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Leeline Sourcing is the BEST custom baseball cap manufacturer from the East! Lean on our IMMENSE EXPERIENCE in the game, as we’ve been in the industry for over 10 years. Bring you a vast network that makes your operations and supply chain efficient. Your enterprise COMPETITIVELY position itself in the market, allowing EASY EXPANSION.

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Custom Baseball Cap manufacturer
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Guaranteeing lasting endurance, utmost comfort, and distinctive style to meet your contentment.



Experience the freedom to place orders without being restricted by minimum quantity requirements.

Private Label

Private Label

Enhance your brand image and create a unique identity through our private label offerings.

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Competitive Prices

Unlock cost efficiency while maintaining superior quality to empower your business with budget-friendly solutions.


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About us

Your Best Custom Baseball Cap Supplier

Check out our custom baseball hats factory. It is on the BLEEDING EDGE of technology. That means your baseball hats come SUSTAINABLY MADE. All our products have a quality check that brings you premium and durable caps. 

Our team is made up of 50 superbly talented designers. They are supported on the back end by a team of 100 members in the China Factory. As a result, we are able to meet over 150,000 orders from over 5000 clients worldwide. Buy the MINIMUM QUANTITY or bulk orders with confidence. 

We also give you access to our team 24/7 through calls, emails, and chat support. EXTENSIVE NETWORK of reliable logistic partners. They bring you everything in one piece. All our products come in premium custom packaging to add MORE VALUE. 

We bring you cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions for each part of the value chain. Ensure you get nothing but the best at a competitive price. You STAND OUT in the market, which translates to more selling and PROFITS with our custom hats.

Custom Baseball Cap Product Features

Fabric Selection

Get the best MATERIAL CHOICES for your dad hats, depending on the occasion. Choose from Premium Cotton, Durable Polyester, Eco-Friendly Options, and Blend Fabrics. You can also go for Performance Materials or Denim and Canvas if you wanna get creative with custom hats. Offering this splendid hat variety to the market wins CONSUMERS’ TRUST and REPUTATION.

Custom Fit

Give your customers the perfect fit EVERY TIME. Our caps come with Adjustable Closures, Sizing Variety, Ergonomic Design, and Specialty Fits. You give them more crown-fitting options, includinga snapback closure that can FIT most customers. Gain additional MARKET SHARE by servicing MORE CUSTOMERS.

Vibrant Color Options

Printing and Embroidery

Breathe life into your hat with MODERN DESIGNS. You go for Screen Printing, Digital Printing, and Sublimation Printing. We offer embroidered baseball caps for Elegance and Texture. 3D Puff Embroidery or Specialty Threads AND Techniques are also available. Generate the best word-of-mouth referrals and REPUTATION in the market.

Brim Styles

Bring to market caps with loads of brim variations. Our team gives you Classic Curved Brim, Flat Brim, Short Brim, and Distressed Brim. Also, opt for Sandwich Brim, Piping, and Edge Details for extra variations suitable for the new era. Each hat wins you a COMBINATION of more market share and a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

Dynamic Embellishments

Make each hat STAND OUT with embellishments. You get Unique Patches, Metal Badges, Metallic Threads, and Glow-in-the-Dark Threads. Additional bells and whistles include Hand-Sewn Beads, Rhinestones, and Studs. Opt for Metal Studs, Textured Fabrics, and Appliqués to enhance the caps’ visual appeal. Get enhanced REPEAT PURCHASES with stand-out hats.

Personalized Tags

Additional features

Go the EXTRA MILE with additional features. Opt for Built-in Technology, Moisture-Wicking Linings, and Hidden Compartments. Get Reflective Accents, Adjustable Sizing Features, Interchangeable Patches, and Earphone Loops. Enjoy BETTER product performance in the market and SATISFIED CUSTOMERS.

Elevate your brand with custom baseball caps! Partner with us for premium quality and unbeatable wholesale prices. Let’s craft your unique identity together.

What Do We Offer?

Expertise and Innovation

Expertise and Innovation

As the premier custom baseball cap manufacturer, we boast LOADS of skills. We have artists, designers, and craftspeople who are RICHLY SEASONED. So they know how to create different designs. Whether you want traditional or contemporary cap designs, our experienced team will deliver.

All this is done at our industry-leading facility featuring the LATEST FABRICATION TECH. That is coupled with advanced DIGITAL DESIGN software. Additionally, our customization features stand out. We give you different closures, sizes, and decorative elements. Satisfy your client’s needs and GROW MARKET SHARE.


End-to-End Solution Partner

You get the full VIP solutions. We maintain proper oversight of the various aspects of our production chain. That includes suppliers and other production partners who ensure quality at all levels. Enjoy CUSTOM BRANDING, such as bespoke logos on your products, including the packaging.

Plus, we navigate the intricacies of LOGISTICS and CLEARANCE so that you don’t have to. We also hold your hands THROUGHOUT the purchase process using our after-sales support. Focus on OTHER ASPECTS of running the business, such as marketing.

End-to-End Solution Partner
Tailored to Your Brand

Tailored to Your Brand

You and your business are the focal point of our design process. We come through with quick, FAST prototyping and a collaborative team to create your products. You QUICKLY make changes. The CREATIVE IMPLEMENTATION of your vision. 

Make use of our exceptional team understands the market allowing us to create custom designs that meet trends and demand. CATCH and EXPLOIT TRENDS ahead of everyone. Every stitch comes with the LATEST INNOVATION, ensuring durability. Earn great reviews, inspire loyalty, and get more profits.


