth by the end of 2024. Guangdong province in China is one of the largest baseball cap manufacturers. They provide authentic hats at a reasonable price to the customers. 

3. Bucket Cap

Buy Bucket Cap From China

A bucket cap is a unique kind of cap worn by farmers and fishers. This cap has a wide and downward sloping brim. They are manufactured with denim, canvas, or some heavy wool to make them more durable and reliable in rainy weather.

There is a promising future for the bucket caps in the coming few years. China is one of the most significant exporters of bucket caps to the entire globe. Sichuan is the province in China that is famous for sufficing the needs of customers for bucket caps. 

4. Military Cap

Wholesale Military Cap in Bulk From China

Military officials and regiment members wear military caps. The caps serve as a symbol of uniformity in the military, distinguishing between the armies. They are made with superior quality denim and stiff material. This material gives the cap not only an appealing look but also tremendous longevity.

The military caps will encounter tremendous growth in the coming years. These are one of the most prestigious caps whose value will spike in the future. Various wholesale cap suppliers of China are devoted to serving the entire world with military caps. They provide military caps of high-quality material with unique and well-stitched designs. 

5. Snapback Cap

Wholesale From China Snapback Cap Suppliers

Snapback hats are the most flexible and adjustable caps. The caps have some closures at the back so that the wearer can adjust them to their convenience. These are made from a combination of acrylic and wool. They come in varied colours providing you with the flexibility to choose one of your choices. 

The wholesale suppliers of China manufacture the snapback caps at low prices. They tend to increase the profit margin for the business. Donga Yescap Cap and Bag Manufacturer Factory are one of the leading suppliers of snapback caps in China. 

6. Sports Cap

Wholesale From China Sports Cap Manufacturers

Sports caps are worn by the people concerned with any sports activity. They are made of pure cotton. Cotton provides a large amount of comfort to the wearers. This material will not let a large amount of sweat or sunlight discomfort the one wearing it. 

Recent reports have predicted that worth sports cap will touch a value of USD 614.1 billion by 2022. Various wholesale manufacturers provide good quality sports caps. 

7. Ivy Cap

Importing Ivy Cap From China

The ivy cap is a fantastic cap that goes well with various kinds of outfits. This kind of hat has a small brim that is stiff and gives it a luring look. They are manufactured with black or brown suede leather in a combination of smooth satin.

China’s wholesale cap manufacturers supply superior quality ivy caps to the customers. They make sure that the caps are accessible and you get good value for your money. 

8. Skull Cap

Wholesale Skull Cap From China

A skull cap is a very convenient and close-fitting cap that is worn indoors. This cap doesn’t have any brim. They are worn so that you feel relaxed in the fierce heat. To keep the wearer cool, they are designed with spandex, nylon, and polyester. These materials help the cap to be more breathable and wearable. 

The demand for skull caps is increasing every day. Wholesale suppliers from China help to fulfill the needs of the customers with their high-quality service. 

9. Beanies

Importing Beanies From China

Beanie is a brimless cap with head-hugging nature. These caps are made with triangular panels put together for manufacturing. They are worn by factory workers or the people working in the food industry. These people wear them so that their hairs don’t discomfort them during their work. Leather or silk are the primary materials used for these belts, giving them a very profound look and durability.  

The sales of the beanies are expected to shoot by the end of 2026. Various wholesale cap suppliers in China are working towards this industry. Zhejiang is one of the major provinces of China that supplies high fabric beanies in the wholesale market. 

10. Berets

Wholesale Berets From China

The beret is a woolen cap worn by people concerned with various professions. They are soft and hand-knitted hats in a round shape. Their shape allows them to be worn. They are made with acrylic, woolen, or crocheted cotton. These materials give it more strength and flexibility for wearing.

China cap manufacturers strive to provide the berets at reasonable prices so that customers can get bulk supplies at their place.

Wholesale Cap From China and Save You Cost Up To 50%

Product Sourcing

Cap Product Sourcing

Leeline finds the best suppliers at your service to provide genuine supplies. The company helps you source product from Chinese cap suppliers to your location. Leeline will transport your shipments, so you won’t have to worry about them.

Factory Audit

Cap Factory Audit

Leeline prides itself on supplying the best products with quality cap manufacturers. They conduct the factory audit starting from the production of the product till it is ready to deliver. 

