Best 15 Print-On-Demand Niches

You don’t need to read countless blogs to find the PROFITABLE print-on-demand niches.

I’m an eCommerce entrepreneur and fanatic with a decade of industry experience. I’ve tested basically EVERY niche in this list. And I’ll help you pick the RIGHT ONE for your custom business. So, you enjoy thousands of dollars in profits.

With these niches, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowded marketplace.

I’ll cover why you need to have a niche in the first place. Top 15 niches in the market today. And a step-by-step guide to finding a HIGH-INCOME niche.

I’m so excited, let’s dive in…

Print-On-Demand Niches

Why Does Selecting Niches Matter To Success?

Print-On-Demand Niches

To help you understand this much better. Let’s take a look at 5 EXPERT proven reasons:

Gives you a Competitive Edge – More Like an Unfair Advantage

I’ve been in the print-on-demand business for the longest. And here are 2 things I’ve learned about picking a niche:

  1. Your potential audience is relatively smaller, BUT…
  2. You get the ability to upsell them in a HUGE WAY


They’re ALWAYS ready to buy what you are offering. Wow them with HIGH-QUALITY custom products, and you get repeated profitable sales. Which is the lifeblood of any POD business owner.

Here’s an example…

Say you’ve discovered a rising trend in the phone cases niche market. You include floral accents to the phone case to target women buyers. 

While you add geometric designs and much bolder colors to target a male ideal customer.

phone cases

Get it? 👊🏾.

Build Customer Loyalty – Establish a Strong Community

I came across this quote from Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks:

“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back. They don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.”

I’ve never had a challenge of hitting my monthly or yearly business goals ever since. Because I know my customers are ALWAYS there.

Plus, I get tons of referrals which GREATLY reduces customer acquisition costs. So I can invest the money into more income-generating activities.

One important thing…

You won’t struggle with making ads. Or social media content for print-on-demand products. That’s because they appeal to a specific target audience. That is likely to make a purchase 99.9% of the time.

Ability to Command Higher Price Points

I’m a serial POD entrepreneur.

And just like any other entrepreneur out there, I like to push the limits (price points). Toning down to a specific niche helps BIG TIME.

I’ll explain…

You are creating print-on-demand products that resonate DIRECTLY with your target audience. And people looking for such products are willing to pay top dollar to acquire them.

Let’s go back to our phone case example. While a case with a geometric design would appeal to a male ideal customer. 

What if he’s into fitness? Yes, he’s likely to buy that geometric-designed phone case. But customizing it with fitness aesthetics guarantees that sale. Even at slightly higher points.

Something like this:

phone cases

Pretty cool, aye?

Improves your Marketing Strategies – Reduces Unnecessary Spending, too!

Understanding what your potential customers are looking for is the gateway to success. In any chosen niche.

Plus, it gives you insight into where your customers spend most of their time. Whether its on TikTok, X, Instagram, the mall, park – YOU NAME IT!

That way, you’ll know exactly where you market your new print-on-demand product. Come up with creative advertisements that resonate with your target customer. And, of course, start generating crazy sales for your POD online store.

Better Connection With Your Customers

Lemme explain this in more detail.

Say you are pumped about saving the planet. You decide EVERYTHING in your life should support sustainability.

You fire up Facebook and meet two random ads almost instantly.

The first one. Rock our sustainable fashion collection curated for eco-conscious enthusiasts just like you!

The second one. Discover our latest wardrobe essentials.

Be honest. Which ad will likely push you to make a purchase?

Of course, the first one.

That’s how picking a specific print-on-demand niche. Helps you attract the RIGHT target audience. So, you don’t waste hours of painstaking market research. Advertisements trying to attract customers who WILL NOT BUY what you are selling.

Next up…

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15 Print-On-Demand Niches

Here are the most profitable print-on-demand niches RIGHT NOW:

1. Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

I can’t tell you how much people are taking fitness seriously since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ask anyone who runs a health & fitness POD business. They’ll tell you how the market keeps growing. EVERYDAY. It’s crazy!!

Statistics are grim:

The fitness industry currently has an annual growth rate of 8.7%. Again, the industry is capped at more than $80 Billion.

Even better?

There are over 60 million citizens with gym memberships in the U.S. alone.

Start creating custom designs (that are high-quality). Watch how you attract a LARGER market segment. And enjoy HIGHER ROIs.

Some of the product inspos for your print-on-demand business:

  • Yoga mats and towels
  • Customized workout apparel – sweatpants, shorts, hoodies, t-shirts, etc
  • Resistance bands and Yoga Straps
  • Water Bottles and shaker cups
  • Gym bags
  • Wrist wraps, gym gloves, knee sleeves, etc

2. Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

I’m an avid traveler. I like to jump on a trip to who-knows-where every time I get a chance.

