How to Promote your Amazon Listings and Drive More Sales?

Sharline Shaw

Amazon is the global online shopping website where you can buy a wide variety of items.

Amazon has helped many entrepreneurs to grow their business.

The Amazon sales channel has made it easier for the entrepreneurs to list their products on Amazon, this has allowed thousands of clients to view and buy the items online.

To be an Amazon Professional Sellers you are required to boost up your product listings so that you can be able to attract more sales.

Amazon is a very competitive online market but if you promote your listings, then you will be more than ready to compete.

Amazon draws in thousands of potential buyers to their website, an Online seller should be eager to place their products at the front line to allow the shoppers and buyers to see your products.

By promoting your products, you will be attracting more potential buyers. ( Related Article: How to sell Chinese products make money on Amazon online )

Amazon FBA

Below are ways to promote Amazon listings to get the customers attraction:

1) Observing the Level of Competition

As a Business person, you first have to observe the level of competition of the particular items you want to promote in Amazon. You need to realize that their are other similar businesses around the world. Hence, the level of competition in your particular business is high. Familiarizing yourself with the level of competition helps you to know what the customers wants and what they don’t want. The Amazon review site has made it easy for the entrepreneur to analyse the level of competition. The review site is where the customers comments about a certain product, they may either complain about a certain item or approve of it. If you notice that your competitor is out of stock, you may either reduce the price of the items you want to sell online, make quick advertisements, try and be more creative and innovative in this. Many customers are attracted by how the seller introduce their products, example; you may decide to use variety of your items image.

2) Description of items

Ensure that the Title of what your are advertising is clearly described to customers and whether the item is able to satisfy their needs. Try not to make the description of your items too complicated for the customers. Mention the key factors, that is; make sure to describe all the key details that customers need to know about the best selling products on Alibaba. Use simple language but enough detailed product description while advertising your item; as an online seller, you are now aware that you will be dealing with variety of customers around the world and therefore in conducting a successful online business through Amazon, you must have the right choices of words. Don’t use too much of a complicated language. Also ensure that you have given a right description to the right item, avoid mixing up or giving wrong description details to a certain item. It will definitely ruin your customers trust and may even end up leaving negative reviews. And since you don’t know the type of customers you will be dealing with, and at the same time you don’t want to make loses in your business, it is best if your ensure that you have displayed the right description.

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3) Request for reviews

From research, it is proven that reviews of items is very important. In most cases, customers tend to purchase items with better reviews. The easy way to get the reviews is to send follow up emails to customers related to a particular item they ordered for, you may also demand for reviews from customers. The reviews depending on whether they are positive or negative can either make or break the sale. Positive reviews encourages a higher ranking.

4) Putting suitable prices for your items

A business is not complete without the price of items. While making steps to boost your products listings, ensure that you have included right pricing details of the particular products you are selling. Although getting the right pricing maybe difficult, the customers reviews on the competitors items might help you decide on what level you will price the products you want to sell. You may decide to price your products a bit higher or slightly lower than your competitors according to what you have analysed in their reviews. Remember that the main aim is to attract more customers than what your competitors have. If this becomes hard, You may also learn about the Amazon’s pricing structure and make pricing adjustments with it. Amazon’s Pricing tool can help you get the suitable pricing for your products.

5) Ensure that you put your products in for promotion once in a while with suitable discounts

The market promotion helps customers to learn more about your product, while on the other hand, customers are most likely going to leave positive reviews as a way of appreciating the discounts you offered them.

6) Advertising

You are free to make products advertisements on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instragram etc. It is also important if you chose a suitable social media for your product. You can also create a page or profile where by you invite the members of the public to view your products. The good thing with social media is that it allows you to be so much connected with your intended customers, it helps you to socialize and learn more from other online sellers.

Amazon listings

The Reasons Why You Need to Sell on Amazon:

Just like any other business person, an online seller aims in growing a successful business, one with a high profit margin and having a rise on income level. For you as an online seller, to conduct a successful business you need to choose the best tested online market. As we well know that there are many other online marketplaces for shoppers to choose from. But each of these platforms has their own advantages and disadvantages. Amazon has become very successful leading the other online markets, and the reason why every seller should consider selling their products on Amazon is because by selling on this online marketplace can help you reach out to a wide range of customers.