Product Inspection

Cap Product Inspection

Leeline is your well-wisher to take charge of pre-inspection in their hands. Furthermore, they do post-production inspection to assure 100% genuine quality of your product from cap suppliers in China.

Amazon FBA Prep

Cap Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline is concerned about how the wholesale cap suppliers are dealing with your package. They assure that the packaging gets done in real-time. They use their logistics to get the best-suited shipping offer for your product.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Cap Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline takes full responsibility for providing you with the best delivery options. They make sure that wholesale caps are shipped to you at a minimal cost so that you can take your business to new heights. 


Cap DropShopping

Leeline serves as a dropshipping agent for your goods. They act as a responsible agent to get the caps from wholesale cap manufacturers and ship them to your desired location at the earliest. 

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Cap From China

  • In Leeline, you will only pay for what you order from the cap wholesaler as there are no hidden fees charged. 
  • Leeline identifies the leading wholesale hat suppliers within a couple of days and offers excellent customer support.
  • Leeline offers customized products from a china cap manufacturer.
  • Leeline delivers the assurance of quality control for cap manufacturers.
  • Leeline offers a 120-day return policy for wholesale caps sourcing services if you are unhappy.
  • Leeline helps you facilitate your wholesale hats Amazon FBA labeling.

Leeline allows you to store caps supplies in their warehouse for one month for no extra charge.

Wholesale Cap and Shipping From China

Cap Sea Freight Shipping from China

Cap Sea Freight From Shipping

Leeline assists you with the convenient shipping of wholesale caps with the help of its sea freight shipping. They strive to make your shipping experience phenomenal so that you can get the caps delivered to you in time.

Cap Air Freight Shipping from China

Cap Air Freight From Shipping

Leeline gives the utmost priority to your package till you receive it. They make sure that the cap suppliers provide high-quality products. These are shipped to your place at the earliest with air freight shipping service.

Cap Rail Freight Shipping from China

Cap Rail Freight From Shipping

With Leeline, you need not worry if you want to import wholesale caps from China in bulk. They provide you with rail freight services so that your bulk package is shipped to you in the designated time to make the most of it.

Cap Door to Door Shipping from China

Cap Door to Door From Shipping

Leeline treats you like your family and takes utmost care of your parcel. They keep a proper check that the wholesale cap manufacturers have accomplished their tasks in time. They take the whole responsibility to deliver the parcel at your premises with their door-to-door services. 

Best 10 Cap Suppliers In China

1. Xiongxian Kaixin Cap Co., Ltd.

1. Xiongxian Kaixin Cap Co., Ltd.

Xiongxian Kaixin Cap Co., Ltd. is a cap supplier situated in Hebei, China, and it was founded in 2012. This company has an SGS product certification. They are committed to producing good quality caps and exporting them internationally. Almost 100 professional employees work hard to provide excellent services to their customers. Also, they have experience of 8 years in manufacturing caps. 


Main Products

They have an extensive collection of charming caps. Their snapback hats and baseball caps are the most popular. Their catalogue also contains bucket caps, beanies, and flat military caps. Xiongxian Kaixin Cap Co., Ltd. also exports its caps to North America, Oceania, and Western Europe. 


Why Choose it?

Xiongxian Kaixin Cap Co., Ltd. offers the facility of professional custom caps for its buyers. They guarantee quality products at competitive prices. They try to build a long-term relationship with their customers worldwide. Moreover, their customer service team is always online and responds within 6 hours. Their response rate is 91.39%.

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2. Dongguan Kaihong Caps and Bags Co., Ltd.

2. Dongguan Kaihong Caps and Bags Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Kaihong Caps and Bags Co., Ltd. is a cap manufacturing company located in Guangdong, China. It was established in 2010. Over the years of hard work, it has become one of the most respected suppliers in the industry. The staff consists of almost 50 professional workers. Having 12+ years of experience, Dongguan Kaihong Caps And Bags Co., Ltd. is leading the wholesale sector. 


Main Products

They offer a wide range of caps collections. Their catalogue has over 6000 different styles of hats and caps. You can get snapback caps and fitted caps from them. Also, baseball caps and trucker hats are famous worldwide. They also deal in winter caps like beanies. They supply their products mainly to the domestic market, North America, and Western Europe. 


Why Choose it?

