5 Best Ways to Find Clothing Wholesalers for Your Boutique in 2021

Sharline Shaw

Business revolves around the principle of buying and selling low and high.

This principle applies equally when it comes to the clothing retail industry.

You can start a clothing business by purchasing wholesale costs, then mark your products and selling them for a reasonable profit.

Finding the right place with the inventory you want to buy wholesale is not difficult when you know where to look.

Buying wholesale clothing and products is a crucial part of being a successful boutique owner.

You will stand out if you source great quality, trends, and prices.

Find Clothing Wholesalers for Your Boutique

Step 1: Understand the Meaning.

Before starting your boutique, you need to grasp the meaning of what it means. So that you know exactly what you are going to do, it makes sense to have a plan. Below you can find detailed information about boutique:

What’s the boutique?

Boutiques are small shops or special departments with fashionable clothes. They may have a wide variety of merchandise. It can also be defined as small, exclusive businesses which offer customized services. Personalized clothes have better quality and fit, and a Boutique is my only way to get these clothes. 

Fashion boutiques generally offers unique merchandise. They have an experienced salesperson to help you buy clothing or footwear. Great fashion boutiques are renowned for their customer service

What’s the clothing wholesaler?

Clothing wholesalers sell products in large quantities to retailers. As a result, the retailer can buy products at a lower price.

Fashion wholesalers typically buy goods directly from manufacturers. As a result of buying in large quantities, the wholesaler gets a large discount. Distribution is the responsibility of the wholesaler rather than manufacturing.

Having a good price and quality wholesale clothing is what you need to find the first question. Reselling clothes at a higher price won’t make you any money if you buy them at retail. You will simply increase prices that may be too high for some customers.

Step 2: Build Your Prospect.

An effective brand prospectus should include relevant details regarding your company such as a concise history and financial statements. Here are the details that you should divulge about your brand if you are going to start your own clothing store.

 Find Clothing Wholesalers for Your Boutique

Shop Style & Shop Type

Defining the experience of the user begins with assessing the kind of services you are prepared to offer. These could be.

  • Start your home-based boutique, which is a great side business.
  • An online boutique with designer products.
  • Set up a boutique kiosk inside your local supermarket.

From my experience, you should try an online or Home-based boutique. It gave me so much time leverage and helped me to work on other projects too. If you understand the meaning of boutique, you can decide what types of fashion boutiques you want to open. Boutique type can be:

  • 1.  A store specializing in fashion accessories and clothes.
  • 2.  Businesses that offer specialized services.
  • 3.  Specialized companies that offer exceptional services.

If you’re just starting, it’s ok to start with one of the products or services and later expand the business.

Brand story

The brand story you tell differentiates you from your competitors. A brand story is not merely a marketing concept.

Ideally, brand stories should display both the writer’s personality and the brand’s persona. A boring story isn’t likely to get people interested. It should establish a connection between yourself and your audience.

Product Type

Retailers and boutique owners can find it hard to track down the latest wholesale products to sell in their stores. To start a clothing business, you need to do a little bit of research.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself. Are people interested in your product? There’s no simple answer to this question. It is necessary to determine if the customer likes the item enough to buy it.

I focus on my audience & what’s trending in the market to filter out product ideas. In-demand products are not always in unlimited supply with wholesalers. The number of products available should be considered before you make a decision. Many retailers accept preorders to boost sales. You may choose to avoid preordering if you cannot guarantee that the item will arrive.

If supplies of one item are low, look for the next best thing. Set your inventory management up properly by offering your customers products like the ones that are in demand.

Operation mode

A policy about how you intend to run the business is what you call the operation mode. Make sure you have the following in your operation mode policy.

Documents should be properly kept

  •          Make sure you have someone handle your taxes as well.
  •          For account handling, a retail accountant with experience is a good choice.
  •           Keep the necessary information on your computer by getting accounting software.
  •           All your customers’ contact information needs to be stored on a system.
  •           Future sales should be communicated to customers.
  •           A system for managing inventory is essential.
  •           A  cash register policy should cover issues such as cash flow.

Step 3: Target the Market

Targeting your ideal market is the next step. This loyal customer base can be used to expand your business. The following points should be taken into consideration when crafting different types of customer personals:

wholesale clothings for bountique

Define Your Audience

Building a successful fashion business begins with defining your target audience. You can spend more dollars on brand awareness and customer acquisition in your target market than anywhere else.

You shouldn’t think of targeting all women over the age of 18 if you’re selling dresses, even if the dress fits or is suitable for women of any age. Marketing your product to people who aren’t a good fit for your company is a bad use of budget and time.

Track the Competitors

Starting a boutique at any level and offering your clients a personalized experience is up to you. With a competitor analysis, you can find out who your competitors are and how they’re successful. I found out my competitor is running Paid ads on social media. I did the same with extra organic effort in SEO and email marketing. You can figure out how to price yourself competitively.

