Innovative And Unique Home Decor Ideas With Affordable Price

Your home is your own personal abode. Personal being the keyword in that sentence. If you own a home or live in a rented apartment you would like to decorate it your own way to make it seem more personal.

Some people color it their way, other’s use furniture to put their personal touch. The newest trend that is being followed is the use of digital innovations like 3D wall stickers, LED projector lamps, LED lightboxes and letter board for your wall decor and home decor. You can make use of these products in a variety of ways to make your home feel truly your own.

Here are some reasons why you need 3D Wall Stickers and LED projector lamps for your home decor.

1) Unique Home Decor

While most people seem to think of the usual home decor ideas, you could think outside the box and do something spectacularly unique with your home decor by using LED lightboxes and LED projector lamps.

2) Customizable Designs

The best thing about LED lightboxes 3D wall stickers and projector lamps are that you can design what they depict exactly as per your needs. Totally customizable decorating ideas.

3) Personalized Decorating

Since everything is customizable, you can have the most personal decor in your home. Throw up your personal logo on the wall of your home, color it your favorite color using our LED lightboxes.

4) Set The Mood

Whether it is game night, date night or movie night, with the LED projector lamps, and LED lightboxes you can definitely help set the right atmosphere in the home. Never have a dull day at home.

5) Affordable Home Decor And Wall Decoration Ideas

Using the decorative wall panels, 3D wall stickers, LED projector lamps and LED lightboxes are an affordable way to spruce up your home decor . Another fantastic option is to add Personalized Canvas Prints into your decor. Just selecting your favorite photos and create endless combinations.Just selecting your favorite photos and create endless combinations. You can instantly switch to a new design, conveniently, quickly, and easily.

Pvc Butterfly Home Decor Sticker

Wall Decor home decor


It includes 48 pieces artificial butterfly with different sizes and colors.

Easy to stick any dry, clean and smooth surfaces.

It’s a unique home decor of special occasions, such as birthday, anniversary etc.

Made of PVC material, durable, anti-dust, convenient for you to clean.

Purchase price range($): 0.3-0.4

Amazon sell price range($): 1-5.9

PVC Dolphin Sea Ocean Bathroom Home Decor 3D Wall Stickers

Wall Decor home decor


Non-Toxic, Environmental Protection, Waterproof.

With 23.6*35.4″ size, PVC materials easy to clean

Can be applied to any clean and smooth surface, the unique design make the room cozy easier.

Purchase price range($): 0.47-0.65

Amazon sell price range($): 4-8

Removable Animals Home Decor Sticker

Wall Decor home decor


With beautiful color and adorable animals.

It’s perfect for any clean and smooth surface, a best choice for your home decor.

Material: High Quality Waterproof PVC, easy to clean.

Size: 9.8 * 11.8 inch

Purchase price range($): 0.22-0.33

Amazon sell price range($): 3-12

3D Brick Home Decor Stickers

leelinesourcing lulu 3D%20Brick%20Wall%20Stickers


Environmental protection 3D brick wall stickers, with XPE-LLD material.

With lightweight, waterproof, anti-collision, it’s easy to be installed.

Can be used in kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room,TV walls, sofa background, etc.

Color to choose: Black, White, Blue

Purchase price range($): 1.13-1.6

Amazon sell price range($): 1-9

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Wall Decor home decor

With natural himalayan crystal salt rock

With safer touch dimmer switch(US 120v only) to adjust brightness and match the ambiance.

With 5.2ft power cord, two extra bulbs, a USB plug and AC adapter.

With natural salt night light brings a warm amber glow. You can adjust the brightness you want.

Your perfect choice of home decor and gifts for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.

Purchase price range($): 5.17-5.7

Amazon sell price range($): 13-40

Music Night Light Projector Lamp

Wall Decor home decor

With 12 comfortable music, built-in lithium battery, full of electricity can work for 12 to 24 hours.

LED lighting is larger and brighter than ever, safe, convenient and comfortable.

With 4 LED light and 9 light color, 360 degree rotation, star and moon shaped projector or colored night light.

With wonderful music and beautiful scenery to relax your mood and help your child calm down and fall asleep slowly.

Purchase price range($): 5.16-5.6

Amazon sell price range($): 14-25

Ocean Wave Projector With 12 LED & 7 Color And Remote Control

Wall Decor home decor

Projector Nightlight: It can project colorful ocean wave on the ceiling and wall, create an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience for children.

Night Light with Speaker: It built in 4 hypnosis sounds and TF card music play function.

With audio cable to connect with mp3, smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.

7 Colorful Projection Mode: you can choose what you want depend on your mood.

Adjustable Projection Angle: 45 degree tilt adjustable, you can adjust different direction you want.

Purchase price range($): 8-8.5

Amazon sell price range($): 14-59

Egg shaped rainbow projector lamp

Wall Decor home decor

High-quality LED products, high stability, long life, long-range refraction and brightness clearer, no heat radiation, no harm to the skin.

With treamline shape, good refraction effect and  touch adjustable switch.

3D stereo lights, magical fashion, best choice for your friend gift and wall decor.

Low power, continuous use of about 30 hours, safe and practical, environmental protection and energy saving.

Purchase price range($): 3.2-3.5

Amazon sell price range($): 10-40

Light Box with Letters and LED Light

Wall Decor home decor

Decorative battery powered LED light box with 90 letters symbols and numbers for making your very own fun messages.

Made to create your own personalise messages and you can change the messages as often as you like. Best choice of your home decor.

This light box includes:

1 x free combination light box

90 x black letters, numbers and symbols

1 x USB connector

Purchase price range($): 8-10.5

Amazon sell price range($): 35-53

Changeable Felt Letter Board With Different Color

Wall Decor home decor

10*10 inches letter board is sturdy and durable, made with high quality oak wood.

It comes with 580 letters, numbers and symbols. You can create your own personal, inspirational, motivational quotes or announcements for any occasion.

Color to choose: Black, White, Grey, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple

Purchase price range($): 3.22-4.8

Amazon sell price range($): 21-37

Hexagon Letter Board

Wall Decor home decor

The creative and new style letter board for your home decor, office decor, restaurant decor.

Using imported premium oak wood frame and felt board, it’s durable for long term use.

It comes with 460 characters including numbers, letters, punctuation and symbols, you can display any message you want.

Color to choose: Black, White, Grey, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple

Purchase price range($): 3.5-4.3

Amazon sell price range($): 21-38

4 in 1 Multifunctional Toothbrush Holder

leelinesourcing lulu Multifunctional%20Toothbrush%20Holder


4-in-1multifunctional toothbrush holders for up to 8 toothbrushes and 4 cups,automatic toothpaste dispenser, 4 large storage grids.
Easy to clean, durable and convenient. It’s a best choice for your home decor.
Easy to be installed, just need to rotate the suction cup rightwards on the surface of glass or tile to exhaust the air,each suction cup could bear 12 pounds.
Easy to use, automatic dispenser with vacuum pump deliver different amount of toothpaste for different needs, no waste.

Purchase price range($): 3.5-4.3

Amazon sell price range($): 13.99-25.99

If you have any more questions about any of these products, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.

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