Dongguan Kaihong Caps and Bags Co., Ltd. is the most respected wholesale supplier in China. They ensure product quality and provide good products at an affordable range of prices. They always welcome new customers and try to form successful business relationships with them. Moreover, they provide the best services and respond to any query within 6 hours. Their customers leave positive comments with a good rating on their website.

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3. Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., Ltd.

3. Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., Ltd.

Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., Ltd. is a trading company famous for supplying high-quality caps and hats. It was established in 1990 and is situated in Hebei, China. It has won the BSCI product certification. Over 100 professional employees are working hard to fulfill the customers’ orders. Moreover, it has been in the industry for over 23 years and has won a good reputation.


Main Products

They are engaged in providing an extensive range of snapback caps and bucket hats. You can find baseball caps and trucker hats from their comprehensive collection. Their catalogue also contains caps for kids of every age. Their primary markets are in North America, Oceania, and Northern Europe. 


Why Choose it?

Hengxing Caps & Garments Co., Ltd. has won praise from its regular customers for high-quality products. Their buyers leave good reviews and a 4.9-star rating. They test the items strictly before shipping them from the factory. The team is always available and responds quickly. They have a response time of 5 hours and a response rate of 90.98%.

Contact Cap Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Guangzhou Crazy Bird Cap Industry Co., Ltd.

4. Guangzhou Crazy Bird Cap Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Crazy Bird Cap Industry Co., Ltd. is a renowned cap manufacturing and trading company. It has been supplying top-quality caps to various retailers since 2007. The staff consists of 200 professional and experienced workers. They are committed to providing an excellent shopping experience for their customers.


Main Products

Their extensive collection of caps is simply adorable. They have baseball caps, snapback caps, and many more. You can also get blank caps from them. Moreover, they export their charming caps to Africa, Western Europe, and North America. 


Why Choose it?

Guangzhou Crazy Bird Cap Industry Co., Ltd. is the number one china cap supplier. They use environmentally friendly materials in manufacturing. Moreover, they respond within 3 hours to every comment or chat. Their response rate is 93.58%. They also have a top 5/5-star rating.

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5. Dongguan Tian Qi Caps and Clothing Co., Ltd.

5. Dongguan Tian Qi Caps and Clothing Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Tian Qi Caps and Clothing Co., Ltd. is a cap manufacturing company established in 2012. Situated in China’s Guangdong province, this company has been supplying first-class hats to various international distributors. Their factory covers a vast area of 3500 square meters. They have a team of 100 people having young blood and years of experience. 


Main Products

They have an extensive collection of stylistic and durable hats. They provide attractive trucker hats and 5-panel hats. Also, their snapback hats and bucket hats are a-hot-sale. You can also get different designs and colours of beanies of your choice. They export their hats to North America and Western Europe. 


Why Choose it?

Dongguan Tian Qi Caps and Clothing Co., Ltd. aims to supply good quality products to its customers with responsibility. They try to deliver their orders within the scheduled time. Also, their team is qualified and responsible. They are good at communication and management. Moreover, they receive payment by secure methods, so your money is safe with them. 

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6. Qingdao Junda Caps Co., Ltd.

6. Qingdao Junda Caps Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Junda Caps Co., Ltd. is the largest cap manufacturer based in Shandong, China. It was established in 2009 and are dedicated to providing the highest-quality caps and hats to its clients since then. They have over 1500 skilled and hardworking employees that make honest efforts to meet the customers’ requests. Qingdao Junda Caps Co., Ltd. has 37 years of trading experience.


Main Products

They are committed to supplying premium quality products to their buyers. They possess an extensive range of hats and caps. You can get snapback caps and hats from them. Also, they have beanie caps and bucket caps in various colors and designs. They also provide caps for kids. Moreover, their primary market is located in North America, Western Europe, and South America. 


Why Choose it?

Qingdao Junda Caps Co., Ltd. is considered a high-quality baseball cap manufacturer. They check the caps continuously and individually during the whole procedure. Moreover, the vigilant team responds to the clients’ inquiries within 6 hours. Their response rate is 90.44%. Also, their website shows 66 positive reviews from their buyers with a 4.8-star rating. 

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7. Dongyang City Feilong Cap Co., Ltd.

7. Dongyang City Feilong Cap Co., Ltd.

Dongyang City Feilong Cap Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a well-known cap manufacturer situated in Zhejiang, China. More than 300 employees work to meet the needs of their customers. The company has received BSCI product certification.


