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Dropshipping Fulfillment

Dropshipping Fulfillment

Our team readily synchronizes the SOLUTIONS with your store. Whenever you receive an ORDER, we test the products. Customize the packaging. And pick it for your consumers to ensure timely DELIVERY

Get 100% EFFICIENT dropshipping fulfillment from our experts.

Amazon Fulfillment

Our fulfillment team knows WHAT AMAZON FBA needs. We take the products from your suppliers. Fasten your BUSINESS LABELS. Secure the AMAZON FBA regulations for packaging. And ship products without any hassle. 

Get HASSLE-FREE pick-and-pack fulfillment services!

Dropshipping Fulfillment
Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Have you CONDUCTED the crowdfunding campaign? 

We help you DELIVER your loyal supporters. Our team gets the LIST of top backers. Jots down their ADDRESSES. And delivers them ONLY QUALITY ITEMS to enhance their experience. 

Boost your BUSINESS reach with our pick-and-pack fulfillment services!

Kickstarter Fulfillment


Kickstarter campaigns can be a GOOD choice. Our team helps you manage your kickstarter campaigns. Grab more clients. And deliver them CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS on time with HIGH ACCURACY.

Enjoy pick-and-pack fulfillment services with 100% TRANSPARENCY!

Kickstarter Fulfillment
Picking Orders Services

Picking Orders Services

Our TEAM has EFFECTIVE picking skills. We choose a single or a BATCH as per your demands. Customize everything as per your requirements. And label it with your BUSINESS LOGO to ship. 

Get FAST shipping with QUALITY PRODUCTS picking services! 

Packing Orders Services

Do you want to OPTIMALLY pack your products? 

Our team is ADEPT at choosing the right boxes. We determine the product dimensions and size. Choose the BEST FITTING sizes for your products.

Get the FLAWLESS packing order services.

Packing Orders Services

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We offer the best price and Pick And Pack Fulfillment services to help you improve your eCommerce business.

Pick and Pack:Types and How to Choose in 2024

The core of any online business is order attainment on time and efficiently, which can be achieved through the implementation of a delivery route planner. It initiates when the order is placed online and ends when it is shipped to the customer. 

Based on our ten years of experience, we propose solutions with shipping costs as low as possible and successful order fulfillment. From expanding your business to streamlining your process, we will assist you. 

Keep reading the article to learn about the pick and pack process for improving your business operations!

Pick and Pack

Definition of Pick and Pack

Pick and pack is a term used in the warehouse working used by retailers of e-commerce. It refers to picking the assigned items and packing them in a suitable container. Later, the order is dispatched along with the invoice, advertisement, packing slip, and all the other items requested by the retailer.

Types of Pick and Pack 

Picking and packing before shipping the products are somehow like organizing your closet. How do you pick the clothes you want to keep and pack them color-wise or category-wise. You will have to look into different strategies to improve the process as the business grows. It saves you money and mistakes. 

Piece picking

Piece picking involves picking and packing a single order at a time and picking the items off the shelves from around the warehouse. Once the items are selected, they are taken to the packing station to pack and ship—the easiest method of pick and packing.

●Efficient for small businesses

●It saves time and extra effort

Batch picking

Batch picking is effective when you receive enough orders to assemble into batches. Each batch includes items in similar warehouse areas, creating an efficient path. You can consider picking more than one order at one time and packing them as you receive the orders or at the end of the day.

●Ideal for both small and large businesses

●Efficient picking way and saves time

Zone picking

Zone picking is ideal for larger order volumes. Pickers are appointed to carry out pick services in different zones. The order moves through each zone, and all the items are collected and passed on to the packing station. Coordination and management are required to carry out zone picking.

●Well-organized management skills

●Systematic picking and packing of all the products

Wave picking

A combination of zone picking and batch picking makes wave picking. Wave picking is also called cluster picking. The warehouse workers pick up the products from their zone and transfer them to the next site to collect items.

●Timely shipping of urgent orders too

●Less travel time

Benefits of Pick and Pack

Online shopping has become very common these days as it is easier to look up the items from the comfort of your home, add them to your cart, and place an order. Some of the companies have shipping charges, whereas some offer free shipping. Pick and pack services are very crucial in the fulfillment of eCommerce. Many companies in China provide these services across the border.


Through this process, orders are fulfilled with a faster and better technique. Orders are shipped and delivered within quality time and in excellent condition.


A professional warehouse inventory management system cuts down the cost of extra labor. The seller can use the savings later for other business purposes.

Increased Customers Satisfaction

Customers expect excellent and speedy services from vendors. Warehouse picking and packing ensures safe order and identifies faulty packaging. It prevents the customers from receiving flawed orders.


