16 Most Profitable Small Businesses For HIGH MARGINS 2024

Hi Future Entrepreneurs! Welcome to our experts’ guide for a kickass start in the most profitable small businesses.

Business is not a REQUIREMENT. It is an EMOTION. Bread and butter. Your SWEAT. 

So, how can you even think of entering the wrong business field?

Leeline Sourcing experts have helped entrepreneurs choose the RIGHT BUSINESS and QUALITY PRODUCTS. Only and only for potential profits!

Sellers often fail. They fail when they choose the wrong business.

They don’t make profits when they choose fewer or NO PROFIT businesses.

In this guide, we will learn about the most profitable businesses and answer your questions.

Ready to pass through the ocean? Sail the boat!

Most profitable small businesses

What Does A “Small” Business Mean?

Small Business

THE SMALL BUSINESS! The term defines itself.

Remember. That’s enough. People remain confused about the small, medium, and big businesses.

So, EXACT DEFINITION would be helpful. 

Small Company or Business is a private business, corporation, or partnership at the SMALL SCALE.”

Small scale means fewer employees or no employees with less or no occupied place.

What Factors To Consider Before Starting A Small Business?

Before Starting A Small Business

Many FACTORS! Even a minor FACTOR can stand out in the business. 

So, hunker down and skyrocket your business.

Here are SOME FACTORS worth importance for your small businesses.

  • Business Niche


What is your interest? How will you get over the mistakes? Will your offline or online business succeed?

All these ANSWERS lay money on BUSINESS NICHE!

  • The market you want to sell

First of all, I decide on my Target Audience. This approach irons out the difficulties in eCommerce. 

It potentially counts on the market. So, it is a CRUCIAL factor.

  • Budget

Budget DEFINES business. Some small businesses require a LOW BUDGET, while others might essentialize a HIGHER BUDGET.

Choose accordingly and wisely!

What Makes A Small Business Successful?

Makes A Small Business Successful

Not every business is SUCCESSFUL! And not every company is also FAILED.

So, what ensures business success?

Many TIPS! All are as important as hell.

Here are these.

  • Pick the Right Business

Many Pros give PROFITABLE BUSINESS IDEAS. Look. Every business might not be the BEST FIT for you.

So, do business you feel the most confident in.

  • Put Efforts into Research

Have you chosen the business? It is not ENOUGH yet. You have to struggle more.

For example, if you open a Shopify store, do market research. Find excellent products. 


  • Leverage Techology for High Security

Once your research is done, you must dive deeper into the essentials that safeguard your business. Integrating advanced technology to protect your data and transactions is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Additionally, you need a team well versed in the latest tech updates. You can even share Cisco Dumps, which can provide crucial insights into the latest security technologies to them. Understanding these tools is vital. DON’T FORGET IT!

  • Implement a Top Business Model

Business strategies throw caution to the wind.

A business is successful only if you have a suitable BUSINESS MODEL!

  • Take Data-Driven Insights

Have you started a small business, right? 

Jot down your progress. Use different analytics tools. Get the REAL-TIME results. Find out the errors. And BOOM!

Congratulations! You have started a brand new profitable business on your own.

  • Learn from Your Flaws

If sales are going down day by day, hire marketing experts. 

If ranking is down, implement SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION rules.


16 Most Profitable Small Businesses

Here is the list of the most profitable businesses.

1. Ecommerce


Have you got an internet business idea? eCommerce is on the TOP of the list of most profitable online businesses.

It is much easier to do this business. I follow THREE SIMPLE STEPS. These are as:

  • Choose the eCommerce sales channel.
  • Create your store.
  • List and Sell products.

Is that even hard?

eCommerce business doesn’t need HIGHER INVESTMENTS! $100 would be sufficient to take a FINE START.

Current situations indicate the exponential increase in eCommerce sales. According to STATISTA REPORT, retail sales will reach 24% by 2026.

So, why join eCommerce?

There can be many reasons, such as ease of work, more sales, and higher monthly or yearly revenue.

2. Dropshipping


No budget? No investment? No warehouse?

Then, join the DROPSHIPPING BUSINESS! One of the most profitable businesses among small business owners.

The working principle is quite simple.

  • Contact the suppliers.
  • Ship them to your customers.

However, you need an eCommerce store to sell products. It’s a COMPLETELY ONLINE BUSINESS! No physical store. No worries about the warehouses.

How much does it cost?

Like an eCommerce business, $100 is enough. Pay your suppliers. Get profits from your buyers.

Is it even worth the investment?