Main Products

Dongyang City Feilong Cap Co., Ltd. provides the best quality hats and caps to buyers. Their catalogue has various designs and styles of caps. After winning the hearts of domestic industries, they have now been exporting caps to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America. 


Why Choose it?

They try to make friendly relationships with their clients. They sell products at an affordable range of prices. With their response rate of 73.05%, they reply to chats and comments within 12 hours. Furthermore, they are easy to return. You can trust them with bulk orders. Also, their website shows good customer reviews with a 4.8-star rating. 

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8. Shanghai Advanced Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

8. Shanghai Advanced Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Advanced Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a world-leading cap manufacturer based in Shanghai, China. Since 2003, this supplier has been supplying first-class caps to retailers and distributors. Their team consists of 100 people dedicated to providing honest services to clients. Also, it has won the GRS product certification. Shanghai Advanced Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a vendor of choice by various significant distributors.


Main Products

Their extensive collection of caps includes a stylistic baseball hat and charming snapback hat. You can get a colorful bucket hat and knitted beanie from them also. Their military and army caps are also popular. Except for the domestic market, the main markets of Shanghai Advanced Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are located in Western Europe, North America, and Northern Europe.


Why Choose it?

Shanghai Advanced Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the most popular cap supplier in China. The team is vigilant and responds fastly. They have a response time of 3 hours and a response rate of 97.49%. They try to build a friendly relationship with their customers. Moreover, they offer reasonable prices for all their products. They are reliable and can be trusted for bulk orders also. 

Contact China Cap Suppliers Now!Contact Cap Suppliers Now!

9. Forlynn Cap & Bag Co., Ltd.

9. Forlynn Cap & Bag Co., Ltd.

Forlynn Cap & Bag Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized cap manufacturing company based in Guangdong, China. It was established in 2012. They pride themselves on supplying high-quality products to the domestic market as well as the international market. The team of almost 150 experienced employees is dedicated to fulfilling the customers’ needs. Having more than 14 years of experience, this supplier has won a good reputation in the wholesale industry.


Main Products

Forlynn Cap & Bag Co., Ltd. is engaged in providing a high-quality and extensive collection of designs of caps and hats. You can find a snapback cap, trucker hat, and panel hat in different colors. Their military and fashion hats are also popular. You can visit their website for more details. They export their products to Oceania, North America, and Africa.


Why Choose it?

Forlynn Cap & Bag Co., Ltd. is an award-winning marketer. It has been in the industry for a long time, so it has earned a reliable reputation. Their professional staff is innovative and responsive. They respond within 7 hours and take the requests of customers seriously. Their response rate is 92.05%. Providing excellent services, they try to keep customer satisfaction as a priority. Their website shows good reviews with a 5/5-star rating. 

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10. Jieyang Rongcheng District Zhuochen Cap Factory

10. Jieyang Rongcheng District Zhuochen Cap Factory

Established in 2001, Jieyang Rongcheng District Zhuochen Cap Factory provides high-quality caps to over 500 wholesale companies. It is situated in Guangdong province of China. Almost 100 hardworking employees strive to meet the customers’ needs. They try to focus on the clients’ requirements and take appropriate actions to fulfil them.


Main Products

The main products offered by Jieyang Rongcheng District Zhuochen Cap Factory are bucket caps, flat caps, and baseball caps. You can also get snapback hats from them. Moreover, they export their caps to North America and Western Europe. 


Why Choose it?

Jieyang Rongcheng District Zhuochen Cap Factory takes care of its customers’ needs. Their staff is responsible and responds to every query quickly. They fully understand their problem and provide integrated solutions. Besides providing the best products, they also try to build a long-term partnership with their buyers and create a win-win situation. Their response rate is 4 hours, and the response rate is 95.07%.

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Best 5 US Cap Factory


1. Cap Wholesalers

11. Cap Wholesalers

Cap Wholesalers is a fashion wholesale hat supplier based in the USA. It has been supplying various hats and caps to multiple distributors and retailers all over the world. The team is hardworking and professional. They strive hard to fulfill the customers’ expectations.


Main Products

They offer a wide range of caps with different designs and colors. The collection includes golf caps, 6-panel baseball caps, and many more. Also, their trucker mesh caps are stylistic and comfortable. They guarantee the durability of their products.


