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Clothing Manufacturers for Startups

A clothing manufacturer startup is all about selecting the right sizes and finding the best fitting apparel. The fashion industry has a wide range of styles, with each company having their own style. In order to choose your supply partners, you can search through factories corporations. The factories are providing the most fitting material and style for your clothing startup.

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Manufacturing in China: Pros and Cons

Manufacturing in China can grow your business up to the next level. Before starting clothing manufacturing in China, you need to understand the pros and cons of manufacturing in China. The good thing is that it includes cheaper costs, fast production, and quality services. But the disadvantages are the difficulty in communication, risk of IP, lack of high orders, and quality issues. Manufacturing in China can be best for the growth of a business. Below are some benefits and drawbacks of manufacturing in China:


Low costs

The most important advantage is that manufacturing in China is cheaper and here you can spend low costs. If your product has a lower price, then there is a big chance for you to sell more and more products. If you want the growth of apparel manufacturing in China, you are at the best place because you get low costs for everything.

Good Services to Small Scale Business

The attention of stateside manufacturers can be elusive for smaller companies or concept products. However, Chinese manufacturers are generally very open to working with small and unknown companies. The Chinese wholesale clothing manufacturer doesn’t need to be a Nike brand in order to offer great service.

Quality Services

One of the best advantages of manufacturing in China is providing quality services. There is a perception that China-made products are cheap and substandard. However, this distinction is not good. Companies like Apple, Beats and Sony produce many products in China.


Difficulties in Communication

The language of China is difficult to understand, and everyone cannot hire a translator for this. In case you have questions, you would like to discuss them with Chinese partners. For this reason, you need to hire a translator, and the translator will cost some money.

Lack of high orders

Lack of high orders is another disadvantage of manufacturing in China. Chinese workers typically work for much less (that means decreased income), and factories require very excessive minimal order. If you are searching out small-batch production or one-offs, you will have a problem getting your wishes met in China.

Risk of IP

IP stands for intellectual property. It is the biggest challenge for many overseas companies while coming into China. Cautionary stories getting fixed in their IP are all around the network. Overseas companies often neglected this crucial component in their haste to bring their product to the marketplace, suffering the effects later. It is necessary to protect your IP when you manufacture the product in China.


The pros and cons of manufacturing in the USA

In 2015 the worth of the global garments was $1.3 trillion in the market. It is increasing day by day. The estimated value of the market is between 1.5 and 3.5 billion USD dollars. When you start any business or invest in clothing, it gives you a chance to make a good profit. The traders search for these people who are great and well-known suppliers because these suppliers give you good services.

Before starting clothing manufacturers for startups in the USA, you need to understand some pros and cons of manufacturing in the USA.


Cheaper rates and fast shipping

You will get more profit margins if the shipping rate is low. Online orders that your customers place can also be completed quickly. Then customers will give you more and more chances in manufacturing.

Communication skills

Communication skills are most important when you are dealing with your customers. It is easier to communicate with customers when you hear the customers carefully. In other cases, you do not need to dispute culture and time zone issues. The important thing is that they speak English, so it is easier to communicate with them.

Scalability chances

When a company scales its manufacturing products, it searches for international partners and fabricators from countries like China and India because they often produce more products at low cost. Dealing with production partners can help you to simplify these demanding situations and bridge the space with global providers.

Your company engages yourself in a settlement with a manufacturer that has worldwide relationships. It shows you do not have to fear things like language boundaries and expensive foreign places.

Manufacturing quality

USA market provides high-quality products that are most comfortable. You can take advantage of the best quality products. These products are long-lasting and work well according to our needs.


Higher Production Charges

It means that the goods you are sourcing from the producers of the United States can be extra costly. The products of America are good, but they are more expensive. Today USA markets are providing expensive products to clients.

Limited Manufacturers

The choice of potential factories is smaller. The United States does not have a range of manufacturers and has a small potential factory range; it is the biggest disadvantage of manufacturing in the USA.

Small order clothing manufacturers

It is the biggest cons. In the USA, there are small order clothing manufacturers and a lack of skills. Thus, the suppliers do not work properly due to small clothing orders.

Top 10 clothing manufacturers for startups in China

1. Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile co limited

Shandong Jining Ruyi is a Chinese manufacturing company that was founded in 1972, with the distribution of Woolen under the brand name of Ruyi. The major products of this company include the Summit series and the creative energy series.