Customized Service Process

Step1: Customer needs

Let us know your PRECIOUS needs about the products. And tell us colors, designs, and PRINTING processes.

Step2: Product design

Our designers PLEDGE TO create the perfect design. Pay attention to details. There is your FAVORITE sample! 

Step3: Sample production

Help you CHOOSE the fabric and printing types. After confirmation, we produce the first SAMPLE.

Step4: Confirm the sample

The very next moment, thePROTOTYPE is in your HANDS! Check it and CONFIRM whether it conforms to your NEEDS or not. 

Step5: Mass production

Bulk manufacturing BEGINS after you give a GREEN signal. Ensuring that every piece reflects the quality and craftsmanship you envision. 

Step6: Package & shipping

Once products are READY, we apply QUALITY checks. PACK it.  Ensure packaging has MULTIPLE LAYERS. Resistant to damage and moisturization. Finally, ship it to you. 

Maximize your brand’s visibility with custom caps! Join forces with us for exclusive designs and wholesale deals. Let’s make your mark in style!

Why choose us

Global Reach

Global Reach

Over the years, we have curated an EXTENSIVE global shipping and logistics network. As a result, expect to get your hats in ANY CORNER of the world. It’s guaranteed we have RELIABLE PARTNERS that ensure secure and TIMELY shipping. The extensive experience also allows us to anticipate challenges and handle them. Get reduced logistical burden with our custom baseball cap manufacturer, giving you COST SAVINGS.

Reliable Support

Reliable Support

Lean on our MULTILINGUAL support team in case of any challenges. They handle any challenges with absolute attention to detail and clarity. We approach each issue with CARE and sensitivity to cultural nuances. So they appeal to a diverse audience globally. This custom baseball cap manufacturer extends to after-sales services, so you shop with confidence. REDUCE complaints and disputes.

Responsive Communication

Responsive Communication

Get real-time updates that ensure TRANSPARENCY. That spans every stage of the production process from design to prototyping. CHOOSE whichever communication medium works for you, including emails, phones, and messages. Get any issues and crises handled PRONTO. Create trust in the product from the beginning, allowing you to establish a STRONG BRAND with ease.

Retail Packaging Design

Retail Packaging Design

Express your brand’s language with packaging that is made according to YOUR ETHOS. Attract and impress your target audience. We give you an array of materials to choose from and find a balance between form and function. Branding is also included in the packages. Create CUSTOMER STICKINESS and BRAND IMAGE.

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Drive brand recognition with custom baseball caps! Collaborate with us for tailored solutions and wholesale benefits. Let’s turn heads and boost your business!

Custom Baseball Cap Production Process

Our process guarantees PREMIUM QUALITY. Whichever vision you have in mind, we’ve got you. Here is how we do it:

1.    Design

Our stellar team of designers and craftspeople is ALL EARS. They take in your designs and diligently attend to YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. You just need to give them the color, pattern, and design elements.

2.      Choose the Fabric

We offer you a LARGE SELECTION of fabric choices, all of which aim to wow you. Go for quick dry, thermal-resistant, UV-resistant, anti-order, and reflective fabrics. Keep in mind the goal is to align YOUR BRAND needs.

3.      Cut the Fabric

Our team uses CUTTING-EDGE METHODS to chop up the fabric. Depending on your needs, you get a brand knife, straight, straight knife, laser, and die cutting. We make sure that the dimensions are JUST RIGHT.

4.      Print or Embroider

Here, we bring your designs to life. You have the option of sublimation, heat transfer, screen, and reflection printing. Our team gives you the BEST RESOLUTION on each custom hat.

 5.      Sewing and Stitching

It’s time to bring the designs together. We use the LATEST apparel-making machinery to do this. So, your hats get BARTACK, REINFORCED, FLAT-FELLED, AND STITCHING TECHNIQUES.

6.      Quality Control and Shipping

The final steps of our process entail a strict QUALITY CHECK. They inspect every aspect of the product. That ensures only those that PASS our STANDARDS are packaged. And voila, we have them shipped to you.

Partner with us, and you will be guaranteed to EXCEED customer expectations. Build a SOLID BRAND.


Customers Baseball Cap Cases
Customers Baseball Cap Cases
Customers Baseball Cap Cases
Customers Baseball Cap Cases


Have you heard about Leeline Sourcing? Well, lemme put you on. I bought some CUSTOM CAPS for my business, and let me tell you, they were lovely. They DON’T enforce a MINIMUM QUANTITY for ORDERS like most other manufacturers. Each hat comes with exceptional stitching and craftsmanship. Yes, even my TRUCKER HATS.

– Todd L Marin


Leeline Sourcing is a HIDDEN GEM in the custom apparel world. Yes. That is a hill I am willing to DIE ON. These folks bring you the highest level of service with unheard-of quality. They make sure I have each popular category of hat. Just CHECK THEM out, you’ll thank me later.

– Rafael G Zaragoza

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    LeelineSourcing will always be your best custom products partner for providing high-quality goods from China.


    Hello, I’m Sharline, the founder of LeelineSourcing, a seasoned manufacturer specializing in customized products. Leveraging a decade of experience, we have evolved into a trusted name, specializing in tailored solutions. Our commitment extends beyond production – we ensure a seamless process from concept to creation, providing personalized service at every step. Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence. Our team is here to transform your ideas into bespoke realities.

    Whatsapp ID : 8613986152456

    Skype : sharline1983

    Wechat: 13986152456

    [email protected]

    Address: Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

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