How to Choose the Best Case for Your iPhone? 3 Tip!

There are lots of different types of iPhone users. Some are way into the latest technology, some just like that it’s that’s easy to use, and some like having the coolest phone on the market. And for every different kind of iPhone user, there’s a perfect iPhone case.

So how do you know which accessory is right for you? Here’s a quick guide:

The Fashionista: You’re all about trendiness and glamour and you want an accessory that reflects that. You never go in for overly simple fashion, so a cool and funky patterned iPhone case is your best match. Top accessories makers offers a fashionable and trendy line of iPhone 5 cases with their collection.

From black leopard print with hot pink accents to a textured python finish, the cases will show off your funky flair for fashion.

The Outdoorsy Adventurer: You need your iPhone to go anywhere and everywhere with you. A case with an external battery will keep your phone powered up when you’re off the grid. Try something like Incipio’s Off-grid Battery Case.

Also, a really rugged like Survivor case for your iPhone will keep your phone safe from shocks, drops, dust, wind, and rain. It’s passed military tests, so it should serve you well for camping.

The Minimalist: You don’t want anything too fancy, just clean and simple basic protection. iPhone accessories makers are known for their high-quality, minimalist cases, like the iGlaze line of iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 cases.

They offer good protection in a sleek, lightweight design that’s not bulky. Plus, with tons of colors to choose from, you’ll find a cool but simple accessory that suits your tastes. This list hasn’t covered all the possibilities for accessories out there. But it does offer a guideline of how to think about what you want from an iPhone case. Do you need heavy-duty protection? Lightweight portability? Something cool and trendy? Extra battery power?

Whatever the need, there’s an iPhone case that’s practically tailor-made for you. You just need to know what you want.

iPhone case

We have every type of iPhone Cases you need. If you visit our website, you will get what you are looking for. You can find those you like and have them sent directly to your home. ( Related article: Everything you need to know about iPhone battery cases )


iPhone case


Comfortable feel of carbon fiber.

Fibonacci expansion level.

Increased carbon fibre lines stereo feeling.

The convex ring protects the camera.

Carbon fiber manufacture makes it look more substantial.

Freestanding keypress.

PC frame+soft rubber loop.

SKU: 18050718

Purchasing Price Rang($): 2-2.5

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 9-14

Toughened Optical Glass Waterproof Case

Toughened Optical Glass Waterproof Case


0.55MM toughened glass super light.

Be the most considerate accessory brand.

Make simple to delicacy.

Support wireless charging.

Delicate appearance, comfortable hand feeling.

9H tempered glass protective overlay.

SKU: 18050719

Purchasing Price Rang($): 1.7-2.4

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 9-13

TPU Litchi Leather Texture Phone Case 

iPhone case


Derma to glyph case.

Auto focus and ultimate experience.

Protection, we are conscientious.

Delicate appearance, comfortable hand feeling.

Various colors are available.

Durable protective design.

SKU: 18050720

Purchasing Price Rang($): 1.2-1.5

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 8-10

Waterproof Shockproof Metal Aluminum Cover Case

iPhone case


Simple installation. 

Easy, convenient and quick.

Not the same design, not the same experience.

Let phones take pictures more professional.

Universal camera spiral bayonet.

Apply to a lot of mobile phone external camera.

Shockproof: 360°all aspeects protection shockproof angles designed around the case, 2-meter height dropproof.

Beautiful, firm, and convenient.

Metal, light, thin with an external camera bayonet.

Convenient installation position camera.

Dirtproof: keeping your phone away from any tiny dust.

360°full protection: waterproof&antifouling, dirtproof, shockproof.

You can choose 4 colors for you like.

Products include: protective shell, toughended glass membrane, 3 lenses.

Every detail is better experience.

SKU: 18050724

Purchasing Price Rang($): 8-11

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 24-43

Ring Stand Metal Holder Case

iPhone case


Classic 6 colors optional collocation.

Many body combination design, with German import PC plastic frame and a mix of new import TPU inner shell.

Separate button design: detachable independent key, electro plating processing feel better, more sensitive.

Rotate freely adjust: support at 360°rotation, rotation and support the most comfortable angle, comfortable viewing.

Beyond imagination process: German Bayer PC material, import advance technology with good metal texture and good touch feeling give you a different experience.

Shock resistance to fall off: imported silicone raw materials, more soft toughness is stronger can effectively resist and prevent friction.

SKU: 18050725

Purchasing Price Rang($): 6.5-8

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 15-26

Waterproof Metal Aluminum Cover Case



You can immediately feel the hell on inferno.

There are protection for sound hole, protection for mute key, protection for up key and protection for down key.

Perfoot product of fashion and technology.

IP68 waterproof rating: under water<4 hours, water depth<4 M.

Convenient hang rope: can tie the rope climbing backpack or waist.

Impact protection: no matter at what time can be omni-directional protect your mobile phone.

SKU: 18050726

Purchasing Price Rang($): 8-10.5

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 20-35

Violin Design Metal Phone Case

violin design metal phone case


Fashion violin design metal shockproof standing phone back cover for iPhone X 360 degree rotating ring case.

Luxury Aluminum Alloy Bumper Hard. 

Violin Shape Phone Case For iPhone.

Protects from scratches, bumps, and drops.

Provides ultimate protection from scratches and chips/Reinforced with hard plastic to ensure durability.

This hybrid case protects your phone against scratches, dirt, bumps and minor drops.

SKU: 18050727

Purchasing Price Rang($): 7.7-8

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 18-32

Iron Man iPhone Case

iPhone case


High quality two piece heavy duty protection case for your smartphone.

The outer poly carbonate hardshell provides extra protection to the back, side and corners.

A kickstand on the back of the shell can turn your device into a small media center.

SKU: 18050728

Purchasing Price Rang($): 0.9-1

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 7-10

Sliding Wallet Cell Iphone Case

iPhone case


Safe ABS plastic material.

Many different colors for choosing.

For iPhone series with model for 6, 7, 8 and 6P, 7P, 8P.

Convenient design with sliding compartment for keeping some extra cash and cards.

SKU: 18050729

Purchasing Price Rang($): 0.9-1

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 7-10

Ring Holder Stand Iphone Case

iPhone case


Such as the skin to feel the  value of the play.

Simply design iPhone sensation.

Moist and smooth, feel is good.

Support at 360°rotation, rotation and support the most comfortable angle, comfortable viewing.

SKU: 18050730

Purchasing Price Rang($): 1.6-1.7

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 9-13

If you have any more questions about iPhone cases, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.


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