Top 20 Clothing Manufacturers In Utah: Unlock The Best Deals

Have you ever thought of STARTING BUSINESS in UTAH? Let me tell you a hundred reasons.

  • It has a HIGH CLOTHING demand.
  • Competition is VERY LOW.
  • The rising demands for new clothes designs can WIN you A GREAT DEAL of business.

The clothing market stands at 1.53 trillion USD. The US is leading the CHART. (Statista)

Do you want to know how to SOURCE Utah Clothing manufacturers?

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Want to know more? Read the whole guide about the Utah Clothing manufacturers.

Top 7 Clothing Manufacturers In Utah

List Of 20 Clothing Manufacturers In Utah

CompanyLocationTop Products
Provo, UtahDesigner Suits
and Shoes
for Men
1981No ★★★★★
Eunice Apparel
Sandy, UtahWide apparel
range of
Goudarzi Garment
All styles of
pants, skirts 
and dresses
2019Yes ★★★★
Savy Clothing
Salt Lake
City, Utah
Specialized in
fashion outfits 
Redwire Design High land,
Denim and
sports jeans
with Sweatshirts 
Master BrandsSalt Lake
City, Utah
in designing
safety clothes
1992Yes ★★★★
Alanic ClothingBeverly Hills,
production house
Process AGSalt Lake
City, Utah
Screen printing
and embroidery
of hats and shirts 
and Apparel
Creative art and
sewing services
on the full
Promotions SLC
DTG & Screen
printing on all
textile items 
2019 Yes ★★★★★
Knitting Mills
and Cheer wear
Inked Wear LLCNorth Salt
Lake, Utah
T-shirts, and
promotional bags. 
WJR Design and
Orem, UtahCasual and
Apparel USA
Pulse MerchCedar City,
High-end crafted
Custom T-shirts 
Master BrandsSalt Lake
City, Utah
High visibility and
Riley Blake
Free pattern
and designer
VOX Marketing
Custom clothing
line for all men
and women
YBA ShirtsOrem,
Sports, school
or Formal shirts 
Five The LabelBountiful,
from bras
to leggings 

Who Are The Best Clothing Manufacturers In UTAH? 

Have a look at our Top recommended companies for Manufacturing. 

1. Hollywood Suits — Elegant suits Manufacturing for men in Utah

Hollywood Suits

Want to get access to Hollywood’s unmatchable collection? Hollywood suits are there to embellish your boutique stores. These men’s suits are available for retailers worldwide to help your aspiring stars look their best. With their featured men’s wear, you will be able to make long-term customers. 

I have used the LATEST DESIGNS by the Hollywood suits. They have got the great collection of the Hollywood designs. You can get the customized printing of the designs.

The store operates at 3 different locations so that they can handle a high turnover rate. They aim to supply trendy dresses to men, which can enhance their personalities. More than that, they are following a modern style for crazy Hollywood lovers. 

They have provided high-quality collections to about 6,000 retail stores since it first launched in 1981. Currently, you can shop men’s clothing with free ground shipping for orders above $150.

Primary Products:

  • Tuxedo rentals
  • Suit Separates
  • Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Outerwear
  • Footwear
  • Accessories


  • 844-784-8711

Email Address:

Operating Hours:

  • Monday through Friday 9 a.m.–4 p.m. PST


2. Eunice Apparel Design — One-stop solution from Designing to Manufacturing 

Eunice Apparel Design

With 50 years of experience, Eunice Apparel Design is a fashion leader based in Salt Lake City. The company understands the changing trends and also produces new apparel designs for outdoor clothing and outerwear. 

Eunice is equipped with an expert team that is a pioneer of undeniably feminine style. Another advantage for wholesalers is that they can shop for men’s and women’s garments at the best prices.

Their prices are very LOW compared to the quality of the products. I am totally impressed with their premium products. You can try them if you want to at lower prices.

One cool thing about Eunice is that they have a design team to give you fashion consultation and do niche research. You can choose from an array of good packages whether you are a small investor or a prominent brand builder.

