How To Choose the Best Dog Collar for your Beloved Buddy

Dedication and loyalty is one of the things you’re bound to get attached to with a friend. In terms of these qualities, no one is more loyal than your dog buddies.For both new and experienced dog owners, it is very important to know which type of dog collars are best for their buddies.

1.What type of collar fits your dog?
Buckle Type Collar

A dog-collar with a prong style buckle with multiple holes for adjustments. These types of collars are a little hard to undo so it is best for dogs the wear their collars most of the time.

Quick Release Collar

This collar has a quick release buckle and can easily be undone. This is ideal for dog day care centers for safety reasons.

Safety Ring Collar

This collar is ideal for dogs that are trained for hunting or as travel guides. The ring midway the collar serves as a safety ring to provide extra pivot to relieve pressure and allows slipping out whenever they gets stuck on branches or rocks. 

Martingale-Dog Collar

A martingale collar can be used for dogs new to collars and/or dogs that needs training so they can’t backout of their collars. It gives you the ability to control your dog especially when walking.

2.What collar material?
Nylon or Fabric Collar

Nylon is commonly used for dog collars because it is less expensive and usually has a number of design options, however, it doesn’t usually last long as other collars with harder material. Fabric dog collars can also be used and it has a lot of similar properties as nylon. Nylons sometimes causes allergies to the dog’s skin, but with fabric collars, the nylon is covered, preventing it from touching the skin and causing irritation.

Weatherproof Biothane

This collar is made of urethane & vinyl coated material that is similar to a synthetic-leather collar. This material is good for active dogs as it is very durable. It can stand both hot and cold temperatures and it doesn’t smell.


This is a traditional material used for dog collar because of its elegance and classy looks. Although this type cost a little more than others, it is good for dogs as it softens and is durable. 

3.What is the right collar size for your dog?

Getting the right type and material for a dog collar is nothing if you do not have the right size. You would want a collar to be as comfortable as it can be for your dog at the same time safe so it doesn’t snag on anything. For a proper size, please follow below steps:

· Ensure your dog is standing and measure the circumference of the neck using a small measuring tape, cloth or string.

· Ensure a snug fit and provide ample extra space by slipping two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. Or, you may also simply measure the dog’s neck and add 2 inches extra for comfort.

· When buying a new collar, try it to your dog’s neck and check if it is the right fitting by sliding 2 fingers. You would know whether you’ll need a smaller size if there’s extra room, or when it is too small for your best friend when both fingers don’t fit.

You may also use the below guide for reference:
XSmall : 8″-11″
Small : 10″-15″
Medium : 14″-19”
Large :18″-24″
XLarge :20″-29″

For your Catahoula bulldog, you should be aiming for a snug fit, enough not to choke, and loose enough not to snag anything. Your dog’s collar needs to be good enough to feel comfortable for your buddies. They aren’t just your pet, they are your best friends. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

We have every type of Dog Collars you need, like these Labradoodle collars. If you visit our website you will get what you are looking for.You can find those you like and have them sent directly to your home.(Related article:8 tips guide of importing process from China for newbies)

Rivet Dog Collar


Collar Material: PU Leather and Alloy.

3 Rows reto rivets, not easily to crack, to help protect its neck.

High quality, Solid, Beautiful and Durable.

5 adjustment holes for adjustment.

Fashionable and personalized designed for your pet.

SKU: 18051006

Purchasing Price Rang($): 0.9-2.3

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 5-11

Bow Tie Dog Collar  
Bow Tie Dog Collar


Simple and stylish, cuteness overload.

Safe and smooth leash, and offers a better control.

There are several holes in the collar for length adjust.

SKU: 18051007

Purchasing Price Rang($):0.4-0.5

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 3-9

Heart Studded Leather Dog Collar 
Heart Studded Leather Dog Collar


Material:100% durable leather,hand stitched. 

5 adjustment holes for adjustment.

Bling and shining heart studded charm.

Fashionable and personalized designed for your pet.

SKU: 18051008

Purchasing Price Rang($):0.7-1.2

Amazon Selling Price Range($): 3-9

Big Size Rivet PU Dog Collar
Big Size Rivet PU Dog Collar


Fashion design.

Adjustment holes to adjust.

Applies to large and medium-sized dogs.

Made from high quality PU leather and glossy zinc alloy.

SKU: 18051009

Purchasing Price Rang($):2-3

Amazon Selling Price Range($):6-11

Dog Collar with bell
Dog Collar with bell


Cute and Stylish Crystal Collar with Bell.

Applies to small dogs.

4 different color sets.

Adjustable size.

Best quality and reasonable price.

SKU: 18051010

Purchasing Price Rang($):0.6-0.7

Amazon Selling Price Range($):2-8

Bow Tie Collar Necklace Jewelry
Bow Tie Collar Necklace Jewelry


Made of Durable Leather Material,with a bowknot.

Decorated with Bowknot and Rhinestone studded charm.

Fashionable and personalized and rhinestone bow tie design.

SKU: 18051011

Purchasing Price Rang($):0.9-1

Amazon Selling Price Range($):3-9

Dog Collars with 8 Rows Full Crystal Diamonds 
Dog Collars with 8 Rows Full Crystal Diamonds


Crafted of high quality metal.

Thick durable PU leather,thick and strong but soft.

Fashion and stylish.

Sturdy diamons studded and not easy fallen off.

SKU: 18051015

Purchasing Price Rang($):1.1-1.3

Amazon Selling Price Range($):4-9

SHARP Spiked Studded Leather Dog Collar


Heavy Duty for Medium,Large dog breeds.

5 holes adjustable,strong, soft and comfortable.

Spikes can protect its security.

Special and cool designed.

SKU: 18051017

Purchasing Price Rang($):2.4-3.2

Amazon Selling Price Range($):8-12

Dog Training Collar 
Dog Training Collar


Can be used to help correct barking and other behavioral obedience.

4 types of stimulation and you will find a stimulation for your dog.

1000 yards Remote Range.

Rechargeable and water-resistant.

SKU: 18051029

Purchasing Price Rang($):23-24

Amazon Selling Price Range($):40-71

Safe Basic Bark Control Collar
PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar


6 levels of progressive static correction.

No false correction.

Automatic safety shut off.

Waterproof collar for your dog’s outdoor activities.

Finding the right level by beginning with the lowest level of static.

SKU: 18051032

Purchasing Price Rang($):2.25-3

Amazon Selling Price Range($):9-15

If you have any more questions about Dog Collar, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.


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