Wholesale Picnic Blanket To Sell On Amazon

The improved living standard of people has led to picnics becoming quite a popular outdoor activity. On the other hand, this has led to more vendors of picnic blankets. Leelinesourcing will offer you a detailed analysis of the market, competitive environment and profit space of picnic blankets based on various research data.


1.Picnic Blanket Wholesale Market

(1) Picnic Blanket Wholesale Market demand

According to data from Google trends (trends.google.com), the search for picnic blankets in the United States over the past five years is heavily focused on the months of May, June and July. The search popularity of picnic blankets in these five years has experienced great fluctuations. However, these fluctuations remain almost the same when compared annually and there are rules to follow. Looking at the search trend chart of the last 12 months, the popularity of picnic blankets search is on the rise. The search popularity of the hottest month reached 100.


(The chart of picnic blankets’ popularity of searching of the United States in the past five years)


(The chart of picnic blankets’ popularity of searching of the United States in the past 12 months)

Google trends (trends.google.com) show that the picnic blankets’ popularity search worldwide is at the peak in the months of May, June and July. The popularity of search worldwide is also on the rise, which is in line with the United States.


(The chart of picnic blankets’ popularity of searching of the worldwide in the past five years)

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(The chart of picnic blankets’ popularity of searching of the worldwide in the past 12 months)

In addition to the data provided by Google trends, we also looked at the search data for picnic blankets in the United States from Amazon (www.amazon.com).


(The graph of search volume of picnic blankets from Amazon in the past 12 months)

As can be seen from the data, the most searches are still in May, June and July. In July 2017, the number of search volume reached about 2 million which is the highest number of search ever recorded.

Through the above data, we can conclude that: The peak demand of picnic blankets is mainly concentrated in months of May, June and July of each year. The demand is also on the rise and the market looks quite promising.

(2) Picnic Blanket Wholesale Market distribution

A clear understanding of the market distribution of products is also necessary for one to market the products well. We also did an analysis of the market distribution of picnic blanket as shown below.


(The chart of areal distribution of picnic blankets’ popularity of searching of the worldwide from Google)

The UK had the highest number of picnic blanket searches, followed by Australia and New Zealand in third place. These results are according to the global regional search results of Google trends.

8U7%40EXSC4XKO%60%5DD%24 %5BQGONJ

(The chart of picnic blankets’ popularity of searching of the UK in the past 5 years)

T%24PP%24W%5DX%25Q%40N AQ%7DP266%25D2

(The chart of areal distribution of picnic blankets’ popularity of searching of the UK from Google)

According to this chart, the popularity of picnic blanket searches in the UK has fluctuated considerably over the past five years. However, the overall trend is on the rise, with peak searches concentrated in May, June and July. The main areas searched for picnic blankets are England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


(The chart of picnic blankets’ popularity of searching of Australia in the past 5 years)


(The chart of areal distribution of picnic blankets’ popularity of searching of Australia from Google)

The popularity of picnic searches in Australia over the past five years has also been volatile but overall, there has been growth. The peak search months are November and December (Because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the season is opposite). The hot spots for picnic blankets searches are Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

KFS1RLI%6097Q%24F KM%2417FI%5DF

(The chart of picnic blankets’ popularity of searching of New Zealand in the past 5 years)

The search popularity for picnic blankets in New Zealand has also been volatile over the past five years. The peak months are in November and December which is similar to Australia.

Overall, the market of picnic blanket is mainly distributed in Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

(3)Competitive environment

Having a healthy competitive environment is another prerequisite for profits. Therefore, it is of imperative to understand the competitive environment of products.


(The graph of search volume of picnic blankets in the past 12 months of the worldwide from Google Adwords)

According to the data provided by Google Adwords(adwords.google.com), the worldwide average search volume of picnic blanket on Google per month was about 35, 000 which is relatively small. That means fewer customers buy picnic blankets on independent websites. With few customer resources, the competitive environment will be relatively fierce.

Besides Google, we look at the competition of picnic blanket from Amazon.


X E1ZT%40~%5DHH1E%7D1AYT%24%7D7U1

According to the data in the chart, the average number of searches for picnic blankets on Amazon is about 800,000 a month with a CPC of 0.6 dollars per click. The blankets have a competitive value of 1(According to the Keywords tool table, products with a competitive value of 0.69-1 are highly competitive products.). This simply means that the picnic blanket is highly competitive on Amazon.

We can simply say that picnic blankets are quite competitive in Amazon.

2.Picnic Blanket Wholesale 

(1) Picnic Blanket Costs

As we all know, cost affects profits. In order to make more profits, it is necessary to control the cost of the product.


As shown in the picture, our search for the picnic blanket on the 1688 website revealed that most of the picnic blankets were in the low price range of $1 to $6. Besides, picnic blanket is small in size, lightweight easy to pack. As you can expect, the cost of packaging and transportation is also low. Overall, the procurement costs of picnic blankets are low.

(2)Wholesale Picnic Blanket Profits

Since we have a rough idea of the cost of the product, we can now estimate the profit margin of the product.


R7IR%403ZI%5DV6 %25UGDHJ%7D%5D%25KH

We randomly selected a $3.15 picnic blanket from Alibaba. The same product on Amazon was selling for $26.99. We then did a simple math of subtracting the cost of the product from the selling price as shown below.

26.99-3.15=23.84 dollars in profit

We then used the Unicorn smasherg tool to see the average monthly sales of this product which we found to be about 1668. So basically this gives us monthly returns of 1668*23.84=39765.12 dollars.

Therefore, profit is quite good even after you deduct the transportation and packaging cost.


(3) Fluctuations in prices

Stable sales price means you have a stable sales market environment. Let’s take the above product as an example to see whether the picnic blanket has a stable marketing environment.


The Keepa tool helps us analyze the historical sale prices of products. Result shows that the price of this product has fluctuated greatly over the past year where the lowest price was $13.99 and the highest price was$85.11 in the peak season of outdoor picnics (May, June, July and November and December). Overall, the market is less stable because the product features seasonal peak sales.

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3.Final Thoughts on Wholesale Picnic Blanket

We can conclude from the above information that:

  • The market demand of picnic blanket is on the rise, and the peaks months are in May, June, July and November and December.
  • The main sales markets are in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand these developed countries.
  • The procurement cost of picnic blanket is low and the profit space is large.
  • However, because the product features seasonal peak sales, the price fluctuates greatly, the sales market is unstable and the market competition is fierce.

Therefore, if you want to sell such a product in this competitive market and make a stable profit, you must have good control of all the costs and the quality of the product. This will also help you consolidate the existing customer base and attract new customers.

How will you control profits without affecting the quality of the blankets? You need to find a reliable supplier to supply you high-quality blankets in a stable manner at the lowest prices.

When it comes to choosing the ideal supplier, Leelinesourcing comes in as a perfect fit with over 10 years of experience. We not only have high quality supplier resources, but also professional purchasers and salesmen who can help you negotiate with suppliers to ensure you get the best quality and lowest price product.

Our services include, but are not limited to, finding suppliers, conducting credit verification, cross-price inspection, negotiating prices, product photography, labeling, FBA transportation and product branding. If you need our services or have any questions, contact our staff at info@leelinesourcing.com or by chatting online. They will provide you with quality services and excellent customer support.

It is our hope that this market analysis report helps you in your picnic blanket business.

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