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LeeLine sourcing puts its EFFORTS on the TOP to source the INVENTORY. You get SOURCING to SHIPPING in one place. Get solutions for all your QUALITY problems. 

Speed UP your business at the MAXIMUM PACE.

Pre-Production Inspection


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What Leeline Sourcing Inspect:

Our Leeline Sourcing gives COMPREHENSIVE services for PRE-PRODUCTION inspection. 

Here is WHAT you can expect.

Material Status 

Material Status 

We check the material status at the VERY BEST. OUR team CLOSELY inspects the material. Chooses the BEST manufacturing items. 

Get a detailed material STATUS with our EXPERTS. 

Material Quality

Material Quality 

Our team tests the MATERIAL QUALITY in the laboratory. We Test the FINAL product QUALITY. Ensure they comply with ISO STANDARDS. 

Get HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS for your products.


Material Condition

We test whether your product material is in GOOD CONDITION or not. It Gives an IDEA OF how long your product FUNCTIONS

Reduce the BUSINESS RISKS with the EXCELLENT condition of the material. 

Factory Machinery

Factory Machinery and Condition 

Factory Machinery gives an ANALYSIS before production starts. Our experts ensure supplier FACTORY has all standard tools for your MANUFACTURING. 

Get FLAWLESS manufacturing product experience. 

Factory Readiness

Factory Readiness 

Factory readiness provides the production rate and complete SETUP. We TEST it in the SUPPLIER. You get the BEST SYSTEM. 
Get HIGH FACTORY READINESS for mass production.

Measuring and Testing Equipment

Measuring and Testing Equipment

We check all the MEASURING AND TESTING equipment. Our experts provide a comprehensive REPORT on this aspect. 
Get a COMPREHENSIVE report on EQUIPMENT to ensure HIGHER output of production.

Advantages of Pre-Production Inspections


We have no limits for the PRODUCTS. You ship a batch of inventory or a SINGLE item. 

It all depends on WHAT you need. 

Enjoy LIMITLESS BUSINESS opportunities



You make money by selling them. Run Your STORE SUCCESSFULLY. And minimize business risks.  

Make MORE MONEY by selling profitable products! 


We ensure QUALITY. Our experts read the ISO STANDARDS. Guarantee product compliance. 

You get QUALITY. Sell QUALITY. And gain more returning customers. 


Pre-Production Inspection

Why Partner With Leeline Sourcing?

  • 100% RELIABLE team. Our LEELINE sourcing experts have dealt with NUMEROUS CUSTOMERS. All Of them are CONTENT with our services. They have even become our LONG-TERM partners. 
  • High-Quality Products. OUR experts ensure your products meet the HIGHEST standards of QUALITY. You Get SEO-CERTIFIED products. 
  • Excellent CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We are available 24/7. Dedicated support fulfills all your REQUIREMENTS on time. Ask us FREELY and GET a solution for all your problems. 
  • End to End Supply Chain control. We source and SHIP products to your customers. You don’t have to worry about any step of your SUPPLY CHAIN. 

Inspection, Supplier Audit, Product Testing in China & Asia

We focus exclusively on QUALITY CONTROL. Today hundreds of clients worldwide have selected to trust Leeline Service as their partner for supply chain Management.

our satisfied Clients

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2000+ Clients Trust LeelineSourcing

I sourced all kinds of stuff for my company for about 1 year with Leelin. They have really good service, their team is polite and trustworthy. I definitely recommend you to work with them.


I worked with Leelin for 2-3 years to build my brand. They check each item and does my customs clearance get into Amazon warehouse. I love their service, it saves me a lot of time. If you are also developing your business in China, they will help you do it smoothly. 


Working with Leelin is really positive, they are honest and reliable. I recommend their services to anyone who has a business that needs to ship products from china or needs to inspect items. 


Pre-Production Inspection


It is QUALITY control! SIX FIGURE, SEVEN FIGURE, OR EIGHT FIGURE businesses keep QUALITY on TOP. Customers LOVE it. 

Pre-production INSPECTION is the VERY first STEP to approaching QUALITY. 

So, NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE by ignoring it. 

Our experts have chosen the BEST quality for sellers. We test the PRODUCTS and ENSURE THE HIGHEST QUALITY. Get HASSLE-FREE business with SATISFIED customers.


How does Pre-production inspection work? 

Curious to know the ANSWER? 

READ till the end. 

This guide DISCLOSES all the information related to the PRE-PRODUCTION inspection. 


Pre-Production Inspection

What Is Pre-Production Inspection?

Have you HEARD OF PPI? 

PPI refers to the pre-production inspection. In This process, the INSPECTORS test the RAW MATERIALS. 

Determine whether they meet the QUALITY REQUIREMENTS. After the APPROVAL of SAMPLES, mass production starts at a BIGGER SCALE. 

A foreign retailer always looks for QUALITY CONTROL from the CHINA suppliers. 

Pre-production inspection decreases QUALITY RISKS. And Provides a DETAILED REPORT on raw material QUALITY. 

The Importance Of Pre-Production Inspection

Importance Of Pre-Production Inspection

Pre-production INSPECTION has a CRUCIAL importance for testing the manufacturer’s ability. 

Here is what you can DETERMINE from the pre-production inspection. 

  • It HIGHLIGHTS the raw material QUALITY 

Raw materials are QUITE CRUCIAL to ensure the FINAL product QUALITY. Pre-production inspection thoroughly checks the products. 

Thorough product testing HIGHLIGHTS: 

  • Product raw materials 
  • ISO STANDARDS compliance 
  • Supplier’s production site
  • You can know the Manufacturer’s ability 

Not all manufacturers have the BIGGER production setups. 

