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Wholesale Fishing Tackle

LeelineSourcing Find The Best Bracelets Suppliers and Manufacturers In China For you.
  • Leeline will assist you with the complex process of purchasing Fishing Tackle.
  • Leeline helps you to find fishing tackle suppliers based on your needs.
  • Leeline offers drop shipping of fishing tackle to its clients.
  • Leeline can help you in preparing your wholesale fishing tackle for Amazon FBA.
  • Leeline assists you to locate the right fishing tackle manufacturers for you.

Leeline pays special attention to the pre-shipment inspection of fishing tackle.

Fishing Tackle

Top 10 Trending Fishing Tackle To Sell

1. Fishing Rod

Importing Fishing Rod From China

The fishing rod is one of the fishing tackle equipment used by anglers at the time of fishing. Traditionally rods have been made from bamboo, but, today you mostly get them in steel or fibreglass. It fits your demands due to being less expensive. China has a lump sum of 80% of the world market in fishing gear products as well. China is the well-known fishing tackle wholesale platform where you get rods of all fishing tackle brands.

2. Fishing Reels

Wholesale Tennis Bracelet From China

Tennis bracelets are highly stylish and modern. The diamond beads make it a precious and charming bracelet. Now men’s bracelets have become very popular. It gives you a great polished and graceful look if you are wearing a men’s tennis bracelet. Diamonds are also used in tennis bracelets and hold their value. 

The rate of diamond sharing in China comprises 20%, while gold is 47%, according to the 2019 report survey. If your heart has set on a tennis bracelet, go for the China bracelet market because they provide graceful quality. Furthermore, you can get bracelet beads at wholesale prices.

3. Fishing Line

Buy Fishing Line From China

A fishing line is a cord made for angling. This fishing tackle gear is a long and thin string as well as varies with the material. Well, these are three types of lines: monofilament, braid, and fluorocarbon. The global Fishing Line market is growing at 3.4% during 2021-2026. China is the best country where you can bulk fishing lines on a low budget.

4. Fishing Hooks

Wholesale Fishing Hooks in Bulk From China

Hooks are the essential piece of fishing tackle equipment. You’ll use the catch the fish having the right hook is more necessary than your reel, your rod, even your line. In global, fishing gears most revenue is generated in China because it is the best platform for choose fishing tackle products within a low budget and in no time. A lot of Chinese fishing tackle suppliers have been exporting high-quality hooks.

5. Fishing Bait

Wholesale From China Fishing Bait Suppliers

The anglers know that the best live fishing bait rig is the one that fish will eat when we are not optimistic during fishing. There are strong contrasts between natural bait vs artificial. Fishing bait included leeches, grasshoppers, crayfish, etc. Baits segment is valued revised 3.2% CAGR for the next 7-years. Many wholesalers in China are doing their best in selling bait in a bulk quantity.

6. Fishing Lures

Wholesale From China Fishing Lures Manufacturers

It is a type of artificial fishing which is made to attract fish. The fishing tackle gear lure has many characteristics like movement, vibration, and flash. You can use two or more hooks to catch fish when they strike the lure. China has an ample supply of high-quality lures.

7. Bobbers

Importing Bobbers From China

Fishing bobbers or float is an angling gear as well one of the equipment in fishing tackle. It can use for any purpose like it can suspend the bait at a pre-established depth and carry the baited hook to inaccessible water areas. In the next five years, it is predicted that the global fishing equipment market will grow at a 2.7% CAGR in bobbers and other fishing gear like rods, reels, and hooks.

8. Sinkers

Wholesale Sinkers From China

Fishing sinkers are weights instrument which is used to pull your baited hook to get the desired depth. Fishing tackle manufacturers have gained the attention of several fishing tackle companies as well built a good place in the market at a worldwide level. China has the world’s great fishing industry. According to the survey, about one million spend an average of 17 days fishing. China is representing the leading fishing tackle brands with a wide variety.