The workers know the exact place of products that need to be shipped. As a result, the order fulfillment process becomes faster.

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

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Pick and Pack Process

The process of pick and packing initiates once the order is placed online. It involves picking the right products mentioned in the orders placed through the list. Packing further means putting the items into an appropriate box, ensuring safety, and completing the order. It is then passed on for the shipment.

The pick and pack processes need a bunch of operations that are interconnected for a fulfilled process.

Picking Lists

A picking list in the warehouse is used to collect each item from its respective location. Picking lists can be generated automatically or handwritten. They help in order fulfillment as everything needed is written in one place. Whereas packing refers to placing the items with proper documentation and materials.

Picking Order

Any method of picking can be opted from the four mentioned above to pick the products for the orders received. Different types have different aspects of working for the completion of order picking. The process proposed to be the most efficient depends on the kind of business that require this service.

Packing Order

This process means the items are placed in an appropriate box with the correct packaging materials. It is ensured that items are packed with extra care. Some companies have machines in place to pack the orders quickly. Still, labor is required to oversee the process for quality control until it is complete.

The Layout of the Warehouse

The next most important thing is the layout of the warehouse. It has a direct effect on the speed of processes. There are different systems or programs that one can use. They help identify how to lay out a warehouse depending on warehouse space, purpose, and use. It includes various storage facilities, work areas, equipment, and workspace.

Issues of the Pick and Pack Process

Issues of the Pick and Pack Process

Pick and pack processes are fulfilled smoothly due to the high coordination level. The organization should be good and must give the details proper attention. The biggest challenge is to complete the collection and packing of many orders within a limited time without a mistake.

Some common issues faced during the pick and pack process might include:

  • Fewer resources to carry out pick and pack operations
  •  Collection of products that are not mentioned in the order list
  • Missing out items from the order
  •  Choosing inappropriate packaging depending on the size and quantity of the items

When to Choose Pick and Pack Service?

If your business has grown beyond your control to manage it, it is time to outsource this process to a provider. It helps in efficient working and services.

A few things we do to make sure our pick and pack methods are flawless are:

  • Application of custom warehouse management software and update it as required
  • Using Barcodes to scan the orders and products with ease. As it helps to check them into the system along with verifying
  •  Measuring dimensions of all boxes for each order type. We can feed this data into the system for the best pick of boxes to reduce mistakes.

How to Choose Pick and Pack Services?

Choose Pick and Pack Services

There goes a lot into a successful order fulfillment than just shelves filled with products. Selecting pick and pack methods is an art, and the correct pick and pack vendor will help you achieve the greatest accuracy and speed. Choosing the right pick and pack services takes up the pressure from your shoulders. It spares enough time to focus on other aspects of your business. You must be thinking every company will pick up the products ordered and pack them accordingly to dispatch for shipping. So what is it that you should look for?

Storage Space

Any pick and pack service should have enough space in their warehouses to store all your items safely. Peace of mind is very important, to know all your items are in safe hands without any risk of damage. A provider with a high reputation should opt to have workers who handle your products with care.

Customer Relations of the Service Provider

The customers meet face to face with the delivery crew. So you should make sure the pick and pack services you choose to have the best customer relations. It is essential to please the customers to make your business grow. Also, ensure that the service provider notifies the customers when the order is picked or sent out for delivery with all the relevant technologies.

Technological Advancements

The vendor selected should have the resources to provide their clients with cost-effective warehouses for storage. As well as excellent packaging, so the customers receive their order on time and in perfect condition. Complex algorithms are used to cut down manual working as much as possible and keep records of everything in systems. To ensure that each part of the logistics chain operates efficiently by maintaining high standards and commitment to clients. 

SAFE + EASY Importing from China

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1.What is pick and pack in fulfillment?

After placing an order online, the process is called pick and pack fulfillment. Picking includes taking items off warehouse shelves using a picking list and transferring them to the packing station.

2.Is pick and pack an expensive service?

Pick and pack services charge a fee linked to the labor that works to pick the items and pack them efficiently for shipment. It might be expensive for small businesses but suitable for large-business owners.

3.How to improve the pick and pack process?

You can follow the given few steps to enhance the pick and pack process:
1.Keep the warehouses organized and clean
2.Double-check all the orders after picking as well as packing before shipping
3.Keep your warehouse products updated
4.Choose committed staff and train them
5.Use of systematic packaging

What’s Next

The primary goal of each business owner is to fulfill all the orders on time. The picking and packing processes take your business-growth goal to a new level! Focus on the current processes and identify the places that need extra improvement. If you or someone you know is looking for cost-effective fulfillment experts from China, please reach out to us with your queries!

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