If you need to begin production on a massive scale, the supplier’s production site ANALYSIS is essential. 

Share your requirements with your inspection services agency. Focus on quality and procedures. You get detailed reports which help you to be clear about quality expectations. 

  • It determines whether to begin production or not


You know the QUALITY risks. In Analysis, if you don’t get the expected results, then you could stop production. Negotiate the quality points or pricing with the supplier. You save yourself from the mess of return and refund orders with complaints. 

So you act more STRATEGICALLY and save your BUCKS. 

Want To Have The Best Quality Control Services?

Leelinesourcing has a rich experience, who can help you choose the BEST quality products.

When Should You Consider Pre-Production Inspection?

Consider Pre-Production Inspection

There are many ASPECTS when you go for the pre-production inspection. 

These are: 

  • When you get a NEW SUPPLIER 

It is essential to ENSURE your supplier matches your REQUIREMENTS. 

Share your concerns with the suppliers and ask if you want an INSPECTION. Most suppliers & Manufacturers expect this on mass orders. 

So you need a pre-production inspection to test the ABILITY and quality of your SUPPLIER. 

  • FOCUS on QUALITY objectives


It reduces the QUALITY ISSUES and keeps your production on time. 

Why Do You Need Pre-Production Inspection?

You Need Pre-Production Inspection


Is PRE-PRODUCTION inspection essential? 

Let’s find out the TRUTH. 

  • Reduces the SUPPLY CHAIN risks 

A shortage of PRODUCT supply puts a burden. 

Why not REDUCE IT? 

If your supplier has enough MACHINERY, it is GREAT. Machinery measuring gives you an IDEA of how well your supplier is READY. 

Also, check does their machinery is up to date & functional. If they have faults, then expect delays in your production. 

No RISKS. Better TRADES. High sales. 

  • Verifies you are with a RIGHT supplier 


Pre-production inspection guarantees it. You KNOW the production SCHEDULE. You know CRITICAL DELIVERY DATES. 

WHAT else do you even need? 

The right supplier enhances CONFIDENCE. LESSER risks. 

  • Quality risks are MINIMIZED

You get HIGH-QUALITY products. Expect fewer order issues due to quality, as you already get high quality. 

With sales, you grab MORE CUSTOMERS. More business DEALS occur this way. 

Pre-Production Inspection Procedure

Pre-Production Inspection Procedure

Do you want to know the PRE-PRODUCTION inspection process? 

Here are the detailed steps. 

Step 1: The product Arrives 

The product arrives from the manufacturer’s preparation. 

Step 2: Raw Materials and Accessories Check 

The experts check the raw materials and components required for the manufacturing process. Experts would see their quality standards & Certifications. Raw materials have a deep history, which determines their quality. 

Cheaper materials are HIGHLIGHTED. 

Step 3: Selection of random sample 

We RECEIVE products from the manufacturer’s preparation. The team selects random samples among all the products. 

It ensures the HIGH QUALITY of the product. 

Step 4: Perform Product Testing 

At this step, the experts perform product TESTING. 

  • Check the product dimensions. 
  • Determine the functionality. 
  • Ensure the CHEAPER MATERIALS are not present as components. 

Quality REQUIREMENTS have a SPECIAL focus.  Test Products like you use in daily life but along some extreme testing. It would give you a limit till then the product could bear pressure. 

Step 5: Production Line Testing 

 Production line testing highlights: 

  • Machinery measuring 
  • Supply CHAIN mechanism 
  • Production method 
  • Laborers

The production line gives a ROUGH idea. 

Step 6: Inspection Report

After inspection, the inspectors prepare a REPORT. 

They provide it to the CUSTOMERS. Check the Inspection report and determines the quality. Usually, they got a quality score and suggestions too. 

What Are The Limits Of Pre-production Inspection?

Pre-production inspection is not 100% successful. 

Instead, THERE are some limitations associated with it. 

  • The first piece does not SECURE that the whole quantity of the products is QUALITATIVE. For Example, if you pick a RANDOM SAMPLE among the 100 pairs of SOCKS. One pair QUALITY does not mean all the PAIRS have the same QUALITY. It is the BIGGEST limit of the pre-production inspection. 
  • Some factories are VERY DECEITFUL. They prepare the FIRST BATCH of products very QUALITATIVE. LATER you might get FAKE products. So it is another DRAWBACK of the pre-production inspection. 

In-process and ON-SITE checkups are GOOD solutions to meet a production schedule. Keep doing the regular inspection without long notice if you are a regular customer. Determines the quality of most samples. Try to order samples in short and big quantities. Test them and Maintain your quality. 

FAQs about Pre-Production Inspection

1. What is the difference between pre-production inspection and raw materials?

A pre-production inspection tests the RAW MATERIALS before the PRODUCTION PROCESS begins. 
Raw materials are elements or fundamental particles essential to START a production process. 

2. What are the five 5 types of inspection in Quality Control?

Quality control COMES up with different types of PRODUCTION inspection. 
These are: 
· Pre-production inspection 
· First Article Inspection
· During Production INSPECTION 
· Pre-shipment inspection 
· Container Loading Inspection 
All these make up the

3. What are the methods of inspection?

There are NO DEFINED production inspection methods. 
Usually, we CONSIDER: 
· Laboratory Testing 
THESE are the Usual methods employed by the experts

What isNext

Always get the QUALITY. Keep an EYE on the production schedule. Know the CRITICAL delivery DATES. 

It confirms your SUCCESS in the business. 

So do you want the EXPERTS for your QUALITY inspection

We have LEELINE SOURCING EXPERTS. More than a DECADE of experience keeps us at the TOP among the TOP companies. 

Call us RIGHT away to get the FREE QUOTE. 

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