How To Pay On Alibaba Payment

Alibaba is an online business platform widely used by many to sell and buy goods.

A secure business deal is a common problem for any online business. Most buyers are concerned about the risks associated with online businesses. For example, fraud and defective goods.

Many international payment methods are available on Alibaba. For instance, PayPal, credit or debit card, Western Union, and wire transfer (telegraphic transfer or TT).

But, it is crucial to find a reliable payment method to ensure buyer protection. Otherwise, you might face unethical Chinese suppliers and waste money. 

We’ll share everything about Alibaba payment in this article. Let’s get started.  

How To Pay On Alibaba

Best 12 Alibaba Payment Methods 

There are various Alibaba payment methods available. You can choose the suitable one to send money to China.

The following is a brief introduction to all the payment methods.

1. T/T Upfront Bank Wire Transfer

International wire transfer is the most insecure method to pay Chinese suppliers. You must make complete payment before dispatching goods.

Its transaction fees usually range from $20-80 per transaction depending on the payment amount and policy of the remitting bank.

Usually, people visit Alibaba platform to find the appropriate Chinese suppliers. Then, they communicate somewhere else.

There is no guarantee for both parties unless they have a strong relationship. Therefore, the fraud risks increase for both suppliers and buyers.

You should only use wire transfers(telegraphic transfers) with trustable suppliers. Otherwise, you might lose your money to a scammer.

Never send money to the supplier’s personal account. Instead, always ask for a company business account to transfer.

Pros1. Operate internationally
2. Easy to transfer money
3. Low time period
4. Low charges to transfer funds
Cons High risk of fraud
Transaction feeA wire transfer service is about $40 to $50. It incurs fees to receive money.
Processing timeIt takes 2-4 working days to complete the wire transfer process.

What is the procedure for a bank wire transfer?

Use international wire transfer, you need the following information: 

  1. Beneficiary Name
  2. Complete address

Bank account details

  1. Bank address
  2. Swift code
  3. Country

How To Avoid Payment Fraud?

The better way to pay is to use services. To use a bank wire transfer, you must ensure that the beneficiary company is listed on

Never make money transfers to a country other than the company belongs.

You should also avoid transferring money to a suspicious Chinese account. For instance, it shows different titles other than the manufacturing company. The supplier might claim that it is the Chinese bank account of his business partner.

Someone else might own the account, and the supplier can refuse to accept that payment later on. Even though fintech app development companies are working hard on making your payments secure, scams still happen.

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2. Secure Payment (Escrow Payment)

Alibaba uses Alipay to complete the payment process for a credit or debit card.

It is one of the most secure Alibaba international payment methods. This widely accepted method prioritizes buyer satisfaction. 

Escrow keeps the payment of suppliers until clearance from the buyer side. If the buyer rejects the low-quality goods, he must provide sufficient proof.

This method helps reduce the risks due to a long time between goods ordering and receiving. It ensures the buyer’s security and supplier’s payment assurance.

Escrow is normally used for transactions within China. Its acceptance is low for international transactions. 

· How Does It Work?

After finalizing the deal, log in to the business account in Then, enter all the required transaction information. 

For example, the contact number, email IC, inspection time, and currency. Next, proceed with the international payments at It will hold the payment till goods acceptance by you.

· What Are The Payment Options In Escrow.Com? uses multiple methods for money transfers from buyers. It accepts payments via bank transfer, international credit card, and check. You can also via PayPal payments or money orders.

After accepting the payment, uploads it to the website. It ensures the safety of payment to the supplier. These funds are released after shipment, receipt, and acceptance by the buyer.

Pros:1. Trustable
2. Low-cost
3. Security for both parties
Cons:Lengthy process
Transaction feeIt is based on the selling price, service level, and currency. In general, escrow service charges about 1% – 2% of the purchase price.
Processing timeThe escrow processing time takes about 30 to 60 days. It depends on the escrow provider and the agreement between suppliers and buyers.

How To Use Debit/Credit Cards In Escrow.Com?  

You can pay with international credit or debit cards. Just create an escrow account and enter all the information about the deal.

 You should also know about the electronic money regulations.

  • It only accepts MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Visa Card payments.
  • Stock must be delivered to the confirmed address.
  • Credit/debit card payments are protected using SSL technology. The information is encrypted to ensure the security of information.
  • Credit/debit card payment requires additional fees. 
  • You can’t make the payment of more than $5,000 unless approves it.
  • A credit/debit card requires three working days to update the payment into bank account.

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3. Alibaba Payment Links

Alibaba platform helps complete the payment system in simple steps.

Buyers mostly use the Alibaba payment system for small transactions. You can use it for larger transactions or sampling payments.

It allows the supplier to generate the invoice from its Alibaba account. Buyers need to complete the payment within a specific time. 

