Split Solar Street Lights Manufacturer

As Split solar street lights manufacturer gives you UNBEATABLE SUPPLY CHAIN. The team has unmatched top-class materials at COMPETITIVE PRICES. Turbocharge your BUSINESS GROWTH to stay ahead of the game.

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Premium Split Solar Street Lights Features

In CUTTING-EDGE GREEN solutions, Leeline Energy is where it is at! Here’s what you expect from us: 

Highlight LED beads

As your LED street light MANUFACTURER, we’ve got LED beads that stand out. These HIGH-QUALITY chips light up every angle, bringing a natural and vibrant glow. 

SWITCHING to our solar LED streetlights means enhancing your BRAND IMAGE. And our one solar street light grows your PROFITABILITY.

High conversion efficiency solar panels

Our solar LED street light CONVERTS ENERGY like a beast even in cloudy and rainy weather. So, things ABSORB SUNSHINE like pros. TRADITIONAL STREET LIGHTS don’t even come close. BETTER BATTERY charging, longer life, and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION off the charts! 

With our solar STREET LAMPS in hand, be ready for INCREASED business VOLUME like never before.

Intelligent light control function

Bring your customers into the future of STREET LIGHTING with our intelligent solar LED streetlights. Our INTELLIGENT LIGHT CONTROL function takes charging to new heights – just 3-4 hours and you’re GOOD to go! 

Customers ENJOY rainy days with no problem as these lights still shine bright. Experience improved MARKET COMPETITIVENESS and industry-wide BRAND RECOGNITION, all in one switch.

IP65 waterproof grade

No storms can stop our solar streetlights from SHINING. With the IP65 Waterproof Grade, they fear no wind or rain and stay RESILIENT in HIGH TEMPERATURES. Your customers embrace UNMATCHED DURABILITY. Our lighting solution is BUILT to withstand what nature throws at it. 

That keeps your business SOARING HIGH! Plus, our solar panel STREET LIGHTS also give you a COMPETITIVE EDGE as lucrative offerings.

Multiple installation methods

Light up your customers’ lives ANYWHERE with our split solar street lights. These naughty beans come with multiple installation options. We are talking WALL MOUNTING, holding pole installation, or TRADITIONAL pole installation. 

So what? These integrated solar street lights offer them ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY at their fingertips! Give customers the freedom to choose their PREFERRED SETUP and watch SATISFACTION SOAR.

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Split Solar Street Lights by Watts

200w Split solar street lights

200w Split solar street lights

Our solar LED street lights SHINE BRIGHT with DIE-CAST ALUMINUM construction. Each lamp body has HEAT DISSIPATION holes. It gives that integrated solar street light a longer life and SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE.

Make customers STICK AROUND for the long run. That’s cause they know your solar-led street light RELIABILITY that goes the DISTANCE!

300w Split solar street lights

300w Split solar street lights

Equipped with larger-capacity batteries, they offer extended lifespans and GREATER DURABILITY. But here’s the REAL GAME-CHANGER. These lights save up to 80% of electricity. That’s even in freezing TEMPERATURES ranging from -20°C to 65°C

You earn consumer trust. And with our LED street light, build an IMPECCABLE REPUTATION today!

500w Split solar street lights

500w Split solar street lights

Our solar street lights harness some seriously SMART solar power ACCESS. We’ve got a REMOTE CONTROL and clever light features. These solar-powered LED lights crank up the CONVENIENCE, boss! And check this – they’re waterproof, charge SUPER FAST, AND save mad energy! 

Oh yeah, their tough ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION is recyclable, too. Snag your piece of the Sunpower market in NO TIME!

Enhance Your Wholesale Business’s Energy Efficiency and Brand Image with Our Split Solar Street Lights. Contact Us Now to Learn How We Can Power Your Success.

Advantages Of The Best Split Solar Street Lights Services

quality inspection

Strict Quality Inspection

We take quality SERIOUSLY! Our products go through STRICT INSPECTIONS for your peace of mind. This means FEWER RETURNS and LESSER BREAKAGE costs. And you get HAPPIER CUSTOMERS who keep coming back.


On-time Product Delivery

Make sure your products arrive on time, EVERY TIME. You get streamlined TRANSPORTATION and ORGANIZED delivery. You STAND TALL in the international market. Say goodbye to SHIPPING DELAYS and hello to INCREASED COMPETITIVENESS.

customer support

Professional after-sales service

At our place, we really take CARE of you even after a sale. We solve your DISPUTES and COMPLAINTS ASAP so that you NEVER WAIT for the resolution. This builds TRUST in both the product and BRAND while also keeping CUSTOMERS HAPPY.

Optimizing Procurement Cost

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Lowdown? Our solar light WON’T HURT your wallet. Prices that work for YOUR BUSINESS. You rock the game with’ AFFORDABLE and TRANSPARENT solar technologies for ALL. This simply translates to fat stacks in your bank account. The secret sauce to boost sales and profits.



We’re breaking the rules here — no need to buy large amounts of solar light stock at once. Reduce the hassle of storage & financial stress for fast GROWTH. You have cash flow off the charts, allowing room for other biz expenses.