Why Choose it?

Cap Wholesalers provide baseball caps for sale. All of their products are without tax prices. They try to do long-term business with their clients. The team is friendly and tries to fulfill all the clients’ requirements. Moreover, they provide good discounts on bulk orders. Their wholesale prices are reasonable and affordable.

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2. Wholesale Hats

12. Wholesale Hats

Wholesale Hats has been supplying a large variety of hats to their customers since 1979. It not only manufactures but also imports the hats. Their customers include significant distributors and corporations all over the USA. They pride themselves in providing good quality caps at a competitive range of prices. 


Main Products

Wholesale Hats provides various types of hats having different designs and colors. Their product lines consist of hundreds of styles and color combinations of caps. Also, you can get baseball and trucker hats from their collection. For more detail, visit their website. 


Why Choose it?

Their all products are available at affordable wholesale prices. They provide the facility of custom embroidery to their customers. They provide unsurpassed turnaround time. They ship the orders within two weeks after placing the order. Moreover, they have an excellent privacy policy and try to keep the customers’ information confidential. Wholesale Hats also offers free shipping on all orders.

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3. OTTO Cap

13. OTTO Cap

For over 50 years, OTTO Cap has been supplying wholesale embroidered baseball caps to various distributors. It is a leading worldwide cap manufacturer based in the US. OTTO Cap is America’s largest source for blank wholesale caps. Initially, they send you virtual samples and concepts before making a deal.


Main Products

OTTO Cap always has over 6000 styles in stock. They regularly re-stock their entire collection. Their services other than manufacturing caps include embroidery, digital printing, and many more.


Why Choose it?

They provide products with reliable quality at affordable wholesale prices. OTTO Caps has gained a good reputation by providing exceptional customer services over a decade. Moreover, they ship the orders within the next business day to get them within the scheduled time. They offer free embroidery digitizing for orders of more than 48 pieces. 

Contact Cap Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Buck Wholesale

14. Buck Wholesale

Buck Wholesale is a wholesale hat supplier. A well-known wholesaler based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, has been selling hats and caps since 2003. They offer 100% satisfactory products at low and reasonable prices. Buck Wholesale has an experience of more than 15 years in the wholesale and trading industry. 


Main Products

They have a wide range of hats and caps, so vast in designs and colors. Their most popular hats are baseball hats, trucker hats, and dad hats. Also, you can get snapback hats and beanies from them at affordable prices. They also supply blank wholesale caps to embroidery stores and clothing brands


Why Choose It?

Buck Wholesale is a leading wholesale fitting hats supplier in the USA. They make wholesale shopping more accessible, faster, and affordable. They have a 5-star rating on their website and thousands of outstanding reviews. They do not take minimum orders. However, for orders over $250, they provide free shipping. They are so confident about the quality of their products that they offer a 365-days return policy to their customers.

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5. Bulk Caps

15. Bulk Caps

Bulk Caps has been supplying wholesale caps since 2016. The team in this company is professional and hardworking, leading them to an outstanding reputation in the wholesale industry. They are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent services to their customers.


Main Products

Their bulk collection includes caps and hats of every color and every design. They provide blank wholesale caps also. Moreover, you can get wholesale dad caps from them. However, they also offer custom appliques like woven labels, embroidered patches, and leather labels to their clients.


Why Choose it?

They ensure customer satisfaction by providing good services. They offer a 2-3 weeks turnaround time. They ship their orders in time so that you can receive them within the scheduled time. Their team is cooperative and friendly. Their prices are cheap and affordable. 

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Best 5 UK Cap Factory


1. Village Hats

16.Village Hats

Village Hats has been supplying wholesale caps to the distributors for over 30 years. It is a wholesale company that provides top-brand products to shops, retailers, and other re-selling companies. Their team is professional and ready to process your orders.  


Main Products

Their main products are dad hats, beanies, and snapback caps. You can get them in every color you want. Also, their caps are available for both men and women. They also provide caps for kids.


Why Choose it?

Village Hats is a top baseball cap supplier in the United Kingdom. It provides caps to companies in the UK as well as other countries of Europe. Their primary mission is to supply branded products to other suppliers at wholesale prices. Customer satisfaction is their primary focus. They ship the orders in a short time. 