In fact, I got the idea to design passport holders at an airport in Japan. I hated how common each passport looked. The idea stuck with me for the entire trip. And that was how I got into the POD travel niche sector.

I’ve worked on ALL kinds of passport holders:

  • Vintage world map passport holders
  • Customized name passport holders
  • Eco-friendly cork passport sleeves
  • Minimalistic weather passport holder

For you – start today. It could be one of the most profitable niches to kickstart your print-on-demand store.

Don’t be limited to just passport holders. There’s UNLIMITED stuff to sell in this space. From travel pillows, fanny packs, luggage tags, travel cases, etc

3. Pop Culture

Kanye West just made $19 million in one day from selling his Yeezy pods. And other merch.

Pop Culture

That’s just to show you how pop culture is booming.

Even though you’re not Kanye. You can make a couple of thousands from selling items. That revolves around TV shows, movies, music, and games, just to mention a few.

Some of my favorite pop culture POD products include:

  • Music artist merchandise – t-shirts and other accessories with images of celebrities
  • TV show and movie merchandise
  • Celebrities or influencer products
  • Video game apparel and other accessories
  • Comic books merchandise

I sold a few slides, t-shirts, and slides a few years back. I still made hundreds of dollars, though my marketing was HELL.

I’ll advise you to be wary of intellectual property rights in this niche. The last thing you want is a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

4. Families & Couples

Families & Couples

This is yet another PROFITABLE POD niche.

Some of the products in this niche include:

  • Customized family photo books
  • Couples adventure maps – for couples that love to travel a lot
  • Matching family and couple apparel
  • Customized mugs for family members
  • Couple-inspired greeting cards

…just to mention a few.

A quick Google Trends graph shows you why you need to jump onto the couple-niche train. 

Google Trends graph

Customers are hungry to buy unique gifts for their significant others. Or family members. (Can’t wait for this year’s gifts, honestly😁!)

Products in this category often have sentimental value. And will ALWAYS be in demand during Valentines, Christmas, Birthdays, Marriages, etc.

EXPERT TIP. Remember what we said about being ferocious with your niche? 

Here’s my secret to boosting your sales and staying ahead of the competition. 

Say you are selling a couple’s passport holders. Instead of just listing them as Couples Passport Holders. Get more creative – His and Hers Limited Edition Passport Holders.

Cool, right?

5. Video Games

Video Games

Almost every teenager out there is into video games. Adults too! It’s one of the most profitable niches in the market in 2024.

Experts say that the video game industry will hit $268.8 billion next year.

You can get your feet wet in this space by offering:

  • Customized desk mats
  • LED gaming mouse pads
  • Customized gaming controllers and other accessories

I recommend working with streamers to advertise your products. That way, you’ll reach more buyers and enjoy a huge market share.

6. Astrology


Astrology is also a HIGH-TICKET niche in the print-on-demand space.

This niche fascinates zodiac and horoscope enthusiasts. You generate loads of cash if you design products that resonate DIRECTLY. With them.

Some ideas include:

  • T-shirts with constellation patterns, zodiac symbols, and motivational quotes prints
  • Astrology-themed notebooks
  • Customized tote bags featuring zodiac motifs
  • Astrology-themed calendars
  • Jewelry with zodiac symbols

Don’t be scared to explore your creativity and become a BEAST in this niche.

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7. Music


This is a niche-down of the pop culture. And is far much better since you have a clear focus on your target market.

The music industry is BOOMING. Huge applause streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. This means that there’s no better time to jump into the music merch business than right this minute.

This is one of the niches I’ve been in for the longest. There’s no stone I left unturned. From selling decorative vinyl record covers to customized music art. To custom t-shirts with sheet music and musician phone cases. You can’t go wrong!

FUN FACT. Travis Scott made close to  $1 million selling merch at his concerts in 2022.

What’s stopping you from starting?

8. Jobs & Professions

Jobs & Professions

This is also one of the most popular niches in the POD industry. 

Items in this category are MAINLY for workmates, bosses, colleagues, team mates. Basically, people working together.

I ran a POD store for job-related custom items back in the day. Although it lasted a few years, I picked up a few valuable insights:

1. Don’t do too much. Items in this category should be simple and small in size. A custom mug or notebook would do!

2. Keep prices lower. IMO, don’t think anyone would spend more than $100 to buy a gift for a fellow colleague. (earning the same amount as them).

Can you please give me some of the BEST job-relative POD products?


They include:

  • Customized notebooks and journals
  • Customized coffee mugs
  • Personalized keychain
  • Personalized mouse pad
  • Customized desk name plate

9. Reading & Books

Reading & Books

I love books. They aren’t just a source of information. But also stress relievers and improves vocabulary and memory. It’s good for your brain health too!

