How packaging inspection helps you comply with Amazon FBA standards? 

Sharline Shaw

To buy from amazon, each shipment has a packing dimension and weight.

The dimension is about the outer container, and the weight is involving all the material in the package.

You should also accomplish the step of assuring the amount of weight is right before continuing.

Also, it is essential to have reliable product which is fulfill the FBA standards.

The FBA approach goes through a cycle; first you can give your feedback for FBA listings, secondly you can return orders placed on amazon, lastly, in case of lost or damaged items, amazon will give a refund.

Moreover, amazon website provides to you all needed information concerning the product requirements and conditions.

Here you will know more about the dangerous goods which is restricted by amazon.

In the beginning, we will discuss the consequence of failing to meet Amazon FBA requirements.

We will go through the FBA necessity.Certain goods need the acceptance before you can put them on Amazon. On the other hand, some types either cannot be published on Amazon using FBA or must be accepted under conditions using FBA. As example for the products that must be approved by Amazon: laser pointers and related products, and hoverboard goods in any category. In addition, the refused for some products which are alcohol, art- home décor, batteries and chargers, cosmetics and skin / hair care, and eclipse glasses and filters for solar viewing. This step of FBA inspection is done to provide to you as a customer a full satisfaction from our Amazon service.

1.  Checking the expiration date

Each product of food and beverage for pets or humans being must have a shelf life bigger than 105 days. In case it is in tolerance of 50 days in matter of expiration date, so Amazon will throw it away, and it cannot be back to you again.

2.  Check the barcodes

This is an important step, so you can follow your order, and make sure of the time line. Another important fact is by putting your label up front you will not be out of the delivery time. A great tip to mention which is putting a graph for how Amazon should do the packaging will help them to correctly put the labels. Each company has her own requirements, so Amazon has created her own. (Related  Content: How to Tell your Supplier Package your Goods correctly to meet the standard of Amazon FBA requirements)

Understand the basic requirement before you take action.

packaging inspection

– Check for proper labeling and barcodes.

First, each pallet you deliver to Amazon center should meet the FBA shipment label, secondly, each Sku must have an FBA shipments barcode, polybags must obtain a scannable barcode either on the bag or putted on the outside of the bag, lastly, in matter of packed goods any scannable barcode on the outer muster be detached.

– Check suffocation warnings on polybags.

Even though suffocation warnings on polybags differ from country to another, Amazon possess her own conditions for suffocation warnings on polybags with a 5-inch or larger openings. You may be facing a judge, if you do not apply the laws. Amazon laws are suffocation warnings must be putted on the polybags which have a 5 inch or larger opening, written warning to prevent suffocation warnings, and children
and babies to reach it, lastly each length and width of the bag has a certain print size. suffocation warnings on polybags is a flexible and simple, but not complicated, for Amazon make sure that warning is done through labels. Checking before delivery will make it easy for you.

– Check durability of packaging materials with an item drop test.

If you own a manufacture for soft item, so a drop test is not important, but if you produce fragile products, so during the quality control a drop test is essential. Amazon has created some categories for each item dropped test will be essential to putted on their website. First, if the box has been pierced from the side or the openings, the product must be dropped from 3 feet high, and it should be simply open. Secondly, all types of liquid, pellets, powders, granular substance must face a 3-foot drop test without the content of the container. Also, the fragile products must be able to withstand a 3-foot drop test on a rough surface without being broken. Amazon’s proposal procedure for a drop test are five drops from 3 feet high, including: drop flat on base, drop flat on top, drop flat on longest side , drop flat on shortest side , drop flat on a corner. A great option offered by Amazon which is you can send your inspectors to Amazon to approve. But please test before you come, so you will be able to pass the test successfully.

– Check packaging assortment for case packed items.

Packaging assortment for case packed items is an important step for Amazon seller. Please before you ship your product to us, make sure you ensure your packaging assortment with the quality control list, and the requisition order. Independent inspectors will ensure packaging, assortment and quantities conform. In addition, Amazon apply the following conditions. First, all goods in the package must be like SKUs and
laws. Secondly, all boxes having the same goods must have the same quantities. One shipment ID must include all the number of boxes, for Amazon prohibits multi shipments for same products. In addition, please to wrap the package with packing peanuts, crinkle wrap or shredded paper. The following packing material are the acceptable: foam sheets, cushioning, and air pillows.

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So, to sum it up Amazon FBA has a huge negative effect which is that if there is something wrong with your product and that’s does it mean that you are at fault but it can damaged from handling, shipment or storing it wrong. the worst thing you can face that your product was delivered to your customer, but it is defected, and the customer’s rating will damage you rating on amazon. To avoid all that we can inspect every shipment before it goes out to the customer in the same day to give more clarity and insurance to the seller and the buyer. You are in good hands with Amazon.

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