9. Fishing Net

Buy Fishing Net From China

The fishing net is a net that is made or used for fishing. It is one of the standard products of fishing tackle. Moreover, the net is thrown by hand in such a manner that it spreads out. China fishing tackle suppliers provide in bulk quantity. The global fishing net market was valued at over US$ 3.5 Billion in 2018. It is expected to grow at more than 3% CAGR over 2018–2026. Based on consumption, China is expected to witness remarkable value and volume growth in the fishing net market in the coming years. China is well-known for fishing tackle wholesale in bulk.

10. Tackle Box

Wholesale Tackle Box in Bulk From China

It is a box designed to keep the fishing equipment. In this fishing, tackle gear provides a variety of small compartments to store different items like a sharp knife, pliers, etc. Furthermore, you can use pliers to bend and twist the metal components of your gear. In China, about 25% of the people are engaged in fishing, and the annual fish production is about 76.15 billion kg, which creates a lucrative market for fishing tackle boxes in the region. 

Wholesale Fishing Tackle From China and Save You Cost Up To 50%

Product Sourcing

Fishing Tackle Product Sourcing

Leeline assists you in buying wholesale fishing tackles at a fair price. In leeline, you can increase your profits by importing products cheaper.  

Factory Audit

Fishing Tackle Factory Audit

Leeline audit factory and provide a formal report so that you can import free of tension from Chinese fishing tackle suppliers.

Product Inspection

Fishing Tackle Product Inspection

Leeline undertakes product inspections and testing to ensure quality is delivered to its customers. Leeline’s team continuously checks all fishing tackle supplies

Amazon FBA Prep

Fishing Tackle Amazon FBA Prep

Leeline helps you develop and increase your fishing tackle sales through Amazon. Leeline follows Amazon’s rules regarding the FBA program, such as every item should be labeled with FNSKU to be identifiable in the Amazon warehouse.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Fishing Tackle Shipping To Amazon FBA

You can trust Leeline’s Amazon freight forwarding to deliver fishing tackle safely and at a reasonable price. They assure you of a worry-free delivery method and professional services. 


Fishing Tackle DropShopping

Using Leeline as a drop-shipping agent minimizes risk and reduces costs to deliver your fishing tackle from the fishing tackle suppliers to the end customer.

Why Choose Leeline To Wholesale Fishing Tackle From China

  • Leeline helps you in growing your business by importing from Chinese fishing tackle manufacturers to the Global market.
  • Leeline offers complete product sourcing solutions from China for wholesale fishing tackles.
  • Leeline is the place to go if you are looking for the best quality fishing tackle brands.
  • Leeline specializes in branding your fishing tackle and quality inspections.
  • With Leeline, contacting wholesale fishing tackle manufacturers is simple.

Leeline gives a money-back guarantee of 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with fishing tackle supplies.

Wholesale Fishing Tackle and Shipping From China

Fishing Tackle Sea Freight Shipping from China

Fishing Tackle Sea Freight From Shipping

Leeline can help you to ship wholesale fishing tackle from China. You can send your large volume via sea freight at the cheapest rate.

Fishing Tackle Air Freight Shipping from China

Fishing Tackle Air Freight From Shipping

Air Leeline is used by importers when they need to get goods from China rapidly and reliably. Leeline offers the best shipping service for a fishing tackle since they take care of the entire shipment process.

Fishing Tackle Rail Freight Shipping from China

Fishing Tackle Rail Freight From Shipping

Leeline transports your high-volume wholesale fishing tackle via a rail freight system. Various bulk fishing tackles can be shipped via rail from the origin to the destination. 

Fishing Tackle Door to Door Shipping from China

Fishing Tackle Door to Door From Shipping

Leeline offers the best rates in the market for door-to-door shipping services. The Leeline service is available for all kind of wholesale fishing tackles. When you use the Leeline service, you will save time as well as effort.

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Best 10 Fishing Tackle Suppliers In China

1. Weihai Haihe Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

1. Weihai Haihe Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.


The company started its business in 1999 and soon reached the heights of business popularity. The company has its presence worldwide and is renowned as a reputed fish tackle exporter. The company expanded its products by introducing the manufacture of their goods. The firm is situated in the Shandong region of China, with 50 employees at its roll.

