Solar Radio Manufacturer

As your reliable solar radio supplier, we implement strict standardization for product quality and inspection. Bring uniqueness to your product catalogs and increase brand value. Provide you with a solution to remain CONNECTED and grow your business!

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Premium Solar Radio Features

Leeline Energy knows what your REQUIREMENTS are. We are quality solar radio manufacturers with feature-packed products. Here’s what you get:  

Real solar charging

Solar powered radio with SOS alarms is chargeable by socket and solar energy with a 91% conversion rate. Customers charge our portable solar radios under intense light. PRODUCE power under different lights. Get real-time solar charging!

Ensure your customers’ reliability under different light conditions. Achieve a sustainable business approach by offering an ADAPTABLE product that stands out!

Outdoor light

Get ready to LIGHT UP your way during outdoor activities with our solar radios! The built-in LED flashlight bulb provides light at night to keep you alert. It also contains a glare LED flashlight and lumen LEDs. Let your customers enjoy music and camping with flood lights and light beams.

Attract more customers seeking ENERGY-EFFICIENT weather alert radio for camping with lamp facilities. More word-of-mouth referrals are coming your way!

Multifunction link

Are you looking for MULTIFUNCTIONAL devices for your customers? Leeline Energy offers it! Feel free to choose playback mode to meet the multi-senses playback. It has an option for a USB port to play music, a TF card, Bluetooth, and AM/FM/SW radio. Best for CAMPING and ENTERTAINMENT.

The versatility attracts tech-savvy and music-lover customers seeking a COMPREHENSIVE music experience. Boost your business market appeal!

Detachable battery

Use two dry batteries or a DETACHABLE 1200MAH 18650 li-battery for convenience. The BUILT-IN battery is replaceable and readily available in any local store. You upgrade it from a 2000mAh to a 4000mAh power bank.

Customers get flexibility with MULTIPLE electricity power options! Enhance your business growth by offering EXCELLENT product usability!

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Solar Radio by Types

Emergency Solar Radios

USB charging, hand-crank charger, solar panels, and 3AAA batteries. EVERYTHING is on this emergency radio to tackle emergencies and camping needs. Great power bank with enormous batteries! NOAA weather warnings and SOS alarms to STAY INFORMED about emergencies.

Provide dependable and advanced solutions to tech-savvy customers at reasonable prices. Get POSITIVE REVIEWS on an excellent market reputation.

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Solar Crank Radios

A dual power source allows your customers to charge with solar energy and a hand crank. Additional features include USB charging, headphone function, FM/AM/WB, and bottle opener. It HELPS charge a device like a power bank without electricity. Don’t forget Bluetooth!

Catering to customers’ needs with reliable COMMUNICATION and ENTERTAINMENT tools. It helps your business become successful!

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Shine in the wholesale market with solar radio solutions! Illuminate your brand, cut costs, and make a powerful eco-friendly statement. Transform your business and lead the industry towards a sustainable, brighter future.

Advantages Of The Best Solar Radio Services


High Process Standards

We adhere to strict quality controls, starting from material selection to quality checks. Leading manufacturing equipment, get your brand to the top with high product quality. Earn your biz NON-STOP RECOGNITION and endless PRAISE.



NO STRESS on inventory costs!  No need to buy large amounts of solar radio stock at once. Our expertise provides tailored solutions for various business needs and budgets. Focus on EXPANDING your market share to increase your revenue.


Optimized Packaging

CUSTOMIZED and WELL-CONSIDERED packaging. More space helps you save money on storage and transport costs. Maximize your profits effortlessly. Branded packaging and lowered storage costs = increased profits.

100% On-time Delivery

Faster Delivery Timelines

Say goodbye to late deliveries! STAY ON TIME to get positive reviews with our optimized logistics and streamlined transportation. We handle paperwork and customs clearance. Join our hands for a consistent workflow. Hello to INCREASED COMPETITIVENESS.

