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Are you LOOKING for the BEST inventory storage service? 

Leeline SOURCING has TOP-NOTCH inventory storage solutions. We have smart warehouses to STORE inventory. Keep them under STRICT Management SYSTEM. And let products be SAFE until we pick them for your consumers.

Get the BEST inventory storage options from our experts.

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Secure Storage

Secure Storage Center

Leeline Sourcing has tailored solutions for your INVENTORY storage. Quick management and CONTROL provide updates on the current inventory status. Moreover, you get to know the out-of-stock products. 

Obtain guaranteed SAFETY of your products in our inventory storage service.

Quality Inspection

Consistent Quality Inspection

We perform inventory CHECKS. Over time, your products might get damaged or lose their ELEGANCE. For this purpose, our QUALITY inspectors ensure the INTEGRITY of products. Our inventory storage service invests in RIGHT MANAGEMENT. 

Get 100% EFFECTIVE QUALITY management of your warehouse storage.

Skilled Experts

Advanced Equipment and Skilled Experts

We have the CUTTING-EDGE technology for our inventory management systems. The latest tools and robotic systems keep the REPORTS updated. No product ever loses. And even there is no kind of DAMAGE to any item. 

Get the LATEST inventory storage systems from our experts.

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About us

What Makes Leeline Sourcing Difference?

  • Latest TOOLS. We deploy only the LATEST technology. Our equipment is well-adapted to SECURE inventory management. That is why OUR CUSTOMERS are happy with us. 
  • Quality Inventory Checks. We check the PHYSICAL GOODS received from your suppliers. Ensure they procure the ESSENTIAL quality. And get you HIGH integrity of order inventory. 
  • Real-Time Inventory Storage Solution. Automated systems INCREASE your ease. You can set automatic notifications to UPDATE yourself about the inventory. Timely reports let your business rise. 
  • Excellent customer service. Our customer team is available 24/7. Got a problem? Let our experts find the BEST inventory storage solution. Effective inventory storage service is there! 

Hear it from fellow Clients

Leeline Sourcing has the best services. I can say no one matches their levels. Their skills are on the top. If anyone wants inventory storage solutions, they are right. Thank you for your services.

– Livia, UK

Source Your Products and Start Inventory Storage Service

We offer the best price and Inventory Storage Service to help you improve your eCommerce business.

Inventory Storage Service

If you RUN an online business, three major questions arise: 

  • Where will you BUY it? 
  • Where will you store your products? 
  • How will you fulfill your ORDERS? 

And all THREE QUESTIONS are of prime importance. A single POINT can cause the WHOLE supply chain error. That is where you have to think about the INVENTORY storage service. 

It is a big deal. You don’t know who you should HIRE. What is the BEST inventory storage system?

Our experts at LEELINE SOURCING have helped sellers manage their inventory. Our INVENTORY storage is QUITE EFFECTIVE. Involves QUALITY inspection. And it gets you SAFE inventory storage

Want to know more? 

This article will ELABORATE on China fulfillment and inventory storage system. 

Let’s start. 

Inventory Storage Service

What is Inventory Storage Service?

What is Inventory Storage Service

Inventory refers to the PRODUCTS awaiting purchase. 

And storage of such inventory comes under the CATEGORY of inventory storage service. 

Look. All your PRODUCTS are not the same. For example, food products have SPOILAGE concerns. You have to explore the solutions QUICKLY.

Finding relevant warehouse storage is STITCH at the right time. Better than THOUSANDS of other services. 

There are often two options for unloading SUCH products. 

  • Last-in and First-Out System. These are filled at one end and EMPTIED at another. Drive-in racks or push-back racks work. 
  • First-in and First-Out method. Use drive-through racks or flow-through racks to EMPTY and ship. 

Different Options for Inventory Storage Service 

Different Options for Inventory Storage Service 

Look. MANY PEOPLE SAY about THREE inventory storage services. (We’ll discuss them below.) 

That is not ALWAYS. Sometimes, we have to CONSIDER DROPSHIPPING. (The SOLUTION for all business sufferings) 

It depends on your CHOICE for inventory management.