Main Product

Fish trolling are the main items alongside Fishing Rod, Fishing Reel, Fishing Lure, Fishing Set, and Tackle Box. The company managed to grab the Western Europe market to about 30% while in North America 10% and has a 20% Eastern Asian market share. 

Why choose Weihai Haihe Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.?

The company has a firm belief in making excellent relationships with their clients; therefore, they do not guarantee quality. However, the prices are negotiable. By looking at the higher response rate of 93.56%, the clients are encouraged to contact them. Moreover, they have a welcoming and helpful customer support team that answers the queries in less than 5 hours. The firm has a favourable profile rating of 4.8/5 and a good supplier index.

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2. Shanghai Hengjia Network Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Shanghai Hengjia Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in the Year 2012, the company successfully ranked itself in the world’s uppermost e-commerce platforms. A 10 Years’ experience is the legacy of this company. The office is located in Shanghai, China. The number of people who work there ranges from 11-50.

Main Product

Fishing reels and plastic bait are the main products with an amalgamation of various fishing lure, crankbait, and fishing line types. The customer lineage is from different parts of the world. Noticeable exporting countries are South & North America, Europe, Australia, and Russia.

Why choose Shanghai Hengjia Network Technology Co., Ltd.?

The company is worth considering for business owing to its vast production facilities. The company’s products are low in price and high in quality. Plus point is the customization available, as the firm has a competent team of skill sets. The firm’s customer care unit is meant to address any query within 24 hours. The company has a 96.41% Response Rate. 

Contact Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Now!Contact Fishing Tackle Suppliers Now!

3. Wenzhou Huachun Metal Products Co., Ltd.

3. Wenzhou Huachun Metal Products Co., Ltd.

The Wenzhou Huachun Metal Products Co., Ltd. was erected in 2010 and is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China. The company has professional-level skills in the production of fishing equipment. The workforce is around 51-100 proficient people. 

Main product

Fishing lines and finders are the top-rated products. The Fishing Reel, Fishing Lure, and Fishing Equipment are also produced at competitive prices with optimum quality. The company has an export circle covering North America 35%, Eastern Europe 7%, and Locally 8%.

Why choose Wenzhou Huachun Metal Products Co., Ltd.?

The company is renowned for four peculiarities: superb quality, modest price, safe packaging, and due time delivery. The OEM and ODM services are available for valuable clientage. Customers are encouraged to contact us as a swift response will be given to the inquiries. The maximum time needed to address the query is 24 hours. The company bears good online standing with a 96.5% response rate and a 4.9/5 positive rating index.

Contact Fishing Tackle Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Shenzhen Home of Sea Fishing Gear Co., Ltd.

4. Shenzhen Home of Sea Fishing Gear Co., Ltd.

The company enjoys its strong position due to a solid technical force, well-equipped facilities, and stylish, innovative designs. The company has a team of 11-50 dedicated and hardworking people. The company was established in 2017 and is situated in Guangdong, China.

Main Product

Fishing hooks are produced there. Fishing lures and fishing rods are also manufactured. The company has a seller market of 45% in North America, 25% in Western Europe, and 10% in South America.

Why choose Shenzhen Home of Sea Fishing Gear Co., Ltd.?

Global recognition is quite essential, which means the company possesses an excellent profile to do business abroad. Thus, the company is recommended as trustworthy. Moreover, the company is also interested in making business tie-ups for future benefits. The response time is lower than 4 hours, while the response rate is 98.52%.

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5. Qinyang Elegant Fishing Tackle R&d Co., Ltd.

5. Qinyang Elegant Fishing Tackle R&d Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 2009 and is located in Henan, China. The area of specialization includes research and production of bait boats and their marketing & sales as well. The company employs around 50 people.

Main Product

Fishing baits and the wireless sonar are the primary items produced by Qinyang Elegant Fishing Tackle R&d Co., Ltd. The other products include Bait Boat, RC Bait Boat, Fish Finder Bait Boat, and GPS Bait Boat. The seller market is vast, covering 60% of North America and 40% of Eastern Europe. 