This method is widely accepted in Mainland China and all over the world. When buyers and sellers are not familiar with each other, the Alibaba escrow service can coordinate bilateral transactions and lower the risks of online fraud.

Pros1. Ensure The Payment To Right Person
2. Low Transfer Fee
3. Instant Update
ConsLow security
Transaction feeIn general, Alibaba payment links have a fixed fee of 2% – 4% for each transaction. Some companies have extra transaction fees. These fees add up to your payment link transaction fees.
Processing timeA payment link is created that expires automatically after 72 hours. 

4. Alibaba Pay Later

US importers can apply for simple and trade finance. This option allows a real-time deal and payment later. 

Funds received from trade finance are used to place orders to any supplier listed on

Importers can gain the maximum fund of $150,000 after completing certain conditions.

Furthermore, you must refund the amount per the described payment refund plan. Alibaba Pay Later allows a small down payment upon order. You’ll need to pay the balance payments within 60days of products shipment.

Alibaba Pay Later is not available to everyone. But, you can send money to China via this facility if you fulfill the following criteria.

  1. The company must be registered on for at least one year. If the registration period is less than that, it is not available for you.
  2. You must be a nationality holder of the US. Or, you must live in the US as a permanent resident if you belong to another country.
Pros1. It strengthens and simplifies the payment.
2. It makes global commerce businesses easier and simpler.
3. Improves the cash flow for SMB customers. 
ConsIt’s not easy to pass the load application.
Transaction feeUS importers also have to pay a service fee of 1.25% to 2.75%
Processing timeThis plan comprises 1 to 6months, depending on the mutual agreement or funds approval.

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5. Alibaba Online Transfer

Alibaba has funds support for US importers but not importers from other countries. Yet, it launches some other useful features for importers from Europe. facilitates European importers with online transfer. It is a simple and quick payment gateway. You can send money to China in Chinese Yuan from a different currency.

If you are a resident of any country below, you can use it to transfer.

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Belgium

Transfer Fee

This service is very beneficial to send money to China, but not free of cost. You have to pay the fees per the fee chart designed by Although these are nominal charges, you have to pay to use this service.

Let’s take a look at the transfer charges:

Total Deal AmountTransfer Fees (in US Dollars)
$0 to $1,000$15
$1,001 to $10,000$20
$10,001 & above$25

Processing time: The Alibaba transfer generally takes about 1 – 2 business days.

6. Paypal

Is PayPal has a secure payment service?

PayPal is a famous electronic money institution to transfers funds. It is simple, secure, and can transfer instantly.

You can consider paying Chinese trade assurance suppliers with Paypal accounts. Alibaba does not officially support Paypal. But, it offers a “Goods and Services” option for business deals.

Buyers need to bear 4-5% charges from their Paypal balance in their Paypal accounts. You can cancel the transaction for delivery or specifications problems to get back your money.

A Paypal account is useful to make payments to the bank account of a new supplier. You can switch to another low-cost method with trustable suppliers.

How Does Paypal Works?

To send money through PayPal, enter contact number, email id, and payment amount. Then, click the send button.

Paypal offers a new feature for business transactions. It provides a refund option for goods that do not match the specifications. You’ll need to provide sufficient evidence against the supplier for refunds. 

Pros1. Accepted worldwide
2. Protection against fraudulent activities
3. Multiple options to deposit electronic money in account through credit/debit card
4. A quick way to pay online
5. No extra charges for suppliers
ConsHigh charges and currency conversion fees on the transaction
Transaction feeIt charges 3.9% to 4.4% and $0.30 US Dollars per transaction. There are also currency conversion fees.
Processing timeYou should expect 3-5 business days.


Inform the supplier during negotiation if you plan to pay with your account.

There are chances to transfer the burden of the charge to the supplier. You can also prevent the risk of refusal from the supplier during payment.

If the supplier does not accept payments via Paypal, you can change the supplier. Or, you can also change the payment method to pay suppliers.

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7.  Alibaba Trade Assurance introduces a trade assurance service to facilitate both supplier and buyer. You can transfer directly to the Chinese bank account of

This bank is based in Singapore. All the funds remain in this account until the shipment reaches you.

It ensures the quality of goods and timely delivery.

How Does Trade Assurance Work?

The trade assurance helps the buyers to get a refund if

  • The goods supplied are not as per specifications
  • The goods are not delivered on time

You have to follow the instructions below to send money to China via this method:

  • Make a deal with trade assurance suppliers only
  • Make secure payment through the suggested platform of
  • Provide complete order specifications in terms of quality and quantity
  • Arrange a pre-shipment inspection.

Trade assurance supplier: gold suppliers who accept payment through, enabling Alibaba payment and order protection.

