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Are you thinking about ordering inventory from Shein? Before doing that, you need to determine whether Is Shein legit or not? This question is of prime importance for a better online shopping experience.

Our experts have ten years of experience and profound knowledge in dealing with safe trading from websites like Shein. Usually, people remain confused whenever they order from fast fashion brands like Shein for the first time. If a similar case is with you, read on.

This guide will explain the Shein and check Shein’s legit status, let’s dive into it.

is shein legit

Pros & Cons of Shein

Shein has many pros and cons that attract the people and let them choose this platform. Here are the pros of the Shein.

  • It provides the customers with good quality fast fashion products to get easy access to beauty products.
  • Easy to use application and Shein website for an excellent experience when shopping online.
  • The easy return procedure keeps buyers safe side.

Apart from the pros, there are disadvantages also. Here are these:

  • Sometimes, product shipment is late. It is mental agony for customers.
  • The order defect ratio may be higher than expected.
  • Low buyer protection keeps potential buyers away from Shein.
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Is Shein safe and legit? Overview of Shein 

Yes, Shein is a legit site. It comprises top fast fashion companies transporting the inventory to the customers’ addresses. Even some customers ask, Is Shein reliable? The answer is also yes.

 Here is the basic information about the Shein. 

1. Where is Shein located?

Shein is a Chinese company located in Nanjing, China, and has headquarters in this city. You can visit the official website of Shein, choose the products and order them.

Moreover, the central warehouse of Shein is in Nanjing and Guangzhou city of China. Other countries like the US, European countries, and the middle east also have warehouses.

2. Shein shipping

Shein express shipping depends on the processing, packing, and express shipping company. It takes 1-3 weeks on average for the products to be article. Standard Shein shipping and express shipping; both shipping methods are available to the shopper for a great shipping experience on the Shein.

You can choose any shipping method. Usually, customers prefer to express for faster shipment if they need inventory quickly. Otherwise, you can prefer Standard Shipping to express shipping.

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3. Shein return policy

You can return products on the specified Shein return policy. It takes 15 days to return the item. There are two return methods. The first one refers to the self-help method, while the second relates to the customer’s service for shipping the items.

Other sites can also determine the Shein return policy. You can check out the official Shein website for the Shein return policy. There is no free return shipping or free express shipping.

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4. Shein customer service

Shein customer service provides excellent service. You can ask for a return through customer service or resolve multiple other problems.

There are two options to get in touch with the customer’s service. Either use the email or fill the form on the Shein. The second option is to contact customer service.

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Is Shein Legit? Top 10 reviews of Shein products

No doubt Shein is a legit website. But still, you need to determine it by validating the Shein reviews.

Remember, differentiate the fake reviews from the authentic ones. Maybe fake reviews are positive reviews or even negative reviews. Here are other reviews:

Shein Review #1

IMG 20220412 203747 e1650357810357

The client has ordered Shein dresses in the Shein clothing category and chosen the size of the Shein dresses. To assess the low quality of Shein clothing, you can read the customer review on the Shein dresses. The item is true to size and more than the customer expected. It is what is described in the Shein clothing product description and has the perfect color and size for the customer.

As mentioned in the review, the client is thrilled to receive such a high-quality lace dress or Shein top.

Shein Review #2

IMG 20220412 204306

The customer has ordered the top and shirts from the Shein clothes category. During the order, the client-focused on the product description and got the product on time. As per expectations, the Shein clothing quality was what the seller expressed in the product description.

Moreover, it was fit to the customer’s length and height. The Shein clothing product is so good that the client can try it with multiple things like pants, jeans, etc.

Shein Review #3

IMG 20220412 204732

In this review on the Shein swimsuit, the client has ordered the swimwear from the Shein Clothing category. After the arrival of the Shein clothing product, the client remained stunned to see the Shein clothing quality. It was super cool and true to its size with the exact fitting.

Moreover, the clothing quality is also top-notch making the Shein a famous brand for clothing quality. It is something that ensures the safety of buyers on the Shein app and lets them shop quite effectively.

Shein Review #4

IMG 20220412 205827

The above feedback is from the customer about the underwear. The customer has ordered the undergarments from the Shein clothing category as per the details given in the review. The client is excited after receiving the products. The product is quite comfortable and easy to use, with ultimate cuteness required.

However, the price is affordable for the customer. Sometimes, clients leave feedback to ensure the clothing quality and other details mentioned in the product description. Overall, clients love the Shein app.