Why choose Qinyang Elegant Fishing Tackle R&d Co., Ltd.?

The slogan is enchanted ‘Rational price and excellent quality. The company develops the products in connection with the changing market trends. The products with the finest quality and balanced price are produced there. The sales staff is dedicated to giving prompt responses to the customers. The response rate is 62.07%, with 4.8/5 satisfied customer ratings.

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6. Dongyang Belerya Fishing Equipment Co., Ltd.

6. Dongyang Belerya Fishing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dongyang Belerya Fishing Equipment was founded in 2018. Solid enterprise experience in the production of fishing items. Total numbers of employees are ranging from 11-50. The company is located in the Zhejiang region of China.

Main product

Fishing lures and lines are the main productions, along with other fishing aids like Fishing Rod, Fishing Reel, and Fishing Hook are also produced. North America’s main markets are at 27%, South America at 10%, and Southeast Asia at 10%.

Why choose Dongyang Belerya Fishing Equipment Co., Ltd.

The products with a broader spectrum, rich production line, lighter on the pocket, are the characteristics that cannot be foregone. Corporate difficulties and their possible solutions in the early years made this company strong enough to face the storms. The company makes tireless efforts to gratify the customers. Their response time is less than 3 hours, and they have enough positive reviews of 4.5/5. 

Contact China Fishing Tackle Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

7. Weihai Longyuan Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.

7. Weihai Longyuan Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.

The company, when formulated in 2010, was just a small factory. Still, with time they have made tremendous progress, and now they are selling locally and abroad in significant proportions with equal profits. The employees are below 50. The company has its office located in the Capital of Fishing Gear” Weihai, China.

Main Product

Primarily the production of artificial fish lure is noticeable of the company. But now, all other types of fishing items are produced with a wide range. The export tendencies are North America 21%, Eastern Europe 20%, and Southern Europe 11%.

Why choose Weihai Longyuan Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.?

It is the perfect place for high-quality fishing lures at a competitive price. The advanced equipment, modern production units, professionally sound workforce with particular emphasis on Quality Control are some of the proud highlights the company has. Moreover, the R&D department is constantly working to ensure meeting the latest trends. You can contact their Sales department for business initiation, in less than just 4 hours you will be responded. The company has a positive rating index of 4.8/5 and a 93.7 response rate.

Contact China Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

8. Hefei Sneda Sports Co., Ltd.

8. Hefei Sneda Sports Co., Ltd.

The outclass fishing gear is produced at Hefei Sneda Sports Co., Ltd. It is a Joint Venture company established in 2018, with almost 45 people on the employee list. The company is located in Anhui, China.

Main product

Fishing linkers and lures are considered as its premium products. Some other accessories like Fishing Rods, Fishing Reels, and Fishing Bags are also available. Mainly, the company covers Western Europe’s markets to about 25%, North America 20%, and Southeast Asia 15%. Apart from these, the company sells to more than 50 countries across the globe.

Why choose Hefei Sneda Sports Co., Ltd.?

The vast selling record itself depicts how the company is working and what positive merits it is carrying. Therefore, it is a recommended choice. The originality of the products is also certain, as the company has its trademark. Customers are satisfied; with positive reviews, the company is ranked 4.8 out of 5. The staff is cooperative and friendly; any query is dealt with in less than 7 hours.

Contact China Fishing Tackle Suppliers Now!Contact Fishing Tackle Suppliers Now!

9. Shenzhen Oner Technology Co., Limited

9. Shenzhen Oner Technology Co., Limited

A network of branches and factories is linked with Shenzhen Oner Technology Co., Limited, which is the subsidiary company of Fulljion. The company was founded in 2016, and now almost 300 workers are at its strength. Out of the 20 people are specialized engineers.


Main Product


The production of fishing nets is their exceptional accomplishment. However, other essential accessories like Fishing Lure, Fishing Line, Fishing Reel, Fishing Rod, and Fishing Hook are also manufactured. The company’s global sales impact in Western Europe, 24%, North America, 21%, and in Northern Europe, 20%.


Why choose Shenzhen Oner Technology Co., Limited?


