What to Do if Your Ecommerce Products Aren’t Showing up on Google?

Sharline Shaw

When working on the creation and development of the eCommerce website, it is not only important to get a website to show up on Google. It is critical also to get page listed on Google as each eCommerce product page plays a significant role in the overall success of the brand’s online performance. However, sometimes products are not showing on Google even though they have already been published and are accessible via the website. In case you also encounter similar issues on your product pages, read this article to learn more about how to promote your eCommerce product pages and how to make Google crawls your site.

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Why are products not showing on Google?

Brand development is essential for each company, so SEO optimization for the entire website is naturally important. However, the promotion of eCommerce product pages is as significant as the optimization of the website in general.

Very often people are searching for the particular product associated with your brand. What happens if they do not find the corresponding results on Google or another search engine? In the best case, your website will show up and users will navigate to the needed product via the search bar or menu available there. In other cases, users might simply consider that the product is not available and will skip back to other brands’ offers.

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When such things happen, it is time to figure out why the eCommerce pages for products are not showing on Google. In reality, there could be multiple reasons for that, ranging from non-indexed status to the low ranking positions.

In general, it is recommended that your eCommerce product pages contain quality content – description of the product and pictures of it. Also, it is highly recommended to add trusted backlinks leading to the particular product page. This will ensure better rankings for the product pages and their high visibility online.

How to make Google crawl your site?

Before diving into the world of eCommerce product pages and their evaluation by Google, let’s start from the very basics. The first step that each web page passes is the crawling and indexing process performed by Google’s AI algorithms and Google bots. Remember that indexing will get the website to show up on Google.

It might happen that Google has not crawled your page yet, so it appears on the waiting list. As a result, an eCommerce product page will not appear when corresponding searches with certain keywords are made. In this case, you will only have to wait for a while and check the status of the product page in the Google Search Console.

While you wait for Google to crawl and index your eCommerce product page, check how it complies with the Quality Ranking Guideline statement. Google pays attention to quality websites first, so the pages which do not meet some requirements might be left behind. The resources of Google are limited, so it gives priority to quality websites.

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To make sure your product pages meet Google’s standards, start with on-page SEO verification techniques. Add a clear meta description for eCommerce pages and include the keywords on it. Review the description for your products along with the photos to ensure the quality of the content. Sometimes the reason may be poor quality photos.  Make sure your photos are of high quality and meet Google’s image requirements. Also, start building backlinks with authority websites after you analyze competitors backlinks.

How to get a page listed on Google?

As it was mentioned above, the page will not appear on Google until the search engine successfully crawls and indexes it. Even though you can’t force Google, you can do several things that would approach the eCommerce product pages to be visible on search results.

Check the entire website

The way Google treats your product page highly depends on the overall domain authority and ranking of your entire website. For that, look at this page to learn how you can improve your website positions online.

Check for any errors

It might happen that Google has discovered some discrepancies associated with your website. You will be able to see that in the Google Search Console by entering the URL address of the particular eCommerce product page. If something was discovered during the indexing process by Google and it decided not to make your page visible, you will see a corresponding error message next to your page’s URL.

Review robots.txt file

Check which directions for crawling you have provided for the search engines in the robots.txt file. As this file contains instructions for the Google bot on which pages to crawl, make sure that specific eCommerce product pages are included there.

Review sitemap.xml file

Similar to the robots. txt file, the sitemap.xml documents contain directions for Google and crawling bots. It indicates the critical web pages and thus makes Google understand that those should be crawled. Review the xitemap.xml file of your website and make appropriate changes by including the necessary information there if needed.

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