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7 Useful Tips Teach You How to Import from China Successfully

7 useful tips teach you how to import from China successfully

How to import products from China to the United States? In this guide, we explain that the US-based business must know the whole importing process from China including product selection preference, and how to find a qualified supplier, paying for goods, arranging shipping and final delivery. 1.  Import permit and familiarity of the US product safety … Read more

9 Tips Help You More Effective on Canton Fair

9 Tips Help You More Effective on Canton Fair

Canton Fair, officially known as China Import and Export Fair since 2007 when it was renamed from Chinese Export Commodities Fair, is co-hosted by the government of Guangdong Province and the Ministry of Commerce of China.   It enjoys 61 years history since its inauguration in 1957. The fair was a trade fair mainly for … Read more

How to Import From China to UK: Ultimate Guide 2021

13 Tips You Should Keep In Mind When You Are Thinking of Outsourcing From China

The United Kingdom highlights strict prerequisites for commodities compared to other countries. So if you choose to import from China to UK , The best thing is to have complete information about these things. The capacity of the product, laws, labeling terms, and so on. Being a prospective shipper, we recommend you hire an expert freight … Read more

Top 7 most profitable items to import from china

Chinese Industrial map of the Top 7 Most Imported Profitable Goods

While you are planning to get involved in importing business, you have to decide which products to import. This means you have to choose the products you want to import from a number of different category products. Figuring out the right niche of your business, you may visit the supplier in person to verify the … Read more

How to Ensure the Quality of Products Imported from China?

How to Ensure the Quality of Products Imported from China

China has emerged as the most popular sourcing destination since its initiation of opening up policy. Many international companies may resort to importing products given its low labor cost, material cost, and high quality. However, it may be a challenging task for business beginners given the demographic and cultural differences. This is because you are … Read more

How To Import From China To USA : Ultimate Guide 2021

How To Minimize Risks When Import Products From China

Are you planning on launching your own business venture? Or better yet, are you concerned about where you would get quality goods from at affordable prices? Well, you will be getting all the answers by the end of this article. Many businesses based in USA import goods from China and have been doing so for … Read more