In-roof Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy has a network of In-roof solar panels Manufacturers with best prices. Make good profits while enjoying the latest in-roof solar panels technology. 

Hand over supply chains to us so you focus on marketing & business expansion. No more time wastage in dealing with small issues. 

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Premium In-roof Solar Panels Features

We help businesses to provide solar energy panels to their end customers. You get In-roof panels after a detailed inspection, less chances of customer complaints. 

Smooth Current Flow:

Top-notch quality cells for Low hot spot effect. Customers have many in & on-roof solar panels in a small space. Sell this feature to your urban customers with limited space, Your customer traffic will increase.

Consistent Performance:

Good heat dissipation performance for less power loss in cells. You won’t see any dumb in their power supply. Long service life makes your customers happy, and better the credibility of your business. 

Durable to face harsh weather conditions:

Heavy thickness anodized aluminum alloy to fight rust. Assured and passed the salt spray test for long-term outside use. You sell in an area with high humidity to get Good customer reviews. 

High Efficiency:

Best Conversation efficiency from 18%-22% that generates maximum power. More good performance than usual INTEGRATED SOLAR panels. You charge a premium for these panels and profit more than simple ones. 

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In-roof Solar Panels by Types

Black Frame In-roof Solar Panels 

They have less Shading Effect making them suitable for low-light areas. Sell them to your customers in mostly northern areas with less sunlight. 

Good Power efficiency with max 670W+. Commercial factories tend to buy it, and you get long-term, big clients.

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Red In-roof Solar Panels

It is a RED COLOR Integrated roof panel with Coordinated & beautiful frames.

And easier to find your target customers than with black traditional solar panels. Your store has increased foot traffic.

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Thin film flexible In-roof solar panel

Low breakage rate means no need to deal with quality and damage issues. You receive positive feedback from your customers about durability and flexibility.

It’s easy to use in many places, with 80% lighter than dual glass solar panels. Handling would be easy for storage. 

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Bifacial Transparent In-roof Solar Panel

Lower BOS means seamless power with more structural value. Show its efficiency & performance to lower utility bills to convince customers. You get Fast ROI. 

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Choose BIPV for a roofing experience that goes beyond the ordinary and redefines your brand’s commitment to energy excellence

Advantages Of The Best In-roof Solar Panels

Maximum Load 

Maximum Load 

Panels are durable to bear Enhanced Mechanical Load. It has been tested with Wind load (2400 Pascal) & Snow load (5400 Pascal). Low chances of cracks in panels due to load, so More repeat customers. 

Easy To Move & Flexible

Easy To Move & Flexible

You need less labor to handle panels due to the lightweight. Low storage & transportation costs with low effort handling. CUSTOMERS use various designs due to flexibility. 

R&D Solutions

R&D Solutions

Enhance brand image with the best designs & Customization. You get the latest technology of solar cells with R&D updates. Receive panels for different roof types to attract more customers.

Best After-Sale Value

Best After-Sale Value

Solve customer problems in time & decrease the return rate. Energy-efficient panels make it a profitable investment. Competitive price from our supplying network helps you to achieve better profits. 

Strict Quality Inspection 

Strict Quality Inspection 

We ensure high-quality products with reduced production costs. Increases sales from the best customer pools that look for quality. You establish long-lasting relationships with customers. 

New Designs

New Designs

In-roof panels are getting better due to a better mounting strategy. We help you to get the latest panel and roof tiles designs to attract customers. Easier to diversify your customer pool and make more money. 

Creative Applications of In-roof Solar Panels

public building

Public Building

Demonstration project

Demonstration Project

residential villa

Residential Villa

Rural House

Rural House

industrial buildings

Industrial Buildings



Precise production process

Top-notch technology with multiple testing in Production reduces the risk of default. You start your Production by Scribing and feeding. It goes with welding, Lamination, EL test, Laying, and again EL test to filter out damages. 

Then comes the Air pressure kettle, clear step, And finished product packaging. You get the product after Finished product testing. Last but not least, Solidification before dispatching the Panels. 

Roofing innovation is unleashed with BIPV, and your brand can be at the forefront of this revolution

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Build your credibility in front of customers with detailed certifications. We got TÜV, CE, SUD & ETL certifications after complete inspection. Reduces the risks of complaints and disputes. 

Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Receive production standards and Quality inspection reports to make the best decision. We check every process and raw material to ensure the best functional panels. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

10 years of our journey as Leeline Energy with hundreds of clients. Worldwide clients from big corporate companies to small businesses. We help every In-roof solar panels business regardless of size. 

Experienced staff that has handled hundreds of supply chain cases. You receive valuable insights while making important decisions. 

One-stop sourcing

We handle from your product development phase to the Final Shipping. You outsource HIGH-quality In-roof Panels with our multiple inspections. 

Receive customized packaging with branding to attract customers. You establish a brand image in a short time and boost business. 

One-stop sourcing

Reduce transaction risk

Reduce transaction risk

Official and trusted transactional channels to make sure of best In-roof Solar Panels business practices. Complete transparency in transactions with reduced risks. Safe transportation journey with our customized protective packaging. 

Fewer chances of facing return and replacement cases of panels with our inspection. You save shipping costs to management costs. No time wastage with on-time inspection reports. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Customers are our top priority from start to end. You get the most valid market analysis while finding suppliers. We research thousands of online and offline manufacturers with the best Quality. 