Also, most shoppers start their product research more often on Amazon than in any other Online marketplace. The number of potential customers you can reach through Amazon is so high. Amazon leads the other online markets because customers tend to purchase products that receive positive reviews as we have seen above. Actually, the reviews play a very big role in promoting the products you will be selling in the Amazon online marketplace. Programs like Amazon Prime can increase the sellers revenues. Amazon Prime offers the customers free two-day shipping on a wide variety of products. Amazon does not charge you at all when you list your items until you sell them.

This means that you can list a lot of items and leave the listing for a longer time as you await for a customer to buy your product. Amazon is a trusted online marketplace in the world. If you sell your products through Amazon, your business will be associated with a brand that more potential customers know and trust. As a new seller, you can boost your selling ranking by either selling a low competitive item which will increase the probability that the offer will be higher than the competitive items. Or still you can offer competitive price on a very popular product, this allows the buyers to bargain for the items you sell and it can increase your ranking.

You can promote your Amazon listings by:

1) Offering promotions. You can use the offers that Amazon gives to the seller to promote your listing with 5 promotional tools such as Free shipping.

2) Try and Make your product more competitive by advertising your product sales in Social Media, Magazines etc.

3) Research on Competitors sales: You can research on the items the other sellers are selling, if you realise that you are selling a different product from another seller then you are in a better position of increasing your selling rank. But if you find out that you are selling similar products as another seller, you can add a discount because the fact is that, most often, people love and enjoy discounted items much more.

4) Learn and study the rules of how to access an Amazon Buy Box with pricing tools. Ensure that your customers are able to research about the items you are selling easily. The research engine is located at the page where the shoppers are able to choose a variety of products from and may also buy and review your items.

5) You can also conduct public relations so as to create a better impression of your business and the items you are selling. Public relations can be conducted well by the Crowdfunding organisation. The crowdfunding can work together with an Amazon Launchpad programmes. Amazon Launchpad is a site that displays and promotes products which a particular seller wants to put on sale.

6) You can advertise your products by direct email marketing, you can send the email to a group of customers. You will therefore need to have the customers internet or personal information such as their phone number or email address. Promote your Amazon listing on Social networking platforms such Facebook and Snapchat, you can even give a discount to the social media influencers so that they may help you out in promoting the products for you.

7) Offering discount: Boost your sales information within the Amazon by offering discounts to your customers, it is proven to be the easiest, cheapest, and most basic methods to boost your Products listings. Giving offers and reviews are a unique way to boost your online business. You can also give your customers offers once in a while, example; buy 1 get 1 free offer, can be an amazing way to promote more of your products. When selling a product, you can at least present them with a free item as a gift once in a while and request them to leave a review for your items. From what we realised above is that the reviews help a lot in sales.

8) Find sites that have professional writers who are able to write about the type of items you want to sell and request them to help you to promote the items. Professional site writers always have a great and best way of promoting Amazon products. Sending your items for sale to one of the many Amazon fulfilment centres to be stocked.

Customers will buy those products from you, and Amazon will ship the items to the customers. Using a Professional Sellers Shopify Merchant can help you create an Amazon listings directly in shopify. Amazon and your own shopify site is a great sales channel for online sellers.

Amazon can help you build relations with Potential customers. Use all of the products images that you are making sales on, make sure that you use clear high quality images. Take images of your product from different angles. Images are important because they help to show the consumers the size and also to view the item from each side, that is; back, side and top etc. You can use bullets to describe the key areas that answers the customers need. Mention main factors like if there is a warrant for a certain item, how long does the warrant exist before it expires, also remember to mention whether you offer customer service.

If you get complains in your reviews that come due to misinterpretation of the product, try and update your bullets to solve that. Some key items to keep in mind when updating the products detail: Approach the key fact from a customer’s point of view, that is convincing them on what they think about a certain product. Ensure that you check your page most often for questions and new reviews. Research about other similar products profile and try to learn from them. You can as well create your own brand profile, you need to be creative, unique and innovative since it’s social media, also try and be interesting and sociable, Give out educative details about your products, elaborate well what entails your products.

If you have any more questions about Amazon Listings, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.


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