200w Portable Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a green energy solution company comprising EXPERTS. Committed to bringing up the best suppliers for your 200-watt solar panel portable. And delivering you the solutions in ONE PLACE. You furnish the best solar panels to your consumers. Increase their trust in your business. And make a good name for your business. 

Speed up the BUSINESS GRAPH with our TOP-NOTCH solar panel solutions!

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Premium 200w Portable Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is a TOP-NOTCH company with customized solar panel solutions. You get DESIRED design, thickness, and portable power.

Folding design:

The solar panel has adjustable kickstands. You can flex your solar panels at any angle you want. And even make it MORE PORTABLE for your desired solar power applications. 

Folding designs maximize the EXPOSURE to the sun. And give your customers a MORE POWER solution up to 25-30%. It improves your business credibility.

High efficiency:

There are Four layers in the solar panel modules. These are PET, monocrystalline solar cells, TPT, and PCB. Monocrystalline solar cells increased the CONVERSION efficiency by up to 22.5%. 

It can surely boost the OUTPUT of power for your consumers. And help them rely on your BUSINESS more than your competitors.

Smart IC Chip:

Smart IC chips protect you from multiple power problems. Overpower, surge, and short-circuit protection maintain your SOLAR PANELS. 

Twenty-four years of manufacturer’s warranty gives a DURABLE solution. It can SKYROCKET your business deals.

Waterproof and dustproof:

PET material transmits light from the Sun. It helps in accumulating power. Moreover, waterproof and dustproof features give more protection in the environment. 

There is less cost to invest in the MAINTENANCE of your solar panel options. And keep your business growing due to trustworthy SOLAR PANEL SOLUTIONS.

Charging for various products:

Our Solar panel solutions act as the SOLAR GENERATORS. You can charge BATTERY. Connect a charge controller. And save the power to EMPOWER multiple devices such as mobile phones, iPads, and laptops. 

It reduces the costs for multiple power STATIONS. And let customers turn their heads to your business. Because you deliver MONEY-saving solar module solutions.

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Advantages Of The Best 200w Portable Solar Panels Services


100% On-Time Shipment Guarantee

Afraid of late shipments? We got you. Our low-cost yet reliable and on-time shipment eliminates the risks of negative customer reviews. It improves customers’ experience. And increases your sales.

Custom Solar Designs

Custom solar designs enable you to implement the desired power voltage features. It Impresses your CONSUMERS because of desired solutions. And get more sales. 

customer support

24-hour online consultation

Whenever you get a problem, our solar panel team helps you out. You solve consumer problems QUICKLY. And reduce CUSTOMER disputes. 


Short lead time

Shorter lead times keep you away from going out-of-stock. Keep top-selling products in ABUNDANCE. And get the sales going for extended periods.

Large-Scale Production

Advanced production line

We have a fast and advanced production system. Automated machinery reduces the PRODUCTION time. Increases production efficiency. And retains more customers with high reliability. 


Safe Payment Method

All of our payment options are compatible and encrypted. You do secure transactions. And avoid the risks of eCommerce fraud. 

A Wide Range of Applications

charging devices

Charging Devices











200w Portable Solar Panels Production Line

We have HIGHLY efficient 200w portable solar panel factory production. And confirms the HIGHEST QUALITY. You get 100% integral solar panel solutions. And gains the attention of more consumers.

Product Parameters

Intenergy Foldable Solar Panel Parameters
Module TypeINE-60M-2FINE-100M-2FINE-120M-4FINE-160M-4FINE-200M-4FINE-300M-6F
Power OutputPmax(W)60100120120200300
Operating VoltageVmp(V)20.3623.8220.3620.4420.4423.82
operating CurrentImp(A)2.954.25.97.837.8312.6
Open-Circuit VoltageVoc(V)24.4728.6424.4724.5524.5528.64
Short-Circuit CurrentIsc(A)3.124.456.238.318.3113.36
Folded Size(mm)490*480*50570*590*50490*480*50510*590*50570*590*50520*590*50
Unfolded Size(mm)970*480*301150*590*301740*480*301920*590*302150*590*303160*590*30
Net Weight(KG)ETFE3.264.625.927.057.7810.37
Fold2 Folded4Folded6 Folded
Cell Efficiency≥22%
Cell (Material / Dimensions)Monocrystalline silicon / 182×91mm
PackingSingle Package
Operating Temperature-40℃ to 80℃
Accessories(1)Standard:Junction Box,DC 5525/5521 (2)Other Accessories can be customized

