Logo Placement Guide: 9 LOCATIONS to Print SUCCESS

A WARM welcome to FUTURE Millionaire on our LOGO PLACEMENT GUIDE! We have COVERED A to Z about the LOGO positioning. 

Through my YEAR of eCommerce experience, I have LEARNED one thing. Engage MORE consumers. GIVE them a TASTE of branded products. Add your BRAND logo to FLARE up your PROMOTION like the fire in JUNGLE. 

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If you want TO IMPRESS your TARGET audience, it is the RIGHT time. Correct LOGO placement in CUSTOM business gets you fast success. 

Today, we’ll explore DIFFERENT branding OPTIONS with the right logo placements. Let’s dive!! 

Logo Placement Guide

What Are Common Printing Terms?

common printing terms

1. Print location

It defines the AREA where your logo will be PRINTED. It holds two OTHER POSITIONS inside it. One is placement. Another is the area. 

2. Print placement

The exact AREA where your LOGO design gets PRINTED is the print placement area. It can VARY some INCHES on the print area. You understand it as an IMAGINARY position of your BRAND’s IDENTITY. 

3. Print area

The print area of the LOGO design defines the TOTAL area the INK will cover. It is also PRESENT in the print LOCATION. Depending on your LOGO and symmetry, the print area might change. 

4. Print size

This size refers to Measured LOCATION, where your design has to be PRINTED. When you measure the PRINT area, it becomes the PRINT size. 

5. Standard size

Every logo DESIGN and print place has a STANDARD defined. These DEFAULTS are OFTEN applicable when you don’t specify the PRINTING location. 

6. Oversize

An OVERSIZE refers to the SIZE more than the standard but less than the MAXIMUM size. It does not mean the custom SIZE until you’ve mentioned it specifically. 

7. Maximum size

It is the highest length of the PRINTABLE area on your garments. If you have AMPLE space, it comes up with the MAXIMUM visibility. 

8. Anchor point

The center point of your PRINTED LOGO design is the anchor point. Defining the ANCHOR point is crucial before placing LOGOS. 

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Importance Of Logo Placement In B2B Branding

Importance of Logo Placement

Comprehensive GUIDE on the LOGO placement features various reasons behind it. You need to CONSIDER them before placing the logo. For instance: 

You want to ATTRACT the new consumers but don’t know what to do, right? Let me TELL you how the LOGO placement can AMP up your beauty. Think of a small logo on a PLAIN T-shirt that is better than without one. 

The reason is excellent design and ultimate charisma. The WEARING person can brag about the BRANDED T-shirt. Plus, the human EYE gets attracted to ANYTHING tiny yet classy. This time, it is your LOGO that engages them. Catches their SIGHT in the first glimpse. I get 50% more REPUTATION for the QUALITY fabrics with the logo. 

What do you think about the LOGOS on Hidden Corner? To be honest, I believe They are a TOTAL waste. If someone can’t even SEE them, how will they GET to you? 

Proper placement with the EXCELLENT design is JUST AMAZING! Nothing comes CLOSE to such a BEAUTY. Plus, adding a CONTRAST-colored LOGO takes your brand to MARS! Indeed, you’ll catch the SIGHT. Bring a NEW wave of consumers to your business. 

A new BRAND is in INTENSE need of publicity. And here it is— FREE PROMOTION. I mean the logo on your T-shirts. 

What I do is to OFFER the VALUE to consumers. Provide them with the WORLD-CLASS fabric. And add a SMALL logo front. Whoever purchases it brings more than ten consumers. All waiting for a SINGLE CHANCE to get my BRANDED T-shirts. Isn’t it an AMAZING thing? 

A logo placement earns you CONSUMERS LOYALTY and better REFERRALS. The success is NEAR this way. 

Logo Placement Guide—What Are Print Logo Locations?

Various locations but VARYING opportunities for success. I have listed the nine most popular options for you to try. 

Front design and logo placement on a shirt

Front design and logo placement on a shirt

Front bestows NO HIDDEN SUCCESS. Here are some options to try for your logo versions. 