Primary Products:

  • Dress Shirts
  • Featuring Tops
  • Accessories
  • Pants
  • Women’s Clothes
  • Shoes


  • +1 (801) 666-8407

 Email Address:


  • 615 West 9400 South, Suite 107, Sandy UT 84070

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3. Goudarzi Garment Factory — Unique Design Shirts and pants with top-notch Fabric

Goudarzi Garment Factory

Melody Goudarzi, a fashion design graduate, founded the Goudarzi garment factory. The company sustainably produces a vast range of women’s collections under her expert design supervision. Whether casual wear or event dresses, the factory’s mission is to deliver a comfy and stylish collection.

The best part is that they run their factory on renewable energy without causing unnecessary harm to the environment. Moreover, you are free to purchase either their complete package to make an independent purchase.

Primary Products:

  • Jackets
  • Women’s Wear
  • Women’s Accessories


  • (801) 683-8196


  • 2451 S 600 W Suite 300 South Salt Lake City, UT. 84115

4. Savy Clothing Studio — Pioneer Design consultation for Strong Product development

Savy Clothing Studio

Savvy apparel studio is a cut and sews manufacturer that dominates the fashion industry. It is also known for selling magnificent dress collections to famous brands like Nordstrom, Costco, and Walmart. 

They are the colonizers of the latest fashions and put their best efforts into pattern-making to final finishing. They are not only an international clothing manufacturer, but they also manufacture the best products in every category, from fly fishing to trail running.

Their kids, women’s, and shoe collections are available all over the globe, with 50+ factories in just 4 countries. You can also use their low-cost services for better quality production, factory auditing, and supplying services anywhere in the United States or abroad.

Primary Products:

  • Streetwear Men’s Clothing
  • Women Apparel
  • Skiwear
  • Outdoor Clothing

Email Address:

5. Redwire Design — Longlasting Apparel without compromising Quality

Redwire Design

Redwire Design is the biggest manufacturer of clothing accessories in addition to design-making on a contractual basis. They dominate the fashion industry with their unbeatable adobe illustrating, sample preparation, sourcing, and in-house manufacturing services. By incorporating unique styling into their clothes, they help men fall in love. 

Even I fall in love with their EXTRAORDINARY collection. All their products procure a UNIQUE ATTRACTION. Customers seem to love the products.

Their mass production of family and lifestyle products can quickly transform your store into a one-stop shop for complete shopping. They are well-equipped to produce eco-friendly collections to deal with environmental crises relating to health hazards. 

Whether tech-packing, technical designing, grading, or sourcing, they are ready to put your dream idea into a well-established brand.

Primary Products:

  • Outerwear
  • Accessories Women
  • Casual Wear
  • Jeans
  • Footwear
  • Maternity Collection
  • Clothing for Whole Family


  • 917-617-4344

Email Address:


  • 237 W. 37th St. # 902 New York, NY, 10018 

6. Master Brands — Specializes in Safetywear in equipment style 

Master Brands

Since they were launched in 1992, master brands have put the safety of clothes first without increasing expenses. Whether a designer collection or flame-resistant clothing, they generate revenue for many B2B businesses by providing durable products. They are compliant with NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70e, and molten garments will surely get a reliable and 100% authentic collection. 

Furthermore, you will be able to order customized uniforms from all sectors, including navy, that will meet your specific specifications.

I have prepared the RECENT DESIGNS of my clothes to order them for customization. Previously they have helped me a LOT in purchasing the customized inventory. It is a GREAT for the beginners.

They are also saving money because there will be no middleman. Their own team will do all the research and manufacturing to supply their collection for large brands or even startup agencies at a reasonable price. 

Primary Products:

  • Guardian
  • Flame Resistant Clothing
  • Visible Apparel
  • Tops
  • Bottoms


  • (800) 469-4399

Email Address:

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM


  • 3477 West 1820 South Salt Lake City, UT 84104 

7. Alanic Clothing — Best Clothing manufacturer with worldwide branches

Alanic Clothing

Alanic Clothing is a globally acclaimed brand, and customers greatly appreciate marathon clothes due to their world-class standards. When you look for the best athletic collection, the Marathon collection comes first with its top-selling activewear.

