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LeelineSourcing Find The Best Cushion Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Looking for the best Cushions suppliers? Leeline has you covered.
  • Leeline handles Cushion manufacturers’ factory audits in China.
  • Leeline can be your representative in making sure the qualities of your ordered and selected products are up to the mark. 
  • Leeline can oversee strict quality control for you in the inspection before shipment. 
  • Leeline works with many Cushion suppliers and Cushion manufacturers in China. 
  • Leeline also delivers Amazon FBA prep services if you are looking to sell Cushions on Amazon. 



10 Most Profitable Cushion In China

1. Foam cushion

Importing Foam cushion From China

Foam cushions are cushions made from fine foam. They are used for various purposes. You can use foam cushions for back and neck rests, car seats, supportive and orthopedic purposes.  They are durable and easy to carry around. 

You can find many foam cushion suppliers and wholesalers in Suzhou and Shenzhen, China. 

2. Outdoor cushion

Wholesale Outdoor cushion From China

Outdoor cushions help you customize the outdoor sitting arrangements. Most outdoor cushions are washable and have removable covers.  

The outdoor cushion market is expanding globally. The market size of USD 1935.4 million in 2020 is expected to reach USD 3210.2 million by 2026

Shanghai and Shenzhen have many outdoor cushion wholesalers and manufacturers in China. 

10. Seating cushions

Buy Seating cushions From China

Seating cushions provide you with extra backing. They can be used for furniture or floor seating and otherwise. Water gel and polyester seating cushions are the best alternative for other types of cushions. 

Some of the biggest manufacturers of seating cushions in china are present in Ningbo and Shaoxing.

3. Sofa cushion

Wholesale Sofa cushion in Bulk From China

Sofa cushions soften the angularity of your sofas. The cushions come in various sizes and designs to add to your atmosphere. You can get customized cushions for your sofas. 

Sofa cushion manufacturers and retailers are in multiple provinces in China. You can source sofa cushions from Hangzhou and Shanghai provinces in China.

4. Bench cushions

Wholesale From China Bench cushions Suppliers

Bench cushions are removable cushions. If your bench feels stiff or hard, you can use bench cushions to make your sitting arrangement more comfortable. You can use bench cushions for indoor and outdoor settings to make the most of your seating area.

There are many wholesalers and retailers of bench cushions in China. You can also source your bench cushions from Nanjing and Shenzhen, China. 

5. Cushion pads

Wholesale From China Cushion pads Manufacturers

Cushion pads are cushion inserts that add an extra bounce to your seating area. They come in various shapes and sizes. They are ideal for easing away your usual neck and back pains. They can also enhance the look of your old furniture. 

The market of cushion pads is expanding globally. It is expected to rise to USD 3.18 billion by 2024. Zhejiang, Shaoxing, and Nanjing City, China host many manufacturers and retailers of cushion pads.

6. Custom cushion

Importing Custom cushion From China

Custom cushions are personalized cushions that are made according to your taste and style. They reflect your creative spirit and personal aesthetic. Add more comfort and flair to your living through these cushions. 

Fashion sells. The market for customized cushions is increasing drastically. Xianju, Hangzhou, Zhejiang are home to many manufacturers of custom cushions in China.

7. Cushion covers

Wholesale Cushion covers From China

Cushion covers are decorative and protective fabrics used for covering the cushions. They are an affordable way to express your style and invigorate your furnishing. You can use various materials to make cushion covers like silk, velvet, cotton, and much more. 

Market size for cushion cover increased by 1.1 % in 2019 and continues to grow. Many provinces in China are home to textiles for cushion covers. You can buy cushion covers from Zhejiang and Shanghai, China.

8. Chair cushions

Buy Chair cushions From China

Chair cushions are supportive cushions to provide sitting comfort. They are used for home décor and outdoor seating areas. They also have orthopedic uses for patients recovering from injuries. 

You can source chair cushions from all over China. Nantong, Zhenjiang, Shenzhen have notable industries manufacturing various types of chair cushions. 

9. Furniture cushions

Wholesale Furniture cushions in Bulk From China

Furniture cushions are soft pads added to your furniture. They lessen the hardness of your furniture to make it comfier. They are both detachable and undetachable as per your convenience and demand. 