Optimized Packaging

You won’t be lugging HEAVY LOADS with our WELL-CONSIDERED PACKAGING. Think low expenses, more space, and easy peasy handling flowing your way. All this HELPS you make that EXTRA money by CUTTING DOWN on transportation and STORAGE COSTS!

Creative Applications of Solar Street Lights





parking lot

parking lot







Precise production process

Get ready for an EPIC experience at our Split Solar Street Lights factory! We’re a kickass team of pros who HUSTLE HARD and rock the QUALITY GAME. Your customers LOVE our solar stuff; TRUST US on that. Let’s build solid LED lights BIZ RELATIONSHIPS together, ones that stand the test of time!

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our certs are off the charts – CE, TUV, SAA, C-tick, ISO9001! With us on your side bashin’ it out straight-up bangin’ quality and image. We’re all about leveling up those business skills while you nabbin’ a chunk of that sweet MARKET SHARE.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

As Split solar street lights MANUFACTURERS, we oversee each part of the process! No need to stress. When you roll with us, we guarantee product safety. You get BETTER QUALITY and the slickest BRAND IMAGE. Say bye-bye to RISKS, COMPLAINTS, and SQUABBLES!

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is your exclusive product-finding DREAM TEAM. With over a DECADE of hands-on experience and wicked EXPERT KNOWLEDGE, you can totally rely on us. Say peace out to those major headaches from CRAPPY CHOICES – we WON’T let them BOTHER you again!

Get ready for some success with our awesome SUPPLIERS of split solar street lights. They’re the ticket to GROWING SALES and CHOPPING DOWN COSTS effortlessly. That happens through our SMOOTH-as-butter SOURCING PROCESS!

One-stop Sourcing

Relax, there is no need to handle those gazillion Split solar street lights SUPPLIERS. We’re here for you! Our team’s got mad INSIDE INFO on factories and customers – trust us to find your PERFECT MATCH. And guess what? Only the top MANUFACTURERS make the cut!

We score all the EPIC PERKS like purchasing quality checks ´n´ delivery. It’s all about saving you hella TIME, MONEY, and CORPORATE RESOURCES.

sourcing agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Don’t stress about LOSING your cold, hard CASH. We’ll PROTECT your money from DANGER like a pro! Our SECRET? We cut risks with MEGA-AWESOME control while banishing SCAMS to the SHADOW REALM.

Say Sayonara to worries about Split Solar Street Lights WHOLESALE DEALS. So what’s in it for you? ECONOMIC REWARDS and peace of mind without any RISKY BUSINESS in any one solar street light!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

You are our NUMBER ONE deal to us! We’ll bend over BACKWARD for your Split Solar Street Lights. Our split solar street lights are TAILOR-MADE based on YOUR PREFERENCES. Got a PROBLEM? We’ve got it HANDLED just the way YOU WANT.

BELIEVE US when we say you WON’T be LET DOWN! Get ready for world-class, LONG-LASTING business success!


Standardized Procedure

We’re for REAL when it comes to TOP-notch SERVICE! Trust our pro-level EXPERTISE — we’ve got your back SORTED. Quality? No worries, boss. Our stuff is TRULY LEGENDARY! Being dependable in split solar street lights SOLIDIFIES your status as a LEADER.

Watch that REPUTATION soar, and SALES SKYROCKET like never before. SUCCESS is knocking on the door!

Custom Solutions

The team is MADE UP of total pros at getting inside your head! We give a SERIOUS EAR to your one-of-a-kind VIBES and MAP out exactly what YOU need. Grab those CUSTOM SPLIT solar street lights that feel like they were tailor-made for you!

Trust in the magic. You get ECSTATIC CUSTOMERS as your offerings line up SEAMLESSLY with their DREAMS.

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

Your led street light demand assessment TOPS our to-do list. So, SIT BACK, relax, and put your trust in us as we whip up the PERFECT COMBO of specs, quantities, and quality. Let us deal with STREAMLINING your CORPORATE RESOURCES for efficient resource allocation!

  • Supplier Management

Leave it to us to TAKE CARE of things for your split solar street lights SUPPLIERS. We’ll handle the assessments and performance monitoring. This REDUCES BILLS and gives you MORE TIME to focus on GROWING your business!

  • Contract Negotiation

Leave it to us! The bothersome split solar street light CONTRACT paperwork. You’ll be free of the hustle for FAIR AGREEMENTS and NEGOTIATE like champs. You get to Relax and excel at CUSTOMER ACQUISITION, and watch those leads roll in!

  • Order Management

Count on us for hassle-free split solar street lights orders. No worries about CONFIRMATIONS, TRACKING, CHANGES, or CANCELLATIONS. Consider them sorted for seamless business operations and SUSTAINED OPERATIONS!

  • Logistics Coordination

Let us deal with your logistics! Our TRANSPORTATION, WAREHOUSING, and DISTRIBUTION for split solar street lights are LIGHTNING-FAST. Plus, they are dependable AF. Trust us for on-time delivery that’s damage-free. Ensures maximum efficiency and boosts those profits SKY-HIGH!

