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Leelinesourcing bless everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday originating in China, which commemorating the death of the poet and minister Qu Yuan.


In this special holiday, Leelinesourcing bought lots of  Zongzi for our team as holiday gifts. 


For many of us in the field, we can not return home to spend with our families. In this way, Leelinesourcing wants to express thanks to everyone in return for their hard work. 


By the way, Leelinesourcing bless everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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Sharline is the founder of LeelineSourcing.com. With 10 years of experience sourcing in China, She loves to share knowledge and ideas in sourcing bussiness.She writes only the truths which others are normally not willing to tell. This makes her posts distinguishable from other import & export articles.

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