The market size of furniture cushions is expected to grow by USD 135.13 billion during 2019-2023 at a CAGR of 6%. The biggest manufacturers of furniture cushions in China are in Ningbo and Nanjing.

Leeline is Your Buy Agent for Importing Cushion from China

Product Sourcing

Cushion Supplies Product Sourcing

We won’t just find yet; in addition, check the best-qualified cushion product manufacturers with reasonable costs for you.

Factory Audit

Cushion Supplies Factory Audit

We can vet your chosen cushion manufacturer in China as your manager. This will free up your time and capital.

Product Inspection

Cushion Supplies Product Inspection

We can put quality checks in place as per your requirements. We make sure you get the suitable condition of your cushion products.

Amazon FBA Prep

Cushion Supplies Amazon FBA Prep

When it comes to custom foam cushions, we can assist in brand packaging, printing, and sticking the labels of FNSKU. Additionally, we can package related items in a single set.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Cushion Supplies Shipping To Amazon FBA

When it comes to shipping your chosen cushion products from China, we choose the best methods. Our tuned processes save you shipping costs.


Cushion Supplies DropShopping

You can have ease of mind with your orders when we become your order fulfillment agent. In this mode, we deliver your customer’s cushion orders directly to them.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Cushion From China

  • Leeline can search for the top China Cushion manufacturers from AliExpress. 
  • With Leeline’s extensive experience, you can be confident in getting the best Chinese buying manager to help you import. 
  • Leeline can aid you in conducting authorization for your chosen China cushion factory.
  • Companies and Individuals choose Leeline’s Amazon FBA preparation service to sell on Amazon. 
  • Finally, Leeline examines products one-to-one for quality prior to shipping the product.

Leeline is Your Best China Freight Forwarder

Cushion Sea Freight Shipping from China

Cushion Supplies Sea Freight From Shipping

Although shipping cushion products by sea are the most cost-effective method, it also takes the longest time.

Cushion Air Freight Shipping from China

Cushion Air Freight From Shipping

On the other hand, the fastest method is by air. However, it is also the most expensive.

Cushion Rail Freight Shipping from China

Cushion Supplies Rail Freight From Shipping

Rail Freight is another method. It is more balanced. The transportation time is reasonable, and so are the costs. However, it may not be available for all countries.

Cushion Door to Door Shipping from China

Cushion Supplies Door to Door From Shipping

We may use a combination of the shipping methods to deliver the product right to your customer. This way, you get to reduce the costs of storing cushion items in warehouses.

Best 10 China Cushion Suppliers

1. Ningbo Kaiweida Household Co., Ltd.

1. Ningbo Kaiweida Household Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Kaiweida Household Co., Ltd. is one of the more recent companies as they were established in 2014, in the province of Zhejiang, China. In 7 years, they have exponentially grown. And when it comes to their clients and outreach, they have remained with a humble staff of only ten people.

Main Products

Some of their main products are Memory Foam Pillow, Memory Foam Cushions, Memory Foam Knee Pillow, Gel Cushions, Foam Pillows.

Why Choose Ningbo Kaiweida Household Co., Ltd.?

Ningbo Kaiweida Household specializes in making household items and that too of many different kinds. So as a client, you will likely be able to get everything you need from them. Furthermore, their track record is excellent as their annual financial revenue crosses $5 million easily, which means that their products are beloved by whoever chooses to get them.

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2. Guangzhou JYM Tech Co., Ltd.

2. Guangzhou JYM Tech Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou JYM Tech Co., Ltd. has been in the industry for over nine years now. They were first established in 2011 in Guangzhou but in 2016 decided to move their headquarters to the town of Lishui. This was a strategic move by the team so that their clients in North America, Eastern Europe, and Northern Europe could get their orders more efficiently.

Main Products

JYM Tech deals in Memory Foam Pillow, Memory Foam Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Seat Cushions, Memory Foam Lumbar Cushions. 

Why Choose Guangzhou JYM Tech Co., Ltd.?

JYM Tech follows the philosophy of “Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty and love.” Their move of shifting the headquarters just for their clients resonates deeply with their company, which means that JYM tech is all for their clients. Their reputation is helped further by their customer support department and their production department, producing 38 different kinds and 60 models of other items.

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3. Shanghai Sunshine International Trading Co., Ltd.