Pardon me for the lecture…

I’ve sold books in the past. I can say without fear of contradiction that this is a very rewarding niche.

Did you know:? The number of people that read eBooks is set to increase constantly by 9.02%. Meaning that it’s likely to hit 1.1 billion readers by 2027. What a time to be in the book POD niche!

EXPERT ADVICE. Compliment your books with customized bookmarks. Or stickers. That gives you a competitive advantage. So you enjoy HIGH margins.

10. Retro & Vintage

Retro & Vintage

The retro & vintage are also some of the most popular niche ideas in 2024.

From experience. I discovered people tend to appreciate things that offer a nostalgic kinda vibe. These include vintage typography prints, retro kitchenware, and botanical prints.

I’ve interviewed a few eCom-prenuers in that niche, and here are a few nuggets of wisdom:

  • Don’t be afraid to niche down. Meaning that you should at least focus on a particular era. Say 1920s Art Decos or 1960s retro sci-fi
  • ALWAYS offer a limited edition collection. Create a sense of urgency. Hence, customers buy to avoid missing out.

This niche can be very PROFITABLE. That’s because vintage products are sold at higher prices because of scarcity.

11. Animals & Pets

Animals & Pets

66% of U.S households own a pet bringing the total number to 86.9 million homes.

There are likely a billion pets in the world. I can’t think of a friend that doesn’t have a pet. Whether it’s a dog or a cat.

Pet owners will do ANYTHING to make their pets happy. From buying them food, accessories, and so much more.

In fact, the pet industry is valued at $150.67 billion.

150. Billion. Dollars. That’s more than 10X Monaco’s GDP.

Tap into this market and enjoy ENDLESS sales selling pet-related products.

12. Hobbies


Reading books, traveling, working out – that’s a list of my hobbies.

What are yours?

See how that was EASY. Everyone has a hobby. Whether it is deep diving with sharks or climbing Mount Everest.

The BEST way to dive into this niche is to start with your hobbies. If you like reading like me, selling novels is a great choice. Customized cooking recipes are a good option if you are a food ninja.

People will ALWAYS be interested in something. So, instead of just knitting that sweater. Why not make money while at it?

13. Activism & Social Causes

Social Causes shirts

Everyone wants to be a force for good to some degree.

Something that they can rock that creams their support for special causes e.g., mental health. Promoting the environment or some sort of awareness.

I like to wear outfits that promote happiness. Of course, I’ll put happiness above EVERYTHING. Of course, you’ll catch me on a Saturday walking with a T-shirt like this:

…you know something to light up somebody’s day.

This niche has tons of ideas. You can design t-shirts that support marine awareness. Veganism. Human rights and SO MUCH MORE.

Just don’t get too sensitive. Otherwise, you won’t get any sales.

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14. Beauty & Makeup

Beauty & Makeup

This is HUGE!!

McKinsey says that the beauty and makeup industry raked in a total of $430 billion in 2022. And is set to hit $580 billion by 2027. Hence, making it the most LUCRATIVE niche in this list.

A few products to sell this niche include:

  • Custom makeup bags
  • Cosmetic pouches
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Makeup brush holders,
  • Custom compact mirrors and many more

I sold custom makeup bags back in college. If you want to make a few thousands…KEEP YOUR DESIGNS SIMPLE! 

15. Humor


“A good laughter heals a lot of hurts.” – Madeleine L’Engle

Customize items with jokes, cartoon animes, punchlines, or memes. Something that can light up your customer’s day.

And the best part?

You can customize ANYTHING. That includes:

  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Phone cases
  • Posters
  • Hoodies

Also, you don’t need to get a Davinci-level typa designer. Just funny designs that are simple will be GREAT.

How To Find A Good Niche For Print-On-Demand?

Here are the 4 BEST practices to find the perfect print-on-demand niche:

Go After Your Passions and Interests

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a while. Then you definitely know that I’m big on making money doing what you love.

I get it! Times are tough, and you still need to pursue your wildest dreams. But think of how your everyday life would be EASIER if you love your job. Sorry, GENUINELY love your job!

Go After Your Passions and Interests

Say you are a gym rat. And your desired niche revolves around the fitness industry. From gym apparel and training gear to water bottles.

Understand your target audience DEEPLY. Create products that DIRECTLY solve their problem.

Heck, you don’t even need to spend money on hiring models. Just rock your items, take pics, and upload them to your social media pages.

Plus, you’ll get the motivation to show up EVERY DAY. Come up with creative ideas that guarantee MASSIVE success.

