How to find wholesalers in China

Growing demand for products has made sellers look for ways to get supplies in bulk for a very small investment.

International businesses have recognized Chinese manufacturing as a great way to lower product prices. Many worldwide brands utilize factories in China, making it a staple for successful manufacturing.

However, the success of importing from China depends on how well you select your suppliers. So, our experts help you, we have 10 years of sourcing experience. Finding wholesale suppliers who can deliver on time and provide reliable customer service is imperative.

Throughout this article, you will know the process of how to find wholesalers in China.

find wholesalers in China

Top 6 Chinese Wholesale Suppliers

Many people want to import Chinese goods, but coming to China personally to find a local supplier can be a hassle or entirely impossible for some.

The easy solution to get reliable Chinese wholesalers is searching them through the Chinese wholesale websites. You can get reliable suppliers and high-quality Chinese products this way.

The following are the leading Chinese wholesale websites, which lead you to reliable suppliers.



When you think about buying in bulk from China, the only name which comes to mind is Alibaba. ‍

Alibaba was founded in 1999 to offer buyers a rapid and easy way to find products and suppliers. The site has grown into the world’s largest online wholesale directory, with 779 million users in 2020.

Over 40 major categories and millions of products make it one of the most diverse wholesale directories. While searching for reliable suppliers, you need to focus on the product.

With time as you will get the experience, you can know the best wholesale suppliers for your business.

Generally, at Alibaba, the consumer goods will have a minimum order quantity, except large machines and other electrical products.

The MOQ at this platform is from 500 to 5000.

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One of the best sites like Alibaba, there are many wholesale suppliers on AliExpress.

Factories can prepare many products, and the companies have enough funds to buy the goods. Mostly, companies purchase goods from factories in bulk and resell them at low prices at AliExpress.

The other group of suppliers you will find here is the small sellers, who are just beginners at AliExpress.

And they want to expand their business by attracting a large number of buyers.Therefore, they sell their products very cheaply.

So, as a result, you can get Chinese goods at a meager price.



One of the most popular Chinese supplier directories is DHgate.

The marketplace was founded in 2004 and is the largest online wholesale supplier directory globally.

There are currently more than 1.7 million suppliers registered on DHgate. More than 7.7 million products are listed in 27+ categories on this wholesale supplier directory. 

The company does not have any minimum order quantity. You can purchase either a single piece or even in bulk.

But the price of products can vary according to the amount you are purchasing.

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Global Source

Global Source

The suppliers are mostly factories and large trading companies. It is tough for small companies to enter the market, as it requires a lot of funds.

The company sold the products in bulk, as a single product may not offer much margin.

The delivery time here is almost 25 days, and it can vary according to your geographical locality.

The company takes a lot of time because the goods are not in stock and have to manufacture them.

Made In China

Made In China

This B2B portal features quality products made in China and was founded in 1998.

The platform allows you to find wholesale vendors, manufacturers, and factories.

Like other companies, you can get products from both companies and factories. The company is well known for providing high-quality goods at the lowest prices.

And you may have to wait for three weeks to get your product. To connect with the supplier, you can use the chat now and send an inquiry.

The company offers you many ways to make the payments.

But to make the money transfer more reliable, you can negotiate with the supplier.

Yiwu go

Yiwu go

On this platform, small commodities are sold, and you can find the complete list of products from various categories.

Most of the suppliers have come from the Yiwu international city, where they have a factory.

The minimum order quantities may vary from supplier to supplier. You can get just one piece, while you have to purchase at least ten items in other cases.

The price of the products may vary according to the purchased quantity. You can contact the supplier through send inquiry or click the contact.

And both of these options will provide you with all the personal details of the supplier like phone number, email address, and many others.

5 Tips for choosing the best Wholesale Suppliers in China

The supplier is a crucial but most important factor for the success of your business.

You rely on the suppliers for the supply of goods. They play a vital role in making your journey successful.

If they supply you with low-quality products, you may also ruin all of your money and efforts.

So, you need to choose the supplier wisely and consider the under-given critical factors while selecting a Chinese supplier.

1. A Large Minimum Order

While searching for the best suppliers for your business, you may encounter many who do not ask for any MOQ.

But contrary to this, there will be many suppliers who will ask you many requirements, and one of them is MOQ.

So, whenever you search for the supplier, ask them about their MOQ. If their minimum order quantity suits you, you may do the deal; otherwise, search for an alternative.

2. Long Lead Times

Try to get a supplier with the required products as early as possible. The customers are essential for any business, and they do not wait long to get the orders.

So, you have to provide their required goods as early as possible. If a supplier takes a long time to prepare the products, you can move on to the other.

Try to choose the one who can supply you with all the products in the minimum time, as it is the only way to maintain the traffic at your store.

3. Quality Control

The quality of goods is the only factor that can make the customers happy and make your business a success story.

So, when you fix the deal with the supplier, try to ask for the samples. And you can also visit the factory to check the quality of goods.

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4. Payment Methods

The choice of a reliable method for transferring money is crucial.

The money transfer needs to be carried out carefully, as one wrong decision could destroy all of your efforts.

You should ask to see the business account of the company with which you are dealing. 

Never do business with anyone who cannot provide you with one. If they offer you a personal account, don’t fall for their excuses.

5. Shipping Methods

Shipment and shipping methods affect businesses at the international level. You need to consider the shipping costs while selecting a shipping method.

Try to choose the one which can deliver you all the products in no time with minimum expenses. 

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Looking for suppliers but not sure if they are reliable?

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How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Your Online Business?

How to Find Wholesale Suppliers for Your Online Business

A wholesale supplier buys the product and resells them to get the money. A wholesale distributor plays a vital role in connecting manufacturers and store owners. 

There are various ways to go from the manufacturer to the consumer.