Brighten the Path to Wholesale Success with 200w Portable Solar Panels. Reach Out for Tailored Solutions and Competitive Rates.


Different certificates include CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CSA. We grab it from the MANUFACTURERS. And help you sell in US and EUROPEAN markets to make more sales.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our inspection team comprehensively analyzes the 200-watt portable solar panel suppliers’ factory. Gives an inspection report. It helps you SELL QUALITATIVE INVENTORY. You win customer’s confidence with ultimate quality

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member5

Reliable and Trustworthy

We are a PROFESSIONAL sourcing company with 10+ years of experience. Thousands of satisfied customers. And a well-established SUPPLY CHAIN improves your trust in our business. We help get the BEST SOLAR PANELS. And build long-term relationships with the reliable 200w portable solar panels suppliers. 

Improve your BUSINESS RECOGNITION with our trustworthy solar panel solutions.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

From sourcing portable solar panel suppliers to shipping, we have all the services in one place. You don’t have to EXERT EFFORTS for multiple suppliers. And wait for hours of work and worthless deals. Our sourcing services get a QUALITY 200-watt solar panel solution. 

Attract a large number of consumers with QUALITY solar panels. 

Sourcing Agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Afraid of rising transaction scams? No more…..Leeline has secure payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards, TT etc. It keeps cyberattacks miles away. Plus, we tackle your DELIVERY to avoid any delivery delays. You run a smooth business. Keep scams away. And shipping orders on time. 

Reduce the risks of fraudulent transactions or delayed delivery with our experts.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Customers are our TOP PRIORITY. Our crew listens to their BUSINESS NEEDS. Does the research. And finds reliable solar panel solutions. The professional approach gets you the HIGH-QUALITY 200-watt solar panels. And create positive vibes about your business.

Establish your BRAND IMAGE with our professional services.

Standardized Procedure

The Excellent Leeline Crew focuses on the implementation of STANDARDIZED procedures. Works with all the professional 200-watt portable solar panel manufacturers. And applies the standard processes when TESTING the factory. It turns out to be easy to sell in the world. 

Create a TRUSTED ENVIRONMENT for the customers with standardized solar panels!

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions perfectly match your business needs and FACTORS. Our team gives attention to your voltage or POWER REQUIREMENTS. Relays it to the 200-watt portable solar panel wholesale manufacturers. And gets you the OPTIMIZED solar panel deals. 

It is a WIN-WIN SITUATION when you focus on CUSTOMERS’ preferences.

Our Payment

Multiple payment options are available. You check the compatible PAYMENT option. Pay through it. And avoid the potential risks of PAYMENT fraud. 

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team (10)
  • Demand Assessment

Leeline Team assesses your demands for the 200-watt portable solar panel. We check the quantity, quality, or voltage you need. Our market analysis is ON-POINT to assist you in evaluating the market conditions. Raise your PROFITS by launching the right 200-watt portable solar panel wholesale. 

  • Supplier Management

Our team assists in finding the BEST suppliers. Check their previous record for the best quality panels. And assess their performance. Plus, we check the manufacturing setup. And apply the strict quality CRITERIA for quality solar panel solutions. Make a POSITIVE IMPRESSION of your brand in customers’ hearts.