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2. MAZ Accessories

17.MAZ Accessories

MAZ Accessories has been supplying caps over the past decade. They are highly experienced and provides top-quality products that are designed and manufactured in London. MAZ Accessories takes a lot of pride in the durability and quality of its products. Their hats represent the traditional style and rich British heritage. 


Main Products

They offer a classic range of hats and caps. Their wide variety of hats are available not only for men and women but also for kids of every age. They provide beanies, dad hats, snapback caps, and many more. 


Why Choose it?

MAZ Accessories produce caps that show an amalgamation of style and functionality. Their products are manufactured to meet the highest standards. This supplier has stood the test of time and continues developing and making improvements. They ensure customer satisfaction and provide the best possible services.

Contact China Cap Manufacturers Now!Contact Cap Suppliers Now!

3. SL Black Label-Custom Headwear

18.SL Black Label-Custom Headwear

SL Black Label-Custom Headwear is a wholesale cap supplier. Founded in 1947, the company is a wholesale hat manufacturer that takes pride in the quality of its caps. Every aspect of their assistance revolves around the customer. Their primary purpose is to help small businesses grow by focusing on what they need.


Main Products

Their caps are available in every color. The one most unique facility they provide is that you can design your cap totally on your own. Visit their website and get further details about the procedure. 


Why Choose it?

This company has unrivaled expertise in the cap manufacturing and trading industry. They strive to take care of the complicated stuff of their customer retailers and let them focus on what’s essential for their business. They follow ethics and human rights strictly. Moreover, they provide excellent customer service to all their buyers.

Contact China Cap Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Hat Store

19.Hat Store

Hat Store was established in 2011. Working hard over the past years, this supplier has won customer’s hearts worldwide. They started in a small room of 10 square meters of area, and now they have a large warehouse covering an area of 1000 square meters. They aim to take care of the customers’ needs and provide them with the highest quality products.


Main Products

They offer a vast range of caps and hats. In their stock, they have 5000+ designs so that you can find your desired cap from their exclusive collection. They supply hats from the top brands and manufacture their caps as well.


Why Choose it?

Hat Store is a wholesale company specialized in producing and supplying stylistic hats. A 100-day return policy and quick delivery are provided to ensure the buyer’s complete satisfaction. They offer free shipping for bulk orders also. They only sell licensed and authentic products. Moreover, they have caring customer service and ensure an easy shopping experience. 

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5. Cap Embroidery

20.Cap Embroidery

Cap Embroidery is a custom cap manufacturer based in the UK. They provide blank wholesale caps as well as embroider your beanies with the design you decide. The team is friendly and provides advice to the customers about their designs.


Main Products

Cap Embroidery is a wholesale that provides 3D embroidered caps and hats. They have a large variety of designs. Their caps are stylistic, the embroidery is elegant and ensures longevity. 


Why Choose it?

They constantly keep the customer updated during the whole procedure. After the payment is received and the final design is decided, they email the visual layout of the design placement. The work is not started until the customers are satisfied. Their customers seem happy with their products and services. 

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Wholesale Cap From China: Ultimate Guide

  • Introduction

China holds a prestigious place in the world’s ranking for producing wholesale caps. There are various wholesale manufacturers from China that have superior quality caps. A considerable lot of people import from wholesale cap suppliers because they offer prices much less than others. The import is also popular not only for its price but also because of its variety in designs, colors, range, and quality. China has spent a lot on training its workforce and invested a lot in manufacturing. The best quality and least prices have only been possible due to this.

There are various factors that you have to consider before importing goods in bulk from China. There are some pre-requisites that you need to be sure of before importing wholesale caps from China. Some of them are:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the wholesale cap suppliers that offer high-quality products
  • Check the wholesale cap manufacturers as per their expertise in their field of production
  • Check the cost at which you will get the bulk wholesale caps shipped to your place.

 Cap 1

How much does it cost to manufacture a cap?

The cost of manufacturing the caps depends upon the type of fabric, design, and color you choose. If the material of the fabric is of superior quality and has some embroidery done on it, it can cost up to a minimum of USD 5 to a maximum of USD 15. If you consider buying the caps from wholesale cap manufacturers, then the cost is cut. So, it wholly depends upon the type of cap and type of material you go for manufacturing.

Is a cap business profitable?

There are various types of hats you can manufacture, and you can experience varying gains depending upon their type. The Cap industry is seeking rapid growth. At present, it is worth USD 2 billion. To earn a large amount of profit, you can import caps from China.