The company’s goal is to promote fishing as a fun and easier sport. The doors of the firm are always open for their customers. They respond well and timely to all the queries sent to them. Their response time is less than 6 hours, with a 91.43% response rate. Based on customer reviews, the company has an optimum performance index of 4.6/5.

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10. Windsor Castle Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.

10. Windsor Castle Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.

The company is an independent one having complete authority to perform needed business via imports and exports. It is a well-known supplier of fishing tackle since 2005. Based in the Shandong region of China, the company has about 50 employees.


Main Product


The tackle box is the main item produced along with some other items with a complete range like Fishing Rod, Fishing Reel, Fishing Lure, Fishing Line, and Fishing Accessories. The company encompasses South and North America as 30% and 25% for its sales. Whereas 25% in Western Europe’s targeted market.


Why choose Windsor Castle Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.


The company has a fond speciality in high-end carbon fishing rod mounted with Fuji Japanese components. The services like OEM are also provided. Product planning is initiated at the front level by our marketing team. Retails and wholesale business owners can contact our customer relations branch with complete confidence. With less than 4 hours of response time, queries are tackled effectively. The company has a favourable profile ranking of 4.9/5 based on customer reviews.

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Best 5 Fishing Tackle Suppliers In USA


1. Tackle Warehouse

11. Tackle Warehouse

Tackle Warehouse specializes in the sales of a variety of fishing equipment. The company is situated in San Luis Obispo, CA, United States, and it’s a part of the Sporting Goods store Industry.


Main product


Fishing rods, tackles, and reels of all types are the major production items. However, all other types of fishing accessories are available, including trolling motors and fish finders. A variety of apparel and boating accessories are also there. 


Why choose Tackle Warehouse


They are committed to delivering top-notch service to clients. The variety is enormous to consider, and the prices are ensured to keep at a low range. The company website is covering some FAQs for the customers. If you have further questions, the staff is available to assist you. 

Contact Fishing Tackle Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Tackledirect

12. Tackledirect

It is an online fishing company, focuses on the sale of fishing tackles and swimming clothing. The company was founded in 1997. The company’s headquarters are located in the Township of Egg Harbor, New Jersey, USA. The number of working employees is around 200.


Main product


Fishing hooks, tackles, and reels are the leading products, alongside every type of fishing accessory found there, including the best quality swimming gear. 


Why choose Tackledirect


The company has its worth due to the legacy of 40 years of achievement. Experience is the top thing one should shop at Tackledirect. Delivery is made possible in a shorter time the very next day one places the order. Moreover, more than 27 foreign countries are on the exporter list. Their products are the newest in the market with a competitive price range. Positive product reviews and happy customers are their pride. The sales staff is friendly and responsive so feel confident when asking for a price quote.

Contact Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Now!Contact Fishing Tackle Suppliers Now!

3. Fishing Tackle Unlimited 

13. Fishing Tackle Unlimited

The company was founded in 1979 in Houston, the United States, by two brothers named Joe and Danny Meyer, Houston’s locals. The brother transferred the heritage they acquired from their father, the making of fishing equipment. Thus, it is an old family tradition of 38 years.


Main Product


Fishing tackles and the equipment related to fishing are amongst the prime products. However, with the passage of time apparels, and footwear of particular types needed in fishing also became part of the production


Why choose Fishing Tackle Unlimited


The company is older and most extensive plus reliable. Therefore, they have sole ownership of several renowned brands as well. For instance, Shimano, Simms, Costa Del Mar, Daiwa, Jackson, and many more brands are well-merchandised by this company. The sales staff are people who are real-time fishermen. Thus practical fishing knowledge is transferred to the clients. Provision of courteous, competent, and professional service is their goal. 

Contact Fishing Tackle Factory Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. SCTackle

14. SCTackle

In Milford, United States, the company is another excellent online platform to purchase fishing tackles and appropriate equipment. Currently, the company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of saltwater fishing tackle. 


Main product


Fishing rods and fishing reels are the major products, and other accessories, including combos, lures, lines, and terminal tackle, are produced at the finest quality and cost-effective rate.


Why choose SCTackle?