3. Shanghai Sunshine International Trading Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Sunshine International Trading Co., Ltd. is a trading company and a manufacturer operating since 2014. They are situated in the Shanghai province of China. With annual revenue of $2 million, they have clients worldwide in areas such as Oceania, Southeast Asia, and North America.

Main Products

Their main products are Pillows, Cushions, Shower Curtains, Door Curtains, and Tapestries.

Why Choose Shanghai Sunshine International Trading Co., Ltd.?

With Shanghai Sunshine, you get the luxury of being in control of the finished product and the process that starts from the raw materials. 

With their inspection regulations, Shanghai Sunshine International ensures that the product that they ship off to their clients is only of the highest merit. The reliability that they have with their clients and their annual revenue speaks of the same quality.

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4. Jiaxing Hengtai Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

4. Jiaxing Hengtai Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Hengtai Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Since then, they have been building their client base in Southern Europe, Western and Eastern Europe, from the province of Zhejiang. They specialize in many different products that come under textile products, which has helped their annual revenue go around $5 million.

Main Products

Jiaxing deals in home improvement and interiors like Cushions, Tablecloth, Blankets, Mats, and Curtains.

Why Choose Jiaxing Hengtai Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.?

Jiaxing Hengtai Imp. & Exp. provide their client base with not only high-quality products but also with a Research & Development department. The products by Jiaxing Hengtai sets them apart from the competition. This also allows them stay on top of their industry by staying with the current trends in fashion worldwide.

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5. Wujiang Rainbow Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

5. Wujiang Rainbow Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Wujiang Rainbow Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the oldest industries operational in the textile industry as of today. Wujiang Rainbow Textile was established in the year 1998 and since then have grown to a company with over 50 employees. 

They deal mainly in the markets of the EU and the USA. And with annual revenue of $5 million, they have expanded from a trading company to having their mill only 2 hours away from their factory in the East of Shanghai.

Main Products

Rainbow textiles mostly deal in T-Shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Pillow Cases, Cushions, Underwear, Yoga Pants, and Beach Shorts.

Why Choose Wujiang Rainbow Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.?

Rainbow Textile Manufacturing Co. produces pillows and a different variety of products in the textile department. This is because of how they control the raw processing of textile as well as the production process. This helps clients enjoy a high grade of products because of all the quality inspection checks that the units have to go through during production.

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6. Nantong Juancai Textile Co., Ltd.

6. Nantong Juancai Textile Co., Ltd.

Nantong Juancai Textile Co., Ltd. entered the market in 2012 in the province of Jiangsu, China. They operate with a technical force of 100 people and cater to clients in places such as Southeast Asia, North America, and Western Europe. Over the years, they have increased their annual revenue, and it stands over $5 million at this moment.

Main Products

Juancai Textile deals in Memory Foam Foam Pillow, Cushions, and Mattresses.

Why Choose Nantong Juancai Textile Co., Ltd.?

Nantong Juancai Textile is an ever-changing brand that has always focused on staying on top of global trends. All while keeping a high quality for their products. Both things have been accomplished by their manufacturing department and their well-equipped testing site that their products go through.

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7. Ningbo Vigor Textile Co., Ltd.

7. Ningbo Vigor Textile Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Vigor Textile Co., Ltd. are a company that has worked with a lot of different respectable clients ever since their inception in 2014. These clients include Disney, BHS, and NEXT. Over the years, they have expanded to a staff of 50 people while having their annual revenue figures cross over $5 million.

Main Products

Vigor Textile are specialize in Blankets, Bathrobes, Cushions, Door Stoppers, and Glow in the dark Blankets.

Why Choose Ningbo Vigor Textile Co., Ltd.?

While Ningbo might not have their production factory, they do have in-house designers and managers who ensure the best product is what they deliver. They also have had a long-term contract with the same factories, so you can be sure of consistency in quality throughout the units you purchase. Other than that, with the fact that they have worked with Disney as a client, Ningbo Vigor will not disappoint.

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8. Samyak International Private Limited

8. Samyak International Private Limited

Samyak International Private Limited is a recent company; comparatively, it was established in 2015 in Bhaktapur city, Nepal. They specialize in many different things but mainly the textile industry and make bowls used in Religious practices.

Main Products

Some of their main products are Homemade Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Cushions, Felt Slippers, and Felt Rugs.

Why Choose Samyak International Private Limited?

Are you a client that wants to help the environment thrive? If so, Samyak International Private Limited can help you out. All their products are made up of recycled materials as well as items that are home crafted. 