The Chinese wholesale cap manufacturers provide good quality raw material supplies. They provide the supplies at a reasonable price. With their prices, you can even earn better profit. You can import the items in bulk with the help of Leeline, and you will be charged a minimal fee on shipping. This will further increase your business value. 

How much is the cap industry worth?

According to the recent analysis, the cap industry worth USD 2.5 billion. This industry can touch on strides in the coming years. With China’s reasonable prices of products, its profit is increasing, increasing in the upcoming years. You can import wholesale caps from Chinese manufacturers. You will get variety of products to improve your business further. It will increase the worth of the cap industry. 

Why is China successful in manufacturing?

Manufacturing in China has emerged as a massive asset for various business sectors. Manufacturing in China is very successful due to multiple factors. All these factors contribute hand in hand to make the products manufactured in their market accessible to all. China offers low manufacturing costs, low labor costs, and higher production capability. 

Products manufactured in China offer a great scope of expansion for your business. They add versatility to your business within your budget. You need not visit the place to expand your business. You can access all the products with the affordable and genuine services of Leeline.

 Cap 2

What is the cheapest way to import caps from China?

The cheapest way to import from China is with the assistance of sea freight shipping services. It can be only reasonable if you are importing in bulk from China; otherwise, it can hamper your budget. If you have packages in bulk, then you can take the assistance of Leeline sea freight shipping services. They source the product at your destination with low-cost shipping charges. It will an added asset for your business. 

How can I buy bulk caps from China?

You can buy wholesale caps in bulk from China with the assistance of various wholesale websites. Alibaba is one of the renowned websites that can serve your purpose. They provide you with the best wholesale cap manufacturers from China. 

Is importing caps from China profitable?

When you import wholesale caps from China in bulk, you witness a large amount of profit on your goods. If you compare this profit as compared to other sources, it will be high. Various studies have also revealed this fact. When you purchase wholesale caps, your shipping cost is also reduced, raising your profit value. So, importing from China is of great advantage. 

How can I import caps directly from China?

You can import directly from China by following a step-by-step methodology for it:

  • It would help if you were sure that you have the rights to import goods from China.
  • Have keen research that the goods are not banned for import in your country
  • Make proper calculations about the interests that you want to import
  • Find a reputable and authentic supplier in China that can serve your purpose to the best
  • This way you can get your goods delivered to your place directly from China

Can I buy from China and sell on Amazon?

Yes, you can buy the goods of your choice from China and sell them on Amazon without any difficulty. It won’t pose any problem for you if you sell the imported products from China on Amazon. You can get wholesale suppliers from China that will offer you an excellent margin for your products. 

Are Chinese products low quality?

There is no concrete evidence that can prove that Chinese products are of low quality. China has invested a lot in its manufacturing industry. This has made the products much cheaper to buy. Supplying the more affordable products doesn’t mean that manufacturers compromise with the quality. The low labor cost and vast development in the manufacturing industry have more down the price of grabbing the products from China.

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How do you sell caps online?

You can sell the caps online by following some simple steps that can lead you through your way:

  • Find a good solution that can help you manage your business
  • Decide some particular type of caps in which you want to deal
  • Find some excellent import mechanism that can fetch you great profit
  • Start with a website where you want to sell your caps
  • Upload your products to the website at reasonable prices to attract the customers

Can you wear a trucker hat backwards?

Yes, you can wear the trucker hat the way you feel. You can wear it backwards to give it a new style. People tend to face boredom by exclusively wearing a hat. There is no harm in wearing it backwards. 

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Caps from China

China has emerged as an innovative and reliable leader to offer wholesale cap suppliers style=”font-weight: 400;”> around the globe. The cost charged for the shipping of wholesale caps is very genuine. They give their 100% to provide you with superior quality caps. The low cost of shipping and products has made them accessible to everyone from China’s market. You need not step out of your place, and still, you can import the bulk wholesale caps from China.

The task of importing wholesale caps from China can be tedious, but you have a great advantage if you know the right way. You can take the edge of the services offered by Leeline. They take the whole responsibility on their shoulders, starting from finalizing the order till it gets delivered to you. They offer you high-quality goods at reasonable prices. They connect you with reliable wholesale cap manufacturers and ship your package at a minimal cost at your doorstep. 

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