Analyze your Target Customers’ Demands

Analyze your Target Customers’ Demands

I tell all my new eCommerce entrepreneurs to focus on problem-solving. That’s the ONLY WAY to attract and retain high-spending customers.

Like I said before, pick your interests. Or what you like doing. You get a competitive edge. That’s because subconsciously. You know what customers in that niche are looking for based on experience.

Don’t get discouraged even if you don’t have experience in your chosen niche…

Join communities or groups (like I have always done!). You get to interact with industry experts. Which gives you TOP industry secrets into customers’ demands. And scaling your print-on-demand store to seven figures and beyond.

I also check for insights on trending topics on X, Instagram, and TikTok.

Analyze your Niche’s Potential

Analyze your Niche’s Potential

Here’s the caveat…

You are only going to make money with your potential niche if there’s a demand.

Don’t get me wrong. Going after your interests should still be a top priority. Just ensure that there’s a market for your POD designs.

Now to the million dollar question…

How do I evaluate my niche’s market demand?

I’ll show you how I do it!

This is my first step. I evaluate the competition in any given market. If it’s too high, I bounce! Too low? Move on to the next step. Still doesn’t mean it’s PROFITABLE yet. So, I do keyword research. 

Moderate search volume indicates there’s potential to scale. And become a TRUSTED authority.

Analyze the market

This is also a CRUCIAL step before embarking on your print-on-demand journey.

I use free online tools such as Google Trends to evaluate my market. 

Also, you get search queries used by customers looking for similar products. That gives you a BETTER understanding of industry trends.

Is there a steady demand for products in that niche?


Bring your designs to life. Or if you don’t have any artistic talents at all like me. Hire a graphic designer from Fiverr. Find a supplier. Start selling products!

Evaluate your Niche

Evaluate your Niche

This is the most important part!

Get this – the only way to know if your niche is working is to test it. SIMPLE!

An old friend (a pro eCommerce seller) once told me it is pointless. To wait till you have thousands of designs to start selling.

Just start with what you have. And analyze its performance in the market over time. It saves you loads of time in stocking slow-moving products.

Here are a few tips to evaluate your niche: 

  • Create designs and share them on your own social media platforms
  • Research where your potential customers spend most of their time on social media. create content related to products in your chosen market.
  • Build an email list and offer promos and discounts on your newly launched products.
  • Build a Facebook Page. And take advantage of Facebook audience insights to understand your target market/audience.

People Also Ask about Print-On-Demand Niches

1. How do I find a print-on-demand niche that sells on Amazon?

To find a profitable niche for your Amazon POD store is simple:
· Do thorough market research. Scroll through the trending items or best-selling items in product categories
· Pick a niche you’re interested in
· Keyword research to gain insights into the niche’s demand
· Evaluate product offerings of other Amazon POD sellers in that niche
· Estimate the PROFITABILITY of your niche
· ONLY list original designs
· Launch your product
· Market your brand

2. What are the best-selling and low-competition niches for print-on-demand?

Some of the best-selling niches for print-on-demand include:
· Fitness and sports
· Pets
· Comedy and memes
· Family life and relationships
· Social activism
· Special events
· Career
These are some of the POD niches that guarantee you crazy ROIs.

3. How do you determine your business niche for print-on-demand eBay?

Here’s how to determine a successful POD niche on eBay:
Dig into eBay’s catalog to determine POD products in high demand
Find your interests
Be on the lookout for trends for products within your interests
Assess the profitability of your chosen niche
Identify your Unique Selling Point (USP)
List your products
Develop a marketing strategy

4. Is print-on-demand still profitable?

Yes, 100%.
Just remember to provide PREMIUM designs and QUALITY products. Adopt an EFFECTIVE marketing strategy. And deliver them on time. That’s the fastest way to scale your POD store through the roof.

5. How much can you make a month with print-on-demand?

It depends.
Say you stumble upon a PROFITABLE niche. Price each product at $2 – $3. Then, sell at least 200 pieces each month. That’s close to $400 – $600. 

What’s Next

The POD model is perfect for anyone looking to become an eCommerce entrepreneur. Especially if you are cash-strapped. No handling inventory, no fulfillment costs, nothing!

For less than $100, you can start a print-on-demand business. Start scaling it INSTANTLY. (I’ve been there, it works!)

Just remember to sell only QUALITY print-on-demand products. Customers hate counterfeit products.

Oh, and remember to partner with a RELIABLE partner. Leeline Sourcing can be your first choice. To ensure customers get their products on time.

If you want to start a PROFITABLE print-on-demand. Or you want to find BEST-SELLING POD products. Hit us up on any of our service pages.

Our team will help you pick the BEST print-on-demand niche. Build a money making print-on-demand store. Enjoy HUGE profit margins – even as a complete beginner.

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