One of the COOLEST placements, I say, is the CENTER. Easy proportions. Moreover, customers LOVE it a LOT. Plenty of SPACE in the center allows a BETTER placement as well. 

I often use the 2.5 to 3-inch DISTANCE below the COLLAR. But!! It does depend on the SIZE of your design. Small DESIGNS need 4 inches distance, sometimes from ABOVE and below. The design size is Often 6’’ – 10’’ wide and 6’’ – 8’’ tall. 

Why is this LOGO PLACEMENT important? Simple ANSWER. No overly detailed LOGO position. Display LOGOS are maximum. Brand REPUTATION reaches the NEXT level with such a position. 

A small design, right? The left CHEST placement is the IDEAL one! 2.5’’ – 5’’ wide, 2.5’’ – 5’’ high is the NORMAL size of a LOGO. The distance from the COLLAR is around 3 inches. 

I try it whenever the DESIGN is small. The top LEFT corner has an ABUNDANT area. Logos look PERFECT with the correct placement in the TOP left corner. 

Show off your BRAND with STUNNING logos. Bring it to the CONSUMER EYES. Grow your SALES graphs rapidly with these positions. 

Planning a FRONT placement? If you have a LARGE logo, let’s BLEND it on the FRONT. Spread your COLORS on the whole of the front. Most often, I use the TEXTED BASED graphics in such places. Logo VERSIONS are on the TOP of the TEXT! 

10’’ – 12’’ wide and 10’’ – 14’’ tall with a 3-inch distance from the COLLAR is the best. Make sure you use high-resolution and BOLD colors. 

The FIRST thing that consumers see is your LOGO. It will BAG you a HIGHER brand REPO and MAXIMUM sales on the GRAPHS! 

Try something different to ENCHANT your consumers. Nothing can be better than an OVERSIZED logo on the front of your CHEST. 12’’ – 15’’ wide and 14’’ – 16’’ tall is the STANDARD practice AREA of logos. The DISTANCE from the COLLAR can be 3 inches or less. 

Place logos with an ACCURATE aspect ratio. ENSURE the BOLD COLORS and the proper alignment of all the PARTS. 

This placement has gotten me a BETTER business status. I felt a RUSH of consumers waiting to GET my LOGO T-shirts. Enjoy a BETTER ECONOMY with this style. 

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Back design and logo placement on a shirt

Back design and logo placement on a shirt

Back designs have got a DISTINCT popularity. Here are multiple options for the VISUAL identity of a BRAND. 

Take up a pledge to place your LOGO. It has a HIGHER chance of VISIBILITY. The standard size is 10’’ – 14’’ wide and 1’’ – 6’’ tall. The distance must be about 4 inches or 3 inches. 

I consider the SHORT and SMALL designs. Print is Often in the UPPER CENTRAL or LEFT position. But it again depends on your LOGO style. 

Minimize consumers’ HASSLE for your logo placements. Increase the BEAUTY of your T-shirts. That is how more CONSUMERS will get to your business. The RESULT is FASTER success! 

XEROX copy of the FULL-FRONT. Prepare a HUGE HIGH logo. The print is on the BACK of your T-shirt. The size is 10’’ – 14’’ wide and 6’’ – 15’’ tall. The DISTANCE from the COLLAR should be 2-3 inches, no more than THAT. 

Measure the ASPECTS. Prepare your PRINTER. And boom! You have printed your LOGOS! 

It looks terrific on the BACK—high visibility. Promising brand PRESTIGE. And more CONSUMERS try to buy your shirts. Make HIGHER SALES. Pocket more money with these placements. 

One of the BEST POSITIONS is the BACK collar. You don’t have to IMPOSE the logos. It is more like a Natural position for your logo. Prepare a SUITABLE design of 2” to 3” width. Place it on the COLLAR almost 1 inch below the TOP. 

Guess what? It looks pretty AMAZING. I have tried it multiple TIMES. Every time you need a SMALL logo. But one thing I don’t like is the LITTLE exposure. A person from a 10-15 meter distance can’t find it accurately VISIBLE. 

Lit up your BUSINESS presence. OPEN the OPPORTUNITY to hundreds of BUYERS. Grab MORE SALES. Earn MORE bucks with GLOWING reviews. 