Compliance With Standards

Standard Compliance

Our solar products comply with international standards. Prevent compliance issues with EXPERT GUIDANCE on trade and customs regulations. Save your final product from negative feedback and flaws. Build strong customer trust and EXPAND your market approach.


Strong Supply Capacity

Deployed Cutting-edge technology in the production setup. Large solar radio manufacturing facilities maintain consistent product availability. Get endless supply for the bulk orders. Meet the DEMAND surges and FOSTER long-term relations with your customers.

Creative Applications of Solar Radio













Precise production process

Our production process is precise and top-notch. It starts with the integration of solar panels into the radio electronics. We customize them for optimal energy conservation. They promise outstanding performance to eco-conscious customers. BEAT the market with us by catering to your customers’ needs.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our certification includes CE, FCC, RoHS, SAA, and SGS. Boost your market approach! EXPAND your customer base with our solar radio wholesale products. STRENGTHEN your business success, and WELCOME the increased profits!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We aim for an INCLUSIVE solar radio factory inspection to provide quality products. Received detailed factory and quality inspection reports from our professionals. Preserve your brand’s reputation for reliability. Your business gets more APPRECIATION than ever with professionalism!

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We are all about RELIABILITY and have experience of 10+ years. Plus, standard compliance is our staple. Our solar radio expertise offers trustworthy solar products. Be dependable and earn CONFIDENCE through integrity!

Outperform in a competitive market to establish a strong BRAND IMAGE. Get a quality share in the market!

One-stop Sourcing

Leelin Energy offers a stop-sourcing platform for solar powered best seller products. No more beating around the bush. You receive EXPERT GUIDANCE on sourcing high-quality solar radios.

Performance and quality checks are our responsibility! You get delivered the best of the lot. STREAMLINE your business appearance with mess-free services. Increased profit is coming your way!


business partner4

Reduce Transaction Risk

Mitigate solar radio transaction risks with us! We offer TRANSPARENT, SECURE means of transactions. So, feel free to deal with us to buy our solar panel products. Say no more to the quality scams.

You don’t have to lose money to scammers anymore. Let’s meet together and say WELCOME to more profits and appraisals from consumers!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Customers are our PRIORITY as solar radio suppliers! We strengthen your brand for market competitiveness. Got a sudden surge in demand? Worry not! We have backup suppliers that keep your supply chain as smooth as silk.

So, remain CONFIDENT in our services. Focus on cutting-edge solar radio competition to beat the market.

Standardized Procedure

Shorten your sourcing period by following experts’ designed processes. With uniform methods and protocols for conducting operations. There is no COMPROMISE on solar radio quality, efficiency, and innovation.

You get a structured and efficient supply chain. STREAMLINE your workflow and focus on establishing your business reputation.

Custom Solutions

Provide CUSTOMIZED emergency radio to your customers. We accept custom requests and tailor products especially made for you. 

Meet your clients’ solar radio needs with us and get a consistent customer base. Increased market access and a successful customer approach are in your way!

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Share your requests and suggestions of solar powered radio. FLEXIBLE demands assessments and keeps things simple. You get market analysis and make informed decisions. Keep your customers SATISFIED with us and say hello to more business growth!

  • Supplier Management

Our experts keenly observe the solar radio suppliers and their PERFORMANCE. Ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of each SUPPLIER’S CAPABILITIES. Keep your supply CONSISTENT without any inconvenience.

Mitigate the risks and IMPROVE your business efficiency. Customer trust is coming your way!

  • Contract Negotiation

Guaranteeing a TROUBLE-FREE and continuous sourcing journey.  You get a FAIR DEAL with all standard contract rules and regulations.

Everything is TRANSPARENT and understandable! Lighten up your business way. Best possible deal for maximum product profitability chances. 

  • Order Management

We TRACK your portable radio order and handle every single step professionally. Confirming and accepting changes, on-the-way CHALLENGES, and cancellations are all sorted.

We tackle the challenges throughout the process. Reduce your workload and help you to attract customers for your business growth.