You have to DECIDE which one you choose. Optimize the efficiency of inventory. And keep the storage solutions. 



Self-storage is no LONGER a myth. 

Do you want to save Some bucks? 

This inventory storage METHOD can riddle out many BUSINESS puzzles. You can get your PRODUCTS. Store them in your garage or old stores. 

That is ALL. 

But this inventory storage system has some pros and cons. 


  • It saves costs.
  • Use only your existing spaces. 
  • Relatively easy to manage the PRODUCTS. 


  • You can’t TRACK inventory. 
  • Lacks the latest tools. 
  • Inventory management is NOT EFFICIENCY. 

Self-storage options are GOOD when you aim to save costs. 

Third-Party Storage 

Guess who will be RUNNING it? 

Third-party Logistics? Or third-party supplier? 

Surprisingly, BOTH entities can have such systems. In this inventory storage method, everything counts on the warehouse staff. 

There are some pros and cons. 


  • Inventory management is of HIGHER LEVELS with the LATEST management tools.
  • Cutting-edge technology is DEPLOYED by third-party logistics. 
  • Order fulfillment becomes FAST with a facility to track inventory. 


  • Slow-moving stock makes it an expensive inventory storage method. 
  • Control over STOCKS is not optimal. 

Warehouse Storage

Do you want a COST-EFFECTIVE option? 

Traditional warehousing is one of the MOST POPULAR WAYS for inventory storage. 

The inventory keeps stored in one place. Bulk INVENTORY discounts are possible. 

Here are some pros and cons. 


  • More professional service than SELF-STORAGE. 
  • Inventory errors are MINIMAL. 
  • You get easy access to the INVENTORY with complete control. 
  • Suitable for your INVENTORY management for more extended periods. 


  • Extended period storage increases COST RISKS if product prices fall drastically. 
  • Warehouses may be large compared to your needs. 

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What are the Types of Inventory Storage Services? 

What are the Types of Inventory Storage Services

Let me tell you an INTERESTING STORY. 

The first time, I went to the warehouse. 

They said you couldn’t store products here. I said, why? Isn’t it a WAREHOUSE? 


That is when I got to know: 

  • How important are the types of inventory storage and fulfillment? 
  • What types of inventory storage services do I need? 

Has anything ever HAPPENED to you? 

There are hundreds of such cases. Knowing the TYPE IS CRITICAL

However, let’s MOVE to the types of inventory storage. 

Here are five types, and each type serves a DIFFERENT function. 

  • Central storage 

The word CENTRAL cracks the code. 

It is the central location for every inventory storage. You store everything at the CENTRAL place. Later, you can ship out to the CONSUMERS and optimize efficiency. 

  • Block stacking 

Have you heard about it? 

BLOCK. STACKING. The blocks of inventory are stacked over EACH other. It consumes less space in the store locations. 

Therefore, it is one of the CHEAPEST options. Pallet storage or boxes are stored in such types. 

  • Shelf storage 

Shelf storage is like the SHELVES at home. 

Warehouses have shelves arranged to keep your products. It is suitable for both the STATIC and mobile bins. Access to the inventory is quite EFFECTIVE. 

The costs are not HIGHER. Small products are often part of a shelf storage system. 

  • Rack storage 

Rack storage comes up with multiple types of storage methods. 

  • First-in and First-out method. 
  • Last-in and First-out method. 

The surprising thing is the SPACE consumed. They require less space to store than a block stacking system. 

Stock storage is even cheaper in this storage facility. 

  • Point-of-use storage 

Point of use storage determines: 

  • What you need. 
  • How you need it. 
  • Where you need. 

The inventory location is NEAR to the consumers. They are like fulfillment warehouses. Small businesses don’t have to move PRODUCTS constantly. 

Benefits of Choosing Inventory Storage Service 

Benefits of Choosing Inventory Storage Service 

One single QUESTION repeats over and OVER AGAIN. 

Why Inventory storage service? Is it worth your MONEY? 

Let’s find out how worth it is. 