Both helps not only the local industry of Nepal but also the planet overall. They are a company that has shown immense growth in a relatively short amount of time. It can be seen in the high quality of products that they produce and the relationship that they have with existing clients.

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9. Hangzhou Realfine Technology Co., Ltd.

9. Hangzhou Realfine Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Realfine Technology Co., Ltd. was established only three years ago, in the year 2018. They are situated in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. They mainly make items under the textile category, as of now. Though with a staff of around 200 people, they can expand into different areas to make their portfolio even more versatile.

Main Products

Realfine deals in Pillows, Cushions, Mats, and Slippers.

Why Choose Hangzhou Realfine Technology Co., Ltd.?

With how new this company is, they will be looking to go above and beyond all the aspects for their clients. Because they know they have to build traction while a lot of their competitors already have it. Thus, they have a response time that is under 7 hours and a team of 20 people that is solely dedicated to their Research and Development department.

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10. Nantong Shule Sponge Production Co., Ltd.

10. Nantong Shule Sponge Production Co., Ltd.

Nantong Shule Sponge Production Co., Ltd. is a company located in Jiangsu, China, and was established in the year 2005. Since then, they have expanded into different areas of textile manufacturing, designing, and trade. 

They are operated by a staff of 50 people and have clients all over the world.

Main Products

The main products are Memory Foam Mattresses, Memory Foam Pillow, Memory Foam Cushions, and Memory Foam Pillows.

Why Choose Nantong Shule Sponge Production Co., Ltd.?

Nantong Shule Sponge Production provides a few key benefits that will make any client happy. They design, produce, and ship from their facilities, which allows them to have strict quality control over all the units they ship out. 

Nantong Shule then also has very convenient access to shipping, making timely delivery of the products a must. They also have 16 years’ worth of experience in the field, bound to help them produce products that the customers want and need.

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Best 5 US Cushion Suppliers


1. Malini

11. Malini

Malini is a retailer and wholesaler of soft furnishing. The company has its head office and warehouse in the UK. It supplies high-quality soft furnishings at competitive prices. They specialize in creating seasonal collections. The variety of designs gives them an advantage in the industry. 

Main Products

The products by Malini include a large variety of cushions, quilts, and rugs. They also sell junipers, doorstops, and throws. The collections have various designs such as velvet, fur, foil prints, and much more. 

Why Choose Malini?

Choosing Malini provides customers with high quality and the most enormous variety of cushions. They specialize in making seasonal designs. Their unique designs, which come twice a year, are a unique selling point for them. 

Moreover, the delivery service is faster. The customers can get their orders without any delays. Additionally, the website has made shopping easy and convenient. The customers can order and receive goods without any hassle. 

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2. The Linen Factory

12. The Linen Factory

Linen factory is a family-owned company. It has become a lead supplier and manufacturer of linens in the United States. The company began in Brooklyn in the 1980s. It is currently operating from Philadelphia. The company has experience of over 30 years in supplying quality linens.

Main Products

The company manufactures a full line of beddings and linen products. The main products include various pillows, sheets, comforters, mattress pads, and other soft furnishing decors. 

Why Choose The Linen Factory?

Choosing Linen factory provides customers with the lowest costs. They provide high-quality products through their quality control system. The company has excellent customer service. They have a competitive edge by lower prices.

Moreover, top-notch customer care helps customers in the shopping experience. They provide fast shipping all over the States. Standard delivery charges also lower the costs for customers. 

Additionally, the experience of 30 years has helped the company form a vast customer base and develop the highest standard of products.  

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3. United Pillow

13. United Pillow

United Pillows is a lead cushion manufacturer in Miami. The company has over 15 years of experience in the cushion industry. They provide high-quality products at low prices. The business offers pillows to both professionals and institutions. 

Main Products

The main products by the company include travel pillows, cushions, cushion fabrics, and much more. They also provide bedding specialty pillows. They have a variety of fillings for the cushions as well.

Why Choose United Pillow?

The vast experience in the industry helps the company thrive. The online website helps customers make their orders hassle-free. The extended business hours and fast shipping time enhance their service

Moreover, the online orders are secure with 128 encryptions. The customer care help center has skilled staff. They guide the customers in making the right decisions. 