The firm is suitable for those having a running store or stock merchandise for resale. Their sales are not open to the general public. Dealers are encouraged to submit their inquiries via the online form on their website. The company is proud to have a team that delivers the best possible customer satisfaction. So it is advisable to contact them without any hesitation. 

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5. Melton International Tackle

15. Melton International Tackle

Melton International has a history of the last 25 years. The company successfully turned itself into a full-scale competitor in fish tackle right from a small school project. A time came in 1997 when they properly expanded their margins and a full-scale company with various branches were established.


Main Products


Electric reel combos, electric reels, and the branded ones are amongst the significant products. Also, the company offers a catalogue full of fish tackle variety.


Why choose Melton International Tackle


The company maintains the profile of recurring customers secure and private. Thus a good relationship is ensured. Swift delivery is guaranteed, and for in-stock items, a minimum time of 72 hours is needed. The company has a competitive pricing policy. Clients can contact via website and telephonic mode.

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Best 5 Fishing Tackle Suppliers In USA


1. Red Wood Tackle

16.Red Wood Tackle

Red Wood Tackle is the number one and the largest online platform for fish tackle and accessories in the United Kingdom. The company hosts all types of fancy fishing equipment at reasonable prices.


Main Product


Complete fish tackle sets, reels, and rods are produced and sold alongside all the significant accessories, equipment, and components. 


Why choose Red Wood Tackle


All our products carry a 30-day check guarantee, provided the goods must not be damaged and returned in original packaging. It takes five working days for order processing and delivery. For placing the order, the client may browse the website. They have made the payment mode easier and convenient. Online query form is available for any type of questions and price inquiries. 

Contact China Fishing Tackle Factory Now!Get Best Shipping Price

2. Total Fishing Tackle

17.Total Fishing Tackle

The company is house to many fishing tackle products that are shrieking the high quality and cost-effective prices. Total fishing tackle speciality is that they are constantly focusing on improving the customer experience. 


Main product


Reels, rods, and terminal tackle are the main products. However, all types of supporting goods with relevant accessories are also produced and marketed. 


Why choose Total Fishing Tackle


The company has supportive sports equipment which equally suits newcomers and professionals. The team is highly supportive. They are ready to help the new people and direct them towards the right equipment they may need. The company also hosts top-ranking brands at its stores. Without any hesitation, the customers are advised to contact their knowledgeable team. The modes of communication are email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and direct dialling. 

Contact China Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Now!Contact Fishing Tackle Suppliers Now!

3. North Devan Tackle

18. North Devan Tackle

Jamie and his team of anglers formulated the company. They were getting anxious due to the unavailability of a quality fishing shop in North Devan. Therefore, they started to initiate one of their own. Jamie is an expert fisherman who is ready to share his knowledge and expertise with his clients. He was a former employee of a bait manufacturing company.


Main Product


North Devan Tackle is meant to deliver all the fishing tackle and accompanying accessories at reasonable prices. 


Why choose North Devan Tackle


They aim to equip the hunters with all the essential fish hunting equipment. Moreover, they are motivated to guide their customers so that their chances of catching fish improve. They also claim to provide any unlisted product within a week. They demonstrate the equipment usage at their shops. Feel free to contact them via online form, contact number, whereas an email can be sent outside the office hours. 

Contact China Fishing Tackle Suppliers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote

4. Anglers Corner

19.Anglers Corner

It is one of the biggest stores to house several fish tackle equipment. Established in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, South Wales in 1960, Anglers Corner are a large showroom, massive retail store, and warehouse.


Main products


They are the stockists of top brands linked with the fishing industry. The provision of all the notable brands made them leaders in South and west wales. They are also famous for running fishing competitions throughout the year.


Why choose Anglers Corner


If you want practical experience in fishing, this is the best choice. The interested customers can join their “team anglers corner”, enabling them to attend various fishing competitions. This enhances their knowledge and skills of fishing. Moreover, they recommend visiting their store for all sorts of practical advice. For queries, the customers are always welcomed to contact them. They will be able to quench their thirst by interacting with experts.