The headquarter of this company is in Jinning, China, and it consists of 5000 employees; the annual turnover is $160 million. In March 2021, the revenue decreased about 15% to RMB 136 million due to unfavorable market conditions.

2. Shenzhen Global Weiye Clothing co. Ltd

Shenzhen Global Weiye is located in Shenzhen city; it is the best manufacturer company and provides reliable Knitted wear clothes like T-shirts, polo shirts, sports shirts, and children’s garments. It is the best wholesale clothing manufacturer, and the whole process starts from design, dyeing, and printing.

In this company, 15000 workers are working in every process of mass production, and production capacity is 1 million to 1.3 million per month.

3. H&Fourwing

H&Fourwing manufacturer established in 2014. They are focusing on women’s clothing manufacturing and providing perfect packages in pattern, house designing, making a sample, and shipping. The team is very professional in work, having 30 years of experience. Workers have ten years of experience in this field, and the factory has 100+ employees.

In 2015, the overseas team joined this company, and in 2020, this company made a new factory in 3000 squares. But in 2019, this company has 800 squares, and nowadays, it has 3000+ squares.

4. Shenzhen Doven Garment Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Doven Garment Co., Ltd, established in 2013, one of the most leading and well-known manufacturer garment industries, Garments exported into Europe, North and South Africa, Australia, and South Asia.

Shenzen Doven provides you with good quality products and garments. The products have a quality, and it gives polo shirts, knitwear, and caps.

5. HTX

HTX is a Chinese manufacturing firm founded in 1991. It has 2000 workers in this firm, located in Bangladesh and China. HTX is the branch of Shanghai Huaxiang Woolen Co, which makes knitwear and wool, having 30 years of experience.

6. Shandong Demian Incorporated Company

Shandong Demian Incorporated Company, founded in 1997, consists of the large scale and dealing with spinning, weaving, printing, clothing with I/E operation.

The general advantage of this company is RMB 2.2 billion and 16000 employees are working in it. The annual cotton production is 40,000 tons, 100,000,000 meters of print cloth, the dyeing cloth is 400,000,00 meters, and knitted cloth is 200,00,000 meters.

7. D&J Garment co, Ltd

D&J Garments Company was established in 1995 for female fashion and is located near the Guangzhou wholesale fabric market. It also collaborated with customers from Europe or North Africa, such as TOBi, QUIZ, and FORMAT. D&J is the biggest cotton industry in China. The Zhongda Fabric market offers a lot of benefits to this industry, like hot and fashionable garments.

D&J materials consist of polyester, nylon, spandex, and cotton, etc. They use new production methods and quality machines in every item. Per min, D&J offers 300 elements, seven days for sampling clothes, and three weeks for the manufacturing process. The primary products of this industry are Tops, jackets, dresses, coats, and jumpsuits. In addition, the professional suppliers make sure you have a customized and comfortable experience.

8. Zhongshan ARLISMAN Garments Factory

Zhongshan Arlisman Garments factory is situated in China and established in 1999, sited in Shaxi, Zhongshan. It is a business that specializes in clothing redesigning and mapping. The factory has shaped a high-quality production machine and established a top-notch control system after years of development. Arlisman clothing attracts the attention of major clothing brands and provides you with quality clothing.

The company offers a good variety of garments and has a cooperative relationship with more than one retailer. This company has started a collaboration with US POLO, ASSN, and BHS. The primary productions of ARLISMAN consist of Jeans, T-shirts, Knit Sweaters, polo, and casual pants.

9. Wuxi Kuanyang Textile Technology Co, Ltd

Wuxi Kuanyang Textile Technology Co, Ltd was founded in 1995 and located in Wuxi, Jiangsu. They have begun a partnership with China’s biggest special dyeing and printing ink producer, Wuxi. The primary items of this company consist of clothes, shopping bags, makeup bags, and other materials.

10. Hemp Fortex

Hemp Fortex was established in 1999 to focus that the garments give a favorable environment and fulfill all your needs in the garments industry. You can find more items such as Hemp, wool, and organic cotton, etc. They deal with foreign labels like Prana, Kathmandu, and Patagonia.

Top 10 clothing manufacturers for startups in the US list

1. Natural clothing US

Natural Garb USA manufactures organic garments, as suggested by its name. The organization has been running for more than 15 years now. It suggests that the chances of getting merchandise from the corporation are excessive. When Shoppers give orders from organic garb in the United States, they are providing a way to their merchandisers.