 Beyond this, their prices are what you must have to get the benefit, as there is no cost for designing and innovative use of materials. Some excellent features of these clothes are that they are breathable, eco-friendly, moisture-absorbing, and can dry quickly. Their best way to produce all the collection is by recycling plastic.

Primary Products:

  • Jackets
  • Garments for Women
  • Hoodies
  • Short Sleeve T-shirts
  • T-shirts with Long Sleeves


  • +1 855 525 2642

Email Address:


  • Penthouse, 8370 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, California 90210, United States

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How Do You Start A Clothing Business In Utah?

Nowadays, Starting a clothing business is not a piece of cake because you need to have a proper strategy to beat the competition. However, the below-mentioned steps can really help you to kickstart your clothing business in Utah.

  • Decide Your Apparel Niche

Deciding what you will sell is the first step when jumping into the apparel niche. Because you have to decide your budget and audience too. You need a lower budget for urban and streetwear than luxury apparel or suits.

  • Search For A Manufacturer
Search For A Manufacturer

Secondly, you need to find a manufacturer for your apparel. This process necessitates extensive research, which can be accomplished by searching through online platforms, attending trade shows, and consulting with a few Utah clothing store owners.

Expert’s tip: Start from small business clothing manufacturers if you are a beginner. They have small teams and address issues more rapidly. Effectively communicate your issues.

Prince K., Director @ Power Sweet Clothing Manufacturer

Most manufacturers already offer supplying services, but some only deal through third parties or vendors. When your apparel factory does not provide shipping, you will have to work with supplying men separately who can conduct a factory audit, quality inspection, and provide on-time delivery.

  • Start Marketing
Start Marketing

Select a store location that is easy to access for Customers. Remember your online presence, as it contributes a lot to revenue. Add high-end Pictures of your clothing line to attract visitors. Pay attention to store branding and Identity. 

Pro Tip: Keep your inventory levels updated on your website. Prevent you from regularly complaining of out-of-stock or inventory issues.   

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

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People Also Ask About Clothing Manufacturers In Utah

1. Where can I get my fashion designs manufactured?

Many designers in Utah can manufacture your custom fashion designs for you. But for customization, you need more budget. You can search for clothing design manufacturers through online platforms, but choose one of the aforementioned manufacturers if you want to cut down your time. They are dominating the market.

2. Are clothing made in Utah good quality?

Yes, of course Clothing Manufacturers in US has better quality standards. Their rigorous quality control and market demands ensure you get GRADE A garments. Yet it comes with a heavy price tag so better keep your budget in mind while sourcing. Hire a sourcing agent to get you best profitable deal. 

3. What quality control measures are in place during clothing production?

Fabric quality, stitching, and craftsmanship all affect quality. Best clothing manufacturers have a quality control team during PRODUCTION. They filter out flawed or defective t-shirts, jackets, dresses, or clothes in inspection. In the end, you only get high-quality garments. 

4. What is the typical turnaround time for manufacturing orders?

Custom clothing manufacturers have a more turnaround time than wholesalers. On average it takes 2 weeks in Production and shipping is additional. You need to discuss their production capacity and speed while making orders.

5. How much do clothing samples typically cost from a manufacturer?

It depends on the retail price plus the shipping cost of the clothing sample. Some Clothing vendors even give you samples free of cost. Yet this mostly happens when you already have a track record. Some charge money initially but return it after you place an order. 

What’s Next

Maintaining Quality with Clothing manufacturers is a real struggle. You may encounter flaws and defects in Products after you receive them. It wastes your time and BUSINESS resources, especially for beginners. 

How can we maintain Strict QUALITY control without affecting the Supply chain? 

Leeline sourcing conducts QUALITY inspections on the Manufacturer’s site. We filter out low-quality items before they arrive at you. Receive only GRADE A apparel at your Doorstep. Contact Now! 


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