How To Find a Sourcing Agent in China?

Getting a reliable Chinese agent is a great idea to help your business.

The sourcing business has been growing fast in China for the past few years.

Due to the limited geographical factors and language, or so on.It’s crucial to find a reliable local sourcing agent for your Chinese business.

To do so, you can visit online websites. You can also go through a bunch of reviews and select the best available option.

Don’t worry if you find yourself perplexed.

To figure out how to find a sourcing agent in China, there’s something you must keep in mind.

Find a Sourcing Agent in China

What factors should an able sourcing agent have?

1. Great quality and reliability

A great agent will take credit and reliability as his life. And he will never cheat their clients in the middle of business.

How to verify the credibility of your product service agent?

Get close to the respective china sourcing agent for references. Look at them before formal participation.

As an agent of purchases, they should act well. Plus, it should secure the interests of remote buyers in China.You should never “throw” your buyers to swindlers in China.

And should also never eat your own particular words.A good sourcing agent will never cheat on their clients.

As far as I know, some purchasing agents even ask for bribes from both parties.It’s horrendous for a decent purchasing agent to benefit in China.

Mostly, individual people do this,but some of them lack professionalism and responsibility.

That is why we would tell you to work with an administrative organization instead of a single person.

2. Brilliant service

The fantastic administration includes good communication and efficient work.

Administrative organizations need to behave professionally with their clients. It will be great if your requests are listened to within 12 hours.

Great Chinese sourcing agents should reply to your queries efficiently. It will prove their reliability and professionalism.

The sourcing company that cannot be available for frequent updates and discussions is not credible. It is because they may not complete your sourcing process in time.

Apart from being available, a sourcing agent is to be able to properly communicate in the world.

They need to interact with people from all around the world.

However, there are only a few people who speak familiar English or other remote dialects in China.

3.Should Actively Participate 

Working with a sourcing agent in China, you must be highly recognizable as the primary element in this field.

For example, how to achieve the goal as fast as time permits?

Your sourcing agent should know how to buy or source different things without killing a considerable amount of time.

They should know the best markets from where you can purchase wanted items.

In addition to this, they should also know how to get the best costs. You can get the most amazing benefit if you get an item at the lowest value through any sourcing services.

4.The Sourcing Agent Must know How to Communicate 

Language is critical to communicating with specialists from around the world.

Not many people speak familiar English or other external dialects in China. But the right china sourcing agent should know this well.

The sourcing agent you hire must have a decent charge of the dialect spoken in the target nation.

Must remember that this plays an integral part between businessmen worldwide.

Suppose your expert sourcing agent does not know the dialect spoken in that nation. Then they will not have the ability to transmit and manage well. 

5.Familiarize yourself with your industry.

Try to work with an expert agent if you do not know anything about the industry’s specifications and affiliations.

For example, suppose you are buying flexible iron foundries. It would be prudent to discover an administrative organization with large participation in this field.

There are some phrases in some different fields.

Remember that a similar word can convey different implications in different fields.

So choosing a professional sourcing agent in your unknown industry is definitely crucial.

6.Should be Aware of the Laws and related universal controls

A great China purchasing agent must need to learn a lot about global work.It includes issuing shares and certificates and deals with the problem of dumping and duty.

For example, if you sell hamburgers to Muslim nations, your items must be certified.

It is better to authorize them with an uncommon brand and ratify them by your target country.

So, when you choose a purchasing agent in China, be cautious and do your research.

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China sourcing agents vs. Domestic sourcing agents

China sourcing agents vs. Domestic sourcing agents

Let’s break down the pros and cons of a Domestic and a Chinese sourcing agent. It will help you choose the best.

Pros of China Sourcing Agents

  • The China sourcing agents are experts and professionals. They know how to deal with your business deliveries perfectly.
  • They offer competitive prices to all their customers.
  • You will get quality inspections and qualified suppliers. 
  • You can also request a trusted China sourcing agent for a reliable estimated shipping cost. 
  • Every supplier in China has a business license. So you won’t have to face unexpected troubles later on.

Pros of Domestic Sourcing Agents

  • If you get a domestic sourcing agent, you will have more control over your production process.
  • The estimated shipping costs of local areas can be a lot lesser than the international ones. It is beneficial if you want your products delivered within the country.
  • You can launch your products faster in your local community as it is convenient to do so.
  • Product sourcing will become easier. It is because you will have easy access to the factories and warehouses.

Cons of China Sourcing Agents

  • A China-based sourcing agent is far away from your reach. So you cannot overview your production process.
  • Your local clientele will be disturbed if you have a Chinese purchasing agent.
  • The difference of time and language can cause communication barriers.

Cons of Domestic Sourcing Agents

  • It’s hard to break up and shift your agents when they belong from somewhere near you.
  • It costs you more money to source domestic products.
  • Late deliveries will be a usual thing.
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Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

7 steps teach you to find a sourcing agent in China for your business?

1. Define What You Need

It is important since you cannot dive into the market without any knowledge. So strategize about what you need.

You will only be able to find a viable sourcing agent when you’ll know this. A proper assessment will give insights into the product market.

You will also learn about the location to concentrate and the target segment to connect with, etc.

All these elements are necessary to be defined. Because you can find a fit China sourcing agency only when you’re able to relay these insights.

2. Set Your Budget

Setting your budget is another vital element that you need to assess. Do this before you go diving into the market for a sourcing agent.

As highlighted earlier, there are several types of sourcing companies that are working in the market.

Every sourcing agent in China has its perks, cons, and costs. It would help if you made sure that you kept aside some amount for adverse circumstances.

You can mark this in mind when you strategize your budget.