Additionally, the delivery is direct from the factory. This makes the delivery faster and better. Moreover, customers can customize orders with no custom prices. Choosing United Pillows gives customers the highest quality products at the lowest prices. 

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4. Pillow Décor

14. Pillow Décor

Pillow Décor is the largest cushion retailer in North America. It has offices located in Blaine, Vancouver, and Canada. It sources its fabrics and products from all over the world. They believe in providing the best possible selection of cushions at competitive prices. 

Main Products

The company produces a large variety of cushions in different colors, patterns, and styles. It also sells pillow inserts and outdoor pillows. 

Why Choose Pillow Décor?

Pillow décor is the largest cushion retailer in North America. They provide a large variety of cushions from all over the world. They have unique and different designs. This gives them an advantage in the industry. The business aims to provide goods at the lowest prices. 

Furthermore, it has fantastic customer service. They deal with each customer personally. This makes the shopping experience easy and straightforward. The company caters to the demands of all kinds of customers.

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5. West Elm

15. West Elm


The West Elm is a leading retailer and manufacturer in home furnishing and décor. It provides sustainable products at low prices. The company aims to provide the best furnishing while being socially responsible. It specializes in home décor and soft furnishing. 

Main Products

It has a variety of products, including outdoor cushions, throws, and pillows. It also produces and markets pillow inserts alongside its other major products for home furnishing. 

Why Choose West Elm?

Choosing West Elm gives customers a chance to become socially responsible. The company aims to become environmentally friendly. It carries our large corporate social responsibility projects. The products are made by skilled artisans and craftsmen.

They train the local communities in developing artisanry skills. They source their products sustainably. Moreover, most of the cotton used in cushions and beddings is organic. This makes the products safe for the skin.

They provide amazing customer service. The business aims to keep customer satisfaction and community safety a priority.

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Best 5 UK Cushion Suppliers


1. Cushions


Cushions.co.uk is a leading furnishing company with experience of over twenty years, based in Lancaster UK. The company initially begin on selling cushions made from antique kilims. 

Main products

The wide range of products that Cushions.co.uk sells include tapestry, plain cushions, wall hangings, and silk cushions. Additionally, they deal in velvets, draught excludes, table runners, and different cushion collection styles for indoor and outdoor use.

Why choose Cushions?

The company outstands itself with the highest quality goods. They have dedicated machinists and specialized staff for ensuring the best quality and standard packaging

The company accommodates its customers as much as possible with an online sales team, website, and social media campaigns. Another major benefit of using Cushions Company is that it offers free shipping within the UK for more than 60 pounds.

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2. Dunrich Soft Furnishing

17.Dunrich Soft Furnishing

Dunrich Soft Furnishing is one of the top manufacturers and retailers of soft furnishing. The company has the head office located in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. It specializes in sofa cushions and a wide range of pillows.

Main products

Dunrich Soft Furnishing has a wide variety of products. Some of its main products include cushions and cushion inners. It also produces cut fabrics, bolsters, different types of beanbags, and pregnancy pillows. 

Why choose Dunrich Soft Furnishing?

By choosing Dunrich Soft Furnishing, the customers get high-quality products from a wide range. The products are durable and long-lasting, made from the most delicate fabrics and material. Their consumer policies are very friendly and easy to understand. 

Another quality is their damaged good policy and 7-day return policy. This helps build customer trust. Moreover, they make purchasing experience simple and easy. Their Customer Care team guides customers.

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3. Cushion Warehouse

18.Cushion Warehouse

The company is a second-generation business based in South East of England. This family-run business is committed to supplying the best products at affordable prices. It has specialized in making its product range, including bespoke cushions and much more. 

Main products

The company produces a wide range of cushions, cushion pads, and cushion fillings. It also sells a variety of beddings, curtains, and furnishing fabrics. It also specializes in designing and making bespoke cushions. 

Why choose Cushion Warehouse?

Choosing this company offers customers a chance to avail best quality goods. The business has a wide range of cushions and fabrics. It offers free delivery at standards rates.  There is a vast variety of fabrics and materials to choose from.

Additionally, they offer to both retail and trade customers. This gives them a competitive edge and a large customer base. Their vital customer service and guidance help gain customer loyalty. 

Moreover, it offers a 14-day cancellation time to accommodate customers. It has become of the top names in the industry due to its fantastic service. 

