How long does Shein take to ship

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SHEIN is a fast fashion brand that ships a wide variety of clothes. But, how long does SHEIN take to ship based on different shipping methods? In general, SHEIN delivery takes 1 – 4 weeks shipping times to deliver worldwide.

As an experienced freight expert for over 10 years, we assist companies in international shipping. SHEIN often offers convenient and fast shipping at a reasonable price. You can use the SHEIN order tracking number on the courier tracking page to track the delivery process.

We’ll share SHEIN’s delivery time and shipping methods in this post. Let’s get started!

How long does Shein take to ship

Three Shein Shipping Methods

Shein uses three types of shipping methods for SHEIN orders. Each method has a different shipping time and cost. It takes about 1-4 weeks shipping time to reach you. 

The shipping time and cost depend on your preferred shipping methods and location. SHEIN ships via China Post, so customers in Asia can receive the goods faster. In comparison, Western customers need to expect longer SHEIN’s shipping time.  

  • Economy Shipping

Economic shipping is the most affordable shin the Shein shipping method. Its costs range from free shipping to USD 4, depending on the SHEIN delivery region. SHEIN ships with a shipping time of about 3-4 weeks to your exact location.

  • Standard Shipping

Standard delivery is the most commonly used by consumers. It has a balance between the shipping time and cost. Standard delivery will cost you USD 3.99 with an estimated 2-3 weeks delivery time.

  • Express Shipping

Express shipping is the fastest and most expensive shipping method Shein offers. You can expect 1-2 weeks estimated delivery time. The shipping cost for express shipping is about USD 12.90.

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How long do Shein orders take?

There are three types of SHEIN shipping methods as mentioned above. You can also check the table below about SHEIN delivery time and shipping cost based on the shipping method.

CountryShipping TimeShipping Costs
United StatesStandard Shipping: 10 -12 days
Express Shipping: 6 – 8 days
Standard Shipping – 3.99 USD
Express Shipping – 12.90 USD
GermanyEconomic Shipping: 25 – 27 days
Standard Shipping: 14 – 17 days
Economic Shipping – 1.50 EUR
Standard Shipping – 2.50 – 4.50 EUR
United KingdomEconomy Shipping: 12 -14 days
Standard Shipping: 19 – 27 days
Express Shipping: 10 – 12 days
Economy Shipping – 2.00 GBP
Standard Shipping – 2.00 GBP
Express Shipping – 12.00 GBP
FranceEconomy Shipping: 24 – 27 days
Standard Shipping: 11 – 14 days
Economy Shipping – 1.99 EUR
Standard Shipping – 2.99 – 4.49 EUR
Canada Standard Shipping: 14 -18 days
Express Shipping: 10 – 14 days
Standard Shipping – 6.95 CAD
Express Shipping – 26.00 CAD

IndiaStandard Shipping: 7 – 14 daysStandard Shipping – 80 – 130 INR
ItalyEconomic Shipping: 4 weeks
Standard Shipping: 13 – 16 days
Economic Shipping – 2.49 EUR
Standard Shipping – 4.49 EUR
AustraliaStandard Shipping: 12 – 14 daysStandard Shipping – 4.95- 7.95 AUD 
SpainEconomic Shipping: 4 weeks
Standard Shipping: 12 – 16 days
Economic Shipping – 1.90- 3.90 EUR
Standard Shipping – 3.90 EUR
SingaporeStandard Shipping: 9 – 10 days
Express Shipping: 7 – 9 days
Free Standard Shipping for all orders
Express Shipping – 3.00 SGD
NetherlandsStandard Shipping: 8-11 daysStandard Shipping – 2.00 – 4.00 EUR
DenmarkStandard Shipping: 12 – 14 daysStandard Shipping – 3.90 EUR
AustriaStandard Shipping: 13 – 15 days Standard Shipping – 2.50- 4.50 EUR
MalaysiaStandard Shipping: 9- 12 daysFree Standard Shipping for all orders
FinlandStandard Shipping: 13 – 16 daysStandard Shipping – 7.90 EUR
Hong Kong, ChinaExpress Shipping: 6 – 8 daysExpress Shipping – 40 HKD

 A Fast, Easy, and Cheap Way to Ship from Shein 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from Shein.

