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Do you have SOME INTERNATIONAL clients? 

Leeline Sourcing offers INTERNATIONAL fulfillment services to sell across the GLOBE. Our logistics experts check the PRODUCTS. Test its quality. And ship to your consumers on time. 

Enjoy RAPID GROWTH of eCommerce business with us!

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Inventory & Storage

Leeline Sourcing works with your SUPPLIERS. We receive PRODUCTS from your suppliers. Ensure the Acceptable Quality LIMIT fulfills your demands. And then store it in our warehouses. 

You manage inventory at the BEST WAREHOUSES in town!


Pick & Packing

We have a SEAMLESS shipping process. You store products in our FULFILLMENT centers. We test the QUALITY. Make pre-shipment INSPECTION. And ship only QUALITY products to your consumers. 

Picking and packing become SMOOTH with NO fulfillment ERRORS! 


Order Fulfillment and Delivery

Are you LOOKING for a reliable service for ORDER fulfillment? 

Here we are— the LEELINE SOURCING. We have a PROPER order processing. Get your products. Customize the packaging. And ensure it GIVES your brand MAXIMUM exposure

You get a NEW TRACK for worldwide fulfillment.

Shipping Rates

Competitive Shipping Rates

Do International shipments COST A FORTUNE for you? 

No problem. We have FULFILLMENT companies with competitive pricing. You check the DIFFERENT rates for multiple shipping options. Our rates are LESS than the market—no hidden shipping COSTS

Obtain AFFORDABLE shipping costs from our fulfillment companies. 

Scale Internationally

Scale Internationally

We have DIFFERENT fulfillment centers all around the Globe. Fulfilling International orders is not a BIG DEAL. Our team grabs the addresses. For Amazon FBA, we customize your order accordingly. You meet CUSTOMER expectations better than before. 

Build TRUST among customers with our Global fulfillment services.

Returns Management

Convenient Returns Management

Leeline Sourcing experts manage the RETURNS. If a customer is willing to RETURN, we bring products back. In case of the wrong address, we TRY multiple attempts to deliver. If not possible yet, we ship the products back. 

Your supply chain REMAINS smooth and transparent.

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About us

Why Partner With Leeline Sourcing?

  • ACCESS TO GLOBAL FULFILLMENT. We offer GLOBAL fulfillment services. In cross-border shipments, we PROVIDE value-added services. Pay the CUSTOM CLEARANCE DUTIES. And keep you at MAXIMUM comfort.
  • INCREASED BRAND EXPOSURE. Our customized packaging INCREASES your brand recognition. Not only this but also we offer FAST shipping. Tracking facilities BUILD more customer base. 
  • 100% TIMELY SHIPMENTS. We ensure your products reach TIME. Therefore, we choose the BEST INTERNATIONAL FULFILLMENT partner. Flawless shipping wins MORE CUSTOMERS. 
  • Excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE. Got a problem? The Leeline Sourcing team has a SOLUTION. We often provide one-on-one SUPPORT. That means one AGENT for you. So don’t hesitate to ask.

Hear it from fellow Clients

The LeelineSourcing team is ahead of many others. I have worked with them. Their approach is flawless. Their product quality is excellent. I loved working with them. 

– Joe, USA

Source Your Products and Start Order Fulfillment

We offer the best price and International Fulfillment services to help you improve your eCommerce business.

International Fulfillment

Amazon. Shopify. ALIBABA. Aliexpress. eBay. 

Many COUNTLESS top eCommerce platforms. Just imagine their MARKET CAP. Alone, Amazon has 1 trillion USD in market cap. 

How giant all these PLATFORMS are! 

Do you know their International fulfillment options? Third-party fulfillment is CRUCIALS. 57% of consumers come from International purchases. 

So, how do you FULFILL orders? 

LeelineSourcing is VERY ADEPT at eCommerce order fulfillment. We get the ADDRESS of customers. Ensure the expected time is SHORT. And then ship products. 


Ride the TIDE. Learn about INTERNATIONAL fulfillment and China fulfillment. 

Let’s do more! 

International Fulfillment

What are the International Fulfillment Options?

What are the International Fulfillment Options

There are many BEST eCommerce fulfillment companies. For example, FedEx fulfillment, DHL, etc. 

In what category will you PUT THEM? 

It is a BIG question. We have to UNDERSTAND the international fulfillment options. 

An International fulfillment option refers to the Process of shipping through MULTIPLE methods. 

We divide it into two main categories. 

  • SHIPPING METHOD. There are THREE fundamental shipping methods. Express, Air, or Sea Freight
  • Shipping company Type. When it comes to shipping type, you have multiple OPTIONS. Third-party provider. In-house fulfillment. Warehouse networks. 