Inventory remains safe. 

Do you have multiple batches of products? 

Hire a SINGLE WAREHOUSE. Keep products in a SINGLE storage unit. 

Your inventory remains in one place without any risks. After hiring a warehouse, my products were safer than before. That is WHY I always choose merchandise storage services. 

The fulfillment process becomes more accessible. 

The fulfillment process occurs immediately from the warehouses. 

And it is SUITABLE for household products and food businesses. In such companies, you need daily shipments with reduced HOUSING and shipping fees. 

I noticed that 99% of my orders were DELIVERED faster with fulfillment warehouses. 

Profits are HIGHER. 

Self-storage or your own warehouse can SAVE you cost but not the products. 


Professional stock storage services are COST-EFFECTIVE with effective management. 

You never run out of stock. You never lose a product. Access to cold storage or dry storage is ALSO feasible. 

Surprisingly, it increased my profits 10-20%.

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Tips for Finding the Best Inventory Storage Service 

Tips for Finding the Best Inventory Storage Service 

Product STORAGE comes up with many risks. The most COMMON RISKS are; 

  • Inventory gets lost. 
  • Products get damaged. 
  • The cost increases when your PRODUCTS don’t get sold. 

These are some DRAWBACKS of an inventory system. 

If the Sales VOLUME is HIGH, you can continue your product profits. 

In other cases, you have to FOCUS on some inventory storage tips. 

Some tips are: 

  • Clear out dead stock 

Big PROBLEM! No one wants to waste the BUCKS. None would like to REMOVE the products. 

But what if your products don’t get SOLD for a year or more? 

Look. They are doing NOTHING except harming you financially. The BEST strategy is to remove them. 

Regular checks HELP me remove the dead stocks. I love this STRATEGY that saves me MONEY and SPACE.

  • Track bestsellers 

Typically, you get 80% of your REVENUE from 10-20% of your BEST-selling products. 

Why not keep your PRODUCTS on your radar? 

Modify your STRATEGY. Give best-selling products a BOOST in stock. 

  • Set reorder points 

Whatever type of BUSINESS you run, keep products in stock based on performance. 

For example, keep BEST-SELLING products in high stocks. 

How will you do that? 

Simple. Set a reorder point. Automated orders will OCCUR when products fall below threshold levels. 

Reorders help me KEEP my stock volume OPTIMAL. 

  • Count inventory frequently

Don’t want to lose any ITEM in turnover? 

You must calculate the PRODUCTS regularly. Adequate Inventory storage NEEDS stock information.

I count my stocks EVERY WEEK. These never let me down in fulfilling orders. 

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FAQs about Inventory Storage Service

1. What is the best way to store inventory data? 

If you want to store inventory, WAREHOUSE is the BEST place. You can locate the nearby 3PL warehouses. Check their services. And get timely inventory reports from them. 

2. What is the purpose of storing inventory? 

Storing inventory in a CENTRAL storage system has the following purposes. 
· Keeps the products safe. 
· Provides optimal quality. 
· Offers storage space for an indefinite period. 
· You can reduce inventory error in the final shipments. 

3. Which inventory method is best for small businesses?

If you own a SMALL BUSINESS, a third-party warehouse can be an IDEAL DEAL. 
You get lower operational costs and SAVE bucks on your shipments. The eCommerce business runs without any problem. 

4. Does inventory storage decrease your profits? 

Nope. It is part of a NORMAL supply chain. If you have a SELF-STORAGE warehouse, that would be GREAT. However, you can hire a third-party storage warehouse. 

What’s Next

Without warehouse storage: 

  • You can’t maximize efficiency. 
  • You can’t meet consumer demands. 
  • Your business GRAPH goes lower. 

Guess what the SOLUTION is in that case? 

Nothing special EXCEPT you get the warehouse storage services. 

But again, can you get scammed? Charged HIGHER. And many similar cases. 

But that is not a CASE with LEELINE SOURCING. We have the BEST inventory storage service. You get ACCESS to the latest inventory management options. 

Call us to get the FREE QUOTE.

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Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

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