You should understand the distribution channels and supply chain of the industry. It can help you to connect with the right wholesale supplier.

You can follow the instructions given below to find the right wholesale supplier.

1. Search using keywords

1. Search using keywords

When searching online for wholesale suppliers or wholesale distributors, don’t just look for the general categories.

Try searching for specific terms related to your products. For example, look up product names, brand names, and model numbers.

You can also find wholesale suppliers on various websites, such as eBay.

As eBay is primarily for retail consumers, the wholesale options here are normally best suited for retailers with low volume.

You can start on eBay if you’re just getting started with drop shipping. By accessing more wholesalers, you’ll be able to compare prices more effectively.

2. Get access to trade publications.


You can learn a lot about your industry and business relationships from trade magazines.

A trade magazine is full of advertisers who would like to reach you, and a single issue can feature hundreds of wholesalers and small manufacturers.

Additionally, blogs and online newsletters can be helpful as well.

The best way to stay informed of daily and weekly updates for the industry is to subscribe to these publications and upcoming trade shows.

3. Canton Fair

3. Canton Fair

One of the topmost methods to find your Chinese wholesale supplier is to visit Canton Fair.

Since 1957, the Canton Import and Export Fair has been one of the best trade shows.

It usually happens twice a year, at the end of May and November. Do not miss the bandwagon this year. 

Canton fair is usually divided into three phases to manage and contain the wholesale distributors. The first phase covers Electronics. The second phase covers consumer goods, gifts, and home decor.

At the same time, the third phase covers textiles, garments, shoes, and office supplies.

Most of the representatives know basic English. You can also hire an interpreter for the whole day at quite a low price.

Furthermore, it is free to join the online Canton Fair.

Visitors and buyers can access the online exhibition platform through the official website of the Canton Fair.

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4. Yiwu Wholesale Market


The Yiwu wholesale market is one of the largest marketplaces in China that is open all around the year. It is also famous as Yiwu International Trade City.

Yiwu International trade city is divided into five districts. Every district has a variety of products.

Many of the products are off the ledge and ready for sale.

Beware of the counterfeit product. Most of the sellers are not manufacturers or factory owners.

Yet, the prices are very low. You can find your possible niche product while walking through the Yiwu market.

5. Shenzhen Wholesale Market


The City of Shenzhen is the technological hub of China. It is home to many technological giants.

Shenzhen Wholesale Market is unquestionably the biggest electronics wholesale market in the world. It is the best place to visit if you own an electronics business.

Electronics goods are very cheap. It will increase your profitability.

You can buy any kind of electronics from Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is the best place for you to buy electronics from China.

You must visit Shenzhen at least once to see what the market beholds. If you want anything to buy from China, it is quite simple.

Every city has its product. Likewise, Shenzhen is an electronics city related to home or industry.

6. Guangzhou Wholesale Market


Guangzhou Wholesale Market is quite different from the other Wholesale Markets in China.

The markets are not concentrated in one region. So, do your homework before visiting Guangzhou.

As it will save you time, money, and effort. Following are different categories of products available in the Guangzhou wholesale market:

  • Watch Wholesale Market
  • Electronics Wholesale Market
  • Replica Lady’s Handbags Market
  • Second-hand Electronics Market
  • Shoes Wholesale Market
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Chinese wholesaler

What is the best way to look for a Chinese wholesaler?

You may find it challenging and time-consuming to find the right suppliers for your online store.

You can simplify your search for a wholesale vendor or supplier by using vendor and supplier directories.

Since the creation of online wholesale directories, importers have been able to more efficiently source from China.

Nowadays, there are many professional wholesale vendor directories available.

Thousands of wholesale vendors are listed in these professional directories, so merchants can browse the best local wholesale suppliers in one place.

Some online directories are completely free to use, but others charge merchants to participate.

What are the ways wholesale distributors make money?

Their business model is to buy in bulk and sell slightly.

Despite the small profit on each product, it increases over time if you sell a lot of them at a slight markup.

If you want to become a wholesale distributor, sites like wholesale central can provide goods at wholesale prices.

Wholesale centers allow you to find international wholesale suppliers as well. 

On the other hand, You can also import from China to launch your wholesale merchandise at a wholesale price.

This allows you to earn money as a distributor by ordering wholesale goods.

You can also sell online through your own online store to make a handsome amount.

Where can I find a small business wholesale supplier?

When you buy from small business wholesalers, you can increase your profits.

It is difficult for small businesses to get deals from wholesalers since they typically distribute large bundles of products.

You might have to make many trials and errors to find wholesalers. 

Even so, the search may be worthwhile if you find wholesalers who are suitable.

The Internet, trade shows, magazines, directories, etc., are great places to look for small business suppliers. 

If you want to start an eCommerce business, you can find dropshipping suppliers on business to business portals such as AliExpress.

How to Contact and Negotiate with a Supplier?

Negotiating with the supplier does not mean getting what you want.

You can consult with him about many other factors like delivery times, labor costs, payment terms, and quality of the goods.

You should put all your terms and conditions on the table when you negotiate with suppliers.

Also, you can ask if they are online retailers who can assist your online store.

Lastly, if you are not successful in convincing the wholesaler supplier, try another supplier. There are many of them available on the best Chinese distributor sites.

These sites can connect you with the best wholesale suppliers for your company.

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Final thoughts

Choosing a reliable supplier

Choosing a reliable supplier and wholesale company wisely is crucial. So, you should spend some time finding the best one for your business.

Keeping a good relationship with your supplier will be beneficial to your business. You can easily overcome cultural and linguistic barriers with sourcing agents.

Leeline sourcing is a China sourcing company with a team of professional agents.

By offering affordable products, the company has benefited western customers. Get in touch with Leeline Sourcing right now to schedule a supply.

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