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Is Dropshipping Health Products Online profitable in 2024

Health products generate more profit and have higher demands. Even customers purchase the anti-aging cream for their skin solutions. This is not a single example. Instead, you can explore many more instances.

Therefore, you can make higher sales and earn more profits by selling health products.

Health Products

Wholesale Health Products For Dropshipping


Wholesale Vitamins

Essential Oils

Wholesale Essential Oils

Anti-snoring device

Wholesale Anti-snoring device

Makeup Headband

Wholesale Makeup Headband

Face Rollers

Wholesale Face Rollers

Eye Patche

Wholesale Eye Patches

Our Health Products Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Health Products Suppliers

Our experts contribute to sourcing health product suppliers for a better dropshipping business. We grab the free samples, settle on affordable prices, and deal with a number of suppliers to get the most suitable one. You will save money and mitigate potential risks for sourcing suppliers.

Product Quality Control

We have a separate quality inspection team. Our experts undergo product monitoring in production systems, secure the required health product specifications, and pack the products per expectations. You will win customers’ loyalty and retain a good reputation.

Product Quality Control
branded dropshipping

Branded Dropshipping

We have branded drop shipping services for customers launching their brands. Our experts customize the products to match your health product business and provide printing and shipping facilities without hassle. You will increase brand recognition and improve customer loyalty.

Private Label & White Label Health Products

We have experienced members who know how to get the best private and white label health products. Our IP team will choose the suitable raw material for packaging, customize products according to requirements, and get the best for your business. Private label products will help your business grow faster and better.

Private Label & White Label
dropship fulfillment

Dropshipping Fulfillment

We have all that you need for your dropshipping fulfillment. Our team calculates different shipping rates and customs duties to determine the best shipping method for your health product shipping. You will get real-time tracking facilities, increased shipping speeds, and lower shipping costs.

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Source Health Products and Start Dropshipping

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Best 7 Health Products Dropshipping Supplier

Do you want to start dropshipping health products on your online store? Health and Wellness industry has been booming for years due to advance approaches with the help of technology. So, you can take start in this industry.

Our experts have a decade of experience and know-how to get dropshipping suppliers and the best inventory. Dropshipping products, such as health and beauty products, are popular among all genders. You can get the best prices, settle on possible quality, and sell health and beauty products in your online store.

In this guide, we will explore health and wellness supplies to start the dropshipping company.

Advantages of dropshipping health merchandise

Dropshipping wellness products always provide some pros. You have to unlock those benefits and know whether it can be better for you or not.

However, I have listed the benefits of dropshipping health products.

  • Lower rates

If you get the right online sellers, you can grab lower rates for your health and wellness supplies. You have to purchase inventory at wholesale prices and offer online retail service in your store.

  • Numerous products

Health and Wellness supplies don’t include a single product. Instead, they have several items that are in high demand. So, this can increase business profits.

  • Hassle-free shipping

Shipping in an eCommerce business counts on the suppliers.

SAFE + EASY Dropshipping from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

Best 15 health products to sell online

1. Vitamins Supplements

Vitamins Supplements

Vitamin supplements play a crucial role in the body as food supplements. Therefore, they are in high demand for all gender types. So, you can get the idea from this product for your dropshipping store.

2. Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are helpful in growth. People purchase hair oils for lost hair. So, you can get the product idea and buy them to sell in your store. If you sell them in good packaging and filtration, they could go into premium categories. Don’t do your own experiment with a mixture unless you are a professional. 

3. Hair Products

Hair Products

Hair serum and relevant items are pretty demanding. You can set up your price criterion and sell the hair products to the customers.

4. Sweat Belt

Sweat Belt

Sweat belt makes people fit and healthy. Therefore, sweat belt people can use for various reasons. Consequently, you can consider this for your store also.

5. Anti-smoking magnetic patch

Anti-smoking magnetic patch

To avoid addictions, customers consider using the anti-smoking patch. You can sell this item in your store to make them healthy. It is also a good product idea. You need to have proper certifications for quality standards. Also, people tend to buy them in patches. 

6. Electric Muscular Stimulator

Electric Muscular Stimulator

Excessive phone use has stressed our pressure points.  If you want to build your muscles and look healthy, you can buy an electric muscle stimulator.

7. Anti-snoring device

Anti-snoring device

People purchase anti-snoring devices to prevent them from snoring. Therefore, it is one of the hot products to buy and sell on your online store.

8. Neck Massager

Neck Massager

A neck massager prevents stiffening of the neck. People use it when they do heavy office work. So, it can improve a healthy lifestyle with technical details. You can buy organic health products with an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

9. Ultrasound Cavitation device

Ultrasound Cavitation device

These are handheld devices to remove the excess fat. Especially for fatty persons, this cavitation device can do wonders. So, you can buy this product to sell in your store also.

10. Makeup Headband

Makeup Headband

These headbands keep your hair away. You can feel more comfortable if your hair doesn’t disturb you and get more sales by listing this item in your store. You sell them in the beauty category too. Also, there is not much certification required, so it’s easy to start. 

11. Face Rollers

Face Rollers

Face rollers keep your face active and increase blood circulation. They are beautiful items that are the ideal choice for dropshipping. You can sell them at your dropshipping store.