Sleeve design and logo placement on a shirt

Sleeve design and logo placement on a shirt

One of the STAND OUT positions is the SLEEVES. I personally love this position. Do you know why? Because it is UNIQUELY. Moreover, there are no blatantly looking logos. The VISIBILITY is GOOD too. 

You can print a 3’’ wide x 1.5’’ tall sized LOGO on the SLEEVES. The distance from the TOP CORNERS depends on your design. 

Be unique. Enhance the ACCESS of consumers to UNUSUAL designs. Differentiate your brand from others. And be the WINNER OF YOUR competition game. 

Seam-to-seam design and logo placement on a shirt

If you have RUN out of IDEAS, don’t worry. I have one other ground-breaking idea. Go for the SEAM-TO-SEAM design. Bring the UNIQUENESS to your T-shirts. 

In this Style, you print the LOGO on the FRONT, back, upper, and LOWER edges. All are under your CONTROL. Oh, the SLEEVE position is also under your LOGO control. 

More exposure to your BRAND ensures better prominence. Get BLAZING success. And BE the LEADER of the custom industry. 

Popular Combinations For Design And Logo Placement 

Popular combinations for design and logo placement

Want a QUICK repo? Great; I have got you COVERED AT THIS POINT. Here are some POPULAR PROVEN combos for better BRAND IDENTITY. Try them with your RELEVANT BASIC guidelines. Three options include: 

  • Sleeve designs. A small LOGO on the FRONT SITE of sleeves looks fantastic in this design. 
  • Full back design. Consider LOGO placement on the LEFT chest or CENTRAL chest position. 
  • Left chest designs and logos. Print your LEFT chest designs on the UPPER BACK at the same positions. 

If you have plenty of IDEAS, you can try them too. 

However, All these offer an EXCELLENT opportunity to GET a BRAND identity. Print materials are more VISIBLE in all these different placements. More BRAND recognition will get you HIGHER SALES. The Result will be a QUICKER triumph. 

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People Also Ask about Logo Placement Guide

1. What are some very good online custom-designed shirt stores?

You can come across the FOLLOWING stores. 
· CustomInk
· Teespring
· Zazzle
· Threadless
· Red Bubble
These are pretty POPULAR for their marking materials and excellent BRANDING. Leeline Sourcing can be your RIGHT STOP. With the best production and printing facility, you can grab the BEST quality T-shirts. Plus, we offer discounts to SUPPORT your business. 

2. What is the best and easiest way to design T-shirts for your online store?

Think about the DREAM DESIGN. Make a SKETCH on your NOTEBOOK. Layout the same one on the PHOTOSHOP. It is pretty much more effortless and QUICK to do. You can HIRE experts also! 

3. Is it legal to put a logo on a t-shirt?

Yes. You can PRINT your brand logo. Avoid PRINTING the DISNEY characters or copyrighted MATERIALS without consent. All would be GREAT for you then! 

4. How much is a logo on a shirt?

The cost of a CUSTOM T-shirt with your BRAND logo varies widely. It depends on number, quality, and QUANTITY. However, it costs from $10 to $50 for the CUSTOM T-shirt. 

5. How do I print my own logo on shirts?

First, get your DESIGN. Then, buy a HEAT PRESS or SUBLIMATION DYE machine from your FAVORITE sellers. Now, imprint your DESIGN on the fabric. It is not a ROCKET SCIENCE at all! 

What’s Next

Remember. BRANDING success is only possible if you print the BRAND logo on the RIGHT POSITION. It will GLOW up. Catch the attention of other consumers. And the RESULT? Total success in your FAVOR! You can ALSO find CUSTOM T-shirt manufacturers that offer one-stop services. 

Do you need one? 

Contact LEELINE SOURCING! We are a CUSTOM T-shirt manufacturer. Let us know your DREAM design. We will SOURCE the fabric and grab the VIBRANT printing. Skyrocket your BUSINESS repo. Establish yourself as an INDUSTRY LEADER! 

Call us to get the FREE QUOTE for your business! 

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