Contact This Suppliers Now!Get Best Shipping Price

5. Fishing Republic

20.Fishing Republic

The place is hosting all the major fishing tackle equipment from famous brands with complete variety. They claim to provide extra high quality in UK angling sport. 


Main products


They are selling predator baits, reels, rods, and terminal tackles alongside some accessories as well. They also have crap clothing and predator clothing, with luggage and other supporting gear.


Why choose the Fishing Republic

The company’s having a gigantic product line of 16,500 items; thus, no aspect remains untouched. However, the primary focus remains customer satisfaction. The staff members are sympathetic enough, just like the clients. Their expert opinion is decisive in the selection of the best tackle that suits every budget. Their policy is to provide friendly customer service so that everyone can enjoy fishing support. Their customer care section on the website is easier to go through and learn about shopping with them. 

Contact This Manufacturers Now!Ask A Shipping Quote


Wholesale Fishing Tackle From China: Ultimate Guide


China has one of the largest fishing tackle manufacturers in the world as well major fishing gear exporter. According to statistics review, China’s fishing tackle wholesale  style=”font-weight: 400;”>covers 80% of the world market. You can easily find resources to start any kind of business by importing from China

Chinese products fit your budget due to less expensive as well in best quality and specifications. There are lots of products that you can get from fishing tackle wholesale distributors. These could be items like fishing hooks, fishing lures lines, rigs, bobbers, reels & rods, and fishing boxes.

Well, if you are looking for the wholesale fishing tackle market, then no worry, China provides the best quality and showing the best service in all aspects.


Can I buy fishing tackle online?

Yes, you can buy fishing tackle online. Here you can do your shopping in minutes. Cheap deals and better prices are available in the online market because products come to you directly from the manufacturer or seller without involving any agent. You can find almost any brand or item you’re looking for with great choices. Furthermore, you can find consumer reviews and product comparisons for all the market options, with links to the best prices.

 Fishing Tackle 1

What is the best fishing tackle in China?

There are many fishing rod manufacturers in China. The largest and leading fishing line manufacturers and suppliers also are China-based. You can import fishing lines with lower elasticity, low price, and higher sensitivity. There is massive manufacturing of hooks available in the China market, and you can shop or wholesale from Chinese fishing hooks wholesalers. Various types of hooks, such as single, double, circle, and treble, are available in fishing companies. Zhejiang, Shandong, and Guangdong provinces are creating a massive number of hooks with different specifications. Here you can find a mature and expert manufacturer of fishing lures in any area in China

How do you organize fishing tackles?

Sometimes the simplest things create challenges and waste a lot of time. Fishing tackle box companies try to accommodate the needs of every angler. All the fishing tackle products perform an excellent task, but the fishing tackle box has good importance. By organizing the gear in the fishing tackle box, you can save your time.

Where can I buy wholesale fishing tackle?

China is representing as net fishing tackle suppliers, with a wide variety of gears. They all are available in different colors, sizes, and styles.

Where can I buy the best cheap fishing rod?

Most Chinese manufacturers are based in Zhejiang, Shandong, and Guangdong provinces. You can find a professional manufacturer of fishing rode in this area. Furthermore, they all are demanding very low and cheap prices. By getting in the bulk quantity, you can also save the delivery charges. Sometimes fishing rod producers offer coupons for buyers. 

 Fishing Tackle 2

What is the markup on the fishing tackle?

40-60% is the retail standard. When the bidding ended in 2003 at a Whopping the most expensive production lure ever sold. Its $101,200, this lure became the highest-priced fishing-related collectable sold at auction. You do not yield big profits to tackle shops unless you sell large quantities.

Should I buy a rod and reel combo?

If you are beginning, anglers often better off purchasing one of the rod and reel combos offered by manufacturers. Once you get a good reel, then go ahead to spend more money on the rod. At the time of choosing the rods should select the expensive one than the cheap one. The costly rods are more sensitive, can detect smaller bites, and create more fun to use than their more affordable parts.

Are tackle shops profitable?