  • Logistics Coordination

Relieve your logistics tension with us. Get logistic coordination to remain INFORMED about your order. Ensure a SAFE delivery to customers’ doorstep. 

Be ready to get positive reviews from your customers about glitch-free coordination. Increased business reputation is coming your way!

  • Installation Support

We don’t leave our customers after delivering the products. We offer clear and comprehensive video tutorials for our solar products. Address common queries and concerns through remote and telephone communication.

You BUILD customer trust with support and get recognized in the competition!


Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

Feel free to transact with us THROUGH PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers. No more headaches about transfers! Earn your customers’ trust with fair means of transactions as they expected. Take your business to new heights!

Western Union

Boost your brand, cut costs, and reduce your carbon footprint! Elevate your wholesale business with solar radios. Drive success. lead your industry into a brighter, sustainable future.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Radio Factory

Our solar radio factory has enough CAPACITY to meet the needs.Produce and deliver emergency radio devices on larger scales for any emergency situation. HUNDREDS of skilled and trained workers to meet your order quantities. Stay in the competition game with us and beat the market like a pro!


packaging & shipping

Providing an extra layer of PROTECTION to mitigate the risk of solar product breakage. Ensure they remain SAFE throughout the journey. REDUCE the cost of replacement and repair. So, move to more lead generations with satisfied customers!


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Successful Project

case 19

Connectivity Illuminated: Leeline Energy’s Solar Radios Shine in GreenLeaf

Leeline Energy is a pioneer in INNOVATIVE solar powered technologies. We are committed to offering sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Leeline Energy COMBINES cutting-edge technology with high-end solar radio.

Meet our customer, Harry, from the GreenLeaf Community. He was facing a CHALLENGE to stay updated with the weather’s vital information in a remote area. But the absence of a solar power source was one of the SIGNIFICANT issues. He wanted to remain updated about weather EMERGENCIES, local news, and educational content.

Harray’s search for reliable solar power product providers stopped at Leeline Energy. He found our emergency radio to be an efficient and durable source of power supply.

These INNOVATIVE devices were more than enough to fulfill their needs. Harry found them perfect as these solar radios HARNESS sunlight to provide power. These devices ensure CONNECTIVITY and information distribution.

He ordered our portable solar radios in bulk for the whole community. The residents enjoy UNINTERRUPTED access to entertainment and the latest information. Now, Harry and his community are SATISFIED. They have a reliable means of communication.

Our solar radios keep them AWARE of current affairs and news. Residents foster a more informed and engaged community. We become successful in getting the TRUST of our customers with our emergency radio.

Let’s take a step toward business EMPOWERMENT with us. Contact us to get more information about solar powered product purchases!


What our customers say


I ordered a solar radio from Leeline Energy for my outdoor activities. I found it quite well than average. It keeps me updated with NOAA weather reports, and the LED flashlight works as a reading lamp at night. The SOS alarm provided me with vital information and weather alerts. It OPERATES as a power bank and charges my devices at a reasonable price.

Michael H Royce

I needed a lightweight and portable radio for my outdoor adventures. So I can EXPLORE any remote location with more confidence. The solar radio by Leeline Energy is the BEST and has all the specifications a power bank can offer. The best thing was their ON-TIME DELIVERY and after-delivery services. I faced challenges operating this solar-powered device. But the customer care services were EXCELLENT as they provided me with full advice.

Kathleen M McClung

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Radio

    1. Do solar powered radios work?

    Solar powered radios work great as they eliminate the requirements for battery replacements. These solar radios reduce operating costs as they get energy from sunlight. These radios work like a power bank. They don’t need plugs; you can charge them with solar panels.

    2. How do I choose solar radio suppliers?

    You can choose solar radio suppliers according to their quality, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. Check their reputation, after-sale support, certification, and ethical practice. Ensure scalability that fits your business needs. It helps you to build long-term relationships!

    3. What should I use to package my solar radio?

    You can pack your solar radios in environmentally friendly materials like recyclable cardboard. Biodegradable is another option to consider. It also provides safety for your solar radios.

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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