  • Contract Negotiation

We negotiate the solar panel solutions for you. Helps you decide whether to choose a supplier or not. We then sort out the legal contract. And sign the contract to avoid any HINDRANCE on the way. You get a seamless experience. And save time to focus on BUSINESS development

  • Order Management

Order management is very QUICK and timed. We checked out all the orders. Coordinate with the warehouse. And ship the solar products on time. Real-time tracking helps CUSTOMERS track orders. You set an EXAMPLE of professional services with efficient order management.

  • Logistics Coordination

Our logistics team is in coordination with us. In case of any 200-watt portable solar panel order, we RELAY the orders to the SHIPPING team. It does the custom packaging. And ships faster to receive solar panels on time. You NEVER LOSE  a single customer due to delayed delivery.

  • Installation Support

Installation support with the DETAILED VIDEOS is another best thing you can get. We will send you a detailed guide. You deliver to your customers. Increase safety while installing a solar panel. And earn their respect with safe and sound installation.  


Our Reliable Partners


Our 200w Portable Solar Panels Factory

The 200-watt solar panel factory covers an area of 18000 square meters. Increase the production efficiency of 200-watt portable solar panels. You meet the MARKET DEMANDS faster. Attract new customers. And retain them to increase the popularity of your business.


Start with us to expand your solar business!

packaging & Delivery

Strong packaging with 100% timely SHIPMENT is our guarantee. You customize the PACKAGES. Improve your brand presence. And get them delivered on time. It reduces the CUSTOMER RETURNS because your orders arrive on time with 100% safety. 

packaging & shipping

Successful Project


Mr. David runs a hotel in the US. And he wanted a portable power station to assist in electricity production

Mr. David runs a hotel. He called our team to help him source 200-watt portable solar panel suppliers. We asked about the quantity. Got the best quality portable power stations. Helped him install the solar generators at the location. 

After installing portable power stations, he was very content with our services. And promise to make another high quantity order for solar panels.

Mr. Xavier wanted to install a portable power station at home

Mr. Xavier is from Italy. He expected our team to grab the best solar system with a battery and charge controller. There was an issue with the lower temperature in Italy due to the winter season. 

We acted instantly. Find the best power station, as most solar generators work at a lower operating temperature. And fulfilled requirements with the timely shipment. It has been a successful deal with Mr. Xavier. 

A week later, we received a call for another solar generator. And it is how we made a permanent client with a reliable solar generator solution.

What our CUSTOMERs say


The Leeline team is next-level. I have closely observed them. They have the best monocrystalline solar cells. Now, I have fulfilled my power requirements. Thank you, Leeline, for so much help.

Steve M Arnone

I have worked with Leeline Energy on many projects. They have exceeded my expectations. All solar panels have 10+ years of warranty. And the best thing is quality. Love that!

Shirley L Sawin

Leave us a message and we will get back to you

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 200w Portable Solar Panels

    1. Can a 200-watt portable solar panel twist?

    To some extent, yes. A 200-watt portable solar panel has a foldable design for BETTER flexibility. It can move to DIFFERENT degrees. Twisting depends on the dimensions you want to use it. 

    2. Can a 200-watt portable solar panel be used as an alternative source of electricity at home?

    Technically, you can use them as the PORTABLE POWER STATION. Before that, you must have a battery. A charge controller. And An AC inverter. This setup will store the solar power. And enlighten your home.

    3. Can a 200-watt solar panel be left connected when not in use?

    Yes. You can leave the 200-watt solar panel kit as it is. There is NO RISK for the short circuit current or power surges. It will act as a portable power station for you.

    4. Do solar panels need to be replaced after a certain period?

    Yes. There are different lifespans for solar panel solutions. For example, some would need up to 15 YEARS. In comparison, others might work for 25 years. After that period, you need to REPLACE THEM. 

    5. Will a 200w solar panel run a 12V fridge?

    Yes. A 200w solar panel is enough to run a mini fridge. It can charge RV batteries. And help you be at ease on the trips. Usually, a 100w solar panel is enough. But to keep the power on, you should have at least a 200w solar panel installed. 

    Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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