Moreover, ensure that you get the services of a sourcing agent before handing over the entire payment.

But before you hire one, you need to confirm some things. Negotiate all the specifications and requirements beforehand.

3. Choose A Type Of Sourcing Company

Type Of Sourcing Company

When you go deep into the market, you can come across several firms. They might offer sourcing services in your preferred domain.

It’s hard to find someone that can fit all your requirements.

But it’s not impossible to find such a sourcing agent.

You can easily put yourself and your resources to use. It will help to know what kind of sourcing agent is available in the market.

Moreover, keep a close eye on assessing their workability and quality control abilities.

Because small ignorance can result in a poor choice. And this will affect the proceedings.

4. Research & Compare

Finding a reliable agent or a Chinese sourcing agent can be hard. While doing this, you can adopt methods of comparing multiple brands or services providers.

People have preferences for brands. They evaluate them based on their performances. You can do the same for sourcing agents.

Select the domain of the product you want. Then construct your requirements.It will allow you to relay the information to different sourcing agents.

You can pick their details for comparison. Then choose the sourcing process that is most beneficial for you.

The services of an expert sourcing agent in China can help you reach your goals easily.

Having a comparison will allow you to know what kind of sourcing agents are working in the market.

It will also help save you from scammers because you’ll be comparing them with real sourcing companies. The difference in the services will show.

5. Get Different Offers & Ask For Business Licenses

During the selection process, you can get different offers from the chosen sourcing companies too. This will let you know what offer works the best for you.

Consider what you can do to negotiate the price with the sourcing agents.

In addition, you can also choose to check for licenses of the selected sourcing companies.

One of the primary advantages of asking for permits is that any scamming company will mitigate their communication. Or you can also find out about them from their license number.

It will help save the time and resources needed for the assessment. It will also enable quick selection for a sourcing agent.

6. Negotiate Payments

First, compile a list of the most suitable candidates as sourcing agents. Then negotiate in terms of money. It is another important element.

You need to assess and select what kind of payment method the sourcing agent agrees to.

Moreover, you also need to assess the payment strategy.

Also, remember the budget you’ve set for your needs.

Price negotiation will not take time. You can get clear answers from the sourcing agents too.

Moreover, you can also negotiate in terms of increasing or decreasing the commission.

7. Write Down Everything in a Contract 

Last but not least, you need to have everything in the contract. It is a crucial element. Because this will allow you to get, everything streamlined.

When you get everything, make sure it’s final. Suppose someone is providing you with quality inspection expectations and product sourcing details.

Then prepare a written contract. Because no sourcing agents will be able to back out later in a written agreement.

In this way, you can secure your end from any adverse circumstance.There will be payment issues or the difference in the quality, etc.

Choosing these methods will allow you to select a competent sourcing agent.

You can put your maximum effort into choosing the best choice. Also, ensure that you take every necessary step for the selection phase.

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Where to find your Best China Sourcing Agent?

Where to find your Best China Sourcing Agent

If you are looking for Chinese sourcing agents, there are a few easy ways to find them. You can also look for a supply chain online to get a professional china sourcing agent. 

Some of them are below to help you through this process.

1.    Websites

Here are a few websites from where you can find a good sourcing agent in China.

They can help you with product sourcing and the purchasing process. Let’s have a look at them.


It is found in Wuhan, China. Leeline Sourcing has a good reputation as a sourcing company and has been around for years now.

It offers all kinds of sourcing, quality control, and FBA services.

China Purchasing Agent

Here is another sourcing agent in China. It works as a potential supplier and is present in Shenzhen, China.

You can access them for reliable services.

B2c Sourcing

B2c sourcing is a well-known sourcing business. Its reliable product sourcing service makes suitable suppliers for you.

You can visit their website for further details and hire them as your sourcing agent.

Foshan Sourcing

Among many china global sourcing solutions, this is another trusted Chinese sourcing company.

You can quickly contact them through their website or email.

It covers a vast china sourcing division. If you are looking for a quality inspection Shenzhen, this is the one.

Qaizen Group

It is a Shanghai sourcing management company.

Qaizen Group is known as a trustworthy sourcing agent in China. You can contact them through their customized online portals.

Learn more about their quality control inspectors and research suppliers.

Look through them, and choose your favorite sourcing agent in China right away.

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2.    Search Engines

As mentioned above, the websites are a great way to reach out to china agents.

Search engines are a similar reliable option to do so. You can use different engines to search for Chinese suppliers. Such as,

  • Google
  •  Youtube
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Baidu

If you look through these sites, you can easily find a great china sourcing agent. Finding a Chinese sourcing company online was never this easy.

China provides logistics about how you can become better. And how they can help you achieve it all. 

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3.    Industry Channels

Industry channels are marketing ways. They allow different suppliers to market their quality services.

To have access to a good and reliable sourcing agent, visit industry channels online. Some of the most famous ones are below.

  • Search for your sourcing agent through Social Media sites.
  • Visit company blogs of the right suppliers.
  • Look for a good china sourcing agent by attending different webinars and events online.
  • Email the appropriate china sourcing company and ask for details about their services.
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Final Thoughts on Getting a Reliable Sourcing Agent

Getting a Reliable Sourcing Agent

Product sourcing in the Chinese market is trustworthy. And it is helping lots of businesses everywhere.

A reputable sourcing agent has access to almost all parts of the world. That is why they make your business easier to handle.

They offer logistics and shipping support. And also give plenty of valuable advice to their customers.

Don’t hold back if you want an experienced sourcing agent.

We can help you here. Leeline Sourcing is known for its credible service and great results so far.

Contact us to get help in running a successful business.

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