When shipping, you must know the logistics services. 

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Benefits of International Fulfillment Services

Benefits of International Fulfillment Services

International FULFILLMENT is exciting. Ask me how? 

It is QUITE SIMPLE. You get clients out of your ROUTINE. For example, you are a SELLER from India. A US customer orders. It will be 100% HAPPINESS to serve and impress FOREIGN customers. 

That is how it works. 

International fulfillment also impresses you with the following pros. 

Broad Customer Base 

You have 10 consumers LOCALLY. And you get 10 foreign customers. 

What is MORE IMPORTANT to you? 

All 20 of these, right? 

But it ensures you have a DIVERSITY of clients in the GLOBE. It is even exciting to get a business success like that. 

Everything counts on the Shipment services

Don’t worry about the FULFILLMENT. 

Let the channels work smoothly. The fulfillment provider picks your PRODUCTS. 

You sit and watch. 

Is that even difficult? 

Brand expansion is QUITE easier

International sales mean more BRAND EXPOSURE. 

Fulfilling ORDERS bring your eCommerce businesses on track. You get access to international consumers. Global reach is no longer a BIG DEAL for you. 

Happy business with a chain of consumers! 

Are International Fulfillment Services Good For Your Business?

Are International Fulfillment Services Good For Your Business

Yes, These are very CRUCIAL for your business success. 

It is like the WATCH that tells you to have a GOOD time. 

Here is how the INTERNATIONAL orders scale your business. 

You present your brand to International Customers. 

Have you RECEIVED International orders? 

One International customer can BRING 11 more. That means you have a CHANCE to expand your business. More recognition gives a NEW LIFE to your business. 

Isn’t it something you want? 

I have noticed more INTERNATIONAL customers. The reason points to international fulfillment. I am IMPRESSED! 

Knowing Diverse experiences is EFFORTLESS. 

From every CORNER, consumers have DIFFERENT expectations. For example, US consumers have different preferences for CHINESE. 

Don’t you think you know the international customers more? 

It will allow your brand to scale around the GLOBE. 

I learned the PAIN points. It helped me CHOOSE the right niche and sell the right items. Customers’ behavior is ESSENTIAL to understanding. 

You drive more sales with low shipping costs

A single LATE delivery loses 50% of customers. And timely International shipping services will BRING 11 customers. 

Moreover, you get a CHANCE to fulfill International orders at discounted shipping rates. 

International shipping is CHEAP. Inventory management is NEXT LEVEL. I love that. 

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

How to Find the Right International Fulfillment Service for Your Business?

How to Find the Right International Fulfillment Service for Your Business

Never make mistakes. Even if you DO, learn from it. 

Let me give you an EXAMPLE. One of my friends told me. 

“I love 20% SALES after a single BAD delivery. My order fulfillment RATE dropped. Sales dropped. And I just feel Fu**ed up!” 

A careful RESEARCH can bring the SUN down to enlighten your BUSINESS. 

Ready to explore the right eCommerce fulfillment services? 

Look for the following FEATURES. 

  • Shipping Speeds 

Is the company very SLOW? NEVER choose it. 

Very FAST. It can be the BEST option. 

Shipping speed is a KILLER MOVE. A company with bullet train SPEED fulfills 100% of ORDER on time. Customers remain impressed. And you feel more CONTENT. 

SPEED is under my radar. Slow speed means I lose 30% of sales. And obviously, I never want that. 

  • Warehouse Locations 

The second THING to look for in eCommerce fulfillment services is WAREHOUSE locations. 

No International warehouse? How can you even CHOOSE a company that does not have your FAVORITE aspect? 

Find COMPANIES with warehouses around your CUSTOMERS location. These will OPTIMIZE shipping and help you SHIP faster. 

I always choose a shipment with global fulfillment centers. Warehouse management is another thing I am looking for. It makes my choices perfect. 

  • Order fulfillment Automation

I received an ORDER. The next step is to fulfill. 

What if I get the order fulfillment COMPANY that decreases my hassle? 

Nothing is BETTER THAN THAT. Talk to a COMPANY. Know how they manage the orders. 

Ask questions about the AUTOMATION of orders. If they have, you can LEAN toward that company. 

I love to sit and watch. Software automation has done that. Connect online stores and boom! Therefore, my preference is to choose a company with automation. 

  • Shipping Price

If delivery costs, your business is skinning. Your profits sink. And it is SOMETHING a seller does not want. 

Get a service provider with lower costs. Keep a BALANCE between the price and speed. 

I aim to get at least 50% profits. Fulfillment cuts 20% profit. But choosing the best company reduces yield cut down to 10%. Feels Great. 