Shein Review #5

IMG 20220412 205812

This honest Shein review clearly shows that the client has ordered the loungewear from Shein. After reviewing the product, the client has left feedback about the product. The Shein clothes product is true to size with high-quality material according to the feedback. Remember, not all clients leave the product images.

However, those clients are primarily authentic and leave the product images to help others check the actual shape of the item.

Shein Review #6

IMG 20220412 205750

The customer ordered the workout suit from the Shein dresses category and left some words about the quality of the product and size. After wearing the claim, the case feels stretchy, providing the flexibility necessary during a workout.

Moreover, the client has posted the product images to help other customers check how the product looks when received from Shein shipping. However, the Shein quality is good, and the size also fits.

Shein Review #7

IMG 20220412 205710

Shirts especially come with designs. Not only does color matter, but also written text makes them more attractive. It is something that client has expressed after receiving the item from the Shein shipping company. The client has ordered a black T-shirt with the text Thank you written.

According to the honest Shein review, the shirt is excellent with fantastic text. The size is proper to fit and suitable for most sizes. Don’t you think Shein is an authentic website after checking the reviews from multiple customers?

Shein Review #8

IMG 20220412 205659

This time, we have mentioned the honest Shein review about the shoe inventory on the Shein. Restricting the study to a single item may increase purchase risk because only that might be good.

However, as far as we discuss the shoes, they are simply outstanding. After receiving them from Shein express shipping, the client has expressed views about the shoes. They are of small size, but the client has a bigger size. A bit of confusion, but that is on the customer side. So, overall, the Shein is an excellent platform to trade.

Shein Review #9

IMG 20220412 205637

The Shein facilitates the customers with the Shein’s clothing articles and provides access to bags and shoes. In this review, the client seems impressed with the quality of the bag from the Shein. The bag size is small.

The client didn’t like the size, but the bag quality is high with the beautiful shape. The quality ensures that Shein is a fashionable choice for foreign brands or people for Shein dresses. 

Shein Review #10

IMG 20220412 205607

Again, here is the perfect feedback from the regular customer about the safety status and quality standards of the Shein. Customer review shows that the bathing suits product is fantastic with high-quality material, but it is a bit lost.

You can try different sizes and fittings or even explore similar products to fulfill your needs to resolve this issue. However, you can’t compromise on the quality in such cases.

How To Shop Online From Shein Safely?

Shein is one of the top fast fashion companies that ensure buyers’ safety. Before that, answer “Is Shein safe?” 

You can assume the easy return process and legit status of this site. Usually, scams don’t occur. Sometimes, damaged products arrive, leading to doubt in the minds of buyers. Here are some tips for buying safely from the Shein.

Step 1: Register your buyer account on the Shein website.

Step 2: Research the fashion product you want to purchase from Shein. Try to apply the different filters before ordering.

Step 3: Check the item description and pictures to determine how it will look. Apart from that, it will give you an idea of the quality of the product.

Step 4: Select the size of the product and ensure it is best to fit you. Choose other filters about the product as per requirements.

Step 5: Check the Shein reviews on the product to assess the quality.

Remember to provide the accurate delivery address and get the tracking number to receive the products. Before ordering, you must determine the quality of products in the product description section for safe trading. Fast fashion companies like Shein provide a secure trading experience.

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to wholesale from Shein 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shoping from Shein.

FAQs about Is Shein legit

Are Shein Clothes Good Quality and Cheap Price?

Yes. Shein offers high-quality merchandise at low prices. It makes Shein a famous brand globally, leading to millions of dollars in sales per annum. You can manually check the quality control of the process.

What are the best items for online shopping from Shein?

Shein has fashion products. All these procure the quality. However, there are a few items like the Shein dress you should be online shopping for from the Shein.

1. Skirts
2. Shirts
3. Pants
4. Shein Dresses
5. Tees

All these products are available in different sizes to adjust your requirements.

Is Shein ethical?

Yes. Shein is ethical. Its manufacturing process is relatively environmentally friendly, ensuring the use of the least dangerous chemicals and enabling quick access to fashion inventory.

They have product quality that Shein ships to your location on an affordable budget.

Are Shein Clothes True To Size?

When ordering the item, you need to specify the item’s size. The Shein clothes are true to size. However, many shoppers interact with size problems when they ignore the size duration selection of the product.

What’s Next

We haven’t seen many cases where the user might ask for scams on Shein. Do you know, why? Because Shein maintains the quality control and provides the best items to their customers. If you still get the problem, go for the return policy of Shein.

LeeLine sourcing can assist you in exploring the top eCommerce sites and finding quality products for you. Hit us a message or call us right away to get a free quote for your business.

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