A good tackle shop can make about $49,000 in twelve months. Profit goes up and down on business size. In short, if it’s small, then automatically, the potential goes down. But more prominent tackle manufacturers made a high profit quickly. Meanwhile, the success bait and tackle shop depend on its availability and the area’s fishing demand.  

How much does it cost to open a tackle shop?

Fishing tackle shop start-up costs are very low minimal. Usually, it can start with $5,000 initially. This cost would able to cover the building rent, utility bills, and insurance charges. It will also cover the shop’s primary supplies, like, refrigeration, gear, tackle, and vending machines. Also, keep the money for advertising the tackle shop because it enhances the goodwill of your shop.

 Fishing Tackle 3

How do I start my own fishing business?

Starting a fishing tackle business is a superb idea, before beginning the setup analyzing these points;

  • Firstly, understand the industry where you want to start up the shop
  • Conduct full market Research and complete feasibility studies
  • Choose the niche and fully concentrate on it.
  • Choose eye-catching, charming, enchanting, appealing, and delightful business name.
  • Study the level of competition in the industry
  • Economic analysis, whether your budget allows you or not
  • Decide whether to buy a well-known Franchise or start from scratch
  • Know all the possible challenges that you will face.

How much money do fish charters make?

It depends on the characteristics of the charter. The bill fishing charters are like $5700-$6900. The initial costs for a boat charter are very high. Their range from $40,000- $50,000. The average guide makes around $55,000 per year. The fishing companies operate the boat and equipment and help you keep clean and package your catch, and much more. Even some well-known companies provide photography.

Can you make a career out of fishing?

Yes, you can make a career in fishing. As like you can do;

  • Write blogs against fishing. 
  • Write Fishing eBooks or other material.
  • Sell Fishing Photography is the easiest and fun to create a job.
  • Also, create some fishing Contests. 
  • Teach your surrounding people about fishing tackle by using different platforms, either online or offline.
  • Make Fishing scenery 
  • Start a youth camp for fishing
  • Last but not least, become a fish breeder.

What fishing tackle do I need?

Nothing is worse than only realizing that you’ve forgotten something essential. It’s happened to us thousands of times. Before you head out and go for the fish hunting, make sure that you’ve checked your fishing tackle box. 

How do you use fishing tackle?

To attach your bobbers, mash down the top bar to expose the bottom hook. And hook it to the line. Then put your thumb on the bottom and push down the top tab to release the whole hook and attach. Where to place your bobbers depends on how deep you want your bait. The closest to the hook it is, the shallower your tackle will be.

What should be in a beginner tackle box?

If you are a newbie, you should carry the tackle box, one of the essential pieces of fishing tackle equipment. You’ll always bring on your fishing trips, other than just take only rod and reel. The nature of fishing is very peaceful so let’s start to communicate with it rather than create panic.

Always carry the fishing license, and before you can stock up, you need to choose the clear and correct fishing line for your all gear, either rod or reel. Keep the extra hook is a good habit and bring bobbers to keep your hook and line on the surface of the water in a uniform position.

What do I need to buy to start fishing?

  • A state license is very must for fishing.
  • You need fishing tackle like rods and reels.
  • Not forget to buy the fish hook.
  • You should have a fishing line around 4 to 12 feet. 
  • Buy a complete package of fishing weights of good quality.
  • Some fishing bobbers from fishing tackle manufacturing 
  • Choose a good selection of live baits.
  • Last but not least, fishing tackle box.

Are expensive fishing rods worth it?

Expensive rods are more worth able, sensitive, more durable, reliable, and more fun to use than their cheaper rods. You can save your budget by purchasing the inferior product of rod but in future it not showing worth. Your spinning stuff is always a little more on the inexpensive side, while the casting stuff is a little more on the expensive side. So should invest a little more in the rod.

Final Thoughts on Wholesale from China.

China is the best and excellent network of fishing markets. When you get wholesale fishing tackle, automatically, your profit margin will touch the sky. China offers many fishing products and super quality, like specific branded hooks in various sizes or colors. Moreover, you can get the product by barraging the price. Wholesaler of fishing tackle in china is very eager and offer many time coupons to their buyers. 

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