Made in Taiwan

Taiwan is an important commercial center in East Asia after World War II. It is the “Four Tigers of Asia” along with countries like Singapore, South Korea, and regions like Hong Kong. 

Both Taiwan and China shared the same history. The People’s Republic of China is what we call China. Taiwan island is one of the special administrative regions of China.

Made in Taiwan products like bicycles, food, and electronics. It exports to the Western market and East Asia countries. Let’s discover more in this post!

Made in Taiwan

Development of Made in Taiwan

Taiwan’s economy and industrialization occurred a rapid growth since the mid-20th century. People name the development as “Taiwan Economic Miracle.”  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan fared better than many other countries. Taiwan is among the lowest COVID-19 positive and death cases in the world.

Simultaneously, its economy has grown in 2020 and 2021. Taiwan’s manufacturing industry can undergo continuous development.

Taiwan also has a high export concentration to Mainland China. It exports goods worth about US$102.5 billion to the market of Mainland China.  

Made in Taiwan products

In 2021, Taiwan’s exports to countries all over the world like Japan worthed US$347.2billion. Let’s see the top 10 Taiwan’s exports: 

Electrical machinery and equipment US$174.6 billion
Machinery like computers US$44.8 billion
Plastics US$18.6 billion
Technical tools, optical, and medical apparatus US$16.8 billion
Vehicles including bicycles: US$10.1 billion
Iron and steel US$7.5 billion 
Organic chemicals US$7.2 billion
Iron and steel articles US$7.1 billion
Mineral fuels like oil US$6.2 billion
Copper US$4.1 billion

Top 10 manufacturing companies

Top 10 manufacturing companies

1. Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

Products: Mobile handsets, computers, computer heat sinks, magnesium-aluminum alloys, etc

Address: 66-1, Chung Shan Rd., Tu Cheng Industrial Dist., New Taipei City, 23680 Taiwan

2. Pegatron Corporation

Products: Notebook PCs, desktop PCs, set-top boxes, mobile phones, automotive electronic components, etc

Address: 5F, 76, Ligong St., Taipei City, 11261 Taiwan

3. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd (TSMC)

Products: Semiconductor chips 

Address: No. 8, Li-Hsin Rd. 6, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu City, 30077 Taiwan

4. CPC Corporation

Products: Oil products and petrochemical products

Address: 3, Songren Rd., Taipei City, 11010 Taiwan

5. Quanta Computer Inc. 

Products: Network servers, consumer electronics products, and IT products.

Address: No.188, Wenhua 2nd Rd., Taoyuan City, 33383 Taiwan

6. Compal Electronics Inc.

Products: Notebook PCs, mobile phone handsets, computer displays, LCD TVs, server computers, media players, tablets, etc

Address: No. 581, 581-1, Ruiguang Rd. Taipei City, 11491 Taiwan

7. Wistron Corporation 

Products: PCs, server and networking systems, enterprise storage solutions, communication devices, professional display products, etc

Address: 5, Hsin Ann Road, Hsinchu Science Park Hsinchu City, 30076 Taiwan

8. Formosa Petrochemical Corporation

Products: Petroleum products and petrochemicals

Address: 1-1, Formosa Plastic Industrial Park, Mailiao Hsiang, Yunlin, 63842 Taiwan

9. Inventec Corporation

Products: PCs, wireless communication products, solar energy systems, etc.

Address: No. 66, Hou-Kang St. Taipei City, 11170 Taiwan

10. Inventec Appliances Corporation

Products: Wire and wireless communication products, smart handheld products, and network appliances products

Address: No. 37, Wugong 5th Rd. New Taipei City, 24890 Taiwan
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Made in Taiwan Vs. Made in mainland China

Made in China

1. Industrial Specialization 

Mainland China can produce anything. The Chinese companies focus more on consumer goods. Take, for example, ready-made garments, textiles, shoes, leathers, etc.

In contrast, Taiwanese companies concentrate on specific industries. You’ll find intermediate goods here for assembling finished goods.

For instance, electronic components, machine tooling equipment, and machinery. 

2. Manufacturing Cost

Taiwan’s companies used to move across to Mainland China for its low labor costs. In recent years, Mainland China has incurred rising labor costs. 

But, Taiwan island still has about five times higher minimum wage than China’s. This situation causes higher manufacturing costs in Taiwan.  

3. Productivity 

Taiwan’s productivity is triple times higher than in Mainland China. These laborers with high levels could make quality production fast. 

In comparison, Mainland China shows a lower GDP per capita. It means that Chinese laborers produce slower than Taiwanese laborers. 

4. Supply Chain Networks

Mainland China has the biggest supply chain network globally. You’ll find the production in China concentrated in the industrial clusters. It allows a pool of efficient Chinese labor for quality goods.

They also have easier collaboration between manufacturers and economies of scale.

In fact, Taiwan island also has its production clusters. But, it is incomparable to the scale and specialization in China.

Foreign buyers might not get products as cheap as from Mainland China.

5. Raw materials 

Chinese suppliers can source cheap natural resources from ASEAN countries easily. You’ll get lower import costs when buying goods from Mainland China.

Taiwan sometimes has restrictions to trade negotiations with Asia countries. That means Taiwan has less accessible and possibly pricier raw materials.

Fortunately, Taiwan has rich natural resources like copper, petroleum, and natural gas.

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What are the shipping methods for Taiwan imports? 

Importers can ship by express, sea, or air to their country.

Express deliveries transport a small number of goods for your business in 3-5days.

Sea transport is ideal for bulky or large quantities of goods. It takes 30-60days shipping times.

Airfreight is suitable to deliver small and light-weighted goods in 3-5days.

Can you tell me about the import duty from Taiwan?

Taiwan charges an import duty of 0 – 30%, an average of 6.25% duty. Goods that cost lesser than 3000 TWD will enjoy tax exemption.

A sales tax of 5% will be charged based on CIF (cost, insurance, and freight). You should also expect a 0.04% trade promotion tax.

What is the required documentation to export made in Taiwan goods?

Importers must prepare a commercial invoice with the import license number.

Ensure the CIF value and freight insurance are listed for customs clearance purposes. 

Besides, you have to prepare the packing list and bill of lading.
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What are the payment methods that Taiwan’s suppliers accept?

When you trade from Taiwan’s factories, there are several payment choices. 

You can ask if your supplier accepts card payments to do business, like credit cards or debit cards.

Some suppliers take another form of payment, which is digital payment. For instance, WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, and LinePay.

Final thoughts

Manufacturing in Taiwan

Taiwan is a good source of certain business goods. It is an excellent manufacturing country like Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, etc. 

Taiwan’s manufacturing factory also produces more products than mentioned above. No matter rubber, bicycles, bikes, or food, you can find them in The Republic of China.

Besides, Taiwan’s suppliers have a history of exporting to many countries in the world.

For instance, Germany, Australia, Japan. You’ll find easier payments and shipments here.

I hope this post shares useful info about made in Taiwan goods. Talk to Leeline Sourcing for a professional sourcing service for Taiwan products.

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