In case of any dispute, arranges for a third party to inspect the goods. If the goods delivered do not fulfill the criteria, the buyer will get a refund.

Production monitoring and inspection If you have opted for a Trade Assurance order, you can also add additional services such as production monitoring and inspection, where a local team will visit the seller’s location to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Pros1. Doesn’t charge extra fees
2. Complete refund option
3. Buyer satisfaction
ConsLengthy process
Transaction feeIt depends on what payment method you choose, click the article below to know the most complete transaction fee.
Processing timeIt depends on what payment method you choose, click the article below to know the most complete processing time.

read more about Alibaba Trade Assurance

8. Western union Alibaba

Western Union is one of the most reliable money transfer providers. It allows quick money withdrawal and simple repeat transfers.

But, Western Union charges higher than mid-market rate. Some Western Union users also experienced wrong foreign currency exchanges. 

Western Union processes within minutes for mobile wallets and regular transfers.

Pros1. Can withdraw money fast after senders send money
2. Simple repeat transfers
3. Universal acceptance
Cons1. Poor exchange rate
2. Poor customer service 
3. Wrong currency exchange fees
Transaction feeYou’ll incur transaction fees of about $30 to $50 to send money internationally.
Processing timeOnly account-based transfers take about 5 business days to process.

read more about Western union Alibaba

9. Alibaba credit card

Alibaba credit cards are a useful tool to send money to China. Global users use it to finance many items for personal or business use.  But, you’ll incur more debts, and your credit score will drop due to late payments. Also, skilled thieves can hack and use your card. However, keep in mind that there is a maximum transaction amount for orders paid via credit card.

Pros1. Convenient for withdrawing and sending money
2. Allow paying off afterward
3. Low introductory fees
Cons1. Lower future incomes
2. Heavy compound interests
3. High fraud risks
4. Higher transaction fee
Transaction feeCredit card companies charge 1.3% – 3.5% per transaction, plus certain exchange rate. 
Processing timeIn general, it takes about 24 to 72 hours to process your payments. 

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10. e-Checking

An electronic check is a digital check that allows sending money electronically. It is faster, easier, cheaper, and more secure.  But, there might be fraud risks by hackers. You might also face computer errors and reduced float.

Pros1. Fast processing time
2. Secure transactions with multiple level authentication 
3. Lower costs
Cons1. Potential fraud risks
2. Possible reduced float or other errors
Transaction feeThe transaction charges for each e-check are only about $0.10.
Processing timeE-check takes about 24 to 48 hours processing time to verify your funds. Then, it takes 3 – 5 business days to reach your supplier’s Chinese account.

11. Letter of Credit (L/C)

Letter of credit is a document that guarantees the seller’s receives on-time full payment. It is a secure payment method for both exporters and buyers.

But, there are additional fees, possible delays, and administrative problems. You’ll need to adhere to the strict terms to receive payment.

Pros1. Payment assurance to sellers
2. Buyer protection for buyers
3. Secure payment to send money to China
Cons1. Higher costs
2. Possible delays and administrative issues
3. Strict terms for sellers
Transaction feeL/C charges from 0.25% – 2% depending on several factors.
Processing timeYou should expect two business days to process the letter of credit(L/C) payments. 

12. Boleto

Boleto is an official payment type operated by the Central Bank of Brazil. It uses vouchers to send money to China instead of cards or bank accounts. Boleto also allows payment via a post office, ATM, or online transfer. 

But, there are possible delays, and only 50% of issued Boletos payments are paid. 

Only accounts set up in Brazil or buyers’ delivery addresses in Brazil can use Boleto, and the supported currency is USD.

Pros1. Low-interest rate
2. Convenient
3. Lower fraud risks
Cons1. Possible delays 
2. Potential payment failure
Transaction feeBoleto charges about 1.3% transaction fees per transaction.
Processing timeIn general, it takes 3-4 days to process your payments.
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Want to buy on Alibaba easily and safely?

Leeline Sourcing helps buyers source the right product and solve all their payment problems at the best service.

Is It Safe To Pay On Alibaba?

Well, “Yes, it is safe to pay on Alibaba.”

There are strict electronic money regulations for both you and suppliers. It is to keep international transactions secure and safe.

Alibaba is an online platform to connect parties. It intervenes only during misuse by any party. But, it is important to perform your research about the supplier.

Different payment methods are available to check the worth of suppliers. For instance, Alibaba verification, previous transactions, reviews of earlier deals, etc.

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Common situations why Alibaba payments failed 

You might incur payment failure when you send money to China via Alibaba payment.

You should seek professional advice before you wire money to the supplier’s bank account. Also, check if your bank deposit is deducted during payment failure before resolving.