  • Installation Support

Installation of our split solar street lights is a BREEZE. We share HANDY VIDEOS with customers. And they enjoy top-of-the-line REMOTE SUPPORT when needed. It helps your business transaction SMOOTH rate and BOOST those SALES right up! 

Our Payment

YOU call the payment SHOTS! Go for PayPal, Payoneer, cards, or bank transfers. NO WORRIES here – they’re LEGIT SECURE with ZERO SCAMS stunting your cash flow! You enjoy these without nasty BIZ RISKS and LOSSES messing up your hustle.

Western Union

Unlock the Power of Solar for Your Brand’s Growth! Request a Personalized Quote for Wholesale Solar Street Lights and Elevate Your Business to New Heights of Success.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Split Solar Street Lights Factory

Our split solar street lights factory is all GREAT NEWS! We’ve got TONS of experience in OVERSEAS solar projects, building a TRUSTED BRAND. That gives your business CUSTOMERS HAPPY, and allows it to grow LONG-TERM!

solar street light factory

packaging & shipping

Consider your split solar streetlights TAKEN CARE of with TOP-GRADE PACKAGING. That means happy customers who’ll STICK AROUND for more. That fuels your BUSINESS GROWTH and building TRUST all the way!

package inverter

Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

case inverter

Leeline Energy Strikes Again: Helping You Rid Nasty Expenses

Leeline Energy has the raddest solar energy solutions in town. And guess what? Wholesalers and engineering installers totally bank on us for top-tier quality goods!

We totally get how you need AFFORDABLE ENERGY solutions for your cool CUSTOMERS.

In Poland, folks deal with major CASH SETBACKS during frosty months. Enter our rockin’ 15kw solar-wind hybrid system!

We recently helped out a Polonian customer battling INSANE WINTER BILLS. After checking their scene, we suggested this GENIUS COMBO of wind and solar power. The perfect given the STRONG GUSTS around these parts.

Result? Big-time savings on ELECTRICITY COSTS thanks to this GAME-CHANGING TECH! Pow-wow, buddy – it was time to spread ELECTRIC VIBES without burning wallets right down to ashes!

Our inverters are like superheroes with German 5s tech and FLAME-TAMING ABILITIES for total safety. And you bet we relied on Mitsubishi Moss tubes from Japan – bringing that sweet peak PERFORMANCE.

But hold up, it gets better! We aren’t just about HIGH STANDARDS; our systems won’t let you down in the DURABILITY GAME. Stainless steel screws keep things SOLID. That MEANS they can pull through any WILD WEATHER Mother Nature throws at them.

Don’t take our word for it – real customers SING PRAISES, proving we deliver what they need!

Ready for life-changing savings? Our package brought large savings off monthly bills- making EVERY SINGLE CENT count big time. Leeline striked again-helping rid retreat those NASTY EXPENSES today. True story!

What our customers say


Huge props to Leeline Energy! They linked me up BIG TIME with epic solar-powered street lights. These bad boys were the REAL DEAL, NO JOKE! The LED glow was on point and lit up my parking lot like NOBODY’S BUSINESS. Trust their LIGHTING SOLUTIONS for your parking lot, folks – they NAILED IT!

Sheryl C Maxwell

Dude, Leeline Energy hooked me up with some DOPE solar LED street lights for my DRIVEWAY. And they double as garden lights. These solar lights are on FIRE! They lit up my WHOLE PLACE, and I feel like a boss when I roll in at night. They are LEGIT, the BEST professional manufacturer when it comes to this stuff. The QUALITY of their solar street lamps and LED lighting fixtures is on point.

Howard N Klein

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Split Solar Street Lights

    1. What files of the LED Lighting can you offer?

    We have IES files, CERTIFICATES, SPECS, and MORE. Plus, we even have you sorted online FACTORY CHECKS and ENGINEER DRAWINGS. A one-stop-shop energy solution dream team!

    2. How do you choose products between an integrated solar LED street light and a semi-split type?

    Talk about ECO-FRIENDLY tech! Lithium-ion batteries take the crown for being CLEANER and GREENER. But check it out. Split-type solar street lights bring BIGGER price tags, 40-60% higher than all-in-one gems. Keep in MIND, though, that FASTER INSTALLATIONS mean LOWER BILLS!

    3. Are solar streetlights worth it?

    Shelling out for it totally PAYS OFF compared to TRADITIONAL GNARLY LAMPS. You score mega savings in the long run with fewer LED replacements. Plus, you get ZERO PERMIT hassles and SWEET CASH-OFF on trenching expenses. Ride that MONEY wave!

    4. Which manufacturer in China sell the best solar LED street light?

    LUXMAN’s been rockin’ since 2010, making killer solar LED street lights. They’re all about being ECO-FRIENDLY with LOW-CARBON products. They boast a TOP TEAM and RAD production. That translates to SAFE and EFFICIENT green energy solutions worldwide!

    5. What are your market reach throughout the region?

    We’ve been all over the world selling things for EIGHT YEARS. We’ve worked with BUYERS, PRODUCERS, and DISTRIBUTORS in every country. Our CUSTOMER BASE is more than 30,000 strong!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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