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Is Dropshipping Grocery Online profitable in 2024

Yes, it is! Grocery is undeniably important to our daily life. People need them to replenish their energy to carry out their daily activities. Hence, many customers seek groceries online for convenience. You can earn profit from this if you start to dropship food with the booming food industry.

Is Dropshipping Grocery  Online profitable

Wholesale Grocery For Dropshipping


Wholesale Meat


Wholesale Beverages


Wholesale Bread


Wholesale Dairy

Frozen Foods

Wholesale Frozen Foods

Jarred Goods

Wholesale Jarred Goods

Our Grocery Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Grocery Suppliers

We can provide extensive product sourcing for grocery drop shipping online businesses. Our team also helps find suppliers with lower minimum order quantities to reduce the dropshipping risk. That way, you can mitigate the supplier risk to ensure profit gains.

Grocery Quality Control

Leeline Sourcing also guarantees that the quality of the groceries is up to your requirement. Hence, we ensure that your groceries meet the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. You will be assured of meeting the customer’s needs and expectations. 

Product Quality Control
branded dropshipping

Branded Dropshipping

We can assist you in adding your brand materials and matching your color scheme for a personalized customer experience. You can improve customer loyalty to your brand with these services.

Private Label & White Label Grocery

Private label and white label products can help you to produce unique branding to promote your business. We can handle it for you by designing your product style from bags to boxes and banners. It will help you to service your customers better through customization.

Private Label & White Label
dropship fulfillment

Dropshipping Fulfillment

There is no need to worry about the drop shipping fulfillment process. We can assist you in calculating different types of import duties and choosing the best delivery option for you. You will bear low shipping costs and high speed to satisfy your customers.

Hear it from fellow Grocery Dropshipper

Leeline Sourcing was very helpful to me since I started my own grocery dropshipping business. They help me boost my sales in a short time. Good job, team!

– Charles, Florida

Source Your Grocery and Start Dropshipping

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Best 5 Grocery Dropshipping Suppliers

Are dropshipping groceries profitable in 2024? Yes, it definitely is! Ever since the pandemic, people have been advised to stay at home. Hence, they are prone to order their grocery online. It allows you to earn money by dropshipping groceries online!

With over ten years of experience in product sourcing, we help companies start and run their own dropshipping grocery business. You can find the right dropshipping product and boost your sales.

In this article, you will learn many things about grocery dropshipping. Let’s get started.

Best 5 Grocery Dropshipping Suppliers

Advantages of dropshipping grocery

There are many advantages if you have a grocery dropshipping business.

  1. Low Setup and Operating Costs

You can eliminate the operating cost if you dropship groceries. As you don’t need a warehouse or staff, the setup cost will also be low.

I have been in the GROCERY Business for more than 5 years. Rapid turnover and sales don’t let them STORE. It saves the overhead costs and increases the profits for the sellers.

  1. No Inventory Storage

Your supplier will manage the inventory. Hence, you do not have to hold any inventory, which allows you great flexibility.

  1. Low Risk

Without any inventory risk, you will not bear any liability that can cause losses. You would also earn profit almost immediately with the low risk. 

  1. HIgh-Profit Margin

Groceries that suppliers often offer at low prices. You can resell them at high prices and earn a high-profit margin.

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We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

Best 5 grocery dropshipping suppliers

1. GreenDropShip

GreenDropShip Dropshipping Grocery

I have utilized the GreenDropShip for the product dropshipping. They have a DIVERSITY of products. Finding the best item is no longer a BIG DEAL when you are working with the GreenDropship.

GreenDropShip offer over 20000 organic and natural products. They have a wide range of inventory of specialty food and beverages. You can find healthy drinks, vegan food items, gourmet products, and organic coffee.

Main Services:

  • FBA Prep Services
  • No Minimum Order Quantity Dropshipping

2. Syncee

Syncee Dropshipping Grocery

Syncee’s marketplace offers quality food and drinks from reliable suppliers. They have a wide network of suppliers from all around the world. Hence, you can find unique and delicious candies, juices, beers, and snacks on Syncee.

Main Services:

  • Fast Delivery Services
  • Integrates with Shopify, WiX, and WooCommerce

3. Bangalla

Bangalla Dropshipping Grocery

Bangalla is known to drop ship organic and healthy products from the US. They have a range of online merchants with access to 700 brands and 125 product categories. Bangalla offers grocery, health, beauty products, and vitamin supplements. 

Such a large number of categories and brands is a GOOD OPPORTUNITY. I can turn my business deals into a better profit. Quotes from different suppliers gets me the LOWEST price.

Main Services:

  • Wholesale and Dropship Services
  • Extra Discounts for Gold Members

4. Honest Green eSolutions

Honest Green eSolutions Dropshipping Grocery

Honest Green eSolutions provides various gluten-free wholesale natural and organic food products and other items. They have over 5000 quality products in 200 different categories. It includes baking supplies, organic vegetables, and dairy products.

Main Services:

  • Organic Food Distribution
  • International Delivery

5. eSutras Organics

eSutras Organics Dropshipping Grocery

eSutras Organics is a Chicago-based company. They offer organic herbs, spices, and food and beverage products. Their approach is to ensure that their products don’t have chemicals. eSutras Organics’ products include raw vegetable oil, vegan products, and health foods.

Main Services:

  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Natural Organic Products Distribution

How to start your grocery dropshipping business?


You can start your online grocery business with several easy steps:

  1. Work on Research

You need to do proper research firsthand to understand all the policies for dropshipping groceries. Choosing the best-selling product category for your dropshipping food business is also vital.

  1. Search for Suppliers

Then you can search for a reputable dropshipping supplier that can offer you groceries. Preferably an experienced supplier as they know the business.

  1. Set Up an Online Store

You’ll need to develop an online store to start taking orders in your dropshipping store. Uploading pictures and writing detailed descriptions can help you attract more consumers.

  1. Process the Orders

Once there are customers that put down orders, process them immediately. Provide your supplier details so they can ship the food and beverages to your buyers.

  1. Provide Customer Services

Be keen on the reviews that your buyers left on your store. You should solve the clients’ issues if they aren’t satisfied in order to maintain a good reputation.

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FAQs about Dropshipping Grocery

Can I Dropship Groceries?

Yes, you can! Groceries are part of essential items for everyone. You can fulfill consumer demand by dropshipping groceries online. It is a great opportunity to earn a profit and enjoy the benefits.

What Should I Be Aware Of When Dropshipping Groceries

You have to be aware of the food policies for your food delivery business. As groceries can include sensitive food and beverages, you must ensure that they are processed properly. It is to make sure that your customer can consume them safely.

How To Find Trusted Grocery Supplier?

It is easy to find grocery dropshipping suppliers simply by reading their past customers’ reviews. If their customers were satisfied with their groceries constantly, you could proceed with choosing them as suppliers. You can also determine their reliability by checking their sales chart.

How to Handle Unsatisfied Customers?

You can start by asking them about the reasons that they are unsatisfied. If it regards the food products, you may ask your supplier to replace them. If it is another issue, such as delivery times, you may consider changing shipping options to ensure it won’t happen again.

What’s Next

In this article, it is clear to see that you can benefit by starting a grocery dropshipping business. You will be able to satisfy the market’s demand with reliable suppliers. The wide product range they offer will certainly help you gain profit. What are you waiting for? Start a grocery dropshipping business today!

If you want to further develop your dropshipping business, welcome to contact us.

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