Clients can provide their design, brand, picture, cartoon, etc. Buyers can count on low-priced merchandise in the market.

2. Organic apparel business enterprise

Organic apparel is one of the few clothing manufacturers inside the US that works with all marketers. The company works with emerging designers, eco-style explorers, and even growing companies. The best thing is that customers can place a minimum order of 10 portions in keeping with size, style, and coloration. The corporation is willing to paint with clients to increase the designs.

3. Euphoric colors

This apparel manufacturer inside the USA assures its clients that each one of the garbs they produce is satisfactory and pleasant. The Los Angeles-based organization does work with layout groups to develop custom clothing. Tailors make clothes according to customer wishes. Some of the goods include underwear, uniforms, swimwear, attire, button-downs, and many others. It means that getting what you want may be easy.

4. Sans USA

Sans USA is one of the most famous wholesale clothing manufacturers in the US, gives quality designs to their customers according to their requirements. The corporation suggests that the approximate production and transport time is between 16 and 18 weeks. While an entrepreneur decides on paintings with Sans united states, the agency calls for him to make a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% is paid upon shipping.

5. Suuchi

This business enterprise is not always selective approximately who it works with you. The corporation works with business enterprise manufacturers, established manufacturers, or even startup manufacturers. The manufacturer does have low MOQ. Consumers need to reserve at the very least 50 devices. Suuchi suggests that their production is powered by a software program platform that improves cost-effectiveness and transparency.

6. ARGYLE Haus

This is one of the clothing manufacturers in the USA, working with begin-ups, mid-length corporations, country-wide manufacturers, or even fashion designers. The employer’s minimum order quantities range depending on the type of clothing you need to buy. The California-primarily based manufacturer guarantees its customers aggressive expenses and merchandise.

7. TEG

TEG is among the garments manufacturers in the USA that specialize in detail, precision, and high quality. The agency specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality clothing. TEG gives each in-house studio-level production where they don’t have minimum order requirements and manufacturing facility stage manufacturing where they have made an MOQ of fifty pieces fashion. The business enterprise has brief turnarounds of approximately 4 to eight weeks. Rush turnarounds of one-4 weeks are available at a further price.


8. Stylus apparel

Stylus Apparel has been in business since 2003. There is a wide variety of clothing available at the garment manufacturer. Apart from reduction and sewing, Stylus Clothing can provide clients with display printing, garment embroidery, dye-sublimation printing, and woven labels. Stylus Apparel will be able to provide a larger variety of pieces because of the wide variety of pieces the customer will order.

9. Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel focuses on the manufacturing of merchandise that uses sustainable, natural, and recycled fabric. The organization has been working since the year 1992. The business enterprise has 25 years of experience. The manufacturer produces a wide variety of merchandise and makes it easy for clients to do what they need. The organization ships internationally, and consequently, you may supply your inventory from Royal apparel irrespective of where you live.

10. Nature USA

Nature United States already has more than two years of experience in the clothing industry. The Southern California-primarily based producer started working lower back in 1997. The business enterprise specializes in the production of garments. The organization’s flip-around time ranges between 10 and 14 weeks. But, for unique initiatives, the corporation can supply ordered products within a duration of three to 4 weeks.

How You Get Your Clothing Product for startups?

You need to start your online apparel shop. You do not need to be surprised by online apparel shops. They give you a multi-billion-a-12 month’s industry. A vast majority of E-commerce entrepreneurs are involved in it.

Having achieved $759 billion in 2021, it is predicted to reach $1 trillion by 2025. In the fashion industry, there is a lot of room for online commercial enterprises. Here are the six steps you need to follow for getting the apparel manufacturing:

1、Choose a niche and develop a concept

This is the first factor while getting or starting clothing products. By drawing your design thoughts, you can visualize your product. Create a few sketches for different versions of your ability products and get concepts from current designs. As soon as you have developed a concrete concept, you can now move ahead to the following crucial system.

2、Create A Tech Pack

When you create the tech pack, that’s the essential factor in how you get to manufacture clothing products. It is a design record that consists of sketches and specifications of the proposed apparel product. Make sure the products, trims, and components are on the top of the list. Suppliers can investigate these components when they are ready for manufacturing.