Yes, for sure. Here is why:

  • Higher profit margins by selling QUALITY PRODUCTS.
  • The logistics process counts on the suppliers. Again no worries about arranging high-quality shipments.
  • Lower startup costs.
Suggested reading: 5 Tips For Starting Your Dropshipping Business Successfully

3. App Development

App Development

Want to be the next MARK ZUCKERBERG?

App design business touches the HEIGHTS of business. Of the most profitable businesses list, you can’t overlook the app development business.

Create your SOFTWARE HOUSE—design the next UNITY 3D revolutionary games. Or develop the next SOCIAL SERVICES APP.

Create your SOFTWARE HOUSE—design the next UNITY 3D revolutionary games with Unity Game Development. Or develop the next SOCIAL SERVICES APP.

According to STATISTA:

Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 7.89%, resulting in a market volume of US$218.80bn by 2027.”

This business has the following pros.

  • You can be an individual developer or create an OFFICE SETUP and hire developers for your startup. Is it even difficult? Not at all.
  • The earnings are HIGHER. Even if you offer your services, a simple app charges $1000+. Just imagine!
  • Lucrative business. Less or NO INVESTMENT but higher PRODUCTIVITY!

Many other small business owners have this business!

4. Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Have you been in the business for a long time? Great!

I have an IDEA to turn your knowledge into the next kickass profession— CONSULTING SERVICES!

You can join the NASA of the given INDUSTRY and FLY to the MOON. 

Business CONSULTANT charges higher fees and is one of the most paid businesses.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,  Consulting business is expected to grow 14% from 2020 to 2030— MORE THAN ANY PROFESSION!

You have two options:

  • Join a renowned company and become their EINSTEIN.
  • Create your own business and sell services to the most prominent companies. You will be the NEXT BILL GATES or ELON MUSK at a smaller scale.

Therefore, CONSULTING BUSINESS is one of the most profitable online businesses.

Why choose the consulting profession?

It is a top business that requires little to low investment, but you get higher profits for your services.

My recommendation: 

It is one of the MOST DEMANDED fields. You can try your Luck. 

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5. Social Media Management

Social Media Management


Have you used these apps? Maybe you have watched Facebook or Youtube shorts. ( They are good, but time waster for me.)

You can turn your TIME WASTING activities into MONEY. They are a GOLD MINE!

Social media management is one of the GREAT BUSINESS IDEAS!

Become a SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANT. Make your social media accounts. Grab clients from SOCIAL MEDIA or Freelancing sites. ( FIVERR, UPWORK, FREELANCER.COM)

One Question. Why Social Media Manager?

  • Easy to do. It does not require heavy knowledge.
  • HUNDREDS OF SOCIAL PLATFORMS. So, it becomes more accessible for the person to manage social media on different channels.
  • Customers can be easily found. So, it becomes easier to grab some quality customers and move ahead with your journey.

6. Delivery Services

Delivery Services

Successful online business ideas, right? How can you even forget the delivery services?

Just look at FoodPanda— a billion-dollar company. 

Nowadays, everyone is doing such a job. It is easier to do. That is why I recommend it. 

You can join the FOOD delivery services or create shipment services at domestic levels.

It is a great online business idea from every aspect. 

What you have to do is to launch your startup, grab some customers, and boom!

Your courier services will be on the top in a few years if you work consistently.

Here is why you should choose this business.

  • Delivery services don’t require much effort. So, you are at complete ease.
  • It is the current small business landscape. You get more business opportunities.
  • Profits are higher. So, you make a living more comfortable.

7. Food Truck

Food truck

Are you hunting down low-cost business ideas? 

The food trucks business charges ONE-THIRD of what you can pay for your brick-and-mortar restaurant. Furthermore, it is one of the most profitable businesses around the globe.

Having a comprehensive food truck business plan can help guide your venture towards success.

According to Grand View Research, the Food trucks business has had a VERTICAL GRAPH— RISING CONSISTENTLY for the past 5 years. It will be a market worth $6.6 by 2028.

In some areas, it can be a SATURATED business due to increasing demands.

In that case, select the low competition area and become the ROCKSTAR of the food truck business.

Why is this online business idea lucrative?

You can import the food in your truck. Sell it to the people. The investment is low while profits are higher. 

8. Web Design

Web Design

Want to create your OWN WEBSITE? Web designing is quite ESSENTIAL.

ENCHANTING LANDING PAGES increases the customer’s attention and elevates sales to the next level.

Not only can you start your career as a web designer but hire WEB DESIGNERS for your SOFTWARE HOUSE.