12. Posture Corrector Brace

 Posture Corrector Brace

Do you need to correct your posture? How can you forget this item? Being one of the popular choices, the posture corrector brace can make up a good idea for selling.

13. Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask

People wear a sleep masks for healthy sleep. So, it can be a health care product to keep a weather eye on. So, you can find dropshipping suppliers and sell the sleep masks in your store.

14. Eye Patches

Eye Patches

Everyone wants to remove the dark circles around the eyes. These are eye patches that can remove those dark circles and improve the quality of the skin around the eyes. You can purchase and sell them in your store.

15. Toothbrush


The toothbrush is an excellent product for brushing your teeth. It gives the best idea and does better business. Moreover, it has higher demands because of everyday use. Also, for kids, I try to customize them with cartoon characters. It entices kids and sells easily. 

Best 7 health products dropshipping suppliers

1. Dependable Industries

Dependable Industries

Dependable industries is a top dropshipping supplier working since 1978. It provides some top items and drop-shipping organic products to the supplier.

They offer discounts to the dropshippers and provide eco-friendly inventory. You can start selling their products in your store.

2. Dropship Town

Dropship Town

Dropship town has been in the dropshipping industry for more than 20 years. They sell organic products in the health and beauty niche with holistic benefits. You can fulfill orders through their dropshipping program. Check out their collection of Western Beauty products and herbal formulas. Pay attention to your branding and marketing. I market my products as herbal products, and it also has good shipping times. 

3. DIA Naturals

DIA Naturals

DIA naturals is a natural beauty brand, as indicated by the name. They have a collection of holistic products and services. They contribute to natural body healing and provide some top products for dropshipping. Their inventory procures quality and is cruelty-free.

4. BellaHair


As the name reflects, BellaHair is a hair supplier for your lost hair. You can get the top items and list them in your store to sell them efficiently. They have the best collection of inventory and make drop shipping more accessible and more efficient.

5. The Pure Source

The Pure Source

Pure Source is a private label manufacturing company with some top items, including pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, vitamins, etc. You can get access to their inventory and come up with a better solution for your dropshipping company. Their products are available at lower prices. They have proper certification and follow quality standards. You could ask them precisely and use them while selling. 

6. VK Wholesale

VK Wholesale

VK wholesale is a dedicated supplier that contributes to the highest quality materials at buying lowest costs. You can buy it at wholesale rates and improve the quality of business. Check out their product collection in the medicine and health care niche right away!

7. Four Seasons General Merchandise

Four Seasons General Merchandise

This dropshipping supplier is a general niche provider. You can get all the product categories and improve your sales. Not only do you get the health merchandise, but you also grab access to multiple other product niches. You can import their products and sell them in your store.

How to start your health products dropshipping business?

To dropship health products, you must contact the top dropshipping suppliers. I Google with different keywords to find potential suppliers. Then ask about these suppliers in different communities. These online sellers will provide you with the inventory at wholesale prices.

However, I have listed some steps to start a dropshipping business.

Step 1: Do Product Research: Product research is quite essential to find the top health and beauty products. You can use Google trends or get some product ideas as above to start your business journey.

Step 2: Get the dropshipping Suppliers: If you have found health and wellness dropshipping products, it is time to get the relevant suppliers. You can find suppliers at Google and discuss your wellness dropshipping requirements.

Step 3: Open your Store: You need an eCommerce platform to sell your products. You can list the beauty products in your store and sell them to your customers. Shopify or Amazon is the top sales channel to sell your inventory. I choose Shopify as it gives me more control over store creation. 

Step 4: Sell inventory: When a customer places an order, you have to fulfill it. International online buyers might also order you. You have set up a shipping option and import the inventory.

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

FAQs About Dropshipping Health Products

What are Health and beauty dropshipping?

Health and beauty dropshipping refer to selling the health and beauty products in your store.

For example, if you sell Asian beauty products through a dropshipping store, it will be health and beauty dropshipping. It is a profitable business around the globe.

What are Wholesale health and wellness products?

You can purchase health and wellness products at wholesale prices. They will generate higher profits and will make income for you. For this reason, you can explore Google and reliable suppliers to be on the safe side.

Which Health and wellness products to sell from home?

You can sell all types of health and wellness merchandise by being at home. You must have an online store and sell products online to your customers. It will make for your dropshipping brand and ensure better business progress.

What are the top product ideas for dropshipping?

There are many top product ideas for your dropshipping company. I have listed them.

Party supplies
Holistic medicine supplies
Supplies electronics and consumer electronics 
Holiday supplies
Wellness items
Baking supplies
Skincare products
Women clothing
Herbal products
Lifestyle products
Personal care inventory
Organic cereal

What’s Next

Do you have an eCommerce store? For successful drop shippers, every component of business matters. If you have a brand, set up its logo and name to indicate what you are selling. Therefore, drop shipping health products requires high levels of skills.

However, to source quality products, you can contact our experts at Leeline Sourcing. Over a decade of experience has enabled us to get quality merchandise and wholesale dropshipping items. Hit us a message or call us right away!

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