How to track orders on Shein?

It is easy to track your SHEIN packages:

Step 1: Log In to SHEIN website

Go to SHEIN website and log into your SHEIN account.

Step 2: Go to Order Page

Click on “My Orders.”

Step 3: View Order Details

In “My Orders,” you will be able to view your Shein orders in sequence. Click on “View Details” on the particular order you want to track.

Step 4: Track Your Order

Check the status of your SHEIN parcel.

If your order is shipped, click on “Track” to track your SHEIN order. You’ll need to key in your SHEIN’s order tracking number to track your SHEIN package. This tracking number is often found on your order page on the SHEIN account.

Step 5: Confirm Your Delivery

Once you received your SHEIN package, confirm your delivery and earn the bonus point. 

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How to get Free Shipping on Shein?

free shipping on Shein
  • Coupons Outside the App

You can visit several websites to find the free shipping coupons that SHEIN offers.

  • Coupons Within the App

You can also subscribe to SHEIN newsletters or log in to their app to get the coupons. Sometimes, these coupons are also available for orders lesser than 20 EUR.

  • Coupons via Order

You’ll be entitled to free shipping when you buy SHEIN products of 29 EUR or more. Consumers in countries like Mexico can enjoy free shipping with lower order amounts.

  • Free Shipping on Sunday Purchase

Free shipping is also available on SHEIN, sometimes on Sunday or skipped hours. Pay attention to the countdown timer on the SHEIN homepage to get your free shipping deal.

  • Free Shipping for New Users

New buyers on SHEIN will get free shipping deals from time to time. The offer message will appear on the SHEIN homepage when you qualify for this. 

  • Free Shipping via Games

You can also play games like roulette on SHEIN daily to earn coupons. 

  • Free Shipping via SHEIN Broadcast Lives

Stay tuned to SHEIN App on Wednesday afternoon or night to join their live broadcasts. They will share new trends and free shipping coupons.

Looking for the Free Shipping on Shein?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the best method to ship at an attractive cost.

How to return items on Shein?

To return Shein items, go to My Orders and click Return Item. Proceed to select the order you want to return, enter your reasons then submit

However, you have to pack the return items and print the label yourself. Then, wait for the courier to pick up your package.

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FAQs about How long does Shein take to ship

1. From Where Does SHEIN Ship Items to Buyers?

Shein originated from China; hence all the products are shipped via China post. Shein does have international warehouses.

But, Shein’s warehouse does not produce the products. It is affordable to shop in Shein as they store and ship from their nearest warehouse.

2. How to Change a Shipping Address on Shein?

Go to “My Orders” in Shein and edit to save your new address. However, you cannot change the shipping address for confirmed orders and orders already been shipped.

3. What Shipping Carriers Does SHEIN Use?

SHEIN has various SHEIN courier partners. For instance, USPS for the US; Yodel Services for the UK; ColisExpat for Ireland; DHL courier for Canada; Aramex, Fetchr, and Naqel for Middle East countries.

Meanwhile, Australian customers get their packages through various shipping companies.

4. Does SHEIN Offer Shipping Insurance or a Guarantee?

Shein does offer shipping insurance or a guarantee. It comes with an additional cost at the payment window of your orders.

If your goods are lost or damaged, Shein is determined to resend your purchase with this shipping guarantee.

What’s Next

SHEIN has a developed shipping system to deliver to its consumers worldwide. It can ship to you fast, whether in the Eastern or Western countries, at an affordable shipping fee. 

According to the SHEIN shipping method, it is crucial to learn about SHEIN shipping cost and time. From there, you can decide better on the suitable SHEIN shipping methods. You must also note the varying time and fees to ship to different countries. 

I hope this article guides you better before your next purchase on SHEIN. If you want to learn more about shipping services, you may Contact Leeline Sourcing.

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