The effect of too much competition is to drive down prices. With your product, you can gain an edge over your competitors. Standing out from the crowd is achieved through the features or benefits of your product. Your product must fulfill the needs of your customers.

Seize Industry Trend

If you are a boutique owner, your passion should naturally lead you to keep up with trending topics.

Bringing your VIP customers up to date on your new arrivals allows you to build relationships. This will likely lead to them becoming loyal customers.

Hence, organic business growth is generated. Engaging your audience through social media posts will also assist you in promoting your newest arrivals.

Continuous Innovation

Boutiques provide a different shopping experience than national chains. Boutique wares include designer labels, specialty items, and many different takes on food and wine.

Continual innovation can help you stay ahead of the competition. You should take advantage of emerging trends right away and let your customers come first.

Step 4: Get Clothing Wholesaler Channels.

There are increasingly more channels for buying wholesale clothing. A growing number of wholesale websites are available online. The following is a list of online and offline wholesale channels where you can buy clothing.

Get Clothing Wholesaler Channels for your boutique

Offline Sourcing Channels

1.Wholesale Direct From The Factory

Direct factory purchases are among the most competitive and common wholesale channels. You can get a lower wholesale price when you buy from a factory, but many require higher MOQ’s, adding to the business risk. The factory usually ignores deals with retailers whose MOQ is below 500 or 100, for example. I start with small orders from suppliers; if they sell out successfully, order from Factory. It allows me to see the market demand and turn it into a profitable deal later. 

The costs of communication and limited capabilities make factory-to-store wholesale operations challenging. It may be necessary for you to travel to China more than once if your wholesale clothing supplier is a Chinese factory.

2.Wholesale From Traders

The common myth that purchasing from the factory is always better seems to persist. Most factories have problems. You’ll usually find that trading companies offer better prices if you buy from them.

For some consumers going direct can be an excellent option. Before doing so, buyers should think carefully about their own situation. Buying through a trading firm is popular because:

  • These companies often work with quality factories to make sure they are supplying a quality product.
  • The prices are often lower when using trading companies.
  • It is easier to conduct business with a trading company.

Online Sourcing Websites

1. AliExpress

115635064 gettyimages 1185672162 1

The world’s largest marketplace, AliExpress, has been around since 1998. Here you can find cheap clothes, and you can even get dresses for $15.

One of AliExpress’s best points is that all its manufacturers ship internationally. Retailers and wholesalers can buy from them. The cost of retail is the same as wholesale. There are a large number of high-quality products available here that can compete with international brands.

AliExpress also has a wide range of suppliers based in Germany, Russia, the USA, the UK, and other parts of Europe.  I go with these Western suppliers because of faster delivery than Chinese suppliers. You will receive products faster because the products are shipped from these locations.

2. Chinabrands

chinabrands 1

There are a lot of manufacturers selling their products on this website. Compared to AliExpress, Chinabrands is cheaper since the products are from China. You can find wholesale clothing suppliers from China on this site.

A dropshipping program is also available through Chinabrands. To buy products, you first have to become a member. You can only make purchases after you become a member. Manufacturers ship the products directly to customers without charging a subscription fee.

Besides shipping wholesale products to you, Chinabrands also brands the items for you. Before doing so, you will need to speak with the manufacturer to work out the terms.

3. Parisian


Clothing from this UK brand is sold all over the world. Purchasing wholesale is allowed, but if you live in the UK or Europe, you will have to pay 20% tax.

From dresses to playsuits to blazers and jackets, you’ll find everything you need. You will only find women’s clothing here. For as little as $10, it is possible to buy good quality clothes, but you must buy them by the pack of six.

The shipping fee is also at least $20, so you should budget at least that amount. There are two shipping methods: DHL and Parcel Force. This website offers only six or nine packs for purchase, so it cannot be used to dropship single items.

4. Wholesale7

70244 sq 1

The site specializes in Korean and Japanese clothing styles and is a wholesaler and dropshipper. It ships internationally and has been operating for five years.

Your Shopify store can sell Wholesale7 products, and you don’t need to hold any inventory. Customers will receive their items directly from Wholesale7. This site allows you to buy individual products and sell them yourself, unlike Parisian. Their No Minimum order quantity was helpful for me to start from the low scale. Also, I used some automation apps to handle my orders from Wholesale 7 to save time. 

You can also brand your own packaging and labels. Registration is required for the use of the site. You can make purchases once your application is approved.

5. Paperdoll

Paperdoll Logo 01 1

It sells children’s clothing, handbags, jewelry, and clothing for adults. Paperdoll offers international shipping through reliable carriers such as FedEx and UPS.

The clothing available at Paperdoll comes in a minimum of six pieces per type. Your size will be included in the package.

There is no way to dropship with Paperdoll. As an alternative, you can use it if you offer Amazon FBA services or if you manage a store. As an online business owner, you can also get wholesale here if you just want to find a wholesaler.