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4. British Wholesalers

19.British Wholesalers

With over 30 years of experience, British Wholesales has become a lead supplier for the home textiles and fashion industry. It provides wholesale printed services on bed linen and duvet sets. The company is located in the Swan Mill, Bolton, UK. 

Main products

It offers high-quality products and a wide range of cushions and pillow sets. A wider range of products includes table and bed linens, towels, and duvets.

Why choose British Wholesalers?

Choosing British wholesales will offer quality produced fabrics. The business is very quality-oriented. It follows British standards for producing goods. The company owns textile factories to ensure quality. They have vast experience in manufacturing and delivering cushions and fabrics. 

Another quality of the company is its customer service. Their sales team and guides help customers decide from the product range. They have specialized in imports and exports. This offers them a competitive edge over others.

Choosing British Wholesale offers customers to join the already large customer base of more than 10,000 people.

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5. Homefords


Homefords is a specialist wholesale supplier of soft furnishings. It has experience of over 100 years in the industry. The company works in a range of sectors, including hospitals, social housing groups, and leisure. It is one of the largest distributors of soft furnishing in the UK.

Main products

They stock and sell a range of products, including curtains, voiles, beddings, table linens, etc. They specialize in importing and distributing cushions. They have a huge variety and collection of cushions available

Why choose Homefords?

Choosing Homefords gives customers better quality products from its warehouse. The company has experience of 100 years. This helps build customer base and trust. They already have tens of thousands of loyal customers. 

Additionally, they provide standard free shipping with bulk order discounts. Their low-price goods make them an affordable option for all. Furthermore, their Shop-on-the-go website makes shopping easy and convenient.

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How To Buy Cushion From China: Super Guide

Are you thinking of starting a business selling cushions? Or maybe you are just looking for ways to import cushions from China. No worries, we have you covered in this comprehensive guide. There are a lot of subcategories even within cushions, from furniture cushions to outdoor cushions. 

Instead of putting in hours of work going back and forth with local vendors and paying a premium, you should instead opt for importing from China. If you order in bulk, you will get reasonable prices. Not only that, but you will also have a selection of unique items that you may never have seen before. 

Additionally, the advantages of having multiple cushion suppliers and manufacturers are apparent. You can be confident in getting the best prices when negotiating. If one of them can’t deliver the order or backs out, you always have other suppliers to choose from. 

How to Grow your business by importing Cushions from China?   

What is the Cushions business?

In a cushions business, it’s all about selling comfort items that may be necessary or complement other products. 

Moreover, some cushion products are also standalone, which means they don’t require any other product to function. The cushions business can be for the general market or targeting niche markets like sofa cushions. Some niche cushion products can be furniture cushions, cushion pads, outdoor cushions, and others. 

The best advantage of starting a cushion business is that it’s almost everyone’s need. People use them daily. There will always be a need for cushions, but the exact requirement can vary. In conclusion, the cushions business is selling comfort items to a target audience. 

What are the benefits of importing Cushions from China?

Instead of local cushion manufacturers, there are numerous advantages in importing cushions from China. Let’s have a look at some of these. 

Firstly, when it comes to business, what matters most is the bottom line. The profits you get at the end of a day. When importing from China, you will notice the low price of products if you buy in bulk. This way, you can sell with a higher profit margin. 

Cushion 1

Secondly, you get novelty. People love originality, and that’s why it sells. Early adopters are always looking for new and unique items that can set them apart. Chinese cushion manufacturers are at the forefront of innovations. These fantastic products will generate interest and give you a competitive advantage wherever you are selling. 

Aside from the revenue structure and a successful value proposition, Chinese cushion manufacturers and suppliers have sturdy products with high qualities. Most suppliers offer quality and price brackets. You can choose the appropriate quality depending on your budget as well as your target audience’s budget. 

Finally, you can set your prices. This way, you can get savings and some amount left over to reinvest in growth of the business. There are a lot of opportunities out there. You could become a top reseller for China cushion suppliers

Who uses Cushions?

Cushions are widely used in households, followed by commercial and then corporate environments. It has almost a consistent market activity throughout the year. Although, there are some months where the sale performance is better than the typical trend. 

Sales receive a boost during gifting seasons in around December and February. Baby Boom Generation or the Generation Y gift each other cushion products. 