Design the landing pages for your top customers like Airbnb or Amazon.

According to STATISTA reports, web designers are increasing yearly due to extreme requirements. By 2032, they might reach 229k web developers only in the US.

Here are the benefits of this business.

Web designing requires much effort to learn, but it is an interesting adjustment to human psychology. The number of available jobs is higher. DEMANDS are HIGHER. And in turn, PROFITS are also HIGHER for such businesses.

9. Online Advertising

Online Advertising

One of the best small business ideas without INVESTMENTS is online advertising services.

Many ADVERTS networks like GOOGLE ADSENSE, Media.net, etc. offer bloggers and independent sellers to advertise.

Moreover, thousands of companies hire professionals to manage their products and advertise them online.

Not enough knowledge?

Get a STATISTA report. According to it, 566 billion USD was spent in 2022 around the globe. From this point, you can calculate the worth of the advertising industry.

Here are some reasons to choose it.

  • Advertising is easy. You can join online courses and learn them at home.
  • Advertising campaigns require knowledge, not higher investments. So, you can learn and reach new heights of business.
  • Profits are higher compared to other businesses. With the profits, you can reinvest in your business or make a good living possible.

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10. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

Best online business ideas? Here it is, AMAZON FBA!

My friend is operating many Amazon accounts. He makes ten thousand bucks monthly. 

Many business owners consider the AMAZON FBA to be their choice. Flat FEES. WAREHOUSE services. 

Look. Amazon FBA is different from Dropshipping or FBM. In this process, Amazon is the primary controller of your inventory. So, you are free from any mental agony.

According to a STATISTA report, AMAZON FBA has made over a whopping amount of 237 billion USD.

Can you even imagine that?

If it is not enough, we have something more below.

Here is why you should choose it.

  • The shipping burden is on Amazon. So, you are at ease.
  • The selling process is smooth, with millions of products sold every month. That means you get more sales each month.
  • You don’t have to worry about the warehouse because Amazon has it. So, no more burden about hiring or importing products from your warehouse. Even NO MORE INVESTMENT in the warehouse.
Suggested reading: Why Do You Need A Sourcing Company To Sell On Amazon FBA?

11. Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Marketing? It is another term to sell your products— I mean MARKET PRODUCTS.

Marketing can be online or offline. If it is online, we call it digital.

Whatever the marketing type, the fundamental goal is to launch your company. And you can do that by learning the skills through online courses. 

Affiliate marketing business comes under this category too.

You can join the TOP companies or consider starting your independent marketing company.

Here is why you should choose it.

  • You just need skills and knowledge. Not a single penny to invest if you plan to start with a bigger startup.
  • Marketing is essential for all types of businesses. So, you can expect better opportunities.
  • Anyone and everyone can start from the office or home. So, it is a more manageable business for every entrepreneur.

My point of view

You should be an entrepreneur in your LIFE. It gives you knowledge and experience. 

12. Technology Consulting and Repair

Technology Consulting and Repair

Consulting businesses include various industries. If you are an IT expert and want to be a CONSULTANT, it is a good idea.

You can join the top IT companies such as GOOGLE in your area and offer your services.

Your services might include:

  • Giving advice to the company about IT applications.
  • Consultancy on repairing the tools

According to an IBIS report, IT consulting jobs will increase by 4% in 2022. Don’t you think it is an excellent opportunity.?

Here is why you should consider it.

  • It is one of the most highly paid jobs. You make more income.
  • The business PROFITS and revenues are MORE THAN EXPECTED. So, a better living is waiting ahead.
  • You don’t put effort into repairing. You give a PIECE OF ADVICE. It is more than just easier.

13. Catering Business

Catering Business

Love FOOD? Turn your appetite into a 100K USD business.

Curious to know how to do that?

Simple. Fast. And Fun.

The catering company is one of the top small business ideas. You can serve the people at the events or on WEDDINGS. Winning their hearts and charging each penny for your services would make thousands of dollars.

The quote:

” Single drop of water makes the ocean.” It fits here perfectly.

According to a report, the Catering industry will reach 328 billion USD by 2025.

Here are multiple reasons that might convince you to start this business.

For example, it requires fewer investments. If you want to start from the ground, you can do it—no need to worry about your budget.

14. Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Most profitable business ideas include the real estate business in the list.

So, what are real estate professionals?

Real estate professionals are experts who deal with properties and get their commission by selling and purchasing them.

Is that METICULOUS? Yes. 

