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Our Services Include:

Sourcing Service

Sourcing Product Suppliers

We are very meticulous in CHOOSING the suppliers. All our suppliers pass through the PARTICULAR criterion. After working with them, we determine their EXPERTISE. You get the RELIABLE suppliers, already tested and proven.

No RISKS during the trade. ACCESSIBLE business.

Product Quality Control

We have a dedicated QUALITY inspection team. Our experts contact the suppliers. Get the product samples. CHECK them. Ensure they meet ISO standards. And then we close the DEAL if you are READY. We guarantee the HIGH-INTEGRITY of the inventory.


Product Quality Control
Private Label & White Label

Private Label & White Label Products

Our team contributes to the PRIVATE LABEL and WHITE LABEL PRODUCTS services. We get private-label products from our suppliers. CUSTOMIZE them. Put your brand label. And send you or your customers for final delivery.

You IMPROVE business recognition. Get a steep RISING GRAPH of business with us.

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

We not only focus on SOURCING. But also, we consider fulfillment to be a CRUCIAL part of dropshipping. So we get the products from suppliers. Store them. Make them ready for the SHIPPING. Choose the BEST SHIPPING LABEL. Count the total products. We ship immediately.

We ensure 100% TIMELY SHIPMENTS to IMPRESS your customers.

fulfillment center

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– William, UK

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Made In Reviews

Made In China is a site for purchasing inventory. Have you ever purchased from it? If not, check the Made in China com review. It will help you in safe trading.

Depending on ten years of experience, we have helped International buyers in successful trading. There are many Chinese suppliers of Made in China. But, some scammers are trying to take your money. So, it is better to check the Made in China com review to ensure safety.

Today, we will thoroughly go through different aspects of buying from reliable China suppliers.

made in china com review

What is Made in

Made in China is a Chinese platform famous for its B2B trades for foreign brands. They have way too cheap items for global buyers and help purchase quality items. Founded in 1996, this platform is the top competitor of eCommerce giants like Alibaba, Global Sources, and Amazon. You can find reliable China suppliers for wholesale prices.

Is Made In China a scam?

No. Made in China is a safe and legitimate site connecting international buyers with Chinese suppliers. I used this platform weekly. It’s one of the best places to source products in China. If you have instantly found scammers selling inventory, report them or avoid them for safe trading. For trade assurance, it is better to check the company’s profile to procure high-quality Chinese products. These suppliers have online stores on Made in China‘s official site to check all the items.

Made In Overview

I’ll review the Made In China properties I’ve noticed after years of buying from this website. 

Product quality

Usually, product quality is a significant concern. Every buyer wants to purchase high-quality products at low prices. It is only feasible if you uncover the verified suppliers to deliver goods.

Made in China offers quality products to buy if you know how to trade safely. Before trading, always try the gold supplier for better quality products.

Shipping time & cost

Shipping time and cost depend on the shipping method you choose. Here are the following shipping methods available for the shipment of inventory.

  • Air Freight takes 5-15 days with $5-$10 per kilogram of weight
  • Ocean Freight takes 30-55 days with shipping costs of $3000 per full container load
  • Railway Freight shipping charges $4-$8 per kilogram within 15-25 days of shipment.

You can pay through Western Union or a bank transfer for trade assurance.

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Return policy

A return Policy is a money-back guarantee that the supplier provides. Usually, a gold supplier offers all the facilities to customers. However, the return policy varies from supplier to supplier. Some allow 14 days, while others allow more time for the product return. You can check the return policy when purchasing from any online store.

Customs service

Quick response to the audited supplier or potential buyer from the Made in China support team is always excellent. You can contact the Made in China customer service in the following ways:

  • Live Chat to get the reply to your messages instantly
  • Email takes 24-48 hours to get responses from the customer support team.
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 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

Made In Reviews

Our team selected the most unbiased reviews from Made In China platforms. These help you better understand what to expect from this wholesale website.

Review #1

IMG 20220418 222309

Many negative reviews about Made in China on websites make it a platform full of scammers. That’s not the fact at all. At cheap prices, you get products like toys, printing lights, lightening apparel, beauty products, auto parts, personal care products, etc. So, most buyers like above have a great experience with the suppliers on Made in China.

Review #2

IMG 20220418 222309

As the review highlights, made in China highlights, the relationship between the buyer and seller. Direct connection helps the buyers deal directly and export products to other countries such as US and UK. It makes their business grow better than before and allows them to have some good news in the future.

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Review #3

IMG 20220418 222224

Some buyers think the suppliers are fake on Made in China. As the above review highlights, the buyer is happy to order the inventory at affordable prices and get them. Moreover, the products are of high quality with a timely shipment. These aspects of Made in China let it be on top when we compare it to other websites like Global sources or Alibaba.

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Review #4

IMG 20220418 222210

The buyer has excellent experience with Made in China. There are many suppliers available at a single time on the Made in China. As the buyer has described, you can contact them and find the inventory you are looking for. You can explore gold suppliers who pay membership fees and are authentic from every business aspect.

Review #5

IMG 20220418 222158

This customer has been working in the business industry for many years and has dealt with suppliers. According to the review, it is easy to make more money in your business when you access wholesale inventory for so many suppliers. Surprisingly, you can request a quote to get the best possible rates for your trade. Isn’t it still enough for you?

Review #6

IMG 20220418 222143

The buyer has interacted with many verified suppliers on Made in China. This platform provides all the guides to purchasing from the suppliers safely. Moreover, you get access to a free directory of articles through which you can explore hundreds of sellers and choose the suitable one for your business.

How to buy from Made In China safely?

Do you want to keep scammers miles away? Great! Do proper research. It will assist you in sourcing high-quality items at low prices.

Let me share my go-to process for trade assurance when buying from Made In China. 

Step 1: Open an account on the Made in China website.

Step 2: Employ inspection service, check product quality, and negotiate with multiple suppliers simultaneously.

Step 3: Do product research, get product samples from suppliers, and thoroughly review the product catalogs.

Step 4: Check out the customer rating for a specific supplier.

You can hit the order button if you have checked the full review of the supplier and made sure the supplier is authentic. 

All the above steps will assist you in a safe trading experience on Made in China. Remember to pay using secure payment methods like Western Union or PayPal.

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If you hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on Made in China. com safely?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy from Made in China. com at low cost and efficiency.

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FAQs About made in china com review

Is made in China com legit?

Yes. Made in China is a legitimate website. You can check out the consumer rating of Made in China on review sites. Moreover, you can find gold suppliers in Made in China for a better trading experience.

Which one is better, or 

Alibaba is owned by the Alibaba group and is a giant B2B eCommerce website. Compared to it, Made-in-China is a minor source connecting the suppliers and buyers.

You can find consumer goods on both sites. However, Alibaba is a better site in terms of more suppliers.
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How to determine Made in China fake review?

There are many reviews on Made in China products that are fake. You need to spot them for your safety. Such reviews are from unverified profiles and usually appear to be positive reviews. Even some long reviews are also fake. 

What are payment methods available on Made in China?

Made in China facilitates the users with multiple payment methods. It includes bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal, and Western Union. All these are safe payment options.

What’s Next

When you purchase from Made in China, always do research. Find the quality suppliers and check the quality of products. If the quality fulfills the criterion, that’s great! 

Do you have difficulty sourcing the products in Made In China? No problem. Leeline Sourcing is there to assist you in finding quality products. Hit us a message right away!

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