6.Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central

It’s a site where you can find a variety of wholesale clothing suppliers in the United States. Besides finding suppliers, this site also offers tradeshows and closeout sales.

There are clothing options for men, women, and babies at the store. Wholesalers are listed on this site rather than a marketplace. Registration is not required.

The supplier needs to be contacted directly to conduct business. You don’t pay Wholesale Central anything, as they earn money only when suppliers advertise on their site.

Step 5: Select your Clothing Wholesalers for the Best One.

Choosing wholesale clothing suppliers requires you to conduct research, use the right questions, and arrive at the root of the problem fast. When you take the time to find a quality supplier in advance, you will save time and money in the long run.

Here are some things you should look for when selecting a clothing wholesaler.

wholesale clothing for boutique

Get more information.

You should research the factory details. You should ask them if they can design, do pattern grading, prototypes and source fabrics. Handling more than one task to a factory can be a quick and easy solution. You can also find out if they have a minimum order quantity.

Production Technology.

Technologies have advanced more quickly than ever in the manufacturing industry in recent years. Your wholesale clothing company should let you know exactly what technology they are using. Only after obtaining appropriate information can you choose a trustworthy supplier. I go with innovative technologies because they have better quality & fast manufacturing facilities. 

Make a price comparison.

Avoid choosing a wholesaler solely based on price. You should not compromise quality for cost just because you want to produce large quantities of clothes. Before selecting a wholesale manufacturer, compare clothing samples and prices.

Company Reputation.

Make sure the wholesaler you are dealing with is reputable. It is important to distinguish your manufacturer from others. It means that the company’s products, manufacturing methods, and customer service are of high quality. REPUTATION is my top priority, and I try to search for past clients & testimonials. 

Do not give up on looking for a company until you find one that meets your standards.

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LeelineSourcing: Help you find the best clothing wholesaler for Your boutique

wholesale clothing sourcing

In China, Leeline sourcing is one of the most reputable sourcing companies. As industry veterans, they have sufficient knowledge to work with any type of supplier. Leeline Sourcing has several benefits, which include:

Find cost-effective productions

Low-cost and quality products can be imported through Leeline Sourcing. The cost for this sourcing solution is reasonable, and you won’t be breaking the bank.

Communicate with Chinese suppliers

Due to the language barrier, communicating effectively with Chinese wholesalers will be difficult. Leeline is a reliable company that handles smooth communications with Chinese wholesalers.

Negotiate with Chinese Wholesalers

To import goods successfully, it is important to negotiate. When you lack good negotiating skills, you could lose your hard-earned money. Leeline Sourcing can help you get the lowest possible price.

Price and process transparency.

The company does not charge clients any supplier fees. Additionally, every aspect of their operations is transparent.

FAQ about boutique clothing wholesaler

Where can I buy wholesale for a boutique?

As the Internet continues to develop, more manufacturers are investing in B2B platforms. The company maintains a fully integrated supply chain, so they won’t run out of inventory. The following are a few top B2B wholesale clothing websites that you should check out.

How do boutique owners get their clothes?

Wholesale distributors typically supply clothing boutiques with bulk items. Manufacturers provide clothing to wholesale distributors, who then sell them to retailers at a markup. Consumers also pay a markup when they repurchase clothes from retailers.

How much do boutique owners make?

Owning a boutique provides the opportunity to make your own “salary” based on the amount you sell, your markup, and what you decide to pay yourself. You will also make money based on the type of niche you select.

By June 2021, Payscale estimated that small business owners earned an average of $67,919 a year. A typical earnings range is between $30,001 and $130,000. There is no set compensation for boutique owners, but these numbers will help you to set realistic goals.

How can I start a small boutique at home?

Many women dream of opening their own boutique to feel the freedom and joy of being their own boss. Even a single person can easily start this business. It requires a small amount of capital, and it engages the creative passion of the owner to an extreme.

You must have a clear vision to launch your boutique. You must select the products to sell and the places to sell them. Considering all of these factors is important before starting a boutique at home.

Final thoughts on five best ways to find your clothing wholesaler for your boutique

wholesale your clothing for boutique

Wholesale clothing can be very profitable for those in the clothing and apparel business. Quality and variety have to go hand in hand when choosing a supplier. You can either make or break your business based on the wholesale vendor you choose.

Choosing the best suits your store is worth the effort. Listed below are some ways to locate a wholesale supplier that is a good fit for your sales.

  • Request a list of the wholesalers for any product that you wish to stock.
  • Look for local wholesale suppliers on the web and in local catalogs.
  • Google is a great place to find wholesale vendors but researches each closely.

To get the best price and quality, use a Chinese sourcing agent like Leeline Sourcing. The Leeline Sourcing team helps you inspect Chinese products and perform factory audits. Is it hard to find wholesale suppliers for your product? Get in touch with Leeline Sourcing now!

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