Common Challenges and Risks of International Fulfillment

Common Challenges and Risks of International Fulfillment

The entire process of international FULFILLMENT is not that EASIER. You might be IMPRESSED by the pros. But always look at BOTH SIDES. 

It always comes with some challenges on the TABLE. Can you solve them? 

Let’s find out YES OR NO. 

Shipping Wrong Items 

Many ORDER FULFILLMENT services mix the products. 

There are thousands of SELLERS working with them. They might pick the WRONG item. And cause a HEADACHE for you. 


Check and recheck the items to minimize SHIPPING errors. Get details about the shipped items. 

I hate shipping blunders the MOST. And I hate companies doing that. Nothing is worse than sending the wrong products. 

Shipping Delays 

Do you have holidays around? 

Even if there are NO HOLIDAYS, shipping is late sometimes. Customer satisfaction decreases. And it costs you many customers in online marketplaces. 


Choose the BEST company with a 100% ORDER fulfillment history. Don’t ship around festivals or holidays. 

Shipping delays always decrease sales. Sometimes, 20%, 30%, or even 50% sometimes. Don’t let it happen! 

Address not Found 

Some consumers don’t give the RIGHT ADDRESS. A third-party shipping costs you shipping fees without any SALE. 

Isn’t it a Failure? 

I think this is the WORST thing. Do you know why? Because it has no solution. Only sincere buyers avoid it. 

Poor product management 

Product management is 100% CRUCIAL. You have to pay the storage fees. Run your supply chain successfully. 

What if your fulfillment partner damages your PRODUCTS? 

Actual pain in the HEART. Angina probably! 


Explore reputed companies. Get a dedicated account manager for order management. 

Once, I got a company with poor management. The result is damaged products. It cost me a FORTUNE. 

Inefficient Returns 

In the fulfillment process, returns are COMMON. But you must know how to manage them. 

Shippers don’t bring returns back. Or products might get damaged. 

It HURTS your business to the core. 


Find the BEST fulfillment partner. Check the process of return for an eCommerce store. 

Returns are probable. I get 25% product returns. Proper management helps me run my business. 

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

International Fulfillment Costs and Considerations

International Fulfillment Costs and Considerations

Breaking into the US markets is excellent for CHINESE manufacturers. 

But the cost can be QUITE high. We consider knowing DIFFERENT parts to calculate the total costs. 

Here are some points to consider when outsourcing fulfillment. 

  1. Package Dimensions 

Package dimensions affect the price. Especially when you CHOOSE flat rate shipping, package dimension is KEY. 

If the dimension is LARGER, you have to pay HIGHER PRICES. The opposite occurs in other cases. 

  1. Commercial Invoice 

The commercial invoice shows your PRODUCT details. It is essential in CROSS-BORDER shipments. eCommerce companies grab it for customs duties. 

  1. Customs clearance 

Do you know the CUSTOM’s duties? 

When shipping to foreign countries, customs apply. Customs check the PRODUCT. Each product has a SPECIFIC HS CODE. 

It defines how much you have to pay for customs. 

  1. Free Trade Zones 

Free trade zones don’t have the CHARGES. Inventory management occurs. You have to pay the FEE only when you remove the products. 

Around every country, you get such places. 

  1. Tariffs

Different countries have DIFFERENT tariffs. And each tariff is a TAX implemented on products. 

Customs duties often COME under the terms of tariff. You have to ABIDE by the rules and pay them. 

FAQs about International Fulfillment

1. How long does fulfillment take?

It depends on: 
· Shipping method. 
· eCommerce fulfillment Services
International shipments take 1-2 weeks. In comparison, local DELIVERY takes 1-2 days. 

2. What is the meaning of fulfillment status?

Fulfillment status shows the CURRENT state of the product. If the product is under processing, you get relevant information. Similar terms are visible on the status. 

3. Where is the best location for a fulfillment center?

Always around the SHIPPING ADDRESS. A fulfillment center must be in the Corresponding locality. For example, the Fulfillment center must be 1-2 kilometers away from the customers. However, multiple fulfillment centers can be at a longer distance. 

What’s Next

NEVER COMPROMISE ON AN eCommerce fulfillment company! 

Never ever! 

Do you know why? 

37% of consumers abandon orders when delivery is LATE. Choosing a USELESS fulfillment company means putting BUSINESS to hell. 

And I am 100% sure you don’t have such goals. 

Do you want the BEST INTERNATIONAL fulfillment partner? 

Contact LEELINE SOURCING. We have the TOP team. Ready to pick and pack shipping orders. Our Global network ships FASTER. 

Call us to get the FREE QUOTE!

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