3、Get A Cut Sheet

After choosing a niche and creating the tech pack, you need to get a cut sheet. The product improves the system and requires you to decide all the dimensions of your product.

Do not forget the length, width, height, or even thickness of your apparel product. Create a suggestion for the measurements of specific sizes so the producing employer will have a clean set of orders to see the files of the products. You do not need manufacturers to assume measurements and are not capable of listing.

4、Make Samples

To manufacture the clothes product, make the samples because it is a quality step while choosing the niche. When the samples are ready, at this moment, you are in the successful stage, and this is a good sign for the development of products.

5、Make the products

In the fifth stage of manufacturing the garments, you need to make the products. It depends on your pricing; you can get comments and feedback on your products if you choose the best pricing method. That is the best choice for garments and outreach fashions.

6、Quality Control

The last step in the manufacturing of brands is quality control products. When you give quality products to the customers that it is a big chance, it helps you to grow your products. You need to pay attention to your products and make sure all things are according to your standards.


How to find a high-quality clothing manufacturer for startups?

There are many ways to find high-quality wholesale clothing manufacturers for your startup business. You can explore the web, social media and find them through directories as well. There are few best ways to find quality clothing manufacturers for your startup. You can find them by following these steps:

Directories and B2B Marketplace

Without attending the exhibitions of fashion, you can find clothing manufacturing. You can make use of these kinds of Chinese B2B marketplace.

In the USA, the B2B marketplaces are the best way to find high-quality clothing manufacturing for startups. The best thing about directories is that they have an old and quality manufacturers list. Finding the best B2B marketplace can take time.


There is a lot of information available on Google when finding the best apparel manufacturers for startups. There are some outdated websites, so you must know which ones are the most beneficial. You can also find custom clothing manufacturers for startups on Google.

Trade shows and online Database

According to our experience, we highly recommend using online trade shows and databases over Google. It is important to become attractive on these lists because they do not let anyone in.

Incubators and Local Fashion Schools

Incubators and local fashion schools have the best friendship with manufacturers, and they use manufacturers daily. Visiting the fashion schools can help you to find the top-rated manufacturers in the USA.


When you struggle to find the best manufacturers, you can use references from your friend or business partner. If your friend has a business relationship with a clothing supplier, you can also utilize their services for your order.


Connecting people with companies or manufacturing is the best way if you create a forum. For example, big companies have a community forum to connect customers with sellers. That is important for your company if you connect with clients.


How to Communicate with Clothing Manufacturers for startups?

Finding a manufacturer is the first step in selling your collection. For starters, you want to make sure your quality standards are met, and the products you are selling will look the same as the samples you use for production. It is very challenging for a clothing company to find a good manufacturer. You can have a constructive discussion with your manufacturer to ensure everything goes smoothly. You need to follow the following steps for communication with clothing manufacturers for startups.

1. Introduce yourself or terminology

You need to introduce yourself and your business in detail and makes a good impression on manufacturers. You can describe your brand in detail. You should tell the manufacturers all about your brand’s good points, mention all the quality factors and give details about your experience and background. You need to keep your budget private and don’t doubt the integrity of the manufacturer.

2. Understanding the MOQ

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity. A MOQ is the minimum quantity of products a supplier is willing to supply to a customer. Before producing any quantity, every manufacturer asks their customer for this information. The higher the MOQ, the better the service the manufacturer will provide. You have a lot of chances of getting good production pricing if you fulfil the minimum order quantity requirement. Additionally, you won’t need to wait long before receiving your supply.

3. Samples

Providing samples to your manufacturer will help them produce quality products. The company can manufacture clothing in accordance with your specifications. Therefore, you should have a diligent clothing sample before starting your brand.

4. Time frames

For finding everything according to plan, you need to set a timeframe and put a line for communication with the manufacturer. You need to work with a good manufacturer if you want to meet expectations. You can follow up on your production status from them.

How Leeline Sourcing Help You Make Clothes from China?

Guide you to find the right Clothing Manufacturers

Leeline sourcing can guide you through buying high-quality products at a very low cost from China. Leeline is your most ideal decision for importing items from China and help you in the development of your business. Leeline can help you to transport items from China at a low-cost rate. Leeline can help you to assemble your own business from an E-commerce brand.

Clothing Private Label Solutions

Leeline helps you to search for the best private label clothing manufacturing factory that gives you guaranteed items. Leeline will be your best Chinese buying agent that helps you to import private name products from Alibaba. Customers can get manufacturing plant quotes without any invisible costs. Leeline arranges private labels according to your requirements.