You need two qualities to qualify:

  • A business license ensures you are the top agent.
  • Excellent communication skills because you have to deal with the customers.

Do you have both? RIDE THE HORSE. Make PROFITS right away!

According to Statista:

“Real Estate business is valued over 9.5 billion USD and is expected to increase by 4.8 percent till 2030.”

Why become an estate sale agent?

It is easier, and skills are more like a comfortable profession with higher revenues. Adding to this, staying updated with real estate landscaping trends ensures you provide the best advice to your customers ,always keeping them informed about the trends and sharing best guide specially for new home buyers, thereby increasing your credibility and revenue. Plus, you can use software for more efficient real estate team management, making it easier for you to perform your regular tasks. If you’re based in Oregon, becoming a Eugene real estate agent can be particularly rewarding given the dynamic market in the area. Don’t you want to start?

15. Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Are you an accountant? If not, 146 hours of learning and a CPA exam can get you a license. 

Once you have the KEY to open the ALIBABA TREASURES, you can enter the list of the most SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES.

Accounting business can put you ahead of your business competitors. According to an estimate, about 80 million tax returns are filed every year by tax professionals.You need to learn more about business tax returns to be one step ahead of your competitors.

You can offer payroll services and do business online.

Here is why you should consider accounting services.

  • Many successful business owners are waiting to hire you. BIG OPPORTUNITIES are on the way.
  • Wages are higher than in other fields. So, you can make more money.
  • The business company is easier to launch if you are adept at accounting. Within days, you will be on the top due to your efforts.

16. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

I believe, 

“For every online business, you need Digital marketing. Your business is nothing without it.” 


Marketing is not a single business. Instead, it is a collection of multiple online business ideas.

It might include:

  • SEO
  • Social media marketing(SMM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online advertising

Marketing strategies are particularly crucial to develop for your customers.

According to Statista, Marketing expenditures increased by 28% in 2022. So, you can estimate the worth of online marketing.

You can come to be an AFFILIATE MARKETER.

Here are multiple reasons to choose.

  • It is a skill that boosts the business. So, you can SKYROCKET SALES. 
  • Digital Marketing is a requirement for every ONLINE TUTORING BUSINESS.
  • It is a MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR industry. So, more business is imminent.

How to Start Your Small Business Successfully?

How to Start Your Small Business Successfully

Have you decided on a business niche? Great!

MOST successful small businesses require a next-level approach. 

Let’s discuss step by step strategy to start an online business.

  • Step 1: Write Business Plan

Business PLAN is ROADMAP! 

How will you run your business? What will be the plans for the future? What are your goals?

All these questions are part of a proven business plan.

  • Step 2: Choose Business Name

Business name DEFINES your business. 

For example, if you open an online store on Amazon, suggest your store name according to your BUSINESS NICHE.

You can keep your WEBSITE DOMAIN NAME!

  • Step 3: Allocate the Budget

Have lost cost business ideas in mind? No problem.

Launch your business. Allocate the budget. Write your target audience.

  • Step 4: Online or Offline?

Some profitable businesses have an online presence, while others might work online.

For example, an ONLINE STORE and OFFLINE SHOP.

  • Step 5: Register your business

Launching a small brand is not enough unless you have a business license. Register your business and GRAB A LICENSE!

Have you done that already?

FAQs about Most Profitable Small Businesses

1. What Business Will Grow in 2022?

Almost all types of online businesses are booming.
A list might include:
· Consulting
· eCommerce
· Marketing Skills
· Affiliate Program
You can try the most profitable businesses to amplify your profits multiple times.

2. What kind of businesses make the most money?

It is not guaranteed that the most profitable online business will make the most money. The more you make sales, the more you earn. However, we have listed several professions that generate higher incomes yearly.
· eCommerce
· IT support
· Consulting
· Cleaning
· Accounting 
· Affiliate Marketing 

3. What business is the easiest to start?

 The most manageable business can include various features. It must be profitable. Easier to start. The boom in a short period. Such features are available in companies like:
· Dropshipping
· eCommerce
· Affiliate marketing
· Cleaning

What’s Next

You haven’t decided on your business journey yet, right? Honestly, it is the most challenging job I have ever had. Every time a new idea flashes through my mind, and I say,

“Yeah! I should start drop-shipping.” In the next moment, ” I should choose marketing.”

Whatever the business you choose, QUALITY is vital. 

And where will you grab it?

From none except the top-notch professionals of LEELINE SOURCING

A decade of experience will assist in choosing the right business, sourcing quality products, and generating higher incomes. Call us to get the FREE QUOTE.

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