Let’s take a look at the possible reasons and solutions for Alibaba’s payment failure.

read more about Why Alibaba payment failed

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Is Alibaba liable to refund my money if I receive defective or wrong items?

Yes, only if you used a secured and recommended method. For instance, Alipay and trade assurance options.

Before making a refund, Alibaba arranges a third-party inspection of delivered goods. A complete transaction amount refund is available if the supplier is found guilty.
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How do I win a payment dispute?

You have to prove that the goods supplied are not matched per the order’s specification. It can be in terms of quality, received damaged goods, or in less quantity. Settle your claims to a satisfactory outcome.

How to know if my payments are accepted by sellers?

After sending money online, a payment notice screen will appear. It consists of your payment confirmation message with certain information.

For instance, approved credit card number or processed e-check number.  You’ll also get a confirmation email. It contains your invoice number, paid amount, and a confirmation message.

What information is required to make online payments?

You’ll need information while sending money online. For instance, your email address, password, bank accounts, or credit card details. 

Some billers or payment methods will require extra information. You should never disclose your private info to any party. 
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How to prevent risks when making Alibaba payments online?

Before sending money to suppliers, you should use a legit payment method. Besides, research and verify your suppliers before payment. 

You must also prevent using public computers or the public internet. Also, never disclose passwords and CVV codes to any other person.

Why is my Trade Assurance order payment not working?

Payment issues may vary depending on the type of payment method you choose. Click on the link of your preferred payment method(Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Online Bank Payment) for detailed payment solutions.

How do I pay for product samples on Alibaba?

You can request your supplier to create a Trade Assurance order, which generates a payment link. You can then pay the supplier directly, using your credit card, to ensure that they get started making your product samples fast.

Can I pay via PayPal and still get Trade Assurance protection?

Yes. PayPal is now available as a method of secure payment on For Trade Assurance orders, you will receive Trade Assurance protection only after you have completed an online payment using PayPal on

Regarding some factors of PayPal, not all trade assurance suppliers on Alibaba will accept PayPal as the first Alibaba Payment choice. So you’d better ask suppliers whether they can accept PayPal on Alibaba before Purchasing.

How much do your goods cost per unit?

Several suppliers on Alibaba will offer you a price range

Production time: knowing how long it would take to deliver your order is crucial.

Payment terms: as you develop a relationship with a new supplier, they may require payment for the whole order in advance.

Is there a Trade Assurance fee?

Gold Suppliers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Tai wan must pay a transaction fee representing between 1%-2% of each transaction, subject however to a cap of US $100. There are no other additional transaction charges.

What to do Next

In this guide, we explore the best ways to pay suppliers on Alibaba payment platform, such as the Wise( which allows you to pay suppliers around the world in their own currency, with minimal fees and intermediate market rate) and other payment methods. is an excellent platform that gathers suppliers and buyers in the same place. On this platform, almost every type of product is available. You can purchase anything you want in any quantity.

Both suppliers and buyers can quickly sell and pay on Alibaba.  It is due to the help of various options we discussed above. These methods support the Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong dollars, US dollars, etc.

We hope you get complete information about Alibaba’s payment from this post. You can also talk to Leeline Sourcing for professional advice.

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Ahmad Shah
Ahmad Shah
November 4, 2021 8:17 pm

I want to buy a rig for drilling from the manufacturers I found on alibaba. They have asked me to pay for the rig in China agricultural Bank where the company has an account. The invoice they have sent me shows the company as the account holder . I requested them that I preferred to pay via Ali baba but they say I should have credit card to that limit ie 11000 usd which I don’t have.
NOW can I pay on alibaba by transferring the money from my bank account?

Warda Haji-Abow
Warda Haji-Abow
January 14, 2021 4:59 pm

I have a very big problem. I have 2 suppliers which have made my products. I got my own shipping agent from Alibaba but she collected my goods for suppliers.
After collecting she changed agreed shipping price. Then is charging extra warehouse fees. And now is insisting I pay her direct to her bank account and refuses for me to pay on Alibaba with Alibaba trade assurance. Alibaba customer service don’t seem to understand and keep asking the same questions saying we did not pay her yet. But the shipping agent said she would said invoice after she collects the goods. Now she is doing this. This is £6000 worth of my goods she has and holding onto.
It’s very urgent please reply to me

October 12, 2020 9:41 am

Thank you for the info.

I want to import 15 pieces of industrial nylon food brush roller, but I don’t trust the Alibaba suppliers I’ve met.

Can LeelineSourcing do the job for me?

Maybe I will chat you up more on WhatsApp.

Best regards

Mira Jannen Trangia
Mira Jannen Trangia
May 13, 2020 4:14 am

This is the most reliable source of information about Alibaba which I have thought for a while. I’m wondering which payment option is most likely the safest and convenient way for me.

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