Inspection saves you from costly mistakes with timely decisions. Receive affordable In-roof Solar Panels solutions according to your budget & Requirements. 

Standardized Procedure

Established industry practices with efficient processes with the best standards. Pre-tested process to smooth and fast supply chain. 

Saves your time from making detailed decisions. FASTEN your inspection, shipping, production, and many more. Acts like a catalyst in your whole supply chain. 

Custom Solutions

We also entertain different customized solutions depending on your needs. You choose your own In-roof Solar Panels development, inspection, and shipping attributes. 

Branding in custom solutions helps you to build a brand’s identity. Trendy-designed banners and embedded logos make you stand out from the competitors. CRUSH YOUR competitors with your own strategy. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You
  • Demand Assessment

Our experts assess things to grow your In-roof solar panels wholesale business. You receive expert advice on roof systems from market-proven data. Choose an attractive option with detailed customer behavior research. 

  • Supplier Management

Our team monitors In-roof Solar Panels suppliers with pre-production to post-production inspections. Get time-to-time updates on their quality, production speed, and latest rates. We also manage suppliers of other solar system accessories to save you time. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Receive market share updates from rates to new technological updates. We negotiate your contracts, from rates to the Panels’ quality. You get a business contract with favorable In-roof Solar Panels for more profit. 

  • Order Management

We manage everything from receiving orders from you to post-production. You get customization, inspection, the latest designs & many more in your orders. Receive your orders on time so your customers have a good impression. 

  • Logistics Coordination

MULTIPLE options for transportation to get orders from the In-roof Solar Panels manufacturer to your warehouse. WE HANDLE in-land, sea, and air shipping with the shortest routes. You get organized storage near ports to save further transportation costs. 

  • Installation Support

You get complete installation demo videos and guidebooks for your customers. Also, customize your videos & Guides with branding. Your customers won’t be confused & annoy your staff for small installation questions. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Multiple options with Secured & Trusted Payment gateways for in-roof solar panels. Pay with your trusted payment gateway from PayPal, Payoneer, Visa, etc.! 

Western Union

Revolutionize your structures with BIPV Roofs – the key to a wholesale transformation in roofing innovation

Our Reliable Partners


Our In-roof Solar Panels Factory

Talented & Experienced staff to give your answers rightly. Best In-roof Solar Panels factory has a decade of trust from our clients, providing you the best quality panels. 

Our In-roof Solar Panels Factory

packaging & shipping

Receive direct delivery from the In-roof Solar Panels manufacturer to your warehouse. Highly protective packaging to save your products. Save shipping costs with our discounted routes and Plans. 

packaging & shipping

Choose BIPV In-roof Solar Panels and seal the deal with excellence.

Successful Project

Successful Project

60KW in-roof systems Solar in Small Indonesian Airport

They need some integrated solutions in the roof’s structure. We proposed a 60KW Hybrid Roof solar system.  They are getting a continuous power supply with being completely off the grid. 

Our engineers worked in three systems with each capacity of 20kw. In combination, they make 60 kw. Each phase and system powers the listed buildings. 

High efficiency & COST EFFECTIVE idea to power all the offices. They are saving the cost of the Electricity bill with the best ROI.

63 Sets of 20KW solar energy systems in Chad

It was for a government Project which means a more detailed inspection. Roofing materials are simple; it was a mix of office buildings & residential installations. They wanted to have a Hybrid system with simple solar installation. 

We proposed PV panels for the existing roof. Ultimately, he got the best aesthetically pleasing panels with GSE integration. 

Now their offices & homes are completely off-grid, and they pay no bills. The GSE system also works great, and the power supply keeps going. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


It was the best experience to work with Leeline Energy. Deadlines were met on time, and the staff was very cooperative. The Product development part was joyful due to well-researched Experts. I recommend working with Leeline Energy to every solar business owner. 


We were facing Supply chain issues due to needing to be more trusted suppliers. Thanks to Leeline Energy for finding us the best In-roof Solar Panels suppliers. Their customization plays a pivotal role in our brand’s identity. Every energy business should work with them. 


People Also Ask about Solar Panles

How much maintenance do I have to do on my In-roof solar panel?

In Roof solar panel system requires less maintenance due to its durable frame structure. Spray them with hot water and clean them gently. Don’t let rust stick to the frame if you see any of it. 

Can the In-roof solar panel be damaged by wind/snow?

They can even withstand speeds up to 150 km/h. The upper layer of these Integrated panels is so slippery. Snow won’t stick there, and it has very hard glass too. Also, the layer is insulated to melt the snow when it stops freezing. 

Are BIPV roofing enough to power a house?

Yes, You may need 30 to 35 panels to get a 250-watt power supply for an entire house. Many people are living off-grid with a solar system of 30+ panels. Add panels to your existing structure of the entire roof. 

What is the difference between on-roof and in-roof solar panels?

On-ROOF SOLAR panels sit above the roof tiles. Yet they need to be integrated with the normal roof tiles. There is a gap between the panel and the roof tiles. Conversely In-Roof soHow long do roof-mounted solar panels last?lar system is integrated with Solar roof tiles. 

How long do roof-mounted solar panels last?

It depends on the shelf life and quality of the panels & mounting frame. Yet most brands guarantee 25 years to 30 years. It’s a good service life for roof-integrated systems. 

Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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