Confirm and Follow-up your order

With the help of leeline, you can get the best price directly from the factory without any hidden fee. Leeline assists you to confirm your items individually before packing. Furthermore, they assist in conducting direct negotiations with factories, ensuring quality and the following production closely.

Leeline manages to deliver the goods from China and get the best shipping rate. Your shipping cost should be low and cut it down up to 50% off. The company offers one month of free storage for your goods.

Best Quality Control and Inspection Services

Products must satisfy the needs of their users. Leeline uses quality control parameters to ensure that their clients get exactly what they requested. The company offers customers the option to make a checklist of quality products. This will enable the manufacturers to manufacture goods to meet the needs of customers. Leeline inspects products both during production and afterwards.

Expert in paperwork to clear customs

Some suppliers have not enough experience to do the paperwork for the customs clearance. Everyone knows the classification of products that is very important for shipping. Leeline manages paperwork both professionally and for suppliers.

To import clothing from China, you must know the customs regulations. You cannot import from China if you are unfamiliar with the customs services. It is highly popular to import products from overseas using importing firms like Leeline.

Final Thoughts on Clothing Manufacturers for startups

Beware from the wrong attitude before entering into the company. The wrong attitude may leave bad words in starting the clothing manufacturers for a startup. Having the correct plans in mind may leave a good message for the company. When you are working with people, you do it with respect. You know you and other people working for money, but any outcome may cause you to win others.

You can use a sourcing agent, like Leeline, that gives you the best guideline. China is the biggest country where most of the products and goods made at the cheapest cost. Leeline arranges the inspection team who guides you most to buy the goods. You can trust this team to take care of your interests and provide you with competent results. If you are ordering from China’s supplier, you should choose the best sourcing company to take care of all things.

FAQ For clothing manufacturers for startups

1、How do I find a manufacturer for my clothing line?

Without solid manufacturing, you cannot commence sales or even promotions for your business unless you plan to make the runs yourself. You need to take some steps in looking for a good manufacturer. You need to determine the product and price. After that, you must find a reliable manufacturer. It is possible to find out manufacturers by contacting them. You can also send them your product samples to get a quote and their opinion. After requesting quotes, you can finally settle on a prominent manufacturer by negotiating.

2、How much does a clothing manufacturer cost?

You must invest at least 500 dollars when you start working in the clothing industry. If you want medium size clothing manufacturers, then you need 1500 dollars to 5000 dollars. In order to start a clothing company, you need between 20,000 and 50,000 dollars. Currently, it is just the right time to start a clothing business.

3、What are the best wholesale clothing suppliers?

There are many best wholesale clothing manufacturers and suppliers in the USA and China.


AliExpress is the famous marketplace in the world; you can buy any type of clothes for as 15 dollars. The good thing about AliExpress is that many of the products are of high quality. There are many warehouses in the US, UK, and Germany.


Parisian is a UK brand that sells a lot of clothes all over the world. You can find different brands such as Dresses, playsuits, Jackets and many more. But you have to pay 20% tax if you are from Europe or UK.


This site allows you to sell its products from your own Shopify store and also focuses on Korean and Japanese clothing styles. Wholesale7 works on women’s dresses and provides high-quality products.


PaperDoll sells clothing, jewelery, and handbags and supplies the products internationally. It uses the best shipping method like FedEx and UPS.

4、Can I put my label on wholesale clothing?

In short, yes. However, there are certain legal parameters that you need to follow. After you purchase clothing items from a manufacturer, you own them and are free to use them as you see fit.

If you’re picking tags and labels, be sure to choose those that best suit your brand. You can find assistance from a professional if you need custom clothing labels. With the help of an expert, your brand will be more streamlined and elevated, which will, in turn, streamline and elevate your business. You can use labels to help you build your brand and stand out in the crowd, which will benefit your business.

5、How can I start a clothing business with no money?

If you want to start a clothing business and you have no enough money. Then you can start the business by using the print-on-demand drop shipping method. This method is only for people who don’t have money to invest in the business. The company pays you commissions when you sell its product.

6、Can I make money with a clothing line?

Yes, you can, but it depends on your designs. When people love your design, they pay good money to you and purchase your products again and again. In the market, this is the best technique for selling clothes and any other products.

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