People also buy cushions as housewarming gifts or as a gift for newborns. Then there are occasions like Valentine’s day and Christmas where there is a particular demand for custom-made sofa cushions. 

Before deciding to set up a cushion store, go for defining a target market you will be primarily selling. You can later expand to other target audiences as well, but at the start, it’s best to stick with just one or two. For instance, you can research the audience interested in the outdoors and adventure. Then you can set up a store specifically selling outdoor cushions. 

So, in conclusion, you have a wide range of options as your target audience who regularly use cushions. You can go ahead with confidence if you’re planning to trade in cushions. 

How to choose the best Cushions manufacturer?

Choosing the best cushions is one of the most significant business decisions you will make. And that’s true for your entire cushion business journey. The first step is to carry out the fundamental research on the number of sellers. This process is for wherever and on whichever platform you’re planning to sell. 

Take some time to learn about the factory as well. You can practically track down the factory’s past customers and products. Take a look at the reviews paying particular attention to reliability and quality. Also, check out the manufacturer’s billing address. 

After searching for the matching manufacturers and narrowing down your list, contact them. Be confident in asking for their official business documents for verification. You should also make sure they have the necessary product certifications like ISO certification. 

Be sure to ask for the production cycles and lead times. 

Cushion 2

Although you can conduct all this process in person, it might not be feasible to do so. Fortunately, you can also contact the manufacturers online and ask for a sample. Or you could contact us here at Leeline, where we can find the best manufacturer for you. 

How to negotiate with China Cushions suppliers?

Are you just starting building a cushion selling business? If so, negotiating prices with Chinese suppliers is going to be one of the most critical steps. Getting favorable prices is going to build or break your business. 

Moreover, it can be challenging because of cultural and communication gaps. Even so, it is very doable. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  • Check rates from multiple suppliers.
  • Offer to work in the long term.
  • Don’t bargain too much that the manufacturer is forced to send low-quality products.
  • Don’t trust everything the manufacturer or supplier says. 

How to carry out Shipping Cushions from China?

Shipping is another step in starting your cushions business. It will continue throughout the business, so you might want a long-term arrangement. Firstly, try to get general rates for shipping methods like by sea or by air. Figure out which way can work best for your chosen products. 

Once you decide which shipping method is most appropriate, ask for rates from different carriers. Afterward, you can contact a freight forwarder or contact the supplier to arrange the shipping for you. 

How to Sell Cushions online to earn money?

Selling cushions online is one of the best ways of selling cushions. You don’t have to set up huge stores and pay for all the expenses of a brick-and-mortar store. You simply need to offer your products on a website.

Now, this website can be your website or an existing eCommerce platform like Amazon. There are pros and cons both ways. If you go for your website, you won’t have to worry about other sellers on the website. However, this will increase marketing costs. 

On the other hand, selling on Amazon saves your marketing expenses. But you are going to have competition.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I buy Cushions at wholesale rates?

First, you need to contact one of the wholesale shops or factories. One easy way to do this is to go on the website Alibaba. Once there, search for Cushions or any specific type of cushion that you are looking for.

You will then get a list of different manufacturers that are shipping cushions at wholesale rates. You can choose the seller that aligns with your needs and order the product.

Is there a difference between wholesale product sellers?

There are a few differences that you can find between sellers.

One of them is the experience that they have. Some manufacturers are operating for over ten years, while some may be a couple of years old.

Next, the difference is whether the seller designs and produces the product in-house or has other companies do the work.

Some other differences include the price, quality, and variety of products. 

Is there a return policy on wholesale items?

This depends and varies from company to company. Each trader will have their own set of guidelines that a client can read and get the details before they order. Some sellers provide the opportunity to return products, while some don’t. Generally, because wholesale items are ordered in bulk,

Cushion 3

Is there a minimum amount of Cushions that I have to order?

Yes, there is a minimum number of Cushions you will have to order if you go for wholesale prices. This minimum amount varies from company to company.

Usually, the larger number of items you get, the less you will have to pay per item.

Can I get custom Cushions from wholesale sellers?

This mainly depends on whether the company that you chose designs the Cushions themselves or not.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale Cushions From China

The wholesale cushions business has a lot of potential. We hope you have gained all the knowledge to help get you started.

If you are importing from China, you can save the hassles of locating a manufacturer with lower rates. 

So, are you ready to take the next step